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History Assignment Help

History Assignment Help

History is considered as one of the boring subjects in today’s world depending upon the way it is being taught. If you have become scared of history, will help you in gaining an interest in the subject through their history assignment help service.

History has been derived from the Greek word, historia which refers to knowledge or an inquiry accessed through investigation. It primarily deals with studying human past and includes a variety of subjects like events, people, economies, societies, culture, etc.

History is the study of cause and effect of a past event. It includes a variety of topics like ancient history, modern history, cultural history, theology, etc. There are many sub-subjects under Modern history like pre-modern, post-modern, international history, etc.

As the subject matter of history is very broad so there are different approaches of studying it which has led the students to seek for history assignment help. Online history assignment helps a student to collect historical facts following a correct approach.

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Why to study history? How historiography led to the emergence of history assignment help services?

History is the study of past. We are surrounded by different cultures and when somebody asks us the reason behind celebrating a festival, we either tell him that it has been celebrated by our family since ages or we give him a just an idea about the reason without specifying the details. To know the exact reason behind the happening of an event, the study of history is necessary. How different countries came into existence, how was freedom and rights established, everything has a history which can be explained through our history assignment help. When you are clear about the history behind celebrating a particular festival, it will not only help you to correct your facts but you will be able the correct the facts of others. So studying history is an important part of a student’s life.

Historiography is an act of studying or writing, how a history was written and how a history is being written for e.g. the studying about the writer of the history, did the writer write basis the facts or on his personal opinion, are the facts accurate, etc. Historiography is very important for a number of reasons and one of them is to critically analyze a written history. It helps us to understand the veracity of the facts and saves us from incorrect misinterpretations. When students started to get assignments on historiography it led to the emergence of online history assignment help.

What are the key concepts in History?
Understanding history is a challenging task which requires substantial information from historical sources available in the form of images, written content and art. There are many key concepts of history mentioned below:

  • Change: To understand an historical event it is necessary to note down the change, its explanation and evaluation.
  • Cause and effect: There is a definite reason behind happening of an event. When an event has happened it leads to certain consequences. Cause and effect helps in the evaluation of the impact caused on the society after the happening of the event.
  • Significance: Evaluation of historical events helps in knowing the importance of different events. It is one of the important concepts that help to build the conclusion.
  • Framework: When there is a discussion related to a specific group, frameworks like political, economic, social and cultural help the historian to organize their writing.
  • Evidence: It refers to the historical knowledge mentioned in different sources like documents, newspapers, etc.

History writing schools
There are different schools referring to the concept of history with clear and complete details about the history and about all those concepts and the topics that are actually associated with the history. Below listed are some renowned and popular schools that mentioned and explained the details about the history in their own way and their own method.

  • Greek history writing: Herodotus and Thucydides are considered as the father of history and historical writings. They considered history as a choice of the human beings apart from the God’s creation. Thucydides wrote a book, History of the Peloponnesian war which shows his approach of writing the history in a clear term. To know more about this school of writing, take our history assignment help.
  • Christian school of history writing: This school is associated with Saint Augustine and dates back to medieval times. It interprets history in the form of development made by the divine. Our history assignment ideas will help you to know more about the school.
  • Enlightenment school of history writing: In 17th and 19th century, writing history from the religious point of view saw a change. Historians started to write history from a scientific point of view establishing the rationale behind the development. This change was inspired by the philosophies of Hegel. Leopold Von Ranke was an influential historian of this era and there was significant change in the writing of history. Want to get the best history writing help, contact
  • Annales School of history writing: Writing of social history was one of the features of this school. 20th century history writing was greatly influenced by this school. Lucien Febvre and March Bloch were the eminent founders of this thought and they were followed by Fernand Braudel and Georges Duby. They helped in knowing the thoughts of the historians behind writing a history. If you want to know about all the historical shifts that were made in this era, get in touch with our history assignment help service to get a detailed paper.
  • British Marxist writing of history: It is another method of writing history developed by Eric Hobsbawm, EP Thompson, and Christopher Hill. They used Marxist methodology to interpret the history. They referred history as a struggle between two classes where one tried to dominate the other.
  • Post-modernist history of writing: This category of writing history came into existence post world war. They did not establish a school of thought but they were worked on critical thinking. They were critical about the universality of truth, stressed on fragmentation of understanding of the past and rejected the concept of objective history. The work of Michel Foucault like histories of madness, etc. is an example this school of writing. Our history assignment help writers will help you increasing your knowledge related to modernist history of writing.
  • Other schools of writing: Apart from the above stated schools of writing there are other schools as well like Feminist history which stresses on histories related to women. The sunbaltern history focuses on the history of sunbaltern group like peasants, workers, etc.

Classification of history
It is not necessary for a historian to consider all the areas of history in his work due to different specializations in this field of study. The different field of study has been shown through the below diagram with an explanation of each one of them:

History Assignment Help

  • Social history: It was popularized by the historians of British Marxist School and Annales School. It emphasizes on social habits, customs, practices, etc. It shows how common man accepted the historical changes and what changes did they bring along with themselves.
  • Political History: It details about different political events like war, successions, rulers, entities, etc. It shows the major change that has led to different political upheavals throughout the world.
  • Military History: The study deals with different military changes in the form of war and successions including the strategies and technologies used.
  • Cultural History: The 2nd half of the last century focused on cultural history. It helps in showing how culture helped in shaping the history, historical experiences interpreted through culture, etc. It helps us to understand music, tradition, art, festivals, etc. which was followed in the past and establishes a link with the present.
  • Economic history: It deals with the study of business enterprises and economic condition of the people and the country years ago. It helps to understand the social changes made at the macro level.

If you want to get detailed information on the above classification, contact our history assignment help service.

What are the stages of history?

History has been divided into different periods like ancient, medieval and modern history. Gradually history was seen as a progress of positive forces. Ancient history was considered as a golden era where liberal and progressive ideas thrived following the period of dark medieval ages. There was gloom and despair and the enlightenment age led to the period of progress. The history assignments being delivered by our history assignment help writers will explain you in detail about different stages of history.

  • Historicism: The judgments provided by historians is being challenged now known as historicist notion of history. The new age of historians has criticized the progressive notion of history by giving emphasis to culture, relativism and fragmented historical truth. This method is similar to postmodernist history.
  • Regions of history: A number of historical accounts have emerged but the modern history has been written being biased to Euro-American. Majority of the historians are Europeans leading to concentration of history. They believe that the changes in the socio-economic conditions being faced by Europeans should be repeated in the other parts of the world.
  • Post-Colonial History: This history criticizes the euro-centered writing of history and focus on the colonies of Europe leading to some interesting works being written. Few of the specialization areas are:
    • History of South Asia focusing on the colonial experience and British rule in India.
    • History of Latin America focusing on the experience of countries in Latin America after the conquest of Spain and Portugal.
    • History of Africa focusing on its development as a part of states in return of the colonial experience.

As per our history assignment help experts, apart from the above historical regions, there are some more like:

  • West Europe
  • North America
  • England

In case you are looking for some more information, History assignment help provided by is the best option to look out for.

The mistakes to avoid while writing a history assignment

History is one of the important subject to build up many other subjects. It is an inter-disciplinary subject focusing on periphery issues along with answering the core questions. If you have an assignment on one of the history topics, you need to do some extensive research before writing the assignment. There are many unauthentic sources while searching for history assignment topics which should be avoided. Academic and relevant sources needs to be searched to answer different points related to a history assignment. When you are arguing a point, it should be backed by an academic source. If there is confusion related to a historical event, avoid using it as it will create a bad impression on the professor whereby reducing the grades. Our history assignment help writers will help you in preparing the history assignment by eliminating the mistakes enumerated in the above points.

Why to choose for your History Assignment Help? is one of the leading assignment service providers in Australia, US and United Kingdom. Our experts provide a quality work on different history assignment topics. They can write on any historical event be it Australian or British.

Our online history assignments are plagiarism free and we guarantee the originality of the work. The services can be undertaken at an affordable price. We ensure to deliver the assignments before the deadline so that the students may verify the quality of the assignment. We have a team of proofreaders who checks relevancy of the assignment delivered on different parameters like, requirements, referencing, grammar, formatting and plagiarism.

In case you are not satisfied with the services provided by us, you can reach out to us through our 24*7 customer executive service. We are ready to revise your work as per your request and our experts of history assignment help are proficient in delivering a customized assignment. Keep your worries at bay and reach out to to help you with your history assignment through their history assignment help service.

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