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Assignment Cover Page

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Assignments are one of the most crucial aspects of college. Assignments collectively contribute to a major portion of the grades that students get for the entire course. Therefore it is only logical that you bring an A grade when submitting any assignment. An assignment cover page is the first thing which your professor would look at. However, there is no denying that any assignment is judged solely on the contents you provide inside it. However, after putting in hours of efforts into researching and writing your assignment, you just can’t afford to put a dull and boring looking Assignment cover page.

As most students are worried about the quality and the contents of their assignments, they jump right to the part which relates to the content guidelines of the assignment. It is not a major issue in most cases; however, in case the student is running low on time left for submission and have barely managed to complete the assignment. When finishing up the additional requirements of the assignment such as the cover page, table of contents, appendix, students usually through caution to the wind and focus on reaching that submission deadline. 

The result is a poorly made assignment cover page which is not visually appealing and even fails to adhere to the formatting guideline set by the university. Consequently, students end up losing some key points, which they could have grabbed with next to no effort.

Importance of a Cover Page!
As mentioned above all assignments are assessed on the basis of the contents they hold. However, there the formatting of the assignment also plays a key role in influencing the mindset with which the professor or assessor approaches the assignment. Similarly, the assignment cover page is the first thing your professor would look at; hence it is absolutely imperative that you make a good first impression.

A well-made assignment cover page that addresses all the requirements asked by the professor and has the visual appeal which sets the right mood for the professor to read on further can have a positive effect in the way with which your professor would assess it.

An assignment can be regarded as a means of academic communication between the students and professors. It conveys detailed information and aims to have a lasting impression on the reader’s mind. Now consider the cover page, table of contents and the abstract as the individual factors which enable the reader to make a first impression of the document.

If the reader gets something of value form these elements and finds it intriguing enough to keep on reading, then your assignment cover page and abstract will be said to have a good first impression. It will prompt the reader to approach the assignment with an open mind and have the expectation that the rest of the contents of the assignment will provide great value.

Being the student, while making the assignment, you cannot afford to have any loose ends in the assignment. Having an immersive cover page which highlights the key aspects of it, such as the title, university logo, and date of submission, name of the professor and the information of the student sets the assessor on the right path.

The sole purpose of an assignment cover page is to provide the basic information about the document to the reader and help them understand what the assignment is about.

The assignment cover page also hints at the seriousness and the efforts that you have put into writing the assignment.

Key Components of an Assignment Cover Page
Since the purpose of a cover page is to inform the reader about the details of the task as soon as they open the document, it is important to know what the components of a cover page are. Below are the key points which you must include in your assignment cover page:

  • Title of the Assignment: It refers to the main topic or title on which the assignment is based upon.
  • University Logo: Many universities mandate that all the assignments submitted by students must have the logo of the university on the centre or the top of the cover page.
  • Name of the University: The name of the university is usually placed on the top of the cover page.
  • Submitted to: The particulars of the professors or the committee to which the assignment is being submitted to.
  • Submitted by: This component refers to the name of the individuals who are submitting the assignment.
  • Academic details of the student: It includes the roll numbers, class, and semester information, name of the course, year, and any other particular information required by the university which helps them in identifying the maker of the assignment.

The particular placement and the details which are to be included in the cover page of an assignment depends solely on the university and the institution to which the assignment is being submitted to. Each university has a specific format of cover pages which is provided to the students along with the assessment guidelines. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you never skip reading the formatting guidelines while attempting the assignment.

Cover Page for Different Types of Assignments
Each assignment serves a specific purpose and follows a different approach to its formatting. Therefore, a single format of the cover page cannot fulfil the requirements of each assignment. Let us have a look at the key difference in the cover page of different types of assignments:

  • PowerPoint Presentation: A presentation for college usually consists of slides which are ideally self-explanatory, or they can also be accompanied by a student explaining or presenting the information to the viewers. The cover page of a presentation is a single dedicated slide. Usually, the universities are liberal in the guidelines for presentation cover pages. The key components of the cover page for a presentation are the same; however, students can play around with the background image, transition, colours and the fonts to some extent.
  • Case Study: Case studies are a review and analysis of specific events or entities. They are quite commonly assigned to students in business schools. The cover page of a case study can vary depending on the nature of the main subject of the assignment. For e.g., If a case study is done on Apple's marketing strategies, then if permitted by the student can format and use colour tones which are similar to the brand’s image.
  • Essays: Essays are usually short assignments on a particular topic. The covers page of an essay is usually quite minimalistic and do not require a lot of customizations.
  • Project Reports: Reports are formal in nature and thus have a specific guideline to be followed while making the cover page. The cover page of a project report may include all of the key components.
  • Review Papers: Review paper provide a detailed review and analysis of the previous research done on a particular topic; hence they also follow a formal format of cover pages. University provides the specific guidelines for drafting the cover page of review papers.
  • Thesis & Dissertation: Thesis and Dissertations are most formal documents of them all, and thus require the most amount of focus. University and institutions provide detailed guidelines on the format to be used while making the cover page for dissertation and thesis.
  • Other Coursework: Depending on the formality and the nature of the coursework, the formatting of the cover page can be decided. In some assignments, you can let your creativity run wild, whereas in some case you have to follow the formatting guidelines to the T.

Tips to make a good Assignment Cover Page
It doesn't take a lot of effort to make an assignment cover page. It does, however require a lot of experience and skills to get it right and make it perfect. The usual default templates in your word processor are either too dull or too wacky to be included in a university assignment. Whereas the other template available online require a ton of money for just a single download.

Below are some tips using which you can improve the quality of your assignment cover page and achieve perfection while submitting the assignments:

  1. Follow the guidelines: It is the first and the most important tip while making the cover page of any assignment. Always ensure that you read the formatting guidelines as provided in the documents published by the university. Most institutes provide a detailed document, identifying the formatting specifics, such as the type of font, colour, size and placement of each component.
  2. It is done to ensure uniformity among all the assignments submitted by students and make it easier for the professors to identify the author of each task, along with their course and academic details.

  3. Keep an eye on fonts: Most universities do not provide much scope of playing around with the fonts when making the cover pages. It is usually because every student has a different sense of aesthetic which can cause them to go overboard with the customization. Though this may work if you are pursuing a graphic designer course or an art course, it is strictly a no-go when it comes to formal technical courses. 
  4. You can, however, change the size, colour and type of fonts used in the cover page, if it is allowed by the university. But always keep the audience in mind and customize it accordingly.

  5. Don't make it too fancy.
  6. It needs to be mentioned twice, that doesn't go overboard with the customizations. We know that it sometimes gets out of control, and with each tiny change, you make you end up making the final cover page a lot more funky than it needs to be. A cover page is not the place to show your creative skills. When it doubt, always stick to the standard formatting style used by students for their assignment cover pages.

  7. Don't make it too lengthy: A cover page needs to be accurate and concise, and for this aspect, brevity is a key. Avoid using lengthy titles and full names. Try to keep it as short as possible, keeping its essence intact.
  8. Provide the key details: Keeping the cover page concise doesn’t mean, you should completely remove the key components required in the cover page. Make sure you address the main elements of the cover page as required by the university. If you did not receive a detailed guideline for the cover page, you should stick to the basics and include the university name and logo, title of the assignment, submitted to, submitted by, along with the academic details.

Why should you get your Assignment Cover Page made by Professionals?
By now, you must have understood the importance and the technicality involved in an assignment cover page. Submitted an assignment with great contents but a poorly made cover page can make you lose some minor points which otherwise are considered as freebies by most students.

It is also quite common to lose interest in the task, once you finish your assignment and move on to the final details. Simply downloading free default cover page template online and putting them in your assignment which you worked on so hard, is not the right way to do things. Such templates are quite overused, and the professors have seen it in hundreds of other assignments. Therefore, there is nothing that sets your particular assignment apart.

You should always consider getting your assignments done by the experts at Total Assignment Help. We provide professionally made assignments that address each and every checklist, as mentioned in the university guidelines. In addition to that, we provide an impressive assignment cover page that delivers on all the specifics as per the guidelines and hits the homerun in grasping the reader’s attention.

Our team consists of in house academic writers, subject matter experts, video editors, and graphic designers, which make us a dream team in delivering absolute masterpieces and assignment cover pages.

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