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English Dissertation Help

English Dissertation Help

English dissertation help in itself is the most unique form of dissertation in its nature. This is because of the fact in an English dissertation the research is to be performed by a student doesn’t involve a lot of calculations or laboratory experiments. Instead it requires intense study and introspection in addition to the research in the form of primary and secondary research of the qualitative nature. This is why many students face trouble with their English dissertations because of the sheer volume of time and energy it needs. As a dissertation is roughly around 100 to 300 pages, hence it requires a lot of research and tedious writing. This is where the problem lies, most university and doctorate students are already in too much pressure due to their vast curriculum, numerous assignments and other course related engagements, which make it almost impossible for them to lead normal lives where they can get time for themselves, after managing to work on their dissertation project.

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At total assignment help we have supported thousands of students in achieving their goals and having fruitful professional careers, by providing them guidance and support with their doctoral dissertations and helping them completing their English dissertations score the best grades. In this article we have explains why a dissertation is such an important piece of academic writing in the life of a doctorate student, and how we can help them. We have also described how you can perfect your dissertations by helping you in understanding the most ideal process you should be following to create the most superior dissertations.

Significant of a Dissertation writing in the Life of a Student/ Why you need English dissertation help?
A doctorate dissertation is most likely one of the most important academic piece of writing that you will be writing. Therefore it is crucial that you take the utmost caution and pay the necessary amount of time and attention to it, as a dissertation contributes significantly to your final grades. A dissertation directly portrays your analytical, researching, and comprehensive abilities to the readers. It illustrates an individual's capabilities of decision making and introspection, in addition to highlighting their researching, management and leadership skills. A dissertation has been the final piece of academic document on which the proficiency of student is evaluated in the various fields of higher education. The motive and the factors of marking differ for a dissertation depending on the core discipline on which they are written on.

Academic Significance of Dissertations
As the education framework, all over the world, is mostly in written format, it becomes very important for students to develop the skill of academic writing since the early stages of their formal education. This is why, the education system all over the world, puts emphasis on teaching students the skill of academic writing. In efforts to implement this, dissertation writing has become an integral part of education, which requires students to write an explained document describing their research and outcome. Being such an important part of education, universities implement academic writing through dissertations for doctorate students and by grading them on various parameters. Only by practicing the art of academic writing since an early age can a student perform well on the dissertation assignments they get in PhD courses. Having the skill to write an impressive academic article in a short amount of time comes in handy, because it is a well acknowledged fact, that university students do not get enough time to manage their personal, academic and professional lives. The amount of stress that is put on a student is immense. In addition many students lack the skills required to write and do the research for their dissertation topics. For this reason getting English dissertation help becomes a necessity for students, in order to juggle between their classes, part time jobs, exams, and the assignment deadlines and score well.

Personal Significance of Dissertation Writing
In addition to its importance in the academics, dissertation writing also plays a vital role in the overall personality development of an individual. As students spend a large amount of their time in school, during their development stages, it becomes very important to include activities and topics in the educational framework, which allow them to develop their cognitive and analytical abilities in universities. English dissertation help an individual in more than one ways, while writing it as well as researching.

Dissertation writing teaches important skills to an individual, which helps them throughout their professional and personal lives. A person, who has been writing academic articles for a long period of time and has mastered it, develops a number of skills and qualities which are necessary for anyone. Here are the skills and qualities which a writer possesses, that should be a milestone for students who are just beginning with their academic writing journey:

  • Professionalism: This is one of the most practical benefits of academic writing. Dissertation writing teaches students professionalism by allowing them to think and present their thoughts in a formal way.
  • Work Ethic: Dissertation writing teaches a student the fundamental values of work ethics by allowing them to collaborate with their peers and professors, for their research topics.
  • Research Skills: Dissertation writing teaches and improves the researching skills of any individual. It allows them to get out and about to find information and facts about their topic of research, and present it in the paper.
  • Analytical Thinking: An experienced academic writer develops and improves upon their analytical skills while writing on any topic. A dissertation provides an individual a medium to present their thoughts and opinions, but in order to do so perfectly, one must analyse their thoughts and reflect upon them.

Topic Inspiration for English Dissertation Help
A literature dissertation is one on the most unique dissertations out there, this is because there in a literature dissertation, you can analyse someone else’s work such as an established author, or the implications of a particular style of writing, or the history of literature, the prospects are endless.

We have compiled a list of possible English dissertation help topics which you can take inspiration from:

  1. Why is Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings so appealing to adults and children alike?
  2. Feminism's growth in twentieth-century literature.
  3. Hans Christian Anderson's effect on how we perceive fairy-tale in the modern era.
  4. Origins of the novel.
  5. The effect Milton's Paradise Lost had on seventeenth-century literature.
  6. Seeking the self: Psychology in twenty first century literature.
  7. Darwin and the evolutionary narrative.
  8. Imagining a world without Shakespeare: the importance of the bard.
  9. Psychology and the modern novel.
  10. The importance of history in deciphering the modern text.
  11. The importance of philosophy within literature.
  12. The impact Mary Shelley's Frankenstein had on proceeding literature.
  13. Politics in fiction from 1900 to the present day.
  14. Where would modern readers be without J.K. Rowling?
  15. The accuracy of history in historical novels
  16. Hans Christian Anderson and the meaning of the fairytale.
  17. Reading to the under-fives: developing imaginations and relationships.
  18. Helping children to learn through storybooks.
  19. Changing political relations in novels since 1900.
  20. The interrelation of science and the arts since 1900.
  21. Why humour matters in children’s literature
  22. Lucy Maud Montgomery, and young artist's growth.
  23. Roald Dahl the sublime and the absurd.
  24. Enid Blyton, and the story of common adventure.
  25. A historical study of the sources of literature regarding kids.
  26. Names in children's literature are essential.
  27. What the Victorians wrote about their kids 28.
  28. Astrophysics, and nineteenth-century literary creativity.
  29. Why literature corresponds to Philosophy.
  30. Passing the academic borders: Anthropology and English literature.

How to write an English Dissertation?
Writing for English dissertation help is no piece of cake. It requires loads of research, pre-requisite skills and knowledge, and dedication to make the best academic article every single time.

Here is a step by step guide of the process our writers follow while undertaking any English dissertation help assignment. You can even refer to this process for your reference and learn from it, about how a good dissertation is formed:

  1. Choosing a topic: This process is the most important, as picking a generic or a very weak topic for your English dissertation help can put all your hard work in the trash and lose you some crucial marks as well.  A wrong English dissertation help topic can divert your focus and the contents of the dissertation in completely different direction than intended.
  2. Select the right topic for your dissertation which will enable you to write more efficiently. The topic of your choosing must belong to a field with which you’re already familiar with. This will save you a lot of time and efforts which you would have had to put into research and getting to understand the particular topic.

    Keep a notepad handy for jotting down any ideas that you may have about the information which you would want to include in the dissertation. Use this notepad while selecting a topic, and shortlist some ideas and then pick the best one out of the bunch.

  3. Do the research: Adequate research is very important for any sort of academic assignment to write it perfectly and include the most relevant and credible information in the written article.  Once you select your topic do some research about the related features and characteristics of the topic which will help you in writing a better dissertation.
  4. Find out about the questions which strike your interest about the topic, and find the answers to them in the research process. You must gather all the evidence and save the source of your factual data so that you can put the citation and reference to it in the final document. Don’t forget to jot down all the important and the most relevant pieces of information on a notepad so you can refer to them while writing the first draft.

  5. Make a writing plan: Make an outline of the English dissertation on notepad, and form a basic writing plan. This plan should include the important points of the dissertation arranged in an easy to grasp flow of thoughts. Your writing plan must be formed keeping the reader in mind. The readers and your audience play a major role in the success of any academic article. Therefore while writing any document; you must keep your audience in mind. In case of an academic article, write your dissertation as your supervisor advises you to. You can contact them to get ideas and their opinion for the assignment so that you can make a good assignment and score good grades.
  6. Brainstorm on the contents: Now that you have developed a plan of action, you can set it aside for review. Take your time and brainstorm on your ideas and try to find out any information that you may have missed out on. When you do this, you should think of your writing outline plan that you made and starting from the beginning, you should review every single point that you jotted down.
  7. Write down any changes that you would want to make in the plan and add new points if any. Think about the examples that you will include, how you will present the topic of your English dissertation, what literary devices will be suitable for it, how much time each section of your dissertation would take, the number of paragraphs that it needs etc. You must have a picture in your mind about how your final dissertation would look like, if it doesn’t feel right then you can always edit it in the later stages.

  8. Write your first draft: Now that you have a good idea about what your English dissertation should look like, it is time to start writing it. Follow your outline that you made with all the revisions and changes from the brainstorming step.
  9. Do not envision to make the final dissertation which you can submit as soon as you finish writing the last word. Most authors spend a lot of time in perfecting that one piece of writing which people remember for a long time. Just try to write to the best of your ability without putting much thought to the where and when you have to submit your English dissertation.

    Write all of the important information that you noted down, including the description, factual data with proper citations, evidences, research findings and examples etc. While making a first draft it is advised that you put your focus on the body of the dissertation and less on introduction and the conclusion.

  10. Refine your work: Once you finish writing your first draft, it is now time to refine what you wrote and analyse every word of every paragraph of your dissertation. This is why it was mentioned in the previous step that you should not aim for the specific details and accuracy while writing the first draft.  Go through your written dissertation and highlight all of the places that can be improved through adding a new piece of information of making any changes in the sentences, including grammatical errors and typos.
  11. Once you know what changes need to be made, read the whole document once and make the changes as you go along. In this step you should put special focus on the introduction and the conclusion of the English dissertation.

    When you’re done, your dissertation is now be complete with all of the important information and key data that needed to be in it.

  12. Proof read: This is the final quality check of your English dissertation; therefore you must be thorough here. While proof reading any document it is recommended that you read the document multiple times in an organised manner. Look for one type of mistake at a time.
  13. For Example: In your first read, you must only look for critical contextual errors. Ensure that the dissertation follows a flow of thought correctly which is easy to understand by anyone having minimal knowledge about the topic. Then go looking for any grammatical and typographical errors in the text, and so on.

    This way you can make sure that you do a thorough check of the English dissertation and that whence you’re done with the proof reading process you can be confident about the quality of the dissertation that you’ve written.

    If you have enough time left on your hands, you can set your document aside after getting done with the writing process for a day or so, and then get to proofreading it. This way, you can notice the mistakes a lot better, because if you get to proofreading right away there is a large possibility that you would miss out on many of the mistakes because you mind is still pre occupied with all of the terms and concepts of the English dissertation help topic. Once you’re done with proofreading, get a friend to read the dissertation if you can, this will give you a fresh perspective on it. While proof reading for typos and grammar star reading from the bottom and work your way up, to put focus on each word

  14. Final submission: Now that you have completed the writing and proofreading process, you are ready to submit your well written English dissertation. But before submitting, you should consult with your professor or supervisor to make sure that your English dissertation completely fulfils the requirements. This way you can make any changes advised by your professor and increase your chances of scoring better grades.

These steps have been carefully formulated by our English dissertation help experts who have been writing academic help assignments for students all over the world for many years, and helped thousands of students achieve their true potential by providing them guidance and support with their academics.

If the above steps seem to daunting to you or if you find that it’s just too time consuming, you can get in touch with our English dissertation help writing team, who will make sure that all of these steps are followed and you receive the best quality assignments in the minimum amount of time. By getting English dissertation help from us you can rest assured that you will score well, and in addition to that, you save yourself a lot of time and efforts from research, reading, analysis, writing and proofreading your dissertation. You can utilise this time to study your weak or favourite subject, get in touch with your family and friends, get a hold of your social life, maybe get some well-deserved sleep, and basically take care of your physical and mental health.

How total assignment help can provide you the best English dissertation help services?
At total assignment help, we value the service we provide to our clients, that is why, we look after each and every assignment that we undertake as a priority and no matter how large, small, simple or intricate the task is we make sure that it gets the due attention and time that it needs so at to deliver you a perfect solution because we realize that every single assignment plays and important role in the overall grade of the whole semester.

Here is a list of qualities and unique features which help us in providing you the best English dissertation help service:

Competent Writers and Experts
Our team of English dissertation help experts and academic writers are dedicated to providing the best solutions to your dissertation, by working efficiently and doing the necessary research. Our academic writers are themselves top graduates from the best universities all around the globe in their respective science majors, including physics, chemistry, English, earth sciences, social sciences, and engineering. In addition, we also have a team of expert scientists working in different parts of the world in constant communication so as to provide the best and the most up to ate resolution to the research topics and assignment questions. We make sure that the solutions in the dissertation are 100% correct and genuine so that you can get the best scores.

On-time Delivery
As you know, time is of the essence when it comes to dissertation and deadlines. We always make sure that we provide you your dissertation before time so as to make room for any changes which you might want to make in them at the last minute. We take care of all of the necessary requirements of your dissertation from our side, and if still, you find that there a need for improvement or if you’re not satisfied with the end result in any section of the dissertation, we advise all of our writers to always make sufficient room for any changes that you may require. Timely delivery is key at total assignment help while providing English dissertation help or any other kind of online assignment help service to students.

Hassle-free Transactions
Be it telling us about your dissertation requirements, uploading additional files, making any suggestions, asking for corrections, or refunds, we have made sure that no matter which step of the process you’re at, you do not face any difficulties which would delay the process, as time is of the essence when it comes to assignment deadlines. Therefore, our doors are always open for anyone who wishes to get any kind of English dissertation help and guidance from us. Our team of representatives will hear all about your queries 24*7 and provide you the resolution that you desire.

Transparency throughout the process
We understand the pressure students face while their submission deadlines are getting closer and closer. This results in building up a lot of unnecessary stress which can lead to various mental health issues in the long run and college and university students have their hands full of the numerous tasks of their academics anyway, such as classes, exams, internships, and social lives. This is why providing an instant update to your dissertation work progress is necessary to maintain transparency and avoid any kind of stress. Our team of representative are available 24*7 at your beck and call and will provide you an instant update on your dissertation, any time of the day. All you have to do is give us the order ID, you can get in touch with us, through phone, chat and email address provided on our website.

You get what you pay for!
Since there many English dissertation help service providers present online, it is necessary that you select the one which does the best work at the most reasonable prices. As most of the individuals that you may come across claiming to be providers of English dissertation help, are fake and just want to scam you by claiming you to give you the cheapest price and then disappearing or send the below quality assignments. It is important that you get the best service for the money that you give. Every single service, including English dissertation help, provided by total assignment help is 100% genuine and we can back up this statement with the hundreds of assignments present on our website which will provide you with all the evidence you need to trust us and have confidence that your money is going to the right and that you get the best bang for your buck!

100% Original Work
Originality if work is something that can never be comprised in the field of academics. Universities are very thorough while checking if the assignments submitted by a student are copied from where else. Our writers are highly skilled in writing fresh content in a limited amount of time and to support this aspect, we provide our writing team with unlimited access to the most exclusive information resources to do their research on any topic. This allows them to gather the necessary information and write your assignment in the best way possible, with no plagiarism. We use top competitive soft wares to check if the assignment contains any plagiarism if it does; it is instantly sent to the writer for correction. We monitor this feature very strictly and assure you that you will never receive a plagiarised solution whenever you get English dissertation help from us.

Guaranteed Grades
The whole point of getting English dissertation help while pursuing a university course is to score well in your academic semester. The content we provide in our dissertation writing services is 100% genuine and contains the most relevant information which will guarantee that you get scores between 80 to 100% every single time. As many of our expert consultants are working or have worked in reputed universities, they provide us total insight into the thought process of a professor while working checking any dissertation. This allows our proof reading team to look through the perspective of a professor and pin point the areas which can be improved. Thus by the time an dissertation is delivered to you, you can rest assured that it has already been passed through multiple quality checks, and can get you the grades that you want.

Get English dissertation help from us and never worry about any academic writing again!

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