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Part Time Jobs Near University of Michigan in US

There are multiple options available for part time jobs near University of Michigan for students. Work while attending school sounds to be a complete nightmare. The last thing students need after 8 hours of lectures is committing to a four-hour shift; however, there are many reasons why someone would want to work a part-time job while studying. There are several benefits of working part-time, ranging from generating additional money to obtaining vital work experience.

Here we will be looking at the top part time jobs near University of Michigan in the highest demand in the US and discussing the basic pay you can expect and the requirements needed to apply for such a job. Part-time jobs in the US that are in the highest demand include:

  • Car Wash Jobs
  • Mall Security Jobs
  • Cleaner jobs
  • Restaurant Front Office Staff
  • Restaurant Kitchen Hand
  • Retail Customer Service
  • Courier Jobs
  • Uber Eats Jobs
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Packaging Jobs

Car wash worker

  • Overview: Your duties as a car wash worker include cleaning the clients' vehicles and providing outstanding customer service. All components of automobiles, indoor and outdoor, are included in your work responsibilities
  • Remuneration and requirements: Car wash workers are paid somewhere between $9.00-$18.00 per hour, depending on the car wash service you choose to work with. Also, you can stand to earn extra from commissions and tips. The shift timings are based on the employer, and you should expect flexible working hours. To apply, you will need a valid driver's licence and should be at least 21 years old.

Mall security

  • Overview: Mall security personnel guarantee that everyone in the complex is secure. They monitor the property, examine monitoring equipment, and remove people who create risk for shops or malls. In addition, mall guards respond to situations and, if necessary, notify police enforcement.
  • Remuneration and requirements: If you choose to work as a part-time mall security guard, you can make somewhere around $15/hr to $25/hr, depending on your employer. While working as a mall guard, there are plenty of other benefits at the mall that you can enjoy. You can choose shifts only when the mall is open, and shifts can vary from 4 to 5 hours long. The job will require students to have a high school diploma to apply, and it should be noted that the work is mildly physically demanding.

Cleaner jobs

  • Overview: Working as a cleaner entail keeping workplaces, houses, hotels, and other public spaces clean and orderly. Sweeping, wiping, and vacuuming floors, polishing counters, surfaces, and furnishings, and sanitising restrooms, kitchens, and other public spaces are among your key responsibilities.
  • Remuneration and requirements: You can make around $9 to $15 per hour while working part-time as a cleaner. You do not need any prior experience to start working as a cleaner. Plus, the shift timings are generally after working hours, ensuring you never miss out on any class. Shifts are around three to six hours long, and you can also earn extra from overtime.

Restaurant Front Office Staff

  • Overview: This is also a good option for students who are seeking for part time jobs near University of Michigan. You will meet visitors at the front desk, clarify any questions they may have, propose activities and restaurants to them, and handle any calls and messages when working as a front desk agent. You'll also have to stow any belongings that guests may bring.
  • Remuneration and requirements: Expect to make between $15 to $25 per hour while working at the front desk. The job can be quite rewarding but entails longer shifts. Also, be prepared to work in odd shifts, which can be flexible. You will need a high school diploma to apply for the job and have good communication skills to have a chance of getting selected.

Restaurant Kitchen Hand

  • Overview: In kitchens, cafes, bars, fast food joints, and catering organisations, a kitchen hand's responsibilities include cleaning and sanitising kitchenware, assisting in general meal preparation, and handling and storing items. This role allows you to gain experience in kitchen and restaurant management and work with and learn from chefs.
  • Remuneration and requirements: While working part-time as a kitchen hand, you can make over $15 per hour. Part-time shifts are also fixed at 4 hours. You should be familiar with basic kitchen procedures and food-preservation guidelines. Note that you will need to work in a warm environment for an extended period.

Retail Customer Service

  • Overview: Address inquiries about the brand, process orders and payments, address difficulties and technical issues, present information about the business's offers, and provide proactive outreach to consumers as a retail customer care agent.
  • Remuneration and requirements: Retail customer service associates make somewhere in the neighbourhood $12 to $25 per hour. However, shift timings are a bit longer and require you to stand for an extended period. Work hours are generally during the opening hours. There are no strict requirements; however, ensure that you have good communication skills if you are looking to apply.

Courier Jobs

  • Overview: You will be responsible for distributing items and papers for institutions, corporations, government organisations, and people while working as a courier. You will be responsible for picking up papers and goods from the sorting facility or the customer's workplace or home and delivering them to end destinations within that area.
  • Remuneration and requirements: Couriers make around $15 to $28 per hour, depending on the employer. Shifts can be selected as per your requirement and are around 4 hours long. You can also work overtime if you want. Note that this type of job requires you to have a valid driver's licence and good driving experience with heavy vehicles. Also, you might need to work with heavy objects from time to time so that the job can be physically demanding.

Uber Eats Jobs

  • Overview: Uber Eats part time jobs near University of Michigan have emerged as a great source of supplementary income for students. Proceed to eateries, collect food orders, and double-check that the food is what was requested. Then, deliver items to the point of delivery or meet them on the kerb just outside the delivery spot.
  • Remuneration and requirements: Though starters make around $15 per hour, this job offers you the flexibility to work around the clock. Plus, you can work as much or as little as you want. This makes it quite a flexible option and a popular choice among students. All you need is a valid driver’s licence to get started.

Warehouse Workers

  • Overview: Warehouse Worker is an entry-level position that is easy to pick up. You will be in charge of ensuring that all things are properly packaged and tagged before shipping and delivery. It includes activities such as organising orders for collection and delivery.
  • Remuneration and requirements: Expect to make around $14 to $20 per hour when starting as a part-time warehouse worker. There are plenty of shift options to choose from, which can help deal with your classes. Part-time shifts are generally around 4 to 5 hours long, depending on your employer. The applicant must be physically fit and should be over the age of 18 years.

Packaging Jobs

  • Overview: Packaging jobs are one of the reliable part time jobs near University of Michigan. As a part-time packager, you will be responsible for packing supplies, putting things in boxes, and accurately weighing and labelling the goods. You will also need to execute final inspections for faulty goods, ensure that all working items make it to the loading bay or storage, and maintain thorough records of supplies and deliveries.
  • Remuneration and requirements: A part-time packing worker makes around $15 to $18 per hour. Though prior experience is not required, it is preferred by many recruiters. Also, ensure to have a valid driver's licence to apply for this post. The job is physically demanding, so be prepared for it before you apply.

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