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Financial Accounting Assignment Help

Financial Accounting Assignment Writing Help

Writing the Financial Accounting assignment is not an easy task. Financial accounting includes various other topics like cash flow, ledger account, profit and loss account statement, balance sheet preparation and more. While doing assignments, the students have to go through various concepts and mathematical applications of financial accounting.

Majority of the students face problem to understand those concepts and grasp it. As financial accounting involves a lot of practical works, you have to understand the proper method to evaluate financial accounting. That’s why there must be some proper guidance for this, and it will help the students show perfect direction.

If you are doing an assignment of financial accounting and want to get good scores, then take help from experts from the same fields who can guide you in this. Total Assignment Help gives you the fundamental knowledge of the financial accounting so that you can able to solve your issues using our materials prepared by our experts. We give best solutions to students and help them understand concepts of the financial accounting.

Financial accounting- Definitions and its importance

It is one of the specialized branches of the accounting and is concerned with the company’s financial transactions. Here the company follows certain guideline to record and maintain the financial report of the company. It helps to prepare income statement or balance sheet. The purpose of financial accounting is not to report the value of a company.

It also helps to provide enough information for others to assess the value of a company for themselves.An organization includes various external factors like Stockholders, suppliers, banks, government and other stakeholders. Sometimes they play a crucial role in the decision-making process of the company.

It is the responsibility of the company to provide them with the financial statement on time. It is only possible through the financial accounting as it provides various tools to prepare those statements. It is important to know about the different types of financial statements. These are:

  • Income statement / Profit and Loss Statement
  • It shows companies profitability during the financial period of one year, six months, etc. It prepared after taking many factors into consideration like revenues which may include sales, service and interest revenues. Another factor is expenses, and it includes operating expenses, non-operating expense, salary, etc.

  • Balance Sheet
  • It helps to evaluate company’s financial position by showing values of its assets, liabilities, stockholders, loan and more.

  • Cash Flow Statement
  • It helps to know the changes in the company’s cash flow in the accounting period, and it covers operating activities, investigating activities and financing activities.

  • Stockholders equity statement
  • It shows the changes in stockholder’s equity. It includes income, dividends, and more.

Importance of Financial Accounting

  • Helps to record all the monetary transaction in a systematic way
  • It records all the transaction which is known as bookkeeping. In small-scale business, it helps to record all the business activities accurately, i.e., ledger. It uses the double-entry system to record all the transactions.

  • Informs about Financial information to the external parties and internal parties
  • It is necessary to communicate the exact financial condition of the company to its customers, stockholders, employees, etc. So that they can also know that whether they are investing in the right company or not. Inside of the company financial accounting information helps to share the company strengths and weaknesses with employees.

  • Helps in analysis and comparison
  • Financial accounting statement can help the organization to compare itself with other competitors and also help to find out best investment opportunity. The organization can evaluate the financial ratios using the financial statements. Then they can compare the ratios to benchmarks or other competitors to know their company’s position in the market and can work accordingly.

These are some benefits that financial accounting provides to the organization.

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