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Biotechnology Assignment Help

Biotechnology Assignment Help

In essence, Biotechnology is nothing but the application of various technological advancements in the different fields of biology. But that is just an oversimplification of the world of opportunities biotechnology presents before us. Biotechnology holds the potential to feed, fuel and heal the world with the numerous prospective inventions and discoveries to be made. In order to succeed in this academic course, the students often require biotechnology assignment help in order to score good marks in their academics and get the confidence to make new discoveries that could possibly change the face of the earth.

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What is Biotechnology Assignment Help?

Allow our Biotechnology assignment help experts to explain to you, all you need to know about the field of biotechnology and why you need to perform well in your academic course, to achieve success. Many scientists believe that with the help of biology various functions of human survival can be enhanced. This is one of the main reasons why students from across the world look for opting for a career in the many fields of biotechnology. The vast areas of research can improve the community we live in. This is why an in-depth knowledge of all its different subjects and fields is required before making any such discoveries. A biotechnology course is one of the most competitive courses, because of the enormous curriculum and the level of precision it involves. Students face difficulties right from their freshman year, which continue to exist till the end of the course and their grade suffer tremendously due to the academic pressure. Biotechnology assignment help aims to guide students through their academic courses and improve their grades through their assessments and research papers, which are an integral part of any college or university course.

How can we help you with our biotechnology assignment help?

Biotechnology is a discipline that involves thorough knowledge of topics from almost all of the different fields of science, such as chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, mechanics and engineering. In addition to the vast possibilities of its new research and its application in different industries, it becomes a very difficult task for students pursuing a course in this field to select a topic for their research paper or study the topics which are assigned to them during their academic curriculum. Students require biotechnology assignment help to get through their academic course and complete their assignments so that they can get good grades which will help them in their professional career.

Getting biotechnology assignment help from total assignment help is the best choice with your academic course which you will ever make because of many reasons, which have been explained below:

  • Expert Writers: As we have writers from all different academic backgrounds working together to provide the best assignments to different students all over the world, they are well acquainted with the specific curriculum and syllabus of most universities. In addition to that, all our writers are experts in their specific fields, having studied at the top universities of the world and published several articles in the most popular journals related to different fields, you can rest assured that your assignments will cover all of the aspects of the topic of your assignment.
  • Coverage of All Academic Topics: The writers communicate with each other so as to include any necessary information which should be included in the assignment from different subjects in addition to their own expertise as well. This way you get a well-rounded assignment every time.  They can also guide you in selecting the most interesting topic for your research and help you in doing the experiments as well.
  • 100% Original Work: We make sure that all of your assignments are totally original and plagiarism free, by doing thorough research about the assignment questions and including the most relevant and important information in the assignment and avoiding any filler content.
  • Timely Delivery: We understand that universities are very strict and unmoving regarding their assignment deadlines. This is why we make sure that all our assignments are prepared well in advance, so as to keep room for any changes which you may want later.
  • Complete Transparency: Getting biotechnology assignment help is an important part of any student's life because assignments make for a large portion of the total grades, so it is necessary that you get complete information at every step. In the biotechnology assignment help provided by us, we provide you instant updates about the work progress of your assignments so you can plan your studies accordingly and maintain good grades in your exams while we take care of your assignments.
  • Best Prices: As college and university students are often on a very strict budget, therefore, we have set the most reasonable prices for our biotechnology assignment help services, in addition to this, we have continuous offers and discounts available for students in need, so that they can get the best assignments without burning a hole in their wallets.
  • Superior Quality: The quality of the assignment is something that no student wants to compromise with. This is why we make sure that all of the assignments in our biotechnology assignment help service are of the most superior quality. To ensure this, we have a team of proof readers in our quality control departments who have worked at various publications and universities, to make sure that the assignments provided by us completely fulfills the assignment requirements and contains the most relevant data which can get you the best grades.

Origin of Biotechnology

As biotechnology is basically the use of biological organisms and processes in the food and medicine, its origin can be traced back to the ancient times, when mankind first used yeast for the production of bread and cheese.

On this basis the timeline, Biotechnology can be classified into three parts:

  • Ancient Biotechnology (Pre-Historic to 1800)
  • Classical Biotechnology (1800 to 1945)
  • Modern Biotechnology (1945 to Present)
  • Ancient Biotechnology: Since the dawn of civilization, humans have been inadvertently utilizing biotechnology for our various daily operations and tasks. Most of the biotechnological discoveries or developments which were made before the 1800s are classified as Ancient Biotechnology. Cheese and Bread are one of the first inventions of the biotechnology made as early as 7000BCE and still in application to this day. Yeast is one of the first microbes found by mankind, which was used in ancient Egypt and china to make bread, beer and wine. Humans also utilized an enzyme called rennet which was primarily found in the stomachs of calves to make cheese, and since then the process has continued to the last of the discoveries of the ancient biotechnology which was the invention of the vaccine of small pox by an English surgeon, Edward Jenner, in the early 1760s.
  • Classical Biotechnology: It was at this stage when the field of Biotechnology as we know it today started to take shape. In fact, the term ‘Biotechnology’ was first coined in 1919 by a Hungarian engineer, Karoly Ereky. Human civilization saw many great discoveries and inventions during this time in the field of biology and biotechnology, which benefited mankind in various areas of medication and agriculture. From the discovery of the nucleus in living cells to the mass production of penicillin, the biotechnological advancements in this era laid the foundation of many educational and research fields which we know today, it was the starting point of biotechnology assignment help. One such example is the foundation of the field of genetic engineering which is a vast field in itself in today’s modern world.  
  • Modern Biotechnology: The Classical biotechnology era faced the effects of World War 1 and World War 2, but this also increased the speed of discoveries and inventions made in the field of science and engineering, including biotechnology, which led to a rise in the commercialized mass production of various medical and agricultural discoveries. The discovery of penicillin played an important role in the victory of the Allied forces during WW2. The modern era of biotechnology also saw crucial inventions in the field of biosensors such as MOSFET and its various applications, which has helped in improving medical sciences all across the world. Other major accomplishments of this era in the field of biotechnology include the creation of the first synthetic antibiotic, artificial insemination of livestock, various vaccinations, genetic engineering, creation of artificial chromosomes, transplant surgeries, 3-D bio printers, growth of blood stem cell in a lab and many more such inventions and discoveries which have helped humanity in becoming a more enhanced species.

The involvement of such critical technologies and the deep knowledge of biology makes this field one of the most difficult and important subjects of education in the modern world. This is why biotechnology assignment help has become a key requirement for any student pursuing a course in biotechnology.

What topics are covered in Biotechnology?

The subjects and the topics which a student would study when undertaking a biotechnology course depend upon the type of course they are studying and from where. The subjects under study in B.Sc. in Biotechnology course may differ from the subjects taught in B. Tech in Biotechnology. But the nature of topics somewhat remains the same, only the depth of coverage may differ in most cases. This is why biotechnology assignment help is necessary to provide guidance to students during their academic courses.

Here is a list of topics which students have to learn during their biotechnology course:

  1. Introduction to Biotechnology
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Micro Biology
  4. Molecular Biology
  5. Genetics
  6. Structural Biology
  7. Methods and Instrumentation in Biology
  8. Statistical Biology
  9. Enzymology
  10. Immunology
  11. Plant and Animal Biotechnology
  12. Recombinant DNA Technology
  13. Downstream Processing
  14. Cellular Biology
  15. Genome and Proteomics
  16. Computational biology
  17. Bioprocess Technology

Each of the above subjects is a vast field and contains a huge prospect of new research discoveries. This is why all of the universities are making their courses more and more complex and varied so as to provide students with the best knowledge and learning opportunities. This, however, puts the students under immense pressure to perform well, against intense competition and the vast curriculum makes things even more difficult. This is why biotechnology assignment help is an important requirement for most students to understand the complicated topics and to do their own research with the help of expert writers who are well acquainted with the different forms of research methodologies and have course specific skills and knowledge which can guide the students in the right direction and possibly make a ground breaking new discovery, all the while scoring the best grades throughout their academics.

In addition to the subjects mentioned in the above list, there are many additional subjects which the students are required to learn, either by themselves from their prerequisite learnings, or during their academic course. These subjects and topics cover the general aspects of an individual’s professional personality development, such as Physics, Mathematics, Manufacturing processes, Basic principles of electronics, computer systems, data structures, algorithms, management and accounting principles, and entrepreneurship development. The involvement of all of these topics in addition to the core subjects makes biotechnology assignment help a major requirement for this course.

What is the scope of Biotechnology assignment help?

Going for a graduate course in biotechnology opens up an enormous number of educational and occupational fields to be explored further for an individual. Students going through biotechnology courses may wonder about their future prospects, but the opportunities are endless. Aside from the many possibilities of further studies and research fields, a biotechnology student can get professional job opportunities in various sectors such as:

  • Biomedical Engineer: Biomedical Engineering is responsible for making new breakthroughs in the field of medicine by creating the tools and the technology required to run the important tests and administer complicated medications and make a patient’s life better. It is one of the most important aspects of biotechnology assignment help.
  • Bio Chemist / Bio Physicist: These individuals work in the laboratory and are an important part of the research and development department of any biotechnology company. The work directly deals with living organisms and the chemical and biological substances and performs experiments on them in order to find conclusive results for their experiments and make new breakthroughs for the department. They are responsible for making important decisions regarding the experiments. Biochemists and Biophysics work in the applied sciences division of many big companies in different sectors, such as, agricultural, medical, pharmaceutical, energy and environmental sectors.
  • Agricultural Engineer: Agricultural engineering is an important part of the agriculture industry and plays a crucial role in the agricultural developments of any country. An agricultural engineer works primarily on the sophisticated science of the various processes which are involved in this industry, such as plant and animal sciences, hybrid seeds, irrigation technology etc. Agricultural engineers use their knowledge and skills of biotechnology and do research and development to increase the yield and quality of the various crops. One such result of agricultural engineering is the creation of the various hybrid seeds for crops such as corn, chilies and many more.
  • Microbiologist: As the name suggests, microbiologists work with microscopic biological organisms such as bacteria, algae, fungi, parasites etc. It is an extremely specialized field as it involves supreme specification and precision while conducting any experiment. A microbiologist may choose what type of microorganism they want to study and learn about its various characteristics. This knowledge is applied in the biotechnology assignment help in various manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical companies, while administering for any contaminants or doing any research for synthesis of any new compound which can be utilized for other purposes, such as medicine, agriculture etc.
  • Epidemiologist: Epidemiology is an area of biotechnology assignment help which is aimed at studying diseases which could spread at an alarming rate amongst humans and animals. They study the nature of a disease and work extensively to find measures to stop it from spreading and cause an epidemic. Their skills, knowledge, findings and observations about a particular disease or outbreak are often utilized in finding new cures and vaccinations for any new virus, such as H1N1 or the recent Corona Virus. They work closely with animals such which could serve as a potential medium for the communication of an outbreak to get the situation under control and study the virus to harness its potential.
  • Food Scientist and Technologist: This is an important field in the world of consumer foods and packaged goods. Food scientists are individuals with complete knowledge about the role and effects of nutrition along with the taste and appearance of the food we eat. There are many sub branches to this field which utilizes the principals and applications of biotechnology assignment help such as: food chemistry, food microbiology, food processing, food engineering. A food scientist also studies and administers the effects and the amount of the preservatives, additives, and other substances added to a food product to increase its value. They work in many industries and including the food and drug administration department of a country, research and development department of any company.
  • Animal Scientist: As animals and livestock are an integral part of our daily lives, it’s important that proper care is taken while using their products for our consumption. Animal scientist studies the various aspects of farming, especially the factors related to cross breeding and, animal health and genetics, reproduction, life cycles, etc. In order to enhance their yield along with the mechanisms used to extract various animal products all the while ensuring sustainability.
  • Soil and Plant Scientist: Soil and Plant scientists study the various elements of soil health and plant properties, so as to maintain the quality of soil and increase its production and ensure that the yield is of good quality. As the soil composition changes over time due to its over utilization it is important to strike a balance among the crops that are grown so as to ensure yield throughout the year. These scientist study everything from the soil and plant matter’s molecular composition to its harvesting and irrigation techniques to make vital deductions which can improve the whole process. Soil and Plant scientists are employed at various big corporations to maintain good soil and plant health.
  • Environmental Engineer: The main objective of an environmental engineer is to ensure that the environmental systems are not harmed during its utilisation for the various human operations. They study various topics such as chemistry, biology, ecology, hydrology, microbiology, physics and mathematics. It has various sub disciplines which study the effects of the environment of a particular industry. An environmental engineer studying the field of biotechnology gathers knowledge about the various biotechnological processes and aims to improve the health of the living organisms and the quality of the environment. The disposal of bio material is of major concern in the field of biotechnology assignment help, thus environmental scientists try to come up with new and improved ways to dispose of the waste without causing any harm to the people and wildlife living in the region.

In addition to the above fields, there are many other fields that involve the use of biotechnology assignment help, for research and development of the whole industry such as energy, biofuels, construction and many more. Therefore the scope of biotechnology is endless as it has found its application in almost every industry in the modern world, and in the coming future, it is estimated to increase further.

Biotechnology Assignment Help

Fig: Progress in demands of different fields of Biotech

The remuneration and the annual salaries of all the fields as mentioned above are substantial. This is why many students look forward to pursuing a course in biotechnology in hopes of doing well for the world and maintain successful careers.

This makes getting biotechnology assignment help even more necessary as the university students have to keep up with their academic schedules along with their personal lives whilst trying to figure out which field of biotechnology best suits their interest and would make them more successful in the future. This makes out immense pressure on the mental health of students and can even cause them various mental health issues including, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression. By getting biotechnology assignment help students can relieve some of the academic pressure from their shoulders and focus on their personal and professional wellbeing by exploring new areas of their interest and find the one which interests them the most.

Applications of Biotechnology
In order to better understand the importance and the range of applicability of the vast field of biotechnology, let us have a look at the major areas of its applications which would make you even more motivated to pursue biotechnology assignment help for various research possibilities.

In a broad sense, biotechnology can be categorized into five categories based on its application in different industries. These 5 categories are:

  1. Bioinformatics
  2. White Biotechnology
  3. Green Biotechnology
  4. Red Biotechnology
  5. Blue biotechnology

It is also known as computational biology because it is a field of biotechnology assignment help which includes understanding the data retrieved from biological experiments and observations. This data is then used to perform various calculations and statistical analysis using intricate software’s and advanced technological process to find new pieces of information and discoveries which could be utilized. It is an interdisciplinary field that requires knowledge of topics such as biology, chemistry, engineering, computer science, mathematics and biotechnology. It is utilized in all other fields of biotechnology and other disciplines of biology as well such as laboratory experiments, pharmaceutical research, drug and medication development, studying microorganisms, microbiology, DNA sequencing, genomics, proteomics and genetic engineering.

White Biotechnology
It is also referred to as Industrial Biotechnology because it involves the application of biotechnology in various industrial processes in order to improve production and other processes. The main areas of application in white biotechnology include biopolymers substances, packaging, discovering new and improved raw materials and chemical substances such as fibers, and enhanced fuels, etc. It is a major requirement for any industry, as most companies have a research and development division which comprises of a biotechnology unit to find new ways to improve their performance.

Green Biotechnology
Green Biotechnology refers to the application of biotechnological means on the agricultural and environmental sectors. It utilizes various research and biotechnological processes to find new ways for the use of genetically engineered plants or animals as an alternative to traditional livestock, horticultural, and animal reproduction methods to create more environmentally sustainable farming approaches. Selective transfer of genes that are beneficial for new and improved crops such as corn, cotton, vegetables etc. is one of the examples of the application of this field. Micro propagation and transgenic plants are among the various fields of research in this field. It is a major contributor to finding new sustainable means of plant and animal farming.

Red Biotechnology
Red biotechnology is the application of biotechnology assignment help in the field of medicine. It is one of the most widely explored fields of biology. It involves performing research and experiments using the biotechnological advances and make new discoveries and invention which could enhance the different medication drugs and procedures in practice today. Red biotechnology has come a long way since the period of classical biotechnology and there are still many new discoveries and breakthroughs to be made. Research in the field of stem cell therapy, tissue regeneration, genetic manipulation, transplant surgeries, 3D printed and artificial organ replacement and many others are the recent feats of this field. It aims to find new and improved ways for medication and treatment of patients including utilizing new technology and faster means of diagnosis.

Blue Biotechnology
Blue Biotechnology is the application of biotechnological processes and advancements for studying marine life and other marine organisms. As only less than 30% of the marine life and regions have been explored by mankind so far, scientists believe there are still many discoveries to be made in the different oceans and seas of the world, which solve a lot of the philosophical and scientific questions. Biotechnology assignment help aids in this exploration of the marine world through the use of new and improved technology and doing research and studying the small and large organisms living in the water. It also involved studying the various water borne diseases which can cause harm to marine life as well as humans. There is a large scope of research and discoveries in this field which is why many countries are trying to put more focus on it.

All you have to do in order to get biotechnology assignment help from us is get in touch with one of our representative who is online 24/7 and give us your assignment details and any other suggestion that you have for your assignment, and we will put together the best assignment for you in no time which can get you exceptional grades.

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Popular questions searched online

What is biotechnology?

As the name suggests, it is a field of study related to biology and technology. The technology is applied to living organisms in order to develop products that can be beneficial for humans.

What is genetic engineering?

The technique of genetic engineering is used to make changes or amendments in genetic materials. It is also used on different organisms.

List few examples of biotechnology and how is it used in day to day life.

The invention of insulin developed from Escherichia coli is one of the known examples in the field of biotechnology. Before this development insulin’s were produced from pigs but they were not so effective in treating diabetes. Products related to pharmacy, BE foods, detergents, paper, bio-fuels, etc., are some examples of the usage of biotechnology. If you are looking for more information related to biotechnology, we request you to get in touch with our team for biotechnology assignment help services.

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