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Travel Photo Essay Introducing 8 Attractive Tourist Places In London


Task: Write a travel photo essay on eight attractive tourist places In London?


The travel photo essay represents the concept of tourism as the specific activity, where people freely engage for personal pleasure and satisfaction and also where the people's behavior is discretionary and voluntary proceeding from free choices of oneself. Whole Tourism System (WTS) is an open system where different elements which are tourists, tourism industry, and geographical factors such as tourist’s destination, transit route region, and traveller generating region. Early this tourism system was argued with the analysis of the disaggregated components; now, it can be achieved through interdependencies, impacts, interactions, and complex relationships. These three components of the tourism system make the total system running. Without tourists, there is no tourism industry, and without any geographical location, there are no tourists. According to Zheng et al. (2016), with the advancement of technology, transportation becomes easy and safe, which makes the tourists go to remote locations nowadays. The chosen tourist destination for this study in London. The WTS model comprises of hotels, tourist spots, resorts, transportation, and others. Various environmental factors such as economic stability, climate change, the localized environment of the tourists place greatly influence tourism actions. The physical environment is the main reason behind attracting tourists to a place. Tourism, on the other hand, also create impacts on background due to a massive gathering of the people in a home, interrupting natural ambiance, building waste, and other factors. The photo essay offers eight attractive tourists places while explaining the Leiper’s whole tourism system that supports in understanding the tourism system best by discussing its every itinerary and routes. By understanding the Whole Tourism Model, the readers can feel more related to the topic, its facilities as well as backlogs while promoting the tourism practices.

Captions on Tourism practices and theories
The below eight images showcase some attractive tourists’ spots in capital city London, and while visiting these places, the researches on the Tourist System Model are also done for getting a foolproof picture of the travel industry. As justified by Mason (2015), Leiper's model on tourism focuses on business hotels, airlines, resorts, and other businesses that are going to effected by tourism into a city.

travel photo essay

A breathtaking view from the Coca-Cola London Eye, London 1st August 2019

The above image provided in this travel photo essay represents the view from the world's tallest wheel of cantilevered observation, which offers 32 high tech capsules for experiencing an unforgettable and breathtaking of London’s famous landmarks. This attraction is centrally situated into the heart of the city and popularly rotating over the famous river Thames and opposite of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. As described by Boniface (2017), in Tourist System Model, the TDR or Tourist Destination Region represents the main attraction or activities that pull tourists towards it. TDR of this place is situated within 135 meters, a modern and global symbol of engineering and design that showcases breathing 360° view of the capital.

travel photo essay

A pleasant nature experience at Richmond Park, London 2nd August 2019

The second-largest Royal Park of London is Richmond Park, where tourists can enjoy the touch and feel of nature and its beauty. The park was created by Charles 1 in the 17th century, and now it is declared as historical area. As opined by Zheng et al. (2016), wildlife animals are present in this park, and besides that, golf courses, different sport and recreation facilities are current. From children to adults, everyone can enjoy this place and enjoy the beauty of nature. This park has scientific importance and declared as Site for Special Scientific Interest which attracts tourists from all over the world to this place. Richmond Park has several animals and also enlisted for wildlife conservation place.

travel photo essay

A magical tour of Warner Bros studio, London, 3rd August 2019

This magical tour of Warner Bros showcases the behind the scenes story about the making of Harry Potter, the costumes, the props, and the sets. Here the children, as well as the older people, can revisit their childhood memories by visiting the Dumbledore' office, Hagrid's hut, and the Great Hall, etc. As demonstrated by Smith (2015), tourists destinations among the tourist's system model pull various kinds of visitors from the world by tourism products like the quality of the management, services, and attractions. For attracting the crowd, the authority also reveals some of the confidential secrets like animatronics and special effects that make the franchises vividly accessible throughout the world.

travel photo essay

The Sealife in London Aquarium, London, 3rd August 2019

The image represents the only place in London that helps the visitors in experiencing the ocean lives, including dangerous stone fishes and sharks. Besides, regular feeds, dives, and daily talks this tourist spot offer at least 350 marine species from various environmental situations of the ecology. As justified by Reijnders (2016), tourism functions into different environments, and it also relies on studying and researching the surrounding atmosphere systematically and comprehensively. The tourism system relies on the overall and sustainable growth of the tourism industry concerning the environment and population, knowledge of the marine life make people interested in the topic. The place attracts global visitors through its interactive and immersive journey throughout the vast oceanic conveyor by an attractive walkway of glass tunnel in Tropical Ocean.

travel photo essay

London Dungeon, 3rd August 2019

This image represents the city's most haunting experiences into the London Dungeon, which offers thrilling rides, attractive special effects and live actors for experiencing the 90 minutes of darkest times. The place provides first 5D laser rides in the United Kingdom with high adrenaline, high-speed ride, and popular ghost hunting activities. As demonstrated by Powell and Iankova (2016), though tourism often displays the signs of complexity, it can be controlled through a top-down procedure. As stated above in this travel photo essay, the tourist place also consisting of some thrilling rides for reaching towards the main attraction, as per the tourism system model, it is the spatial dimension of the area, which encompasses the movements of the tourists within the places.

travel photo essay

ZSL Zoo of London, 4th August 2019

This picture represents the habitants of the ZSL Zoo of London the most unlikely, unexpected, and unrehearsed place with animal activities. This zoo offers full of amazement and wonder and also 750 species of animals like Asiatic Lions, Lemurs, and Monkeys, etc. Furthermore, the Zoo also provides various exciting efforts like spiders’ experiences, significant penguin beach, Gorilla Kingdom, and Tiger Territory for attracting the tourists. As stated by Hannam et al. (2014), tourists are a substantial part of the whole system that influences tourism physically, economically, and politically. In this scenario, London is reported as one of the most popular cities in the world with an estimation of 20.42 million footfalls estimated in 2018.

travel photo essay

The Royal Balcony of Madame Tussauds, London 4th August 2019

The picture in this travel photo essay shows the administrative headquarters and residential place of the queen of the United Kingdom, located in Westminster, it often for royal hospitality, state occasions and few months in summer as waxed in Madame Tussauds. It is a wax museum founded by the sculptor Marie Tussaud that waxed some famous faces like Shakespeare, Usain Bolt, and One Direction to Lady Gaga. As discussed by Kibicho (2016), environment surrounds the tourist place interlinked with the tourism activities happening into the site. The architecture style of the museum depicts the European styles that offer elegance, history for attracting people. Besides, 14 communicating areas, the museum combines incredible history, glamour, and glitz to enjoy one of a lifetime experience.

travel photo essay

HM Tower of London, 4th August 2019

The picture represents one of the most famous buildings that watch a 900-year-old history of prison, execution, arsenal, royalty, zoo, and jewel house. As written by Mason (2015), as the crisis on world economic impacts the spending ability of the tourists there can be slow down into the holiday plan or has implications into the economy of the destination country. Besides the negative reputations of year-old death, torture, the place also provides some exciting collection of armory, fortress, and a royal residence.

After analysing the study of travel photo essay it can be concluded that the Whole system influences the peoples, other organizations, society, and businesses, while a country decides to take upon the tourism effectively. In above, the easy offers the descriptions of eight famous tourists' spots in London, which attracts massive footfalls from all over the world. London is a widely popular tourist destination across the globe and a large number of tourists visit London daily. While visiting the places, I came to know about the essential factors like TDR (Tourist Destination Region), TGR (Travellers Generating Regions), TR (the Transit Route), Tourists and Tourism Industries. Throughout my visit, I feel that the whole system will aid the tour planners in understanding every minute detail of the tourism and its impacts on the other businesses. Through this journey, I have learned how beautiful these places were. I also learned how an entire tourism system runs and how its components interrelate with each other. I have also learned how the tourism industry impacts on the natural balance of the environment. I learned that safeguard their surrounding environment where they visit and must maintain different safety and health measures to keep to the environment from pollutions and adverse effects. As every industries or system are interlinked with each other, in my point of view, it can be said that every component of the tourism is essential and needs to take care otherwise the whole industry can be crashed down.

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