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Zara Operations Management Assignment On Decision Making Models


Assessment brief: Individual students will participate in the development of an on-line discussion forum where they will provide their reflection and evaluation of the content of two (2) of the other groups’ presentations. The presentations for evaluation will be selected by the lecturer and posted in the discussion forums. The quality of the content of each posting will be assessed so each student will be marked on his or her contribution to the forum. Evaluation criteria to be considered in your posting:

A. Content

  • Were key terms explained?
  • Was the importance of the information clarified?
  • Were claims supported with evidence?
  • Were any conclusions drawn or important implications indicated?
  • Were the organisation and its associated industry accurately portrayed?
  • Were the operational strengths and weaknesses accurately identified?
  • What did you learn from the presentation that helped your understanding of operations management and decision-making?

B. Organisation and technical detail of presentation

  • Was a plan of the presentation obvious?
  • Were the slides (visuals) clear and precise?
  • Was there a neat layout improved by good background and use of colour?
  • Were there any spelling or grammar errors?
  • Did the presentation have particular impact for you?

C Quality of your postings

  • Evidence of critical thinking and analysis
  • Timeliness of posting – not left until the last moment to post or respond


Post 1 – Zara
The presentation on Zara brand has succeeded to capture the key terms that revolve around the business. The information has been neatly presented to help understand how the strategy influences the decisions. The claims that have been made relating to training and development and application of RFID technology have been supported with appropriate pieces of evidence. The conclusion was clearly drawn and the suitable recommendations were designed so that the business could improve its sustainability in the market.

The Zara business and the fashion industry have been efficaciously presented here. The streamlined flow of information helps to understand how Zara designs its various business functionalities like operations strategy process designing and supply chain model and planning and quality control (Bromiley & Rau, 2016). The operational strengths and weakness have been captured in a comprehensive manner and accordingly, suitable recommendations have been presented. The presentation was both interesting and informational as it threw light on the latent elements that help Zara to create value for itself as well as its market audience.

The presentation of this operations management assignment was planned in a neat and understandable manner. The information flow was consistent and it clearly moved from one section to another. The slides of this operations management assignment were wonderfully presented which enhanced the clarity of the presentation. The layout was lucid and informative at the same time. The background was subtle which matched the presentation theme (Haksever & Render, 2018). The grammar was on point which enhanced the quality of the presentation of Zara business. By going through the presentation, I understood how Zara uses the feedback mechanism in order to take the views and opinions from its internal and external stakeholders. I came to understand how various elements come into play and make the Zara business profitable and valuable in nature. The well-organized presentation has highlighted how Zara conducts its business operations in the dynamic market setting.

Post 2 – Target
The presentation on Target business undertaking of this operations management assignment clearly explains the terms that are linked to the business and its activities. The information that has been presented here clearly captures the business strategy and decision-making process of Target business. There is a decent use of evidence that has been used to showcase the process design of Target. Similarly, the value chain of Target has been designed by referring to the Corporate Responsibility report which is an authentic source. The conclusion has been clearly presented based on the various aspects and functionalities of the Target business that have been captured. The strengths and weakness have been presented in a holistic manner. Target has been fairly portrayed as the value that it creates in the market setting has been clearly explained in the presentation (Kato et al., 2015). The presentation that has been designed throws light on the business strategic model and the decision-making process that is undertaken by the business concern. Similarly, the operational decisions that are taken by the business have been clearly captured.

The presentation plan of this operations management assignment was neatly designed and it helped to understand how the business entity develops and implements its strategy to create value for itself in the competitive market setting. The slides have incorporated attractive tables and figures that highlight the relevant details relating to the Target business undertaking. The layout was pretty simple and neat which helped to understand the crux of the presentation on Target. There was no spelling or grammatical errors in the presentation. The presentation helped me realize how the business strategic framework is directly linked to the decisions that are taken in the organizational context. The presentation also showcases how the incorporation of technological elements and innovation can help a business like Target to survive and sustain in the highly competitive industrial environment. The methodical presentation of relevant data shows how Target uses the Corporate Social Responsibility Model for the purpose of creating value for the business as well as its target audience.

Zara Post
The presentation on Zara described in this operations management assignment makes justice to the business that is a major fashion player in the global market. The key terms were neatly highlighted at the very start of the presentation which helped to create its foundation. The critical information relating to its products and services, the business strategy and operational strategy have been presented in simple language. The claims that have been made in the presentation such as the innovation model and CSR model are well supported (Kato et al., 2015). The conclusions that have been arrived are consistent with the elements that have been captured about the Zara business undertaking. The business and the industry in which it functions have been fairly presented. The core strengths and weakness of Zara have been captured in the presentation. The presentation shows how the business manages its operations and takes the key business decisions to maintain its solid performance in the market setting.

The plan of the presentation on Zara business was neatly presented and laid out which helped to understand the various section that was covered. The slides were neat and efficiently presented which made it easier to understand how Zara carries out its business activities and presents unique offerings in the market. The colour that was used was highly professional and it blended well with the presentation objective. It, in fact, complemented the presentation that was entirely based on Zara business. There were no grammatical or spelling errors. Due to the absence of errors, the effectiveness of the presentation was further enhanced in the process. The presentation was highly impactful as I understood how the business strategy of Zara plays a critical role to influence its organizational performance. The clear and well-organized presentation helped me to get an insight into the latent factors that come into play and mould the operations management approach of Zara business concern. Operations management assignments are being prepared by our management homework help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable best assignment help service.

Bromiley, P., & Rau, D. 2016. Operations management and the resource based view: Another view. Journal of Operations Management, 41, 95-106.

Haksever, C., & Render, B. 2018. Service and Operations Management. World Scientific Books.

Kato, T., Nakajima, T., Saito, T., Okitsu, J., Shiga, Y., & Miki, Y. 2015. U.S. Patent No. 9,128,704. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


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