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   Free sample   Venture start up analyse assignment for impressive digital new product line

Venture start-up analyse assignment for Impressive Digital new product line


Task: how can Impressive Digital utilize venture start-up analyse assignment research methods to design an effective new venture proposal


Introduction of Impressive Digital
This venture start-up analyze assignment will evaluate Impressive Digital. Impressive Digital, Melbourne’s leading digital marketing agency has been assisting Australian businesses to enhance and improve their SEO, social media marketing, and PPC. Impressive consider digital as the core of all aspects (Impressive, 2022). The company has been trying its best to remain involved with all brands involving the fast growth startup to the global organization instilling data-rich performance along with the enhanced digital marketing approach. Further, the services provided by Impressive Digital involve content marketing, data analytics, e-commerce, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, SEO, social media marketing, user experience, web design and development, filmmaking and video production, and lead generation (Impressive, 2022). The benefits of these services involve assisting the other companies to be at the top of the latest trend, getting reliability and accountability, focusing on growth, receiving advanced insights from the digital tools, gaining objectivity as well as extending the internal marketing team. The targeted customers of Impressive Digital involve the apparel and the fashion industry, the food, and beverage industry, real estate, eCommerce, and retail as well as staffing and recruiting (Impressive, 2022). From the venture start-up analyse assignment investigations, the clients of Impressive Digital involve Horner and Suzanne Harvard. Impressive Digital has been trying its best to bring effective strategies along with data-driven technology to transform the business into a success story (Impressive, 2022). This is possible with the help of ambitious, talented as well as reliable individuals trying to fulfill the goals of their clients. This has also assisted in bringing the developed balance as well as the expertise associated with the strategy, the technology, and the e-commerce aspects linked with the business.

Process of creating a new venture
As per venture start-up analyse assignment guidelines Entrepreneurship can be considered as the function of managerial skills and leadership. Impressive Digital requires finances that can be considered to be of secondary importance. The theory of leadership can be cited in this case where the founder and CEO of Impressive Digital, Robert Tadros had a single goal in his mind i.e. to enhance business communication driving the tangible performance of the business (Impressive, 2022). This has assisted Impressive Digital to gain result-driven business by offering the brand a new method. The CEO has been trying to keep the business agile in this fast-paced digital world. The marketers and the bold thinkers were made to work hard by the CEO of Impressive Digital thereby assisting the company to grow from a single client and single employee to a team of 80+employees. This was possible due to the relentless commitment made towards the client strengthening the business root as well as winning back the business (Impressive, 2022). During thisventure start-up analyse assignment process, it the only the CEO of Impressive Digital that highlighted the ability to manage and lead the company following the production orientation. According to the theory of leadership, it has been found that entrepreneur tries to create their product by accepting uncertainty. The entrepreneur must try to assume more risk compared to the trader or the money lender (Ilyas and Osiyevskyy,2021). The entrepreneurship process is to be developed in such a society where the culture will indicate varied choices along with social processes that are not considered to be rigid. The social condition must ensure that there should be proper development of enterprise-oriented personalities (Yang,2018). Impressive Digital has been trying its best to work in effective coordination with its clients defining the digital future thereby pushing the boundaries for the enhancement of the long-term growth of the company. This has motivated the CEO to expand its business even to the US with the help of partnerships.

venture start-up analyse assignment - Value proposition
Innovation: Impressive Digital aims to challenge the thinking thereby improving the offerings, products, processes, and services. The company wants its client to interact with the brand and thus provide a world full of useful insights assisting the consumer's intention to focus on the marketing aspects (Shepherd,Souitaris and Gruber,2021). The needs and the requirements of the customers are to be acknowledged as per the requirements of the clients involving the services and the processes that are essential for the fulfillment of the changing needs of the clients.

Partnership: Impressive Digital values the partnership and thus has been constantly trying to build a new partnership that is aimed at the enhancement of the service delivery to customers across the globe. This has assisted in the development of the spirit of friendship linked with the provision of value to the customers. Integrated Approach: Impressive Digital has been trying its best to work in effective coordination with its clients with the help of a collaborative approach examining the varied aspects of the project important for digital marketing, emphasizing the stakeholder's value along with the management capability to deliver fast digital marketing solutions (Trkman, 2019)

Our team: The team of Impressive Digital comprises professionals’ expertise in varied digital marketing tools combining the cross-industry perspective along with specialist knowledge and cross-sector experience. This has also assisted in the development of seamless integration with the clients.
Passion: The drive of the company is the passion for customers, excellence as well as advanced digital marketing. This will assist in plugging with the clients and watching how passionate the team is about reaching success. This can be possible only with exclusive access to specialized resources along with the team of senior talent becoming a part of the team (Babouei and Shafiei, 2018).

Entrepreneurial marketing and finance
With the help of venture start-up analyse assignmentrelationship marketing, Impressive Digital has captured the market from a single client to 80+ clients over the period across varied countries. With the help of digital marketing, Impressive Digital has stressed a particular industry rather than a single client through high potentiality of loyalty (Guerola-Navarro et al. 2022). This can be accomplished with the help of services that has outshined the process of competition. The CEO of Impressive Digital has also tried to grow an enhanced level of connection with its client providing lifetime value to the customers. On the other hand, with the help of thought leadership, there has been the provision of an entry point to Impressive Digital by positioning the leader within the company (Nussipova,2022). Impressive Digital also possessed opportunities to highlight the service thereby gaining a reputation that is useful and knowledgeable in the business space. Impressive Digital also valued its employees and clients who are from diverse cultures thereby encouraging them to collaborate as well as showcase their talents and skills.

At the pre-seed stage of development, Impressive Capital started with small capital raised by the CEO and the partners of the company. Further, at the seed stage, the company has taken loans from financial institutions as well as through the provision of services to other clients (Metallo et al. 2021). On the other hand, at the expansion stage, the company has delivered services to a large number of clients expanding its services, enhancing the business base as well as providing services to more clients accordingly.

venture start-up analyse assignmentRecommendations
With the expansion of business, Impressive Digital must try to set SMART objectives to optimize the conversion process. This will assist in knowing the targeted audience accordingly thereby creating a smooth journey for the customers (Astuti,Afiffand Balqiah, 2022). On the other hand, Impressive Digital must also try to create an enhanced level of the journey for its customers with the help of informed decisions related to the campaign along with the focus on the targeting approach and the size of the budget. There should be careful attempts made in analyzing the demographic information with the help of proper data analytics gaining more insights into the behavioral traits and characteristics. On this venture start-up analyse assignment it is also observed that Impressive Digital must also focus on quality over quantity impacting the decision-making process.

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