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(INT1012) Web assignment on design elements and structures of the website


Task: You are required to create a web assignment to show the design concepts and ideas behind your website.


One of the most influential sources of developing a business in the present scenario is the help of website development or a website-based marketing approach. Without developing our website in the present web assignmentor this global atmosphere, there is very seldom an amount of resonance getting created for organisations. In this present global atmosphere and another very influential part of a website, development is to create an influential set of attractiveness within the website so that the individuals going through the web assignmentget attracted to it and buys a product from it. Along with the generation of attraction and another very influential part of the website is to create or develop a greater awareness among individuals associated with the company and make sure that the company values ethics and feature products associated with it get identified or clarified in front of the customers. Customers getting adequate knowledge about the organisationmentioned in theweb assignmentget an opportunity to generate a list of finding or critically get the chance to buy products based on their requirements or the pricing criteria they are looking for. Along with website development, organisations use or utilise websites to develop online product sales. In the case of toy development companies around India, the online logistics system was enabled just a few years back with created a development in these types of sections or in these types of companies for developing or critically ensuring resources. Here the web assignmentwill be developed for the organisation to win magic toys. It is a baby toys-making company with its old website. Still, it is looking to develop a website which is attractive, efficient and influential in significant Business development along with sales development from online sources.

Purpose of the web assignment
The critical purpose statement associated with the web assignmentfor win magic toys is to create the website to make it much more attractive for children who scroll through the website and find out the best set of toys associated with or developed by the brand. This can be stated as one of the marketing aspects associated with the brand and ensuring that all the products made by win magic toys are being produced or shown on the website. By generation of visual content or by producing the visual content in the web assignmentand increase of the toys which are battery based or battery operated and as the relevant amount of technology resources aligned with its like music system added in it or even any functionalities added in it has been shown through the help of video presentation. On the company's old website, all these activities were not accomplishable, which generates the opportunity for the new organisation to create the new one and ensure that all the influential credit in organisation products are being shown in it. Along with this, the ingredients used for the development of the toys in the web assignmentare also shown on the website along with the individual products, making the product much more attractive as the organisation follows sustainable development goals. Depending on the sustainable development goals, the organisation is only developing products from reusable materials and products or raw materials that are sustainable. Even in the background of the organisation's website, some of the sustainability-related overviews are present in mature that it attracts children too. Another purpose statement associated with this web assignmentfor the company is to generate or create an online platform that can be used for online sales generation for the company's product sales. The company usually operates in B2-B operations. By operating through the website and selling the product's website, it gets an extensive chance to reach out to today's customers and generate The B2C Business channel. For ensuring facts, generating a sales platform or taking orders from online sources or through the help of a web assignmentis the best way forward, and this can be income first with the use of a direct payment allocation system or having a significant day source allocation with logistic support generation. By accepting orders online, the organisation enhances its opportunity to sell a more significant number of products and reach customers who only buy products from online sources. Along with this purpose statement of the web assignmentis to reach every child around the country with its product, and the child of the country needs to play with this product gets enabled. It makes sure about the fact that sustainability is accomplished for the country too.

Along with the mentioned purposes in theweb assignment, there are multiple other purposes for developing the website for winning magic toys. Among those, one of the purposes is to gain adequate insight into the customers. Being one of the business-to-business operators, the organisation has very seldom amount of customer-oriented knowledge, and by generating the website or creating the web assignment, the organisation gets an opportunity to create or generate a substantial chance where it can know the customer preferences based on the page loading information or a number of views associated with any particular products. Even in the case of developing any type of market evaluation, there are critical aspects or critical uses of websites where market service can be accomplished and made with greater efficiency. Even in the case of direct communication development with the customers, probable opportunities are where the brand will be efficient to conduct sessions are communication between its management and the customers to know their requirements and get the feedback associated with multiple products. Along with all these factors mentioned in theweb assignment, the customers will also get an opportunity to provide proper insight to the business leaders about the requirements or any issue related to product pricing, product designing or anything coming into the operational overview of the organisation. Based on the critical findings, there will be opportunities where the organisation can enhance its findings and make sure that it critically generates opportunities where it can operate with greater efficiency and be much more efficient about customer-friendly behaviour.

Every organisation operating in this comparative market requires a greater amount of branding, and one of the major aspects of branding is completed through the help of logo design in theweb assignment. The organisation has an efficient logo developed in its initial hub, and it is quite comfortable to work with it. The logo has been utilised to improve the website design with the slogan"CASTING THE HAPPINESS SPELL, ONE TOY AT A TIME!”. This slogan clearly states the fact that happiness doesn't only come in with any set of resources. It can also come with any type of toy developed by win magic toys. With the efficient slogan in the web assignment, the organisation is willing to reach a greater number of customers or children around the globe and make sure that there happy to play with the significant product from the brand's end. Even in developing a grand reputation, this slogan has its credibility. In generating any digital advertisement, the brand also uses this slogan and ensures that individuals are aware of it. With an efficient number of resources alliance with the web assignment, the probable chance of accumulating or generating greater awareness and influential opportunities for Business development gets enabled.

Coloursin the web assignment
There are multiple colours used for the designs. All the colours and its different codes are described below



The hexadecimal code

The RGB code










Sky blue



Sea Green







For developing the web assignmentaccording to the requirements or for the feasibility of the website designing the times, the new Roman form is being used and making sure that the right things are very influential and effective. To make the website attractive, italic and bold forms are used in multiple places. Along with this, there is a probable type of colours being used in theweb assignmentwhich are mentioned above for making the website with greater clarity and attractive force children to be attracted.

Here in this web assignmentthe evaluation has clearly stated the different aspects of the website development and the way the website has been developed, along with demonstrating the factors associated with the branding approach of the website to make it much more influential and customer-centric. In the initial half of the web assignment, a clear purpose statement associated with the website has been developed is present, which will work as a very influential medium for demonstrating the key scenarios in which the new website is going to be developed or the new website has been developed. Apart from all the factors, a specific approach associated with the website for the company has been will direct and demonstrated clarity in finding an approach development.


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