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what is a research methodology assignment and how must be prepared


Task: what is a research methodology assignment and how must be prepared


According to research methodology assignment papers, research methodology refers to the process of investigation required in a study. The research methodology includes what is to be investigated, how it is to be investigated and what to assess or measure as well as how to go about it. The methodology involves the principles which determine the use of a specific way of data collection method. In this research methodology assignment, the authors Golden and Jacoby use the mixed method for conducting the research. This research methodology is evident throughout the study. The mixed method has been used for interpretation of the preschool girls of the gender stereotypes in the Disney Princess Media. The researchers could have used the qualitative method of the quantitative method. However, in this paper, the authors have used both qualitative as well as quantitative methods for study. This combination of quantitative and qualitative methods in a single study is referred to as mixed method research.

In this research methodology assignment, the study has been conducted on the 31 participants between the age group of 3 to 5 years, attending preschool. These participants come from varied ethnic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds. Their parents have also been included in the study. These participants come from 4 classes at 2 different playschools in the rural areas of New England (Golden & Jacoby, 2018). The snapshot observation is used for gathering quantitative data from the classroom. The camera captures the moments and the snapshot observation captures the moments based on quantitative information. The quantitative observations have revealed a lot about the girls’ behaviour and preference for Disney Princess costumes. In this research, the researchers have recorded and documented thick qualitative descriptions based on the behaviour of the participants. Through these notes, the types of roles which the participants preferred to play and the costumes they wanted to dress in were analysed. The authors have used the thematic analysis based on both the qualitative observations and interviews of the participants, with focus on the observations of the princess play. The NVivo software has been used in the research methodology assignment. This has helped in recording counts of the occurrences that are repetitive across the themes (Golden & Jacoby, 2018). Through the qualitative data, quantitative information has been developed. Descriptive statistics has been derived out of the snapshot formsand questionnaires of parent. This lays the foundation for interpretation of the qualitative findings. Thus, the research paper has used quantitative observations as well as qualitative notes for analysing the data collected through thematic analysis approach.

research methodology assignmentData Collection Methods
Data collection is a very crucial part of a research. As per Feng et al (2021), data collection refers to the process of gathering relevant data and information from reliable sources for finding the desired solution to the research problem. In this research methodology assignment the data has been collected in various forms. The data has been collected by the researchers using varied methods like semi structured interviews, questionnaire for parents and pretend play observations. Through these collected data, an in depth idea about the research problem is gained. The findings from the semi structured interviews or questionnaires of parents reveal the stereotypical beliefs of the participants about their adherence andconformation to gendered behaviours and also about the princesses. Through the collected data, the future probabilities or the trends can be predicted (Blumenber& Barros, 2018). After gathering the data, the most vital task is to organise the data. This facilitates effective evaluation of the research problem. Through the varied data collection methods, the answer to the research problem or question is found.

The data for this research methodology assignment has been collected through different methods. First of all, the pretend play observations have been made. This pretend play observation has been a 3 hour process making observations about each child individually (Golden & Jacoby, 2018). The next method used for data collection is that of semi structured interviews. The interviews were conducted with 27 children (participants). The child participants were asked semi structured questions during the interview to derive the information about their preferences for princess roles and costumes and also tracking their stereotypical gendered behaviour. Further, a pilot test was conducted of the interview questions with four girl children. The research methodology assignment interview questions were specifically for the pre-schoolers. In the research byGolden & Jacoby (2018), the questionnaires on parents are the final data collection method. The parents of the children who are the research participants were provided with a questionnaire. This questionnaire consists of questions about the use of media by the child. The access of the child to the Disney Princess media is also assessed through this parents’ questionnaire. The questionnaire had five different questions which intended to derive baseline data about the child participants’ exposure to the Disney Princess media. The three different methods of data collection have been effective in deriving the required information for addressing the research problem.

research methodology assignmentSampling Strategy
The research methodology assignment sampling strategy that has been decided by the researcher to use in the recruit for the study includes random sampling strategy. In this sampling strategy, every individual as well as component in a sampling frame is provided the same prospect of getting selected for inclusion. In other words, this particular sampling technique provides equal opportunity to each sample of being selected. It is also termed as probability sampling. There are four types of random sampling methods that includes simple random sampling, stratified sampling, systematic sampling as well as cluster sampling (Jesmani, Jafarpour, Bellout& Foss, 2020). The details that show that the article talks about this particular sampling strategy has been the data collection method. In other words, the article clearly shows that data has been collected through variety of methods that includes both qualitative as well as quantitative. The methods comprise parent questionnaires that revealed stereotypical opinions of participants regarding princess. It also consists of their devotion to gendered behaviours when endorsing the princesses. These are primary data collection that also includes semi-structured interviews. On the other hand, the secondary methods included thematic analysis that recognised four themes that demarcated princess play by the participants (Golden & Jacoby, 2018). This shows that the sampling strategy that is most common when dealing with mixed methods includes random sampling as it leads to unbiased data collection. In other words, data are collected based on unbiased conclusions that includes statistics as well as probability. The research methodology assignment shows the quantitative observations besides reflecting on four themes that has been used such as beauty, princess body movements, the exclusion of boys as well as focus on accessories as well as clothing.

Overall Findings
The overall findings that have been derived from the article shows that Disney princess media witnesses’ gender stereotypes. It also reflects on the social cognitive theory that is related to development of gender as well as elaborating awareness among children regarding gendered roles.The construction of gender among children has also been highlighted in the article. Learning about gender has shown to be essential among children in the article. The research methodology assignment researcher has also defined the effects that gender stereotypes have on girls. It has been shown that for girls Disney princess are not just movie characters but something more than that.It is the desire of every girl to stereotypeimages of Disney princess rather than emulate them. In the article the quantitative observations have exposed a whole heap about the behaviour as well aspreference of girls for Disney Princess costumes.The article deals with pretend play observation in which each child has been tracked individually by the researchers. In this research, the researchers have recorded and documented profuse qualitative explanations based on the performance of the participants. These research work will be helpful as well as easier to use in the future. The research methods as well as data collection techniques that has been used will help to carry out research work for the future. The evaluation of the influenceof Disney princess media on young girls will make it easier deal with gender recognition. The conception of girls in contemporary US society will be reflected easily by using the research work in the future. The research methodology assignmentwill also provide opportunity to educators as well as parents to shape both boys as well as girls to make them comprehend about gender-stereotyping in a better way.Through the collected data, the future probabilities or the trends can be predicted in my own practice.As a result, the research methodology assignment researcher will be very helpful in the future.

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