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   Free sample   Undertake research to demonstrate an understanding of agile concepts tools and techniques in your project management assignment

(MIS608) Undertake research to demonstrate an understanding of Agile concepts, tools and techniques in your project management assignment


Task: Would you be able to discuss and demonstrate core concepts of agile methodology within a context of a business case study within your project management assignment?


Introduction to project management assignment

Agile project management relies on teams to work independently to achieve goals and objectives for the business. This relies on teams being clear on what is expected of participants as well as when and how it will be delivered. You will use the Agile Kanban framework and Kanban boards in this project management assignment. The purpose of this team contract is to ensure that all team members are clear on what is expected of them for this assignment and to support the effective and successful working of the group to produce a high-quality report at the end of their group project. The project management assignment is a substantial project and cannot be completed without all students in the group collaborating and working as a team.

1. It is expected that all students in the project management assignment share ideas, points of view and do a fair and equitable allocation of the work required to complete the group project and report.

2. For the project management assignment to have a consistent strategy and have coherent continuity the team will need to work together over the course of the project to ensure that they produce a high-quality and well aligned report. Working independently and in silos and ‘stitching’ badly connected ideas together at the end does not achieve the same quality outcome.

3. The team contract must be completed, signed, and dated and the group must submit the completed group contract at the end of Week 3 at the start of the group project.

4. The team contract must also be attached to your project management assignment report as an appendix with any updates you may have made to the contract over the duration of your project.

Team member’s contact details

The team will need to be able to contact each other throughout the course of this project management assignment. For this, you may wish to set up a WhatsApp chat group, a WeChat group or any other channels. This section needs to be completed immediately, in class, so that you have a means to contact each other.


Phone contact


Binal patel


Whatsapp group

Prachi patel


Whatsapp group

Vidhi patel 


Whatsapp group

Bhavik patel


Whatsapp group

Krunal patel


Whatsapp group

Ground-rules for meetings and communication

The team will need to agree appropriate ways of contacting each other, turnaround times on communications and times when they may not be available need to be advised to the team. Mutual respect is the key to building a good team spirit in the project management assignment and this may influence your ground rules e.g. No calls after 10pm.

Ground rules for project management assignment;

1. Everyone has to attend meeting whenever we decided to meet. 2. Everyone have to come with some research. 3. Everyone must have maintained communication.

Team goals

It is also vital for the team to know what each team member wants to achieve from the project. One of the most common causes of conflict is when everybody assumes that they all want the same outcome on a project management assignment. Understandably, no one would ever say that they do not want a High Distinction. However not everybody has the same access to resources such as time and transport, and not everybody can make the same commitment to a project owing to different pressures in their schedule and there may be a need to set realistically achievable goals. It is good to understand each team member’s different expectations from the project management assignment and then to draft team goals through consensus. What does your team want to achieve, in order of priority? (To be completed by team)

1. Improve project productivity.

2. Gain a strategic understanding of a project goal and implement relevant initiative.

3. Increase transparency and secure skill.

4. Maximize your contributions within your role

Team Project Backlog

1. Planning is the key to success. Your group will have many competing priorities and assignments from other courses - to manage this you need to plan.

2. Plans sometimes need to change, but having a plan allows you to know what you need to change and what provisions you will need to make.

The team will define a backlog*of activities in the project management assignment that need to take place and will ‘groom’ this backlog on a weekly basis to ensure that they are making steady progress towards their project goals.

*Backlog – a prioritised list of all items that will need to be completed to achieve the goals of the project containing short descriptions of each item. Tasks should be allocated to a team member to ‘own’. They may not be the only person doing the task in the project management assignment, but they will be responsible for ensuring it gets done. Each team member will have a backlog that they will ‘groom’ and move into ‘in progress’ at the appropriate time. Sometimes items may prove irrelevant and they can then be removed by team consent, or some items may arise that were not initially considered, and they should be added by team consent. Backlog activities • Sprint planning • Scrum ceremonies with agile method • Relationship development between iterations and goals • Creating a useable product Increment

Agreed time commitment per team member to project (hours per week): _______10 hours_____________________

What will your role be?

Suggested roles in the project management assignment include: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Research Analyst(To be completed by team)



Scrum Master

Bhavik patel

Product owner

Prachi patel

Customer representative

Binal patel

Domain expert

Krunal patel

Lead business analyst

Vidhi patel

Meeting Schedule

It is recommended in the project management assignment that the team has, as a minimum, weekly meeting to remain on track. These may be in the same physical location or using group call or shared platforms. From a timing perspective it is best to have this meeting at a time where you can prepare for your scrum and make the most up to date edits to your scrum board.

Expectations: a. Attendance is expected at every meeting by every team member. b. It is strongly advised that a standing time and venue is selected on completing this contract. c. If any team member is unable to attend, they must advise the group as soon as possible to try and enable a reschedule, where possible for the other team members. d. If a team member is absent, it is their responsibility to negotiate what work they need to do to contribute to the team’s weekly goals. e. Each team member must be prepared for the meeting. f. Respect must be shown for different cultures, languages and proficiencies and learning styles.

Meeting schedule (in addition to meetings in class)(To be completed by team)


When (date/time)


Preparation required




Understanding about agile methodology




Knowledge about agile tools  and technologies




Project planning




Agile role with team planning




Agile framework development




Practical options for project planning

Decision-making process

How will decisions be made – by consensus, majority vote, leader has final say etc.

Decisions should be made on majority votes and discuss with the group.

How will you ensure that decisions are made in a timely way?

Create proper Structure for Timely Decision Making.

Team expectations

1. Respect each other, and be courteous and sensitive to everyone’s needs and concerns.

2. Be accountable for your work.

3. Be flexible about task assignments.

4. Be willing to help each other instead of displaying an “it’s not my job” attitude.

5. Ask for help when needed.

6. Be open to constructive feedback without being defensive or negative.

7. Be self-motivated and reliable.

8. Share ideas for improvement.

9. Be cheerful, positive and encouraging to other team member.

Action to be taken by the team to address the issues listed above

1 Discuss with member.

2 try to help the member and make him/her to follow the rule.

3 let know tutor

Other conditions or comments

It is very important in the project management assignment that every member of your team understands the details of the team contract and agrees to the specified rules and conditions.

Lecturer intervention

These are times where the team may need to reach out to the lecturer for conciliation or mediation if the team cannot resolve the challenges on their own. It is worth mentioning that earlier intervention achieves better outcomes if there are challenges. In these instances, it is important to consider the following in the project management assignment:

1. If work is not completed by a student, it may be classified as not contributing equally to the assignment.

2. The group may reach the conclusion that one or another student may have made an unequal contribution (done more or less work than the others). In this instance, all students in the project management assignment will discuss the issue with the lecturer and it will be agreed that the student will receive a higher or lower mark than the other students in the group.


Student name




Binal patel




Prachi patel




Vidhi patel




Krunal patel




Bhavik patel












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