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What is Finance?

Finance is defined as the management of money and the distribution of assets and liabilities via activities like investing, borrowing, saving, forecasting, etc. In simple words, Finance is the art of money management. Majority of the concepts in finance are derived from micro and macro-economic theories.

What you should be expecting in Finance Assignments?

In the majority of the finance assignments, students are required to analyze the financial performance of the selected companies. In these assignments, the performance of the organization is evaluated by analyzing the financial statements of the selected companies. This assignment is created to provide a detailed analysis of a variety of interested stakeholders like credit and equity investors. Below given is an example of the frequently asked question in Finance Assignments

requirement of finance assignment help

How to understand the Finance Assignment Marking Rubric?

A marking rubric will help you to cover specific parameters in your submission. You can determine the individual scores assigned for each section. The tutor gives grades to the student’s assignment by matching the standards defined for each level of quality in the marking rubric. We are giving below some standard marking rubric of certain reputed universities to give you an idea of how a marking rubric should be utilized to score excellent marks in the assignment. Please go through these marking rubrics thoroughly as we have encountered with the assignments of the same manner frequently at the peak seasons.

Finance Assignment Marking Rubric

Finance Assignment Marking Rubric

In the marking rubric given above it is evident that how should a student a student score maximum marks in the assignment. In finance assignment Ratio Calculation and Ratio Interpretation consists of 66.66% marks. So while drafting a finance assignment a management student should concentrate on these areas to avoid failure. A Student should do Ratio Calculations with utmost accuracy implying the correct accounting formulas to the data. After that, the student must portray excellent skill in demonstrating his understanding of the obtained ratios.

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How to score better in Finance Assignments?

Students often to create an impression among colleagues and tutor try to take solutions from a very high standard book. For this, they go through various books and sources to understand the particular topic. In this activity, students forget that some particular topics are limited to a specific extent and explained answers are not allowed in some sections. In order to avoid this and score better in finance assignments, a student should follow a good format while drafting the content. Only covering the parameters mentioned in marking rubric and explaining too much is not going to help you in scoring good marks. Here we are providing a standard format to prepare a finance assignment. This will help you in drafting the collected data for the assignment in a systematic order.

Introduction: Introduce the company on which you are going to write the report. Give a brief historical background of the organization. Discuss the core activity of the firm and give a short description of the market in which the company operates. Adding further you can give figures for their employee retention.

Ownership-Governance Structure Of The Institute: Give information about the substantial stakeholders and the percentage of shares possessed by them. You can also provide the name of CEO and other non-executive directors here. Then discuss briefly on the structure of governance in the company. You can add value to this section by discussing the principles followed by the company and new objectives taken by the company in recent years.

Fundamental Ratios: In this section download the Annual reports of the company and carry out calculations to arrive at certain fundamental ratios. Normally fundamental ratios like Liquidity ratios, Market value ratios, Turnover ratios, Profitability ratios, and Financial Leverage ratios are calculated in this section. As this section consists of heavy calculations here is a great scope of mistakes in this area. You need to be extremely careful while drafting this section.

Graph: Using the annual statements and financial data given in the company website prepare a graph for the movement of the monthly share price of recent time. Compare the movement of the share index movement with other ordinary indexes. Give a brief of how closely they are related.

Dividend Policy: Identify the dividend policy implemented by the management of the company. Validate the motive for selecting that dividend policy.

Letter Of Recommendation: Write a letter of recommendation to your client giving the reason why this company should be included in his investment portfolio. While providing explanation you should provide evidence like ratios calculated earlier and other important trends.

The format suggested above will fetch you good marks in your assignments. However, some sections like calculating and analyzing the fundamental ratios and arriving at a conclusion by examining the graphical movement of monthly shares are of mathematical nature. Students find it difficult to do the calculative part and usually end up with the wrong analysis. The main requirement for writing a good financial proposal is to have a good knowledge of fundamental financial theories and calculations.

Most of the students sought help in financial assignments is where financial statement analysis and calculation appears.

Types of Finance assignment help

Finance assignments fall under several categories, and students must first determine the finance assignment help category they need. Once identified they can move on to hire an expert to help solve the finance assignments. Below are some common finance assignment types.

Behavioral finance: Behavioral finance reviews the psychological effects investors encounter before, during and after making investments and their effects on decisions. There are many factors which influence investor Behavior. Each needs to be closely monitored and managed to prevent and reduce poor financial decisions resulting from psychological pressure or irrational thinking. The main Behavioral finance factors that influence investor behavior are loss aversion, recency bias, and Anchoring. Each of these factors is directly influenced by psychological behavior which can have a major negative effect towards an investors decision.

Corporate finance: Corporate finance involves reviewing a business or projects future growth and development plans to determine strategies with which the organization would achieve its goals. Unlike accounting which focuses on balancing and reporting an organizations previous years income and expenditure, corporate finance focuses on brand development and growth. This results in corporate finance balance sheet being broken down into two main categories consisting of two subcategories. The main sections include Assets and Liabilities. Under assets there are two subcategories namely Assets in Place and growth assets and under the Liabilities section there is Dept and Equity. Corporate finance management, therefore, requires the student to develop a unique vision towards the subject which may require additional efforts to achieve.Total Assignment help understands the difficulties students encounter while solving the corporate assignments. Our Finance assignment help online services ease the pressure and allow students building their corporate finance skills to develop accurate and high-quality assignments.

International finance: International finance refers to reviewing, analyzing and reporting of finances moving from one country to another. It refers to funds borrowed or lent to a business or country by another based on the nation’s business performance. International finance comes in two main forms namely finance borrowing and international market investment. International financing is offered by commercial banking institutions, international agencies and development banks, international capital markets and private investors.

International finance borrowing: International finance borrowing refers to a nation borrowing finances from major international lenders such as governments, the IMF, and world bank. These finances are requested under similar terms as on a loan issued to an individual but in this case, nations borrow the funds from a country or international finance organization.

International market investment: The other form of international finance involves volunteer investments in the market by corporate and business professionals. This form of finance has been seen occurring in most developing nations with India, China, South Africa, Brazil and Russia, attracting the most aggressive investor interest. This form of international finance involves multinational companies, corporations, and governments investing their surplus finances in a market with the intention of establishing their operations in certain markets.

Personal finance: This refers to the surplus finances a business or individual save in form of liquid cash which is accessible and invested in business expansions or assets. Personal finance allows an individual or business to fund its own operations and needs when required as opposed to depending on external sources for funding. It helps the business or individual liquidate finances in the shortest possible time and helps the business avoid paying interest on borrowed finances. Friendly loans all fall under the category personal finance where the investor is capable of accessing required funding from friends, family or well-wishers without needing to enter into legal agreements and pay interest.

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