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Biotechnology Assignment Help

Biotechnology Assignment Help

The service of biotechnology assignment help is provided by our knowledgeable and experienced experts who are in the field of biotechnology since many years. Our team consists of professors, tutors and other professionals who have practicing biotechnology. Our biotechnology assignment help is one of the leading assignment help which is now provided by You can either consult to our student’s advisor or you can directly approach us for making your biotechnology assignment according to the guidelines. You can even go through our sample section for knowing our writing and presenting style and then you can decide for choosing us to write your assignment among thousands others. Before taking any decision regarding Biotechnology assignment help, we should first see that how bio-sciences became diverse and developed in all these years.

Biotechnology Explained
Our experts at explained biotechnology in biotechnology assignment help as a sub field of bio-sciences which in itself is a diverse and developed discipline. Biotechnology is the field that is used to study the effect of technical application to produce and develop products that could be useful for the living organisms. So in other words we can say that it is the combination of different subjects like computer science, technology, chemical engineering and micro biology.

And Origin Of Biotechnology
Human beings possess the knowledge of biotechnology and its uses ever since the days when plants were modified in order to increase the food produce. Earlier, agriculturalist developed those plants and crops with the help of biotechnology that have the ability to resist the pest attack and produce a better yield. Biotechnology was also used in the leavening and brewing of the bread by discovering fermentation. People also acquired knowledge and developed those organisms and plants that could trap nitrogen and thus resulting in efficient productivity. Biotechnology was also used in the animal kingdom for development of the breeds of animals. People foe years, focused on selective breeding without even knowing that it is a part of bio technology only. Charles Darwin, in the 19th century came up with his theory of evolution that focused on selection of species on the basis of their nature. Biotechnology is widely used in the field of medicine as well. Chaim Weizmann, in the year 1917 developed acetone that was used in producing the explosives by combining the industrial process with the microbiological culture. Alexander Fleming, in the year 1928, developed PENCILLIUM that was used to develop antibiotics.

In recent years, the world has witnessed many discoveries in the field of bio-informatics, genetics and bio-robotics. The wonder of the discoveries in genetics have been astounding and benefitting every one. Scientists can now alter the genes of the organisms by launching a different DNA in their bodies resulting in the creation of GMO (genetically modified organisms). In 1973, first GMO bacterium was discovered. And further in the year 1974, a GMO mouse was developed and again in the year1994, GMO food was commercialized for everyone.

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Scope Of Biotechnology
Biotechnology is used in many fields. Our experts have provided in biotechnology assignment help all the main areas where biotechnology is widely used and applied:

  • Bio robotics: Bio robotics is the field that studies and covers the development of robots so that they can enlighten the biological functions also. It is the sub field of bio-sciences where biotechnology and its concepts are widely used and applied.
  • Bio informatics: Bio informatics is the field that analyses and processes the biological information. It is done by using different fields of study like mathematics, computer science etc. It is mostly used in case of processing the gene related data and information and also in genetic mapping.
  • Chemical engineering: Chemical engineering is also provided by our experts in biotechnology assignment help as it includes the combination of engineering and chemistry. It is basically used in the production of industry related items. Chemical engineering also includes its sub field like fuel cells, nano-technology and bio engineering.
  • Bio process engineering: This sub field of biotechnology acknowledges the information related to biology and then uses it in the fields like pharmaceuticals, chemical and agriculture industry for better and efficient production for the welfare of mankind. also provides assignment help in the bio process engineering.

Practical Application Of Biotechnology
Biotechnology is not a field that only has diversifications in its sub fields but also it could be practically applied to many other fields as well. Our experts at have mentioned basically three areas in the field of biotechnology. There are basically three fields that are as follows:

  • Medicine: Biotechnology is the field that is widely used in the field of medicine for the production of new drugs that could be used for the welfare of the mankind. Pharmacogenomics is the field that is the combination of two main sub branches that are, pharmacology and genetics. It explains the effect of drugs on the human bodies. Research on the chronic diseases like cancer and AIDS/HIV is the boon of biotechnology. Our experts at provide the biotechnology assignment help after surveying various companies that are involved in the business of producing and developing drugs and other such products. Some of the biggest companies that provide the facility of producing drugs by using biotechnological methods are:
    • Novo nordisk of Denmark
    • Dr. reddy’s lab of india
    • Celgene of USA
    • Amegen
    • Gilead sciences etc.
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  • Our experts also use genetic testing as one of the most important application of the field of biotechnology. biotechnology assignment help provides two reasons for including genetic testing as an application of biotechnology:
    • Knowledge about the diseases of the child that are inherited from his parents
    • Information regarding the percentage of the child that has some disputes regarding the ancestry.
  • Agriculture: Biotechnology could be applied in various different sub fields of agriculture. It could be used in producing GMO’s, bioremediation, bio fuels and pharmaceutical agents. There are many successful creations of GMO’s in the recent years. It should be noted here that development of GMO’s has raised many controversies so it is now dealt in a separate manner. Our experts provide biotechnology assignment help with focus in the production of GMO’s for the development of crops, fishes etc.
    Biotechnology Assignment Help also focuses on the stand regarding the development f GMO’s by different governments of the world.
    For example:
    • USA has allowed the production and development of GMO’s and their cultivation, parenting as well as import and export.
    • Europe has allowed the development and production of GMO’s of only some varieties of crops.
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  • Industry: Biotechnology has given birth and has developed food products, bio-fuels, food products by using various methods of biotechnology. Also, biotechnology helps in reducing green houses gases like methane, CFC’s, nitrous oxide etc.

There are some major universities that offer the students courses regarding biotechnology. That’s why biotechnology assignment help provides the service of providing the assignment in all these major countries.

The top 5 universities that provide the courses related to biotechnology are:

  • Harvard university
  • Cambridge university
  • Stanford university
  • Berkeley
  • University of California

Biotechnology Assignment Help ranges from human genomes to even robotics to GMO’s etc. Students lack support and knowledge in various subjects that’s why they choose Biotechnology assignment help.

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