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What is an Essay?
An essay can be defined as a written composition on a topic. It is an attempt to write a composition where one can express his ideas or thoughts on a given topic. It’s basically a short piece of writing on a particular subject in the form of composition, assignment or thesis wherein the author can present his viewpoints.

Why is there a need to write an essay?
The main purpose of essay writing is to enhance the ability to express a composition in a well-crafted and well-organized manner. It needs to be precise and accurate. The readers want a composition to be logically planned, well laid out and doesn’t have spelling or punctuation mistakes. When you write an essay your writing skills, vocabulary skills and creativity skills are developed. Your writing would become more effective and the readers would be thrilled. These skills only come when you practice writing of essays.Whether you want to become a reader, a speaker, a writer, or a logical thinker you must need to understand why essay writing is important and how you build good essay writing skills.

Numerous students look for free essay writer even though essay writing is considered easier. But even essay writing can sometimes become a difficult task for a student and that is exactly why they look for experts. To get a good remark in their academic record, it is mandatory that they use fresh and good content to write an essay. Hence, it becomes quite a challenge for a student to score well even though they have completed their essay. It’s clearly a clever choice to ask for assistance from the experts who have great knowledge and experience in writing essays.

What are the different types of Essays?
Before you even start writing you need to know the types of essay. Knowing what type you are going to write will make your goal of writing clearer.

There are four major types of essay.
Narrative Essays: It is a type of essay where the writer expresses his real-life experience. It deals mainly with the narration of an incident, event, real or imaginary. The narration may be on the following subjects, for example, historical stories, Incidents example, festival or marriage, maybe an accident or natural disaster.

Descriptive Essays: It is a type of essay where the writer tries to explain and describe a particular place, person or an object. The description can be real or imaginary. While describing characters, choice of vocabulary makes the description compact.

Expository Essays: It is a type of essay where the writer explains how things work and show their relation with other things. It is an explanatory essay which may include topics on an institution, industries, or occupation.

Convincing Essays: It is a type of essay where the writer proves his point of view by using facts, logic explanation and examples. The writer tries to convince the reader to believe in his point of view.

You are nowaware of the different types of essays. Hence, it will help you to write any type of essay and the following sections will help you understand the skills required for persuasive writing.

What are the Skills Needed to Write an Essay?
One should learn how to write good sentences such as including questions in your writing, proper use of phrases etc. Your transition from one sentence to another and from one paragraph to another should be logical. The various points which we can take into consideration for writing an essay would comprise of Unity- where each paragraph in the essay should be logically related to the other. Then comesPrecision and accuracy- which emphasizes that the content should be relevant and to the point. The facts given should be precise and accurate. Clarity- emphasizes that you have to be brief but clarity is essential at the same time. Clarity comes when there is a full understanding of the topic. Usage of Correct grammar means you have to be careful about the rules of grammar, spellings, and punctuations in composing an essay.

We will help you in developing your writing skills!
Writing an essay seems simple but it needs a great set of skills and knowledge.Few students possess the art of writing but the majority of students don’t even know where to start. Lack of time may drive the student to look for assistance from the experts. Most of the students do not have the required resource to craft a good essay. Here is the brief explanation on how do you write an essay which is equipped with the necessary structure and appealing to the most of the readers.

How to write an Essay and what thoughts should you put into words while writing an Essay?
Maybe the topic is already assigned to you or you have to pick up your own topic. Now you know the types of essay, you don’t have to be afraid about what you’re going to write, as you will have a particular idea about how you are going to pursue your essay writing. But once you have decided on the topic of an essay, the most important aspect of the essay writing begins which is the Research. You research needs to be solid, comprising of facts and data. In order to research the topic of an essay you can take the helps of various books that you can access in a library. But to make things easier, these days every bit of information is available on the internet. Thus trying and surfing as many pages on the internet as possible in order to procure the maximum amount of data is paramount. Post the data collection, your next step should be to organize that data into a structure so that you are able to lay out a roadmap for writing your essay as to what information needs to be put at the beginning of the essay and what needs to be present at the conclusion. Once this is done and all data is compiled, you will have to focus on the structuring of an essay. A few pointers for that are in the next section.

Components of an Essay:To proceed further, you need to understand how the essay formatting is executed. Generally, there are three components of an essay.

Introduction:This component is the main key which will provide the whole purpose of an essay. The introduction is the first paragraph which seizes the interest of the reader. You should be very clear and precise to describe why this topic is important and what are the important aspects you are going to provide the reader with?

The Body: This component will be consisting of the main ideas which will explain your topic in detail. Each of the main ideas will become the different section within the body of your essay. Each paragraph you write in the body will have the same structure of the essay. You need to back up your ideas with strong sentences which would become a supporting link between these paragraphs. Give a brief example and facts explanation which goes with the topic. Your ideas should be in the support of these sentences. You also need to transition the last sentence of your last paragraph into the conclusion very smoothly.

Try to provide supporting evidence which can reinforce your main ideas. The evidence should not be against the argument which you have made earlier.

Conclusion:This component approaches the end of your topic. It brings closure and concludes your topic by summing up all of your main ideas and provides a final perspective. Your conclusion should comprise of two-three powerful sentences which will support your thesis statement. The readers should be left in a satisfied frame of mind, not wondering what has happened, or what has been said. Do not end abruptly or try to brief off suddenly in the middle. Do not try to summarize all the points in the main body.

Outline of an Essay
This will give you an idea of what to write in an essay.

Introduction:Begin your essay with a powerful and precise introduction which will provide a brief explanation of your essay.

Body 1:Begin your first paragraph with a strong point and supports it with examples and quotes.

Body 2:Begin your second paragraph with a different idea but supporting the thesis statement of your essay.

Body 3:Begin your third paragraph with examples and forms a link between body 1 and body 2 and also provide a smooth transition which concludes the body.

Conclusion:Bring your topic to an end by summarizing the main events and ideas which will push the reader to think as the writer’s point of view.

But before you finally submit the essay, you should finally review it. Just to make sure that your essay does not need more clarification. There should be no contradictions in any stage in the essay with the viewpoint you have expressed in the introduction. The Final step is to review whether the ideas you have displayed in the essay are easy to identify or not.

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