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Plagiarism Free Essays

Plagiarism Free Essays

Total assignment help has a highly qualified and experienced team of subject matter experts which guarantees Plagiarism Free Essays and assignments. Plagiarism continues to be among the biggest concerns among students due to the severe penalties plagiarized content attracts. With the risk of expulsion, visa cancellation or even legal action against students who fail to acknowledge another authors work, it is imperative for students to get Plagiarism Free Essays and reports.

With plagiarism being linked directly to academic misconduct, total assignment help has put in place the necessary teams to monitor the assignments at each stage of preparation to ensure the assignments are accurate and meet the deliverables and are also plagiarism free. This is a major concern requirement which needs to be covered thus it is important for the essays to be prepared by experts who are capable of performing research but also paraphrasing the content to avoid plagiarism and also maintain the contents relevancy.

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Total assignment help’s Plagiarism Free Essays strategy
Each expert and organization has their own set of guidelines linked to assignment preparation but academic writing services require utilizing a similar strategy so as to ensure assignments are prepared uniformly by each expert. This is important as it ensures each assignment focuses on scoring the highest grades by demonstrating detailed research but also acknowledging the used research content to avoid plagiarism.

What is plagiarism?
Plagiarism refers to using another researcher’s content without acknowledge or credit them for the efforts put to research and identifies information.

How plagiarism can be avoided
The majority of student and assignment writing services avoid plagiarism by simply eliminating plagiarized content from the assignments, but this is not the correct research method. This is due to the assignments requiring demonstrating the expert’s research skills which should also be infused to the assignment to a certain extent to demonstrate the researcher’s ability to refer to other research content while preparing the tasks. Experts who utilize limited amounts of content by use of quotation marks on the assignment help demonstrate in-depth research which ensures the assignments remains to remain accurate.

How total assignment help prepared assignments
Our experts at total assignment help are required attending extensive assignment writing program on which they are trained on strategies to prepare assignments while using sections of content from other sources in a controlled manner and while quoting the sources directly. This is an important requirement linked to assignment preparation as it ensures the assignments are prepared using relevant information which also credits the original author thus preventing the student from being sighted for plagiarism on the assignment. While we promote and train our experts to prepare assignments and purposely infuse a certain amount of quoted content to demonstrate the individual’s ability to perform research, we also ensure the quoted content is limited to 10% of the assignment word count. Overutilization of quoted content also attracts negative marking which can lead to the student scoring low grades.

What has controlled plagiarism?
Controlled plagiarism refers to assignments which have register plagiarism but whereby the plagiarized content has been properly quoted and references thus leading to controlled Plagiarism. This means that the assignment may still register high plagiarism yet be classified as Plagiarism Free Essays and reports as long as the assignments have been prepared in the correct manner. To achieve this assignment requires being prepared following a unique set of guidelines whereby the plagiarized content is quoted and referenced correctly thus helping eliminate plagiarism. Each of the assignments prepared at total assignment help is carefully choreographed to ensure the expert has performed in-depth research into the topic and incorporates a small percentage of direct quotes to the assignment. While academic writing guidelines accept up to 20% directly quoted content, we train our experts to only use between 5 and 10% directly quoted content on the assignment to prevent attracting negative marking. The purpose of using direct quotes on an assignment is to simply demonstrate the expert’s ability to conduct in-depth research into the topic using reputed journals and previous research. Refereeing to previously published research findings also plays a huge role towards accurate assignment writing thus making it a mandatory requirement for the content to be included in the assignments to maximize the grades scores.

Who prepares our assignments?
We have a highly qualified and experienced team of subject matter experts who prepared each assignment. Each of our experts undergoes a meticulous selection process to determine their qualification, knowledge, and experience before being infused to the team. The experts are also constantly monitored by subject matter experts and the proof Quality control department which helps maintains their focus towards preparing high quality and relevant assignments. We also ensure the expert's age is taken in to close consideration during the recruitment process as age is a direct indication of the expert's experience and knowledge. We only hire matured adult experts between 30-50 which ensures the assignments are prepared by experts who have accumulated considerable experience and knowledge in the subject thus capable of preparing higher-quality assignments. Another important benefit linked to hiring mature experts is their vast knowledge of most of their subject’s expertise. This is important as is reduces the time required to prepare the assignments which is a valuable asset especially while preparing urgent assignments which come with short deadlines. In such a situation the mature experts already have adequate experience and knowledge in the field and may only require undertaking minor research to collect the required information needed to prepare the assignments as per the guidelines.

Quality control – ensuring assignments are up to mark
There is nothing worse than having a solution prepared by an expert than sharing the raw assignment with the student. This is an assignment preparation breach and must be avoided at all cost by assignment writing services. Total assignment help has a well-established quality control team which reviews each of the assignment guidelines before reviewing the assignments relevancy. The quality control team is also responsible for ensuring Plagiarism Free Essays and assignments are delivered. This is the first quality check each assignment must undergo before being reviewed for relevancy and other formatting guidelines. The quality control team has also been given an autonomous status which ensures the quality control department is not influenced by external pressure which may affect the quality control parameters followed by total assignment help. Proofreading remains an important department due to the department’s ability to review the assignments and ensure the quality of assignments is controlled and monitored before being shared with the students. This is a major factor linked to assuring students score the highest grades thus an important factor to be constantly monitored.

What we are the best service
Assignment writing is not an occupation but rather a craft which requires to be mastered over time. This is the main reason why we have hired mature experts to prepare the assignments which automatically ensure the expert's experience is incorporated into the assignments and students score the highest grades. At total assignment help, you can rest assured the assignment will be handled in a very professional manner by every department and at every stage of the process. Quality is the most concern while preparing assignments thus it is mandatory for the assignment topics to be properly researched on before the assignments are prepared.

Additional services we offer
Getting Plagiarism Free Essays and reports is a major concern but at the same time, the assignment writing service also needs to provide value-added services to the client. We make sure to share the latest plagiarism report, unlimited rework and have no hidden changes assisted with assignment preparation, rework or revisions. It is important to make sure the assignments are being prepared with quality being the main focus thus ensuring the assignment remain accurate at all times.

Total assignment help is today ranked as the leading assignment help service due to our persistence towards delivering high quality assignments at all times. Quality assignment writing not only involves preparing student assignments but more importantly it involves delivering high-quality assignments to student with the objective of each assignment scoring the highest possible grades.

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