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WOW Sight and Sound: Management Shortcoming in Leadership


Task:Provide a short report on the leadership issues prevailing in the WOW Sight and Sound organization.


The major motive of writing this report is to throw light on various leadership problems and issues prevailing in the WOW Sight and Sound institution and provide the management of the organization with valid suggestions and recommendations to improve the direction and performance of the business by keeping in mind good leadership theories. In this report, specialized and individualistic recommendations are made since each organization needs a unique leadership style according to its business operation requirements (Glanz, 2002). When the top authority and leaders of an organization are capable of providing expected significance and value to the company, the role of the leadership is considered to be perfect. A leader is only supposed or expected to accomplish this if he acquires himself with the skill and dexterity to serve the organization efficiently.

As per the observations made by Bennis and Thomas (2006), the implementation of effective leadership in the company shows the way towards the recognition of required management aptitude which will help the company in attaining leadership development at an individual level and goal of the organization. To bring about appropriate leadership style in the Wow Sight and Sound company it is imminent that a very good and efficient team should be employed at the management level which would support the company both in its better and worse economic phases (Bennis & Thomas, 2006). It is on the characteristics of the implemented leadership style that the triumph and accomplishments of the company depend. So, the company described in the present case study i.e. Wow Sight and Sound should implement a strong and appropriate leadership style by observing the leadership styles existing in similar organizations that the company considers its competitor or role model. The company like Wow Sight and Sound could analyze the fields and areas like the history of other organizations and the issues faced by it in the present scenario (Kouzes & Posner, 2012). While evaluating the features of the leadership style, management of the company should consider the factors like and well-being of the employees, business processes, politics, and the communication system. As per the opinion of well-known researcher Sandling (2015), the concept of leadership solely depends on the capability of the individual or the team (Bozarth & Handfield, 2012). Roughly speaking the notion of the leadership is about grasping and distinguishing the processes in the company and be laid up with the far-sightedness by the means of appropriate communication and interaction and commencing right decisions and actions at right time. The leadership of a company should focus on developing belief and trust among the workers and hence attain the confidence and assurance of both the clients and the employees.

While considering to implement a suitable approach, a company could consider various sorts of leadership styles varying on the type and operations of the business. In the coming forth content of this report, it is described how the better leadership affects and enhances the business exclusively the condition in which the workers take part in the process of decision making while keeping in mind different theories of the leadership. This report also focuses on the relationship and dependency between communication and the leadership in a place of work and the influence of different business styles in the process of attaining enhanced contribution of the higher authority and the employees in decision-making procedure (Bangalore, 2006). The other aspects of the concept will also mention the obstructions caused by a specific leadership theory in the growth of the employees’ career in the company environment and the operational market of the organization. At the end of the report, it is mentioned how the company Wow Sight and Sound had installed and executed the appropriate theory to bring the business in the course of growth.

Problem Statement: The decline of the Wow Sight and Sound, a Queensland retailer, happened because of the insignificant and pitiable state of the retail management and presence of scared consumers in the market. The major deterioration in the condition of the company started 2 years posterior to this condition when it had possessed around 15 outlets with an aggregate of 500 employees in the year of 2010. Since the company had a poor leadership team and ideology the commercial activities of the company had to go through its insolvency which was carried out under the guidance of Ferrier Hodson partners who as per the secured creditor were Steward McCallum, Tim Michael and James Steward (Briggs, et al., 2016). As mentioned above, the company had deprived itself of debts because of the bad leadership style in the management, especially when the directors of the Wow Sight and Sound company started a property selling business in 2010, in which hundreds of millions of dollars were invested (Stafford, 2012). The co-initiators of the company i.e. Sam Savvas and Suds Sotiris had made it clear before the media that the company had the ownership of many further organizations. Because of the worse financial conditions, all the owned organizations were brought under the receivership. Because of these events, the stakeholders and shareholders had made accountable the bad leadership style of the founders for this condition of the company, although it was evident that the company was facing imminent danger because of the debts (Kramar, et al., 2012). This report mainly focuses on providing the company and its management and employees an insight about, how should the management company devises strategies to augment employee productivity at every section of the business process to bring back the company on right track by the implementation of right leadership style and policies.

Discussion of various leadership options for Wow Sight and Sound Company
Situation Leadership Theory: Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey expanded the concept of situational leadership theory in the year 1969 (Glanz, 2002). In the situation of emergencies, this theory could be implied to make a better hold on the condition. The behavioural actions and character traits of a person determines his leadership quality in a very detrimental situation for the company. If considered the condition of Wow Sight and Sound Company the theory of leadership should majorly focus on the ability of the authority to alter and augment their actions and conduct which meets the expectation of maturity level in employees. This motive could be attained by different methodologies, the process of which involves different theories of supportive behaviour and directive behaviour. As per the observations of Hersey and Blanchard, the management of a company should get its focus on four major types of leadership behaviour (Glanz, 2002).

The first type of leadership behaviour envisages that if the leader tends to complete all the concluding works of various departments, he will achieve a high demonstrative level of directive behaviour (Delbecq, et al., 2013). The leader could show very immense assistance and patronage to the employees in the company by approaching a directive approach in the selling behaviour. If considered the participating behaviour of the leaders, it is supposed and expected that the lower level of support and low directive behaviour is demonstrated towards the employees and hence the director should maintain the low profile in a directive and supportive behaviour in the case of allocation (Hoegle & Muethel, 2016). I contemplated with the case of Wow Sight and Sound, the major inclusive target of the situational leadership theory is to make each employee of the institute able to put forward the enhanced performance for the provided task appropriately by the present condition of the company. The higher authority of the company should keep in mind that the custom and contribution at the site of work should not be permitted without analyzing its repercussions and impact on the business processes and its employees (Vecchio, et al., 2010). The main duty of a leader is to ascertain the productivity and the role of employees in the organization and the degree of their psychological maturity. When the leaders accomplish these enlisted tasks, they should emphasize on making a change in their behaviour and approach in an effective way.

Acceptance Theory to Authority: The acceptance theory was put forward by eminent researcher Chester Barnard, which elucidates that the recognized and decorous companies are composed of various unofficial and off the record groups which has the potential to convert itself into an independent organization beneath the original institute. It is the ideologies and values followed by these informal subgroups that pave the basis for the customs and basic philosophies followed by the company, which in the future prepares the core for formal acceptance of the management. In this field, the management of the Wow Sight and Sound should be very efficient and effective (Sandling, 2015). Roughly, it should be said that the management should focus on completing the tasks in a very punctual manner. Similarly, the level of efficiency should be set at the limit which helps the organization in achieving its goal (Stafford, 2012). It should also be kept in mind by the leadership that the employees will respect the higher authority only if their requirements are fulfilled.

As per the concept of the accepted theory, it is the employees and other workers of the organization who establish and finalize the influence and authority of the concerned manager by allowing him to deliver authority over themselves and hence obeying the guidelines delivered by him. The employees of the company should be aware of the fact that the manager can deliver guidelines and order to be followed, hence he has all the authority to control their activities (Rath & Conchie, 2009). The other point to be pondered upon is the issue that the customers perceive the leadership of an institution from the employee esteem to the management repute at the top level. In an organization, the primary point from the chain of command should be the CEO, the general administrators, department authorities, and at last the workers. The department of retail in the Wow should make it certain that this ideology should be followed in their institution to portray the employee acceptance of the leadership.

Participative Leadership: The approach in which the leader looks forward to the growth of the company through his staff or employees is termed as perspective leadership. Before taking the final decision regarding an issue the leaders consider the observations, ideas, and inputs of the employees every time in this approach. By reading the above-given elucidation it should not be misunderstood that the leader doesn’t possess any power in decision making. This only is intended to make the authority able to comprehend that the team of subordinate employees have many valuable instructions and skills to portray which if streamlined and arranged suitably, will help the management in its decision-making process. If considered the situation Wow Sight and Sound, the higher officials should make it certain that the major verdicts and judgments like buying and selling of the company shares should be presented in front of the whole team for evaluation. A special focus should be given on maintaining co-operation and communication among the members of the working team as the idea of participative leadership stresses mainly on developing relationships and fellowship among each other. This type of leadership will eliminate the existence of an autocratic kind of leadership and make the leader much more aware about the present problems by which he will get empowered even if the team is not present.

In this report various kinds of leadership problem prevailing in the wow sight and sound have been discussed by examining thoroughly the major leadership problems occurred due to below-par decisions and strategies made by the management. In an organization, various types of leadership styles should be adopted at different phases of the business. The primary duty of the leader is to ascertain the implementation of the right type of leadership style and theories in the organization to achieve the projected goals and values and hence being successful in its mission. To move from the present difficult situation of Wow sight and sound, the company should the theory of participatory leadership in the system. leadership management assignments are being prepared by our management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help online service.

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