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Water Resource Management Assignment On Irrigation System In Australian Land


Problem and Background: Within the Project Management discipline, there are a number of sectors, such as Information Technology, Engineering,Construction, Business, Administration and so on.
Each category has its uniqueness and knowledge, skill and applications of PMBoK exclusive to each category has been made available in the market place over the years. These knowledge, skill and applications are very vital in all respects and still there is a lot of work to be done in the industry for the successful deliver of projects..
Managing projects requires, ideally knowledge, skill and applications to support project processes in addition to Project Planning and Controlling.
To name a few:

  • Civil Construction
  • Building Construction
  • Infrastructure Construction
  • Event Management
  • Sport and Recreation Projects.
  • Water Supply and Irrigation
  • Information Technology Projects
  • Software Development.
  • Others

It is important to recognise that the managing project must embrace the above-mentioned processes. The Project Management Framework that support these processes must be integrated in order to for the project success.
The Assignment and Deliverables
Each student is required to pick one of the Project Management Knowledge area for further investigation for the construction industry or other areas of the sector.
Investigate various tools and techniques that are available, that support project processes for the specific category in ONE of the following areas within the industry. The investigation must include a case study of the chosen Knowledge area.

  • ase study of the chosen Knowledge area.
  • Scope Management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Communication Management
  • Resource Management
  • Integration Management
  • Stakeholder Management

The deliverable comprise of a report not exceeding 1000 Words (approx. 200 Words per page) or Max 5 pages A4 size, whichever is maximum (Penalty for exceeding the limit), clearly articulating the response required.
The report also should include relevant diagrams outlining the interaction between various knowledge areas. Findings from literature shall be clearly quoted appropriately and referenced and attached in the Appendix , in accordance with the guidelines set out by Victoria University.


Water supply and irrigation systems discussed in this water resource management assignment are crucial for any country in terms of providing regular and justified form of resources to cattle and crops. The growing need of water supply have led to inclusion of innovative and smart measures for concluding irrigation possibilities and justify the available needs of crops as well as the cattle. This report uses a series of resources which reflect inclusion of innovation and support to the existing irrigation design with comparatively less resource utilisation.

This report aims to develop a better understanding of various aspects which are included across different dimensions of water supply and irrigation in Australian land.

Resource management
A set of highly credible sources for managing this information are assessed across the defined sections of water supply possibilities. These resources are collected from the Australian government agricultural department website and World Bank websites, thus can be considered as a credible source of information. Each of the three resources collected are assessed based on their valuation and ability to contribute in the available set of knowledge factor across the research process. The overall usability factor which is associated with these resources enhance productive solutions through providing real time data and information factor. The resources used have been analysed based on their respective usability index across the possible segments in the Australian regions. These resources provide an inner perspective to the ongoing process of improved water management and irrigation possibilities (Porter et al. 2015). Since the issue of water scarcity due to limited rain and ground water scarcity has emerged as an important factor and needs to be addressed, these resources can help in managing and monitoring water wastage and effective usage across the defined possibilities.

Case studies
Water supply and irrigation system in agriculture area of Australia: The enormously increasing demand for food in domestic as well as international markets have led to development of renewed interest across the agricultural sector of Australian regions. The inclination of government reports justify an availability of vibrant and sustainable rural models which justify the growing needs of this sector. Three important segments across this industry have been benefited by the improved irrigation and water supply facilities across the region. The improved form of irrigation and water supply has helped both sections of crops that is the industrial crops as well as the niche crops. It has helped the farmers and ranchers to cultivate better productivity and that too in a less expensive ways of farming (, 2019)). The improved dimensions of business through innovation based farming have led to an additional support for the economy and has boosted the overall growth of rural regions.

Water resource management assignment Case study discussion
Drip irrigation as an important constituent for reducing water usage and saving costs: Ken Eckersley at Nicholson River Winery accepts the fact that the overall water usage at this wine farm has reduced to one third of the initial usage. The availability of drip irrigation has proven to be a major support in order to counter the drastically emerging shortage of water supply in the region. The overall development process related to this particular factor has been adjusted to produce a better opportunity across the drip irrigation implementation system. This improved system of irrigation has also led the owners at this wine yard first prize at the 2010 southern rural water Waterwise award for groundwater users (Wheeler et al. 2015). Some of the most influential aspects included under the Nicholson irrigation system include, shorter water timings, no watering of weeds, less evaporation and elimination of grasses between the vines. These factors have led to a dramatic decrease in the overall water usage by the system. Initially, the overall water consumption at Nicholson River Winery was 3 mega litres per hectare per year but the inclusion of advanced irrigation possibilities have led to a current requirement of 1 mega litres per hectare per year. The main factor which led to inclusion of this advanced form of irrigation and water management system is the decreasing average rainfall each year for the region (, 2019).

Innovation based water management by Benalla farmers, David and Anna Stewart.
The Stewarts have their lamb farm north of Benalla. Paddocks are the main agricultural products developed by them and in the current scenario the decreased water supply from the two water dams led to development of a newer form of water stocking system. The couple has been keen in changing water management and usage through making changes to the infrastructure and building new farms with efficient water irrigation possibilities. This involves inclusion of a reticulation system which has improved flexibility and gaze management opportunities for the farm. Water security is one of the most influential aspect which has been taken in to account for establishing a better opportunity across the defined sections. The increased water catchment, header tanks, farm piping and poly troughs have led to improved form of water management across the region. Another major factor which has been largely contributing to the water management opportunities is the division of farm based on soil types and resource requirements. Factors for limiting the evaporation of irrigation water is another major improvement which has been incorporated across the region to initiate a better water management system (, 2019).

The provided analysis under this water resource management assignment can be used to conclude that effective water management practices are an important factor all across the Australian region. These have a major role to play in associating the varied nature of water availability across different landforms. A significant set of resources have been put in to place to analyse the current situation across this industry. The issue of irrigation and water management is global and these initiatives add value to the in line procedures which are being practiced across the region.

Reference List (2019), Water case studies, Accessed on: 02 October 2019, Accessed from (2019), Water use and pumping costs, Accessed on: 02 October 2019, Accessed from: (2019), Murray-Darling River Basin Case Study Australia, Accessed on: 02 October 2019, Accessed from:

Porter, M.G., Downie, D., Scarborough, H., Sahin, O. and Stewart, R.A., 2015. Drought and Desalination: Melbourne water supply and development choices in the twenty-first century. Desalination and Water Treatment, 55(9), pp.2278-2295.

Wheeler, S.A., Zuo, A. and Loch, A., 2015. Watering the farm: Comparing organic and conventional irrigation water use in the Murray–Darling Basin, Australia. Ecological economics, 112, pp.78-85.


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