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Problem Solutions Speech Topics

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Problem Solutions Speech Topics

Problem Solutions Speech Topics

When writing a research or problem-solution paper, the first challenge for the writer is to make a good choice. A problem/solution speech talks about a problem and tries to offer solutions. There are two parts to this kind of speech. The first part is to describe the problem and how important it is. The second part is to devise several ways to solve the problem described in the first step.

Choosing the correct problem solutions speech topics is essential to preparing for a problem-solution speech. It's always a good idea to select something current, but the world has so many things to offer that it can be hard to decide. There is an endless list of problems that need to be fixed. It's not a good reason to choose problem solutions speech topics because it's hot right now. The best thing for the speaker is to choose the problem solutions speech topics that are important to them on a personal level. When discussing a topic, having a personal interest in it would give you a unique drive to respond.

The question of what to include in a problem-solution speech or essay topic is always there. We'll talk briefly about the main parts of a problem/solution speech:

  • Introduction: First, the person speaking or writing must explain the problem and why it is important to the audience.
  • Cause/effect: At this point, the person speaking should explain why the problem happened. The speaker will discuss how people have wrong ideas about the real issue.
  • Thesis statement: It is presented as a problem and a solution in the form of a series of statements.
  • Solution: The speaker should explain the solution in detail by laying out the plan for solving the problem and defending why it will work. A good speaker is always ready for questions like, "Your solution is too expensive," "There is a better solution," and "There are bigger problems to solve."
  • Call to Action: The last part of a speech where the speaker sums up the problem and how to fix it. In this part, the speaker should describe what might happen in the future if the solution is used.

Different ways to come up with a problem-solving speech

Problem-Solution Method: In this method, the speaker should argue about a current or social problem and persuade the audience that they have the best solution. The speaker should introduce the topic and give some background information. Then, the speaker will describe the best situations and circumstances. Show the possible solutions and how they meet the right criteria while presenting the plan to fix the problem.

Problem-cause-effect method: The speaker explains what caused the problem and what happened as a result. Here, the speaker or writer must show how the political, financial, and social effects are connected.

Here are some examples of problem-solving issues from different categories:

Problem solutions speech topics related to college

  • How can we stop college students from drinking?
  • How can we lower the cost of college?
  • How should college students improve their grades?
  • How can the students stop missing their homes?
  • How can sexual attacks be stopped on college campuses?
  • How can I choose a major as quickly as possible?
  • How can huge student loan debts be avoided?
  • How can students spend their extra money wisely?

Problem solutions speech topics related to Criminal Justice

  • How can the number of murders in the middle of cities be cut down?
  • How can we stop the trafficking of children?
  • How can we stop police from hurting people?
  • How can we keep away people from driving while they are drunk?
  • How to deal with full prisons?
  • How can we stop people from texting and driving?
  • How can we help people who have been in jail get back on their feet?

Problem solutions speech topics related to Economics

  • How can the government bring down the rate of unemployment?
  • How can we make the economy grow faster?
  • How can we lower the cost of living and keep inflation under control?
  • How do we fix the problem of the world's debt?
  • How can we stop business people from taking advantage of customers?
  • How can the costs of producing raw materials be cut down?
  • How to save the economy of a country from child labor?

Problem solutions speech topics related to the Environment

  • Why should animals on the verge of extinction be kept safe?
  • How to cut down on plastic use?
  • How can we get rid of pollution in the air?
  • How to create a sustainable transportation system?
  • Why should we cut back on the usage of fossil fuels?
  • How can we lessen the bad effects of climate change?
  • How can we keep energy costs down?
  • How do we keep valuable natural resources safe?
  • How can we ensure environmental justice?

Problem solutions speech topics related to Education

  • How should schools handle students who cause trouble?
  • What do you teach math students about sign charts?
  • How can the government make sure that students get a good education?
  • How can we get more people to read and write?
  • How can schools regulate test scores?
  • How do we teach kids to figure out how to solve problems?
  • How can we stop students from bullying each other?
  • How can we use new technologies to help the public learn more?

Problem solutions speech topics related to Politics

  • How can political corruption be stopped right now?
  • How can the government stop terrorism?
  • What can be done to bring peace to the world?
  • How can we get more qualified people to enter politics?
  • How can we stop people from cheating at the polls?
  • How can we keep the country safe while protecting the privacy of each person?
  • How to make bipartisanship work together?

Problem solutions speech topics related to Society

  • How can we stop hurting animals?
  • How can the number of homeless people be cut down?
  • How can we stop discrimination against women and people of different races?
  • How can we get more people to take the bus or train?
  • How can we stop people from going hungry all over the world?
  • How do we deal with the fact that parking spots are too small?
  • How can we deal with the lack of water?

Problem solutions speech topics related to Technology

  • How should parents deal with kids who spend too much time on social media?
  • How to secure online payment systems?
  • How can we deal with the problem of having too much information?
  • How can we keep hackers away?
  • How can self-drive cars be made safer?
  • How can we ensure that people in rural areas have better access to the internet?
  • How can people all over the world adjust to new technologies?
  • How can we make mobile devices last longer on a single charge?

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