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SWOT Analysis Assignment Help

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In the 1970s, the SWOT analysis framework was developed at Stanford Research Institute and is often used for strategic plans. SWOT is an abbreviated version for strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. It is a planning arrangement that analyzes all four parts of an organization, individual or project. As per our SWOT analysis assignment helpers, the analysis is a realistic framework which has the potential to find out the strength of an organization, improve the weakness, minimize the threat and take advantage of the opportunities coming it's way. Hence, SWOT analysis is a procedure which helps the management of an organization to determine internal and external factors which can impact the organization in future or which has the potential to disturb its future performance. It helps people perceive the impact of both internal and external aspects to make plans and manage themselves, the business or any other thing appropriately and efficiently.

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SWOT analysis: What is it?

SWOT is a method through which a person or an organization can identify its strength and weaknesses. It helps to look over the opportunities and threats present around you or in the market in which the organization is operating. A SWOT analysis can be used for the following purposes:

  • Analyzing all the products and the market of operation while deciding on the strategies which can help in achieving growth in the future
  • Helps the start-ups to proceed in the correct direction by analyzing the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats
  • It can help reflect upon the core competencies by analyzing the weaknesses and threats and exploring the opportunities.

Interpretation of SWOT from the eyes of our SWOT analysis assignment helps experts

Understanding what goes into the SWOT analysis and how essential it is to interpret it objectively is essential. The SWOT table collates all information related to strengths and weaknesses compared to external opportunities and threats. As per our SWOT analysis assignment help experts, there are four basic steps to be interpreted before listing the pointers in a SWOT table:

Internal analysis: The strength and weaknesses of an organization are analyzed in this step. The things in which the organization is best compared to the rivals must be mentioned. To judge the weaknesses, objectively check the internal components like finance, services, marketing, etc.

External analysis: To write about the opportunities and threats, the organization has to conduct an external analysis. Analyze the factors impacting the organization in the market, progress made in the industry or the competition to retain consumers.

Confrontation matrix: The elements mentioned in the internal and external analysis are compared in the form of a matrix. The comparison helps reach an outcome useful for making strategies and plans.

Establishing conclusion and strategy: Underline the essential elements from the matrix. Pay attention to activities which can aid the organization in achieving more benefits and to work efficiently. Make action plans which can lead to success and deal with opportunities and threats.

What are the crucial facets of the SWOT analysis assignment?

The analysis of the current position and future strategies is the most important facet of any SWOT analysis assignment. SWOT analysis is possible only when you have enough data related to each element of the SWOT model. For example, if you have been tasked to write the SWOT analysis of NIKE and provide a strategy for expansion in a new country or to develop a new product, it is vital to have accurate data. Once the data has been gathered, it needs to be examined with reference to the pointers raised by the management. Depending on the analysis, you can create an appropriate strategy for the organization.

The SWOT analysis assignment help experts can do this job perfectly. They utilize authentic sources for collating the data to develop a SWOT analysis for the organization or one of its products. You can ask for help from our SWOT analysis assignment help experts to avoid all types of hindrances.

Template for SWOT analysis of an organization

SWOT analysis template is not tough to construct and is compatible with all documents like MS Word, PowerPoint, MS Excel, etc. As per the SWOT analysis assignment helpers, the common template of SWOT can be easily created following the below format:



Mention the strengths of the organization or the person.

Mention the identified weaknesses



Mention the available opportunities

Mention the threats which can come across


  • Point out the skills and capabilities of the organization
  • Point out the quality that keeps your organization above your rivals
  • Point out the strengths of your organization informed by others
  • Point out the resources of your organization
  • Point out the brand reputation, whether weak or strong


  • Point out the quality that your rivals have, but your organization lacks
  • Point out the thing which leads to poor performance of your organization
  • Point out the reason behind complaints and dissatisfaction
  • Point out the improvement areas


  • Point out the area where you can apply your strength
  • Point out the changing consumers and their needs
  • Point out the changes due to technology in the organization
  • Point out the ways which, if implemented, can help in developing the organization


  • Point out the products or services developed by your rivals
  • Point out any requirement of change wished by the consumer
  • Point out your ability to get along with the change

Template for personal SWOT analysis

The personal SWOT analysis template is similar to the template crafted above for an organization. The major difference between the two templates is the questions which are put across. In the personal SWOT analysis template, an individual has to answer questions related to him:



Mention the strengths of the individual

Mention his identified weaknesses



Mention the available opportunities

Mention the threats that he can come across


Hence, the SWOT analysis can be directed by addressing similar questions basis the context or the type of issues being raised. Each of the four elements of the SWOT has some issues to be addressed.


  • Point out your skills and capabilities
  • Point out the quality that keeps you above your rivals
  • Point out your strengths informed by others
  • Point out the resources you have


  • Point out your negative characteristic or habit
  • Point out any improvement area in your training or academic life
  • Point out your weaknesses highlighted by others


  • Point out the areas where you can put your strength
  • Point out the development areas with the resources that you have


  • Point out the factors obstructing your growth
  • Make a comparison with your colleague and point out the factors which are dwarfing you
  • Point out the potential areas

Steps to create a SWOT analysis template on a PowerPoint

  • Click on a new presentation in a PowerPoint
  • Choose a blank layout of the slide
  • Select the Insert Tab and choose the option, Text Box
  • Hold the mouse and press to make a quadrant
  • Bring up the Format Shape menu by a double-click
  • Beneath the Shape Option, choose the size and properties symbol
  • Swap the Resize shape to fit the text to do not AutoFit
  • Use the command Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste the existing text box into four boxes
  • Position them correctly, add a title to all the quadrants and answer the template

swot analysis template in powerpoint

If you cannot develop the SWOT table in a PowerPoint, you can ask for tips from our SWOT analysis assignment help experts.

Steps to create SWOT analysis template on MS Word

  • Click on a new document
  • Select the Insert tab and choose Tables
  • Choose the 2*4 boxes
  • Position the boxes correctly and mention the title in the rows
  • Right-click to format the tables
  • Stretch the rows as per the need and fill the template
  • The size will fit accordingly once you start writing on the quadrants in the table
  • Write on the template

swot analysis template in ms word

If you are struggling to build a SWOT table in the word file, ask for help from our SWOT analysis assignment help experts.

Why does a student look for online SWOT analysis assignment help?

It is crucial for students pursuing business management, marketing management or project management course to know SWOT analysis. The model will be useful not only during their academic life but also in their professional lives. With the help of the SWOT analysis, an organization can recognize its current situation in the business scenario. Conducting a self-analysis is not easy so students may look up to some external help who can better guide them in writing an analysis which sounds realistic. To get the best support in a short period, students prefer taking SWOT analysis assignment help from With our personalized SWOT analysis help, students can get many advantages. These advantages include fast delivery, uninterrupted customer support, affordable rate and plagiarism-free text. The SWOT analysis assignment help experts can assist the students during urgent times. Understanding the student first before creating a personal SWOT table is essential. The SWOT should reflect the student's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. If you want to look at some of the samples, you can ask for them from our executives.

Frequently answered questions

Will do my SWOT analysis assignment?

Yes, we can work on your SWOT analysis assignment. Our top SWOT analysis assignment help experts can write your assignment at any time. They can address all complex SWOT analysis assignments within a few hours. Our writers are carefully selected after a thorough recruitment process.

Can you briefly state the use of SWOT?

SWOT is used to analyze an organization's or person's internal strengths and weaknesses along with the external opportunities and threats. It is useful to resolve issues and make plans for a successful future. Per our SWOT analysis assignment help expert, all businesses need to keep themselves above par with their competitors in the market.

Can you deliver the SWOT analysis assignment within 6 hours?

Yes, with our SWOT analysis assignment help, we can deliver your assignment within a specific deadline. A clear set of instructions is the only requirement to do an assignment within a timeline.

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Yes, you can always rely on our experts, including the SWOT analysis assignment help expert for quality work within the deadline. Our experts are qualified enough to deliver assignment meeting all the requirements and standards of academic writing.

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