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Unemployment Assignment: Rising Amidst An Abundance Of Natural Resource


Task: Unemployment assignment on how an overabundance of natural resources can fuel unemployment among communities?


The present unemployment assignment focuses on the negative effects of excess natural resources can have on a skill diversity development, leading to a high risk of unemployment. Unemployment rates have been reported across many nations despite their being higher levels of education. While in some of the regions, it can be attributed to lack of employment opportunities, in other regions it is the overabundance of natural resources that is likely to result in fueling employment in future. An abundance of natural resource results in communities growing over-dependent on the resources and failing to develop alternative skills which can be used to help generate income when the resources are depleted. To this unemployment assignment, we will review the rising threat of unemployment in the United Arab Emirates due to an over-reliance on natural resources. The United Arab Emirates member states have experienced a boom in economic growth and strength since the discovery of crude oil back in the 1950’s. The discovery of crude oil suddenly propelled people from the region to be wealthy without needing to work, and many turned to import labour from Asia while retaining the high ranked government jobs and executive positions with private companies. The unemployment assignment identified that a rising population of migrant workers within the UAE member states is leading to a logistical challenge among local residents as available jobs do not satisfy the citizen’s expectations and urgent solutions are required to prevent a dilemma in future.

Unemployment Assignment

Reasons fueling the UAE problem identified in this unemployment assignment
UAE member state, namely Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain, has enjoyed the fruits of their natural resources. It has led the citizens from the countries growing wealthy and developing a taste for luxury and high status, which has also resulted in them avoiding lower-ranked employment jobs and preferring to import labour from cheaper markets. But this lifestyle also means that the population is also increasing rapidly which has led to a new threat identified in this unemployment assignment that can be faced by the region local residents in the future (Sánchez-Páramo, 2002). Wealth and high social stature have resulted in UAE citizens not being able to take up lower-ranking jobs or job opportunities with many opting to remain unemployed if high ranking positions are not available. But the population is rising faster than the number of jobs being created, which will result in a major deficit being experienced in the future. The deficit will only result in the region experiencing high unemployment rates among its native citizens which will result in future complications. To resolve this problem, it’s vital that certain approaches be considered to help reduce the unemployment rate in the regions.

Change the Mentality and Way of Thinking of the Citizens
With the UAE member states exploiting crude oil reserves to generate income and foreign exchange, many have forgotten to teach the younger generations to be enterprising. In this unemployment assignment, it was identified that a large proportion of citizens in those nations are simply sitting back and expecting others to perform the manual tasks. While this has worked, it has also developed a serious dependency on other nations to supply the nation with skilled labour and professional who takes up the lower-ranking jobs. Many UAE citizens remain unemployed and lack the capacity to develop good ideas which can help make them enterprising and capable of generating more income through the development of new and innovative ideas (Arestis et al., 2005). It’s vital for a person to remain enterprising despite them having wealth to back them as it allows them to maintain a positive attitude and outlook towards the business, which will help with developing a new venture. It, in turn, helps develop new employment opportunities and income which can be used to develop new projects.

Promote Self Employment and Business Startup Opportunities
Another major drawback linked to the UAE has been identified to be the dependency of its citizens to secure jobs from the Government and private sector. In the past, this was not a major concern since the number of people in UAE member states was low, but as populations have risen, the job opportunities have also shrunk with many people already unemployed even today. In this unemployment assignment, it is identified that a dependency on employment is also contributing towards the rising unemployment since the citizens have the education but fail to use it to develop or a start-up small businesses which can be used to generate income and create employment. It is vital that the younger generation changes their approach towards their profession and reduce their dependence on employment by concentrating more on setting up their own businesses. It will help reduce the unemployment rate and also allow the individual to generate more income which is positive for them as well as the economy. Setting up of businesses and enterprise also helps create employment opportunities which will also contribute towards reducing the rising unemployment rates.

Seek Employment Opportunities in Foreign Markets
Research shows that certain higher social classes tend to experience difficulty in enrolling and joining lower-ranking jobs within their own market or nation. It has been experienced in several regions like Punjab in India where the youth are not prepared to take up lower-ranking jobs back at home and only prepared to work at those ranks in a foreign land away from home. It is another alternative for the UAE member states where their youth may require relocating to other nations and seeking employment opportunities. The unemployment assignment identifies that individuals need to have the right educational qualifications, certification and experience, thus making them eligible for those opportunities since they are lily to encounter competition in those markets as well. It’s important to remember that professionals from underdeveloped and developing nations are targeting developed markets for employment opportunities and some like the UK are already oversaturated with foreign professionals seeking employment opportunities (Layard et al., 2005).

Promote Alternative Natural Resource Exploitations
Another viable alternative for the UAE member states identified during this unemployment assignment research involves resolving the current and future employment threat is by educating and training their citizens with the knowledge required in exploiting the main natural resources available in the region. While many may consider the UAE to be made up of only Sand, there are many minerals and other important resources which can be exploited by entrepreneurs willing to put in the effort to try. The region has vast reserves of silver, bauxite, copper, iron, lead, tin, zinc, oxide, diatomite, fluorite, potash and high-purity silica sand which are all under-exploited (Barbier, 2010). These minerals remain unexploited due to the region’s population mainly concentrating on oil and gas as their main natural resource with many not even knowing that the region has the largest amount of deposits of silver. In this unemployment assignment, it is affirmed that it is vital that the youth and next generation are educated regarding the exploitations of these natural resources with the establishment of businesses which can exploit these naturally occurring minerals and generate income as well as create more jobs in the region.

Conclusion arrived at in this unemployment assignment.
The threats identified in this unemployment assignment are affecting a large number of companies across the globe, but it’s important to remain focused and concentrate on ways in which the unemployment rates can be reduced. Over time, many people have turned their attention to mainly expecting the government and corporate sector to provide employment opportunities and resolve the unemployment crisis, but this is the wrong approach. It’s important to keep in mind that each person is closely linked to reducing unemployment and it is only possible to reverse unemployment if individuals are willing to invest their time, effort and resources to develop suitable plans needed to resolve problems a nation may be experiencing. In this unemployment assignment, it is clear that working alongside each other, a solution to unemployment can be developed which can be put into practice to reverse unemployment rates in every economy.

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