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CDR Engineers Australia

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CDR Engineers Australia

CDR Engineers Australia

For more than 2 decades, Australia has been one of the most preferred places for students and engineers, to pursue their professional careers. Simply, because the country offers a lot of opportunities to explore their capabilities and grow their practical knowledge, and the diverse climate are an additional perk. However, there is one obstacle that stands in their way, which is to get approval on CDR Engineers Australia.

Just like any other country in the world, the immigration laws and regulations set by Australia are quite stringent and require a thorough background check of the education and professional competency of the engineers who wish to come to the land down under.

However, there is one good thing for engineers and students who wish to migrate to Australia, which is that Australia welcomes skilled employees and international students with open arms. To perfect this, Australia has established a stable framework through which individuals can gather knowledge on the various requirements and regulations on migration, and apply online form their home country. In addition to that, there are various organization that assist individuals with their immigration documentation to reduce their troubles.

What is CDR Engineers Australia?
CDR Engineers Australia is one such organization or Authority, which has been setup by the Australian Government that oversees the migration of all individuals coming to Australia to work in different fields of engineering. The CDR Engineers Australia is an integral part of the Australian Skilled Labour Migration framework. They control and strictly monitor each and every individual through elaborate evaluation schemes to judge the competency level of the engineers coming to Australia.

The evaluation schemes and frameworks set up by the CDR Engineers Australia Authority involve a background check of the applicant through the personal information presented by them. The personal information includes:

  • Passport Style Photo
  • Prime ID
  • Documentation of any change in Name
  • CV/ Resume

In addition to the personal information, there is another important factor which CDR Engineers Australia, check in order to judge the competency level of the applicant, which is their proficiency in the English language. All individuals hailing from non- English speaking countries, or who have not completed their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees from an Australian institution, are required to present their scores in English.

The certifications, as accepted by the CDR Engineers Australia, for individuals migrating under Skilled Labour Migration are:

CDR Engineers Australia

  1. TOEFL
  2. IELTS

There is a minimum criterion of eligibility for each of the above-mentioned exams, which the applicant must secure in order to get approval for migration through CDR Engineers Australia.

Occupational Categories under CDR Engineers Australia
The Engineers Australia authority has identified four occupational categories under which, an individual can apply for Skilled Labour Migration, in the various fields of engineering. The four Occupational Categories are:

CDR Engineers Australia

  1. Professional Engineer
  2. Engineer Technologist
  3. Engineer Associate
  4. Engineer Manager

Professional Engineer
In order to apply for migration to Australia, as a Professional Engineer under CDR Engineer Australia, the applicant needs to have a 4-year bachelor's degree in any field of engineering from a recognized University in Australia, in addition to 12 years of formal school education. A professional engineer is someone who is capable of overseeing the operations of the overall systems of application in his or her relevant field. Holds leadership and management skills, using which they can solve complex engineering problems and can partake in the design and synthesis process. A professional engineer as per CDR Engineers Australia needs to have a deep understanding and knowledge of the concepts and principles of engineering. They need to be mindful of the consequences and predicts the implication of their engineering process on the environment, community and take other social factors into account.

Engineering Technologist
The CDR Engineers Australia have recognized the minimum criteria for applying as an Engineer Technologist occupational category to have a 3-year Bachelors of Technology degree in any field of Engineering from a University recognized by the Australian Education Framework. An engineering technologist has extensive knowledge about the working of different equipment and machinery used in their relevant field. They need to have complete competency in handling and to interact with systems and managing a team of system operators. They are in charge of handling all engineering aspects related to technology and identify the faults and request advancements in the present technology being used.

Engineering Associate
An engineering associate, as recognized by the CDR Engineers Australia organization, should have a 2-year diploma degree or an advanced associate degree in the field of engineering. An engineering associate is in-charge of looking after some specific elements of the operations in the organization. They report to a supervising officer and operate within certain predefined guidelines and pre-established procedures. An engineering associate as per CDR engineers Australia need to have a fundamental knowledge of engineering processes so that they can work efficiently as part of a team of engineers. They need to be competent enough to take responsibility for basic engineering operations of the organization they work for, such as manufacturing, assembly, installation, as well as assist in the research and designing process.

Engineering Manager
Engineering Manager is the occupational category recognized by the CDR Engineers Australia for the individuals who have completed their formal education in the field of engineering and have some experience in working in the industry. Individuals who have completed their bachelor’s degree or any higher qualification in the field of engineering, and are completely familiar with managing the daily operations of an organization, can qualify as an Engineering manager. They are in charge of formulating the engineering strategies, setup different policies and establish guidelines for implementation of operational activities. Engineering managers work at the executive and managerial position and need to be competent with all engineering operations of the organization, to help the organization succeed and grow. 

Applicants need to recognize their level of competency and apply for the migration under the relevant occupational category as per the CDR Engineers Australia guidelines.

Key Components of the Competency Demonstration Report
Once you have identified the occupational category under which you can apply for your skilled labour migration to Australia, you need to provide additional information regarding the formal education that you have gained. It should include the degree and certification of all the courses you have completed, in addition to information regarding any relevant additional qualification you have gained or are currently pursuing. The name of the institution from where you have completed your education must be present in the CDR engineer Australia report that you present. Furthermore, before getting into writing your CDR report, you must provide a clear description of your employment and prior work experience, along with references and documentary evidence of the same.

Once you have gathered all of the above-mentioned information and documentation, you are now all set to begin writing your Competency Demonstration Report, also known as a CDR. There are three important components of CDR Engineers Australia, which are:

CDR Engineers Australia

  1. CPD- Continual Professional development Report
  2. 3 Career Episodes
  3. Career Summary Statement

CPD- Continual Professional Development Report
CDR Engineers Australia ensures that only the most superior and competent individuals are allowed to migrate in the country. Therefore, in addition to measuring previous work experience and capability to handle different engineering procedures, the CDR Engineers Australia authority also, sees whether the candidate has kept themselves updated with the latest advancements and progress made in the field. And for this purpose, applicants are required to submit a Continual Professional Development report, which demonstrates the various initiatives taken by them to improve their professional skills and knowledge, after completing their formal education. It is a mandatory requirement for CDR Engineers Australia for all applicants seeking migration to Australia.

A CPD report includes a summary describing all of the initiatives you have taken, which have led to some enhancement in your knowledge and expertise in the field of engineering. It involves articles of private study, such as books, journals, manuals that you have read to gain knowledge. Seminars, workshops, short courses, or any other formal meetings that you have attended, can also be included as a means of continual professional development. Additionally, postgraduate study, or part-time certification and learning courses also come under the scope of CPD. Don't forget to include any and all research paper that you have delivered or conferences that you have delivered or attended.

A CPD report must not exceed the size of more than one page.

Career Episodes
One of the most important components of a CDR report is the three career episodes. An applicant is required to submit a minimum of three career episodes, each one of which is a 1000 to 2500 word long essay describing the different professional aspects related to the field of engineering for a specific period of your employment. 

A career episode should demonstrate a specific period of your career and present an elaborate reflection of how you applied your engineering knowledge and competency. It may involve a description of how you tackled an issue or problem, or a summary of a project you worked on, details of your employment and the tasks undertaken by you.

As mentioned earlier, each career episode is nothing short of an essay written in your own words, using a formal tone to explain your role. A career episode serves as a means to demonstrate your professional communication skills and your abilities as an engineer; therefore, it is important to give proper focus and attention to this part of the report. 

The career episodes and each of the paragraphs involved in it must be structured and numbered appropriately, as it will help the assessor to follow your references while writing the summary statement. We will get to that in a bit.

Structure of a Career Episode

  • Introduction
  • Just like an essay, a career episode should begin with an introduction where you introduce the contents to follow.
  • The introduction can be around 100 words long.
  • It should provide information regarding the organization you worked, the duration of your employment, the location or the company and along with the title and the role you occupied.
  • Background Information
  • This section provides background information and explanation of the events to follow.
  • The background section can be anywhere between 200 to 500 words Long.
  • It should convey the information regarding the nature of the project, the activities and the operations involved along with a clear description of your duties and the role played by you during the project.
  • Personal Engineering Activities
  • This is a section which deals with explaining the activities and the role taken up by you in detail.
  • This section can be between 500 to 1000 words long.
  • It should provide an elaborate account of the role performed by you, and how you applied your knowledge and expertise in practical situations, along with the obstacles faced and how you worked to overcome them.
  • You can also describe your team playing and other professional abilities.
  • Conclusion
  • The conclusion is the final summary and the closing thoughts presented by you.
  • The conclusion of a career episode for CDR Engineers Australia can be around 50 to 100 words long.
  • Use this section to provide information on how this career episode helped you grow, the scope of the overall project and how your interventions contributed to the project.

Summary Statement
Finally, after the completion of all the career episodes, you must now write a summary statement, which brings together all of the information present in the career episodes. The CDR Engineers Australia, have provided distinct templates for writing the summary statement for each of the occupational category described above. However, it is not mandatory for candidates to strictly follow the templates; they are simply to guide the students and help them in formulating a competent summary statement.

A summary statement does not necessarily involve restatement and addressing each and every aspect of your career episodes. Ideally, a summary statement should be no more than one page long.

While addressing a particular event or activity from your career episodes, you must provide citations for the particular paragraph you are referring to, this is why it is necessary to number all of your paragraphs in the career episodes.

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