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Employment Law Assignment Help

Employment Law Assignment Help

Employment Law is another name for Labor Law and is a set of rules, regulations and procedures that define the rights, obligations and settlement criteria for working people and business organizations. Its purpose is to guide the exchange between all parties involved in any industry.

Employment Standards as per Labor Laws
There are certain standards and norms that are required to be put in place and followed by employers and employees need to work. These are called Employment Standards which are part of the Employment or Labor Law and it is the responsibility of Government Departments and agencies to enforce them. You can a get a detailed description and explanation of these laws by taking the help of Employment Law Assignment Help experts from

Labor Law Categorized
The Employment Law Assignment Help experts at explain that labor law may be categorized into two categories namely

  • Collective Labor Law: This category of labor law talks about the threefold relationship that is shared between the essential bodies in an Industry which are the employment generators or employers, the workers or employees and the unions.
  • Individual Labor Law: This category of labor law deals with the exchange between the employer and the employee at the place of work and the rules and regulations governing these exchanges.

You can get detailed information about this topic by availing our Employment Law Assignment Help service.

Labor Law Features
Our Employment Law Assignment Help explain that no matter where you go, there are certain inherent features of labor law that are common all across the globe. The characteristics include:

  • Contract of Employment: A contract of employment is an absolutely necessary document that has legal bindings and elucidates the right and obligations of the employers and employees and the procedures for resolution of any sort of situation arising between them. Taking Employment Law Assignment Help from can further enlighten you on this topic.
  • There are a variety of laws in labor law that find their roots into common practices and customs prevalent in the land where the law is made, and they are aimed at protecting the interest of both employers and employees thereby ensuring that the market dynamics are not fluctuating. A common example of this lies in USA where a wide number of states have their labor laws allowing for “at will” employment which implies that an employee can be terminated from employment for any reason as long as the reason is legal and is not in violation of public policy.

You can learn more about it if you avail Employment Law Assignment Help for your reference.

Practical Applications of the Employment Law
The labor or employment law could be applied in any manners. Here are some of the situations provided by the experts of Employment Law Assignment Help

  • The employer has to provide all the necessary terms to the employee in written. One of the best examples to show the practical application of the labor law provided by our experts. It is necessary to send all the relevance information to the employees along with all the terms and conditions of the employment in the written form. It should be practiced in an organization to ensure that the employee has knowledge about the terms of the employment, the salary structure, and description about the job, expectations from him and the notice period in the condition of dismissal. You can further understand these terms by referring to Employment Law Assignment Help from the
  • An employer if he wants may ignore the creation of any legal contract between the employer and employee according to which he may provide the employee amount less than that prescribed in the minimum wage. In the same way, an employee may avoid entering into any contract which provides the employer the authority to terminate him through any unfair means. There may be some other conditions which may be avoided if they deemed to be unfair or biased. The Employment Law Assignment Help from provides many other such situations which may be avoided. But it should be noted that this mainly depends upon the jurisdiction of any country in which the employee is appointed. You can understand these jurisdictions by referring to employment law USA provided by the experts of Employment Law Assignment Help.
  • There may be the chance of a separate law that provides the minimum rate to be given to the employee on per hour basis. You can explore more by referring to Employment Law Assignment Help from There are many countries in which there is an existence of such law that are, Australia , Canada , Belgium, India, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Korea, China, Greek, France, New Zealand, Romania, Spain, UK, US etc.
  • It should be noted that the concept of minimum wage totally defers from that of the minimum wage decide by the forces of supply and demand residing in a free market. This wage rate may also be assumed as a floor rate. You could further know about such minimum wage rate by referring to Employment Law Assignment Help from Before going in the depth of minimum wage it should be known that every country has its own law to decide its minimum wage rate. There are many developed countries which have such rates but still there are many developing countries which lack the formation of minimum wage rate.

Minimum Wage Rate as Decided by the labor or Employment Law
Every country has its own jurisdictions regarding the minimum wage rate. It is also decided by such countries which lack the creation of any such law. You can know more about the minimum wage rate by referring to Employment Law Assignment Help from To be more elaborate this article provides you an example of the country Sweden, where the minimum wage rate is decided between the unions and the employers through certain agreements. These agreements could also be imposed on non unions and non organized workers.

The law related to the minimum wage was first introduced by US in the year 1938 which was imposed on a national scale. They were created in the same manner in India in the year 1948, in UK in the year 1998 and in France in the year 1950. 18 out of 25 countries in European Union agreed to introduce the law for minimum wage rates.

The topic of minimum wage rate is best covered in this article and the students could refer to Employment Law Assignment Help from

Other Factors Covered Under the Employment or Labor Law.
There are certain other factors also which come under the jurisdiction of the employment or labor law.

  • Living wage: it is a wage which is quite higher in the terms of money. It is a wage which could provide the entire essential to the employee and his family and to provide them the enough money to support their families.
  • Hours: hours to be worked are another factor which provides the basis to the law. The maximum number of hours in which an employee could work continuously without a break or any such interval is decided under this law in various countries. Such laws in various countries also determine the additional compensation which is to be provided if a worker does the work for hours other than that mentioned in the agreement.
  • Discrimination: there are many employment laws which totally avoid any discrimination between any employees of the company. Since discrimination is said to be illegal, hence most of the employment laws totally ignore it. Discrimination could be based on gender, caste, race etc.
  • Child labor: there was no problem in employing the child in the factories and industries until the day when the concept of universal schooling started arising. Moreover the concepts like CHILDREN’S RIGHTS and LABORER’S DEFINITION made the employment of child labor an issue for debates and disputes. Now-a-days many countries try to keep away the children from employment or to provide a specific norms regarding the age of the child for the purpose of employment. You can know about the child labor by referring to Employment Law Assignment Help.
  • Safety and health issues: There is the existence of such laws under the labor and employment laws which are concerned with the safety and health issues of the employees.
    Example: The English Factory Law created in the year 1802. This law focused on the safety and health issues of the employees and child labors. You can further refer Employment Law Assignment Help for more information in the safety and health issues.

These are the certain factors that influence the making of the employment law in any country. The students could refer to Employment Law Assignment Help from to have the reference in making their assignment.

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