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Contract Law Assignment Help

Contract Law Assignment Help

In order to access high quality contract law assignment help the student must understand the basics of contract law, one should first increase the knowledge on the contracts and their basics. If we go by definition, contract can be defined as that agreement which is legally enforceable with exchange and trade of any sort of valuables between at least two parties. Contract Law is the body of rules and regulations that governs the principles pertaining to contracts whether verbal or written.

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Several types of contracts in the contract law paper assignment
Contract Law assignments elucidate three essential principles of a contract namely offer, acceptance and consideration. Contracts are recognized by law in number of ways. A contract type in general, acts as basic relation between both parties related in the business, in the contract law essay assignment. Contracts have a few basic types namely:

  • Express contract
    The basic characteristic of these contracts is that they are clearly worded and spelled out terms and conditions of the agreement.
  • Implied contract
    Contract law assignment help experts elucidate that in these types of contract both the parties to the agreement exhibit by their behavior that an offer is made and it was duly accepted.
  • Bilateral contract
    These are the most basic types of contracts that state that both parties to the contract will perform an act on the performance of another act by the opposite party.
  • Unilateral contract
    Under these types of contract, one party is under obligation to perform an act provided that the other party performs their end of the bargain, should they choose. But in case the second party is unwilling or unable to perform such task then the first party’s obligation is nullified.
  • Executed and executor contracts
    Executed contract refers to a contract where both the p [arties to the contract have performed their duties towards the contract. On other hand, Executory contract refers to a contact where there is some future possible act or obligation which may still require execution.
  • Unconscionable contract
    In contract law assignment, this form of contract will give helps in unfair terms to one party who will have superior hand and bargaining power in the agreement.
  • Adhesion contract
    In this contract, according to contract law assignment, it is written and given by party who will have greater advantage of bargaining, thereby giving the weaker side a chance to adhere.
  • Aleatory contract
    In contract law assignment, this is mutual agreement given in contracts where it’s mostly implemented on happenings or occurrences of an uncertain event.
  • Void Contracts and Voidable contracts
    These are contracts that are not enforceable by court of law and as such confer no right to its parties.

Contracts law
A law is selected by a court to be applied for a contract in its respect, as mentioned by our contract law assignment team of experts. In order to come to conclusion on which law should take governance, the court will consider place where the contact is entered into and also it’s taking place of contract, as stated by our contract law assignment essay experts. As mentioned by contract law assignment experts, the implementation of this law is further dogged by matter of subject of agreement, which may be property lease or sale of goods. It is possible for multiple state laws to govern a contract.

  • The common law
    Common law deals with most of contracts which includes leases, general business agreements, employment agreements etc. according to contract law assignment, this law is traditionally based, but is continuously evolving and raising from present day decisions of court over the years.
  • The uniform commercial coder (UCC)
    In contract law assignment, uniform commercial code has to take care of governing all agreements with respect to sale of goods. This is standard set of terms and conditions in contract law essay assignment which takes into account commercial transaction Laws. Multiple states here have implemented this law either partially or completely. To understand and get to know more about UCC, take help of our contract law assignment help.

Breach of contract
Our contract law assignment experts explain breach of contract as failure to perform all or some of the duties of the contract by anyone of the party involved. It refers to a situation when one of the parties may accuse other of not performing the tasks under the agreed terms. Here, it is the party’s failure to be not able to fulfill the assurances as mentioned and agreed upon in the contract.

For instance, ABC has entered into contract with XYZ. The contract is to purchase some of the products, which mentioned the delivery date on the next Monday evening. But on other hand, XYZ delivered the required goods to the ABC on the subsequent morning which is Tuesday. In this scenario, ABC does not have any monetary damages, thus not resulting in any sort of contract breach. But if in this scenario, time was of essence to the contract and if the products were delayed in delivery, then breach of contract will have occurred. In this scenario both parties to the contract; ABC and XYZ and the damages must be borne by XYZ.

Contract Breaches and the Consequences
Very popular and common defenses to breach in contract, according contract law assignment are as follows:

  • Violating public policy can be done by enforcement of the contract
    For instance, a contract for division of liquor license. As this is against the public policy of the state, therefore the government is not going to allow it.
  • When it is impossible to enforce the contract
    Let us take an example. A hired B for finishing the painting of his house. However, before the implementation of contract the house was burnt down.
  • Illegal Contract
    A contract for performing an illegal activity such as murder is an illegal contract.
  • No Consideration in the contract
    A Suitable example would be, a contract where a promises to pay b $30, but in return A does not get anything.
  • Fraud done in enforcing the contract
    For instance, a refusal by Party 1 to sell products to party 2, thus party 2 asking party 3 to buy products from party 1 and selling to party 2.
  • Unilateral mistake in the contract that was incident to the contract but the other party was privy to the error

Contract Laws in United States of America and United Kingdom and Australia

Australia’s Contract Law
The Australian Contract Law derives its roots from the contract law of England, suggest our contract law assignment help experts. However, the country of Australia has changed the law statutes when taking the statutes from the English contract Law. Australian law has developed has developed over the years through decisions of the Australian courts

  • According to contract law assignment experts, a majority of states in Australia have their separate statutes related to sale of goods, for instance the Act for Sale of goods that was passed in 1896. In contract law assignment, the legislation shows that conditions and warranties with regard to fitness and merchantability.
  • As per Contract Law Assignment Help experts at the law related to consumer protection is uniform across all states in Australia, which is the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

UK’s Contract Laws
In the United Kingdom, the set of rules and regulations that govern contracts come under the umbrella term of UK Contract Law.

  • In contract law assignment¸ English law stresses a lot to make sure that people have agreed and complete deals that they are bound to in the court of law.
  • It is extremely important for the parties to the contract to be in agreement as to the terms of the contract. Agreement is said to be reached when an offer is made by party 1 and it is accepted by party 2.

USA’s contract law
According to the US contract Law as framed by the US Senate, it has to take care of regulating the obligations established by agreement between private parties.

  • In The United States of America, the contract law is sourced out of common law. The Contract Laws in the United States highly varied and differ from state to state. You can get more information about this by availing our Contract Law Assignment Help.
  • The sale of Goods act does not suffer from interstate variation however, as the laws pertaining to sale of goods is highly uniform throughout the country.

Contract law assignments
In contract law there are three types of assignments.

  • Case studies: The study of law requires students to apply their knowledge into practical problems related to the law. This allows students to practice the rules, laws and procedures learned from text books. You can get more information about this aspect of contract law by getting Contract Law Assignment Help from our professional Writers.
  • Essays: Essays in Contract Law require special attention in order to present the best arguments and interpretation of the law learned based on different situations. The essay needs to be well organized and present information that is well researched. You can consult the contract Law Assignment Law Experts at for detailed essays on the topic.
  • Question answer type of assignments: Another specific area of law assignment writing is question and answer problem in contracts. After reviewing facts students are required to answer the questions with precise knowledge of statutes and their interpretations, also have to suggest course of actions.

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