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Writing Essay Papers

Writing Essay Papers

What is an Essay?
The word essay is a derivative of the French word essayer, which means ‘to try’ or ‘to make an attempt’. Essay can be described as a short piece of writing on a particular subject, which highlights the opinions of the writer. An essay allows both the writer and the reader to learn something new through the process. A writer may improve upon their research and writing skills while writing an essay, whereas, the readers will learn about the subject of the essay and the author’s point of view on it. Therefore, essays can act an important of tool for communication through the written or print media. This is why almost all of the schools in the world, include essay writing on different topics as an integral part of their curriculum.

Broadly, essays are classified into two categories based on the formality of the contents: Formal Essays, and Informal Essays.

The key difference between these two types of essays is the nature of topic and the language used in it. In a communicative setting, an informal essay is generally used to give descriptions of deals, practices and happenings. Formal essays in contrast are almost always used in academic research or in a professional setting. The major differences between these two types of essays are the writing style, and the essay composition.

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Informal essays do not have a predefined structure, and generally are smaller than formal essays. First person and second person perspective of writing style are often used in informal essays, while describing opinions and thoughts. The contents in informal essays are concise and one article does not analyse the topic in detail. Therefore, informal essays are typically introductory in nature and include only the most important and essential information necessary to educate the reader.

In comparison to an informal essay, formal essays have a particular structure, and are rather detailed. So while the structure changes based on the type of article, there is a standardized introduction, body and conclusion to a formal essay. Formal essays mostly involve professional language and narration in third person. Since formal essays are mostly written to describe a research, it is necessary to include quotations and references in text to add credibility to the document. In addition, formal essays normally have a specific focus and examine a topic in-depth.

Tips for writing essay papers
Here is a step by step guide of the process our writers follow while undertaking any essay help assignment. You can even refer to this process for your reference and learn from it, about how a good professional essay is formed:

  1. Choose a topic: If you’re lucky you will get a topic already assigned to you by your college professor, if not, you will have to choose a topic yourself related to the field of your study. This process is most important, as picking a generic or a very weak topic for your essay help can put all your hard work in the bin and lose you some crucial marks as well.  A wrong essay help topic can divert your attention and the essay contents in the wrong direction.
  2. Select the right topic for your essay which will enable you to write more efficiently. The topic of your choosing must belong to a field with which you’re already familiar with. This will save you a lot of time and efforts which you would have had to put into research and getting to understand the particular topic.

    Keep a notepad handy for jotting down any ideas that you may have about the information which you would want to include in the essay. Use this notepad while selecting a topic, and shortlist some ideas and then pick the best one out of the bunch. 

  3. Do the research: Adequate research is very important for any sort of academic assignment to write it perfectly and include the most relevant and credible information in the written article.  Once you select your topic do some research about the related features and characteristics of the topic which will help you in writing a better essay.
  4. Find out about the questions which strike your interest about the topic, and find the answers to them in the research process. You must gather all the evidence and save the source of your factual data so that you can put the citation and reference to it in the final essay. Don’t forget to jot down all the important and the most relevant pieces of information on a notepad so you can refer to them while writing the essay.

  5. Make a writing plan: Make an outline of the   essay on notepad, and form a basic writing plan. This plan should include the important points of the essay arranged in an easy to grasp flow of thoughts. Your writing plan must be formed keeping the reader in mind. The readers and your audience play a major role in the success of any essay. Therefore while writing any essay; you must keep your audience in mind. In case of an academic essay, write your essay as your professor advises you to. You can contact them to get ideas and their opinion for the assignment so that you can make a good assignment and score good grades.
  6. Brainstorm on the content: Now that you have developed a plan of action, you can set it aside for review. Take your time and brainstorm on your ideas and try to find out any information that you may have missed out on. When you do this, you should think of your writing outline plan that you made and starting from the beginning, you should review every single point that you jotted down.
  7. Write down any changes that you would want to make in the plan and add new points if any. Think about the examples that you will include, how you will present the topic of your  essay, what literary devices will be suitable for it, how much time each section of your essay would take, the number of paragraphs that it needs etc. You must have a picture in your mind about how your final essay would look like, if it doesn’t feel right then you can always edit it in the later stages.

  8. Write your first draft: Now that you have a good idea about what your   essay should look like, it is time to start writing your essay. Follow your outline that you made with all the revisions and changes from the brainstorming step.
  9. Do not aim to make the final essay which you can submit as soon as you finish writing the last word. Most authors spend a lot of time in perfecting that one piece of essay which people remember for a long time. Just try to write to the best of your ability without putting much thought to the where and when you have to submit your   essay.

    Write all of the important information that you noted down, including the description, factual data with proper citations, evidences, research findings and examples etc.

    (*Pro Tip: While making a first draft it is advised that you put your focus on the body of the essay and less on introduction and the conclusion.)

  10. Refine your essay: Once you finish writing your first draft, it is now time to refine what you wrote and analyse every word of every paragraph of your essay. This is why it was mentioned in the previous step that you should not aim for the specific details and accuracy while writing the first draft. 
  11. Go through your written essay and highlight all of the places that can be improved through adding a new piece of information of making any changes in the sentences, including grammatical errors and typos.

    Once you know what changes need to be made, read the essay once and make the changes as you go along. In this step you should put special focus on the introduction and the conclusion of the   essay.

    When you’re done, your essay should now be complete with all of the important information and key data that needed to be in it.

  12. Proof read: This is the final quality check of your   essay; therefore you must be thorough here. While proof reading any document it is recommended that you read the document multiple times in an organised manner. Look for one type of mistake at a time.
  13. For Example: In your first read, you must only look for critical contextual errors. Ensure that the essay follows the flow of thought correctly which is easy to understand by anyone having minimal knowledge about the topic.

    Then go looking for any grammatical and typographical errors in the text, and so on.

    This way you can make sure that you do a thorough check of the   essay and that whence you’re done with the proof reading process you can be confident about the quality of the essay that you’ve written.

    If you have enough time left on your hands, you can set your essay aside after getting done with the writing step for a day or so, and then get to proofreading it. This way, you can notice the mistakes a lot better, because if you get to proofreading right away there a large possibility that you would miss out on many of the mistakes because you mind is still pre occupied with all of the terms and concepts of the   essay topic.

    Once you’re done with proofreading, get a friend to read the essay if you can, this will give you a fresh perspective on the essay.

    (Pro Tip*: While proof reading for typos and grammar star reading from the bottom and work your way up, to put focus on each word)

  14. Final submission: Now that you have completed the writing and proofreading process, you are ready to submit your well written   essay. But before submitting the essay, you should consult with your professor to make sure that your   essay completely fulfils the assignment requirements. This way you can make any changes advised by your professor and increase your changes of scoring better grades.

These steps have been carefully formulated by our essay help experts who have been writing essay help assignments for students all over the world for many years, and helped thousands of students achieve their true potential by providing them guidance and support with their academics.

Why hire someone for writing essay papers?
Any students in school or college, feels burdened by the large amount of academic activities that they have to compete with. The numerous classes, tests, assignments, projects , and various other curricular activities makes it very tough for even the most studious of students to find time for themselves and to be able to find the balance between their academic and social lives. This is the reason why hiring a professional essay writer for doing their academic essays becomes such a priority for students, because of the amount of time and efforts that are required for it.

By hiring a professional for writing essay papers from total assignment help, you can rest assured that the best minds in the field of academic writing are putting their top efforts in writing essay papers. This will allow you to save a large amount of time and stress, which you would have gone through while doing research, finding the best essay format, and writing essay papers. On other added benefit of hiring a professional for writing essay papers is that it allows you to find time for the thing you love to do the most. So now you can go to that job interview, or complete that book, finish writing your thesis, or if nothing get some well-deserved sleep.

Types of Essays we Provide
The various types of essays with which we provide custom essay help have been described below:

  1. Research Essay: A research essay is a form of essay that allows the author to evaluate others ' works and make a comparison of their views and ideas to his own. A research essay is a carefully written and very well-organized piece of writing that requires investigating the original work and formulating your own insights with what you discover from all of this. A thesis statement is the most essential component of this essay and every research essay must have an original thesis that demonstrates extensive research and brilliant writing by the author.
  2. Review Essay: Review essay is an essay that analyses the thoughts of the author on the facts of the crucial points a work of writing has brought up. It is a valuable discourse of the book where the evidence supports the author's views. There are two key steps: to establish an argument about what's being analysed in the essay and to complete a well-structured summary. A logical examination made available by the custom essay helps the writer must also be focused on other publications and factual information.
  3. Rhetoric Analysis Essay: Rhetoric is the analysis as to how expressions are used by authors and writers to persuade the reader. A rhetorical analysis essay is an essay that separates a non-fiction piece of writing into sections and then clarifies how the sections come together to form a certain impact— whether for persuasion, entertainment or information.  You could also perform a rhetorical analysis of a purely visual statement such as a picture or commercial, or a speech-like oral presentation.
  4. Explicatory Essay: Explication implies a description of a literary work. An explanation or "explicative" essay is used to describe and analyse a piece of writing like poetry, a play, a book, or a short story. This often explores words, paragraphs, or excerpts taken from longer works of literature.
  5. Cause and Effect Essay: The essay on cause and effect examines the motives (or causes) for something and investigates consequences (or effects). It's for this reason that essays on cause and effect are often attributed to as essays of purpose and impact. Cause and Effect essays are one of the most prevalent types of essays in academic writing on which students need custom essay help.
  6. Compare and Contrast Essay: Comparison and contrast essays have multiple paragraphs each of which demonstrates how two (or sometimes more) topics are comparable and dissimilar. Compare implies illustrating the similarities between topics whereas contrast refers to the differences. 
  7. Argumentative Essay: The argumentative essay is a kind of essay that sets out points on both sides of a dilemma. It could also be that both parties are equally matched, or it may be that either side is more firmly expressed than the other. It all relies on the authors, and which viewpoint is most supportive.
  8. Persuasive Essay: A persuasive essay is intended to convince the reader to embrace the views or opinions of the author. Our custom essay help writers use facts and evidence, along with interpretations, reasoned arguments, and personal opinions while The author must be capable of articulating a point on both sides, but must be able to communicate accurately and without ambiguity as to why a given argument is incorrect.
  9. Narrative Essay: The author narrates the story of an actual-life experience in this type of essay. The narrative essay might seem simple enough to do while writing a story, but it challenges the writer to think and transcribe about themselves. Authors should try to incorporate the audience when writing a narrative essay, by making the experience as descriptive as possible.
  10. Descriptive Essay: A descriptive essay tries to convey a deeper understanding, via the   or the subject in the form of words. A descriptive essay's primary objective is to present the audience with the particulars of the essay's subject, using illustrative expressions, literary devices, etc., in contrast to just "telling" them. A successful descriptive essay appeals to the audience's emotions, with a highly captivating impact.

Significance of Essays in the Life of a Student
Students are introduced to essay writing, in middle school. This practice of academic writing then persists till graduation and even doctorate courses. Students in middle school, high school or university, think of essay writing as an unnecessary attribute of education and fail to understand its value.

Essay writing plays a crucial in a student’s life in two ways. By contributing a major amount in their academic scores and end results, and helping them develop important skills which they will benefit from, throughout their academic and professional careers.

Academic Significance of Essays
As the education framework, all over the world, is mostly in written format, it becomes very important for students to develop the skill of professional writing since the early stages of their formal education. This is why, the education system all over the world, puts emphasis on teaching students the skill of writing professionally through essays. In efforts to implement this, essay writing has become an integral part of education, which requires students to write various forms of essays quite frequently, in order to build expertise in it. Being such an important part of education, schools implement essays, by grading them on various parameters depending on each essay. These scores then contribute to the overall grades of the whole year, thus increasing the value of every single essay.

Only by practicing the art of essay writing since middle school can a student perform well on the academic essay assignments they get in high schools and graduation courses. During graduation, having the skill to write an impressive essay in a short amount of time comes in handy, because it a well acknowledged fact, that college and university students do not get enough time to manage their personal, academic and professional lives. The amount of stress that is put on a college student is immense and this hiring a professional essay writer becomes a necessity for students, in order to juggle between their classes, part time jobs, exams, and the assignment deadlines and score well.

Personal Significance of Essays
In addition to its importance in the academics, essays also play a vital role in the overall personality development of a student. As students spend a large amount of their time in school, during their development stages, it becomes very important to include activities and topics in the educational framework, which allow them to develop their cognitive and analytical abilities in school. Essays help an individual in more than one ways, by writing an essay as well as reading it.

Essay writing teaches important skills to an individual, which helps them throughout their professional and personal lives. A person, who has been writing academic essays for a long period of time and has mastered it, develops a number of skills and qualities which are necessary for anyone. Here are the skills and qualities which a professional essay writer possesses, that should be a milestone for students who are just beginning with their academic writing journey:

  • Professionalism: This is one of the most practical benefits of essay writing. Essay writing teaches students professionalism by allowing them to think and present their thoughts in a formal way.
  • Work Ethic: Academic essay writing teaches a student the fundamental values of work ethics by allowing them to collaborate with their peers and professors, for their essay topics.
  • Research Skills: Essay writing teaches and improves the researching skills of any individual. It allows them to get out and about to find information and facts about their topic of research, and present it in the essay.
  • Analytical Thinking: A professional essay writer develops and improves upon their analytical skills while writing an essay. An essay provides an individual a medium to present their thoughts and opinions, but in order to do so perfectly, one must analyse their thoughts and reflect upon them.

Our way of Work
We have robust work processes structure that guarantees every one of our tasks gets the full attention and you never have to stress about the reliability of the solution you receive.

Here is a description of the process which is followed by us:

First Contact: This is the first step where you make the decision of getting mechanical assignment help and get in touch with one of our representatives, and describe your assignment details send us a copy of the university guidelines if available, and tell us your assignment deadline.

Assessing assignment requirements and giving a quotation: Once we have all your requirement files and understand your specific instruction, our representative will get shall get back to you with a quotation of the price for the assignment, which rest assured, is going to be the most reasonable and fair.

Assigning the academic writing expert: Before we assign a member of our writing team to your assignment, we make sure that our quality control team goes through the assignment guidelines. Depending on the complexity of the assignment select a competent academic expert who can do justice to your assignment.

Research and Information Gathering: Our academic expert will then get started on your assignment, but before writing anything they will first perform the required research to gather all of the preliminary information and data needed for the assignment so that all of the aspects of the mechanical assignment help are covered.

Writing the Assignment: Once the preliminary research is complete and our writer has all the required information, they start writing the assignment to the best of their capabilities and the knowledge acquired by them throughout their academic and professional career.

Quality Check: Once the assignment has been completed by the writing team, it is then passed on to our writing team, who checks is for the quality and that it covers all of the specific requirements of the assignment according to the students’ guidelines. If they find any scope for correction and improvement, the assignment is sent back to the writer, who then makes the required corrections.

Delivery: Once the quality control team checks the assignments and finds that it passed the threshold of quality set at our company, the assignment is approved and delivered to you, all done and ready to be submitted.

Addressing Feedback from the Prof. (If any): This is a factor which sets us apart from all others. Once we deliver the assignment to you, in case you or your professors requires any changes in the contents of the assignments, be it adding a different reference, or redoing the assignment completely, we make it a priority to deliver such assignments urgently. That is why we have a team of writers who are dedicated just this task, and are well versed to tight schedules and deadlines.

Those being said, make no mistake of think that inclusion of all these steps would make the whole process slower and time consuming. We know all about the pressure of deadlines and the value of time when it comes to academic assignments, that is why, all of the steps mentioned above are monitored throughout the process to avoid wasting any time. Whole of the process from step one to starting the research in your assignment take only one day, and the rest of time required from doing the research, writing, revision and quality control, depends on the length and the intricacy of the assignment.

We also make sure that no assignment done by our writers contain any form of plagiarism which would get you in trouble. We give our writers, unlimited access to exclusive sources to get research material and constantly upgrade their level of knowledge and skills.

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