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Web 2.0 Assignment: Positive Impact In The 21st Century


Task: Prepare a web 2.0 assignment critically discussing the impact of Web 2.0 on social life, education, working and communication.


This web 2.0 assignment sheds light on the concept of Web 2.0 access in the 21st century that has had significant effects both positive and negative on most people's lives. This has made it essential for each person to master Web 2.0 websites' use to avoid the negative aspects and tap only into the positive aspects of the new form of communication (Segaran, 2007). With Web 2.0 communication, your family, friends and work are never too far away, and most can be accessed through a mobile device. This has resulted in severe changes in how people communicate, socialise, and work, making it critical to correctly manage Web 2.0 (Fuchs, Boersma, Albrechtslund, & Sandoval, 2013). To evaluate the effects of Web 2.0 to the user, both the positive and negative impacts must be reviewed on this web 2.0 assignment about their impact on social life, education, work, and communication.

Social Life.
Web 2.0 access has noticeably had the most significant effect on people’s social lives. Most people today access the internet with the sole objective of keeping in contact through social networks. Social networking is a relatively new concept and only made an appearance a few years ago but allowed people to gain instant communication with their loved ones and friends. While email was available for more extended periods, social networks use Web 2.0 access. This made it possible to establish instant communication possible, allowing people to now communicate and send files instantly across the internet (Tsekeris & Katerelos, 2015). According to the research performed on this web 2.0 assignments, this proved to be a significant hit while socialising since it delivered instant communication that provides expression. Web 2.0 has had a substantial impact on how people communicate, and today most people who own a smartphone need not worry since their family and friends are usually an arm’s length away from their contact. This has helped build stronger bonds between the people using social media and brought along some negative aspect.

While social media has been noted to keep friends and family an arm’s length away from communication, it has built huge rifts linked to promoting physical relationships. In the past, people communicated via phone and had a desire to travel and meet their loved ones and friends every few months or once a year (Candace, 2008). This was because verbal and written communication was not enough to satisfy the need to observe or see a person visually. It is evident on this web 2.0 assignment that today the social media delivers instant communication, image transfers and VoIP calls, resulting in people losing the interest and desire to travel and meet their loved ones. The readings obtained in this section of the web 2.0 assignment demonstrate that social media may positively promote instant communication. Still, it also impacts the actual relationship negatively.

Education and Business.
Another area outlined in the web 2.0 assignment, which the Web 2.0 website has dramatically influenced, is the education and business world. Both these sectors have experienced significant changes to their performance due to involving the Web 2.0 to their operations. Once again, it's essential to understand that the technology's effect on the industry is directly linked to how the technology benefits or negatively affect the business.

What is the impact of the education field in regards to the case scenario of web 2.0 assignment?
Today, the education sector is a significant beneficiary of the Web 2.0 technology since it helps connect the learner and teacher and delivers many materials to the teacher and student. The research utilised in this web 2.0 assignment signifies that each of the individuals dramatically benefits from the use of Web 2.0 technologies that assist the stakeholders in securing the required information and delivering critical information to the learners. But this is only true when the learner correctly uses the websites and utilises them to learn. Web 2.0 allows two-way communications to enable the student and teacher to connect over the internet and communicate directly and instantly (Michael, 2009). This feature can help people learn essential knowledge straight from their educators and mentors who can be consulted now over the internet without meeting them in person. Web 2.0 plays a massive role in each person’s development. Still, only when utilised correctly, there are also many features available on the internet, which could easily distract the individual. Games, music, and several other entertainment features and websites can distract the child while using the internet. This requires to be avoided to focus the individual focus mainly on harnessing the benefits of using Web 2.0 websites (Tatnall, 2009).

The Business World.
The business world is also registering huge profits about the utilisation of Web 2.0 since it allows the businesses to secure instant communication between clients, companies and skilled employees. This has grown to be necessary since the client demands instant contact with the trades, which is made possible through Web 2.0. This helps build the customers confidence, which is very important towards retaining them in dealing with a company since they can establish instant communication. This allows the business to perform marketing and communication with the client in a more effective manner, which develops better relationships (Shuen, 2008). The Web 2.0 websites are also accessible directly from most mobile device that comes with and an array of communication applications supporting different communication mediums. These facts presented herein web 2.0 assignment can help boost a business’s performance and be highly distractive towards employee performance.

Today, many businesses have resorted to banning the mobile device at the office, due to them negatively affecting the companies and individual's performance. This is not experienced while utilising certain forms of internet communication like an email but more closely linked to Web 2.0, where people can access the Web 2.0 websites through a smart device. This is happening due to the ability to maintain two way communications will, which results in capturing the user’s attention, which affects their performance (Mehdi, 2012). As discussed in the context of web 2.0 assignment, Web 2.0 accesses through mobile device have been identified to be a significant cause of reduced performance at the workplace. They have forced many businesses to adopt rigorous approaches linked to managing mobile device and Web 2.0 portal while at work. There is no doubt that when utilized correctly, they can drive a company to experience unparalleled success. Still, the Web 2.0 websites and gadgets connecting to the websites are only beneficial when used correctly.

Communication is a primary requirement for every person, making it an integral part of our private, social and business lives. With this in mind, managing communication via Web 2.0 website has grown to become an essential requirement for each person. This is not limited to businesses but is also associated with our ethics. Each person with access to the form of communication should utilise this form of two-way communication responsibly. Due to communication being a necessity, it’s still essential for the individual to manage the communication medium responsibly without continually being managed and supervised (Brown, 2009). This is a personal ethical requirement and demonstrates an individual’s ability to utilise resources correctly. Failing to use and manage the resources will only result in seriously affecting productivity. This will only lead to the Web 2.0 websites and gadgets connecting to the internet being blamed for reduced performance.

The Web 2.0 website and application capable of accessing the website have been noted in the above context of web 2.0 assignment to bring along many benefits. Simultaneously, they can also severely damage a business’s reputation and must be managed and utilised correctly. With this in mind, each person must understand both the benefits and drawbacks of utilising Web 2.0 websites (Lincoln, 2009). The websites' use should then be focused on positive use, thus helping build the individual's ability to gain positive information from the website's utilisation rather than use them for entertainment.

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