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Volvo Business Strategy Essay


Business Essay:Business models are less durable than they used to be as technological advances in areas such as artificial intelligence, computing power, communication networks and battery technologies offers both threats and opportunities for existing businesses and their business models.

"Let's face it: Business models are less durable they used to be. The basic rules of the game for creating and capturing economic value were On fixed in place tor years, even decades. as companies tried to execute the same business models better than their competitors did. But now, business models are subject to rapid displacement, disruption, and. in extreme cases, outright destructon" (de Jong & van Dijk, 2015).

Specificaity, your essay is required to:

1. Clearly and succinctly define the terms 'business model' and 'disruption' based on a short literature review.

2. Anatyse the oppodunities and threats caused by the advances in smart-connected-products (Porter & Heppelmann. 2014, 2015) to the existing business model for one (1) of the following businesses:

  1. Cochlear. Australia (link). Cochlear implant manufacture and service
  2. Commonwealth Bank, Australia (MK). Banking and insurance.
  3. Domino's Pizza. Australia (link) Fast food restaurant
  4. LEGO Denmark (link). Toy manufacturer.
  5. Procter & Gamble, United States (link). Manufacture of disposable nappies and many other products.
  6. Volvo Group, Sweden (link). Manufacture and service of trucks and construction equipment.
  7. Strava. Unftecl States (link). Social Fitness appliCatson.
  8. A business impacted by the advances of smart-connected-products, that you are or have been employed at and therefore knows well. It is important that no confidential business information is included in the essay.
  9. It you suggest an organisation other than the ones above, you will need approval from the assigned lecturer.

3. Use toe business model frairnework by Osterwaldef and Pigneur (201 0) to illustrate your initial findings.

4. Expand your analysis to address only two (2) of the following business model perspectives business models as value proposition, business models as a set of capabilities and resources business models as a system of processes, business models as a profit formula (Chestirougn 2010: Johnson, Christensen, & Kagemiann, 2008).

5. Conclude by briefle discussing the significance of your findings to the business and its business model and the future of the business


Introduction: A business model depicts the technique for thinking of how an organization makes, process, and gets brand visibility, in fiscal, social or diverse settings. The method of plan of activity of development shapes a bit of the business framework. On a fundamental level and practice, the term plan of action is used for a wide extent of easy procedure to focus on the parts of a business, including reason, business process, target customers, offerings, philosophies, establishment, various leveled structures, sourcing, trading sharpens, and operational methods and systems including society. This essay defines the Volvo group that is a automobiles manufacturer company. The essay explains the opportunities and threats to the company after being purchased by Geely from ford. Volvo’s business model is provided as per the business model framework provided by Alexander Osterwalder and Pigneur. It also expands my analysis that the resources and capabilities are the roots of business models.

Volvo Business Strategy

Definitions of Business model and disruption based on literature review: Business Model is additionally characterized as a "depiction". As per Lehmann-Ortega & Schoettl “The business model is an explanation about the way business value creature based on its resources and internal and external value sources and can bring out the profit out of it.” (Zhou & Zhang 2011).

As indicated by Moingeon and Lehmann-Ortega, "An association's business model is the portrayal of the components empowering it to make an incentive through the offer made to the customers, its esteem design, and to bridle this incentive with a specific end goal to change it into benefits". It is conceivable to see the corporate business model as an integrative, arranging idea or device that takes into account the compact examination of the fundamental parts of inter linkedness and esteem creation rationales between a company's organizations after some time.

"A business model is a framework for activities and assets in a rationale view that explains the profits for a particular business design." (Osterwalder 2004).

As per Christensen "a troublesome advancement is a development that changes the muddled, costly administrations and items into things that are so straightforward and reasonable that you and I can utilize them." This definition is a pointer that disturbance happens constantly. It is appropriately invaluable to consider examining more significantly for the causes and elucidations of troublesome developments. “Bring down gross edges, littler target markets, and less complex items and administrations can include as initial stages as the attributes of disruptive organizations that when thought about against customary, may not show up as appealing as existing arrangements" (Osterwalder 2004).

About Volvo groups company: Volvo Group is a subsidiary organization of Volvo AB. The association is a maker of trucks, transports, headway contraption, and marine and present-day motors. The Volvo Group in like way gives administrations for financing and association. It works in the course of six Segments: Construction Equipment, Trucks, Volvo Penta, Buses, Customer Finance , Governmental Sales and. Trucks are sold and pitched under the brands UD, Volvo, Mack, Renault Trucks, and Eicher (Schaltegger & Wagner 2006). Improvement item producers make and expose hardware for progression and related ventures under the brands SDLG, Volvo, and Terex Trucks. Its vehicles have a thing go, which wires transports and transport case for city, intercity and mentor activity. Volvo Penta drives structures for both the entertainment shows and the business creation and furthermore produces motors.

Opportunities: Zhejiang-based Geely Group who is chine’s noteworthy private carmakers purchased Volvo from Ford on 29 March 2010. This gives Geely opportunities as guaranteed a support to significant change and blend of cash related assets (Alberti, 2016). Ford didn't get with Volvo's requirement of the hypothesis and movement. Being ensured by a Chinese affiliation will acknowledge broadening deals in this nation. China, addressing appropriate around twenty percentages of the aggregate masses, is a potential market. In China, the opening plant will address cut down expenses and closeness to India, the second most swarmed country on the planet. Both are starting at now extending their acquiring power. Volvo Aero business has potential headway (Alberti 2016).

Development of transport industry is happening. To decrease contamination and development, Governments are enhancing open transportation. Additionally, Volvo is creating markets using new transport structures. Colombia authoritatively asked for four hundred and thirty-two methods for transport, Brazil, and among Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, two hundred methods for transport. According to Field, to manufacture admissions of transports Volvo needs to lower the work costs and lessened expenses of Volvo's Plants in India. Governments are executing controls towards decreasing contamination. Demand will accomplish ideal around twenty thousand units in 2015. (Fielt, 2014). Volvo is constantly working in R&D, so an emphasis on crossbreed innovation and dispatch of this sort of vehicles would be an opportunity.

Threats: The car industry is turning into a greatly centered industry. In any situation, a new product enters into the market, a huge segment of them, with to a great degree open expanses. Second, some customary without a doubt comprehended associations, have been blending, diminishing the number of contenders, making more grounded ones. Volvo should be affected to think about their technique, as, in the lower end feature, as some of the contenders who are to an extraordinary degree solid in cost, and an amazing advance, affiliations are propelling a more wide degree of things, with higher progression and highlights included. (Osterwalder, 2004).

Subsidence is another risk. Volvo has never been seen for offering ease things. It focuses on customers with a better than average acquiring power; in any case, cars part is generally impacted by Recession. Car bargains in the USA were the most exceedingly awful in twenty-seven years (Alberti 2016). This will compel Volvo to move brisk and make systems to crush the current money related climate, fusing change in financial benchmarks. Most cars are made in Europe, and as the market is starting at now astoundingly temperamental, this would make them weak.

Business model framework by Alexander Osterwalder and Pigneur:
In 2004, Alexander Osterwalder wrote in his doctoral hypothesis that "all parts of a business must be streamlined and those subtle elements in a business model have the effect. However, few methodologies and ideas exist that give a general perspective of a business" (DePamphilis 2012). The proposal attempted to take care of this issue, delineating nonexclusive business model system that any business could use to outline the majority of its parts, accomplices, channels, et cetera. In 2010, he went ahead to co-author a represented guide that refined the center thoughts of his doctorate with his director at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland (Fielt 2014). The book, Business Model Generation, went ahead to wind up a worldwide staple of business courses and start-up hatcheries. The book portrays Osterwalder's structure, which he calls the "business model canvas”. It is a visual device for incorporating the total of a business' most critical moving parts into a rearranged blueprint that demonstrates every one of the components that influence the business to work, from what it takes, how it disseminates, and who it pitches to.

Volvo’s business model:

volvo business strategy

Resources and Capabilities:
The Roots of Business Models: A firm profits than its opponents if its business model makes and offers superior customer value (bring down cost or more separated items than those of competitors) and positions the firm to propel the value. This requires assets E.g. Fly Dubai – needs the arrival rights for air terminals Pfizer needs very much prepared Research & Development research centers, researcher, and licenses (Lehmann-Ortega & Schoettl 2005). Resources don't create client esteem and benefit by themselves, Firms must have the capacity or the ability to transform assets into client esteem and benefit. For Shell to profit from oil it needs not just assets, for example, investigation rights, refined investigation hardware, and geologists, yet in addition the capacity to discover the oil and transform it into something that its clients need. i.e. Assets and a capability to utilize them to support the value-adding activities that a firm needs to perform in order to offer its clients the sort of significant worth they need.

Conclusion: The Asian market is an great place for business improvement. After Volvo being bought by Geely, the organization will get the advantage of the nearby learning of the market and offices of set up assembling in Asia. To find out customer’s requirements market research should be carried out to enter the Asian-Chinese market by Volvo Company. To make improvement in production capacity of the company at Volvo's existing plants Volvo might require higher investments in advertisement and brand-building as having completely different corporate cultures Geely and Volvo need to be-be very flexibly (Zhou & Zhang 2011). As the organization being acquired has basic issues and the acquirer organization has little involvement in acquisitions, It is a huge test for the two side. Attributable to the new procurement, Volvo ought to likewise center around expanding piece of the pie in China and Asian Emerging Markets and also on expanding deals in Europe and North America, however. They are solid brands like Ford, GM, and Chrysler, which makes the opposition significantly harder, particularly in develop markets like Europe and USA. To achieve its essential target and satisfy their customers' needs, Volvo's new high ground with overall spotlight fuses cost diminishment in perspective of terms of inventories and working up a Just in Time technique and a Constant Research change inside and out.?

Alberti, G. (2016). Business Model: A structured literature review (Bachelor's thesis, Università Ca'Foscari Venezia).

DePamphilis, D. (2012). Mergers, acquisitions, and other restructuring activities. Waltham, MA: Focal Press.

Fielt, E. (2014). ‘Conceptualising Business Models: Definitions, Frameworks, and Classifications', Journal of Business Models, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 85-105.

Schaltegger, S., & Wagner, M. (2006). Managing the business case for sustainability. Sheffield, UK: Greenleaf

Lehmann-Ortega, L. & Schoettl, J.-M., (2005). From Buzzword to Managerial Tool: The Role of Business Model in Strategic Innovation. Paper presented at CLADEA, Santiago de Chile, (October), pp.1–14.

Osterwalder, A. (2004). The business model ontology: A proposition in a design science approach.

Zhou, X., & Zhang, X. (2011). Strategic analysis of the synergistic effect on M&A of Volvo car corporation by Geely Car mobile. I-Business, 3(1), 5.


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