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Supply Chain Management Homework Help

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the process to maximize customer value and to get an effective competitive advantage. SCM covers various factors like product development, sourcing, production, supply, etc. It helps to ensure smooth flow of goods by ensuring sufficient storage of raw materials, inventory work-in-progress and finished products. To understand this properly, students have to go through some more topics or phases like SCM designing, planning, execution, and monitoring.

All these will help to carry out an effective supply chain management system. The aim of SCM is to provide high product availability through the efficient and timely fulfillment of customer demand. Then how is it possible? Obviously, it requires an effective flow of products from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Supply Chain Management includes three basic concepts these are: - Business Process, Network Structure, and Management.

Problems in Supply Chain Management:

The supply chain consists various factors through which goods move one place to another, i.e., from producer to consumer. But there are also some middlemen like distributer centers, cross-docks, warehouse, etc. So the organization should find out the problem related to these factors. Then comes distribution strategy.

It involves various schemes of delivery, mode of transportation and more. To reduce the transportation cost, all these activities should be done with proper coordination. Another problem in the SCM is Inventory Management. Then comes the last problem, i.e., cash flow. It included payments, its terms, and exchange of funds, etc.

Business Process Integration and SCM

Supply Chain Management covers many departments of a business like administrative, finance, production, marketing, distribution and more. So there should be proper coordination between all the departments to get effective SCM. Every department has their responsibility, for example, purchasing department helps to get orders, marketing department examine customer’s demand and make effective marketing decisions. The department communicates with distributors to ensure sufficient availability of products. So there must be a proper coordination between them.

The Keys of SCM processes

  • Customer Relationship Management- Here management identifies important customers or customer groups need to be targeted for the firm’s business mission. Here the organization segment customers as per their values.
  • Customer Service Management- It shows company’s real face and its responsibility to the customers.
  • Manufacturing Flow Management- It includes all the activities related to the production process and to transport the products through the plants.
  • Supplier Relationship Management- It helps to develop and maintain a good relationship with the suppliers. It is important to have a good relationship with suppliers as they work as a middle person between the companies and customers.
  • Demand Management- It helps to balance customers’ requirements with the supply chain. It also includes coordination between supply and demand, flexibility, etc.
  • Product Development and commercialization- It helps to develop a framework to work with suppliers and customers to develop new products and make them available in the market.

TQM and Material Planning

The total quality management (TQM) approach is used by organizations to improve their operations and the processes. It helps to improve product/service quality, productivity, and competitiveness by improving communications with customers. Material Requirements Planning (MRP) helps to maintain the lowest possible cost of the material, helps to keep required product level in the store and it ensures proper manufacturing process, delivery process, etc.

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