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Top Gear Bikes Case Study: Implementing Erp In Business Environment


Task: You have been asked by the Board to work on the Enterprise System adoption and implementation. You need to prepare a report that helps the BoDs to make an informed decision with regards to purchasing an ERP system. Your report and recommendations should include the following information:

A - An analysis of the current situation
A1 – Business requirements and drivers: Develop a list of TGB’s business requirements and business drivers (at least 10 items). Provide a brief description for each item on the list. Make sure your description is linked to TGB and its business context.

A2 – Linking requirements to ERP functionalities: Using the list you developed in A1, create a table that includes:

  1. A column of the identified items on the list
  2. A column that specifies whether each item is a business driver or a business requirement
  3. Identify business process(es) that can support or fulfill each of these business drivers or requirements
  4. Identify the type of data or information that is required for the successful completion of each business process.
  5. Against each business driver or requirement in the table, choose ERP functionalities that can help TGB to meet/achieve its specific business requirements/drivers.
  6. Provide a justification for each choice you made in step 5.

B - Software selection process
Using the table A2, your research of the existing enterprise systems in the market suggests that there are four suitable ERP solutions for TGB

  • SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (a.k.a SAP S/4HANA)
  • SAP ECC6
  • Sage X3
  • Oracle Cloud Accelerator

What other information would you require for recommending the best solution to TGB? What are other considerations to take into account? Adopt a Rich Picture approach to justify your answer.

C- Investigation of new solutions
The company’s manager (John McDonald) has recently attended an international conference on enterprise systems. In the conference, he spoke with representatives from Ariba, Concur Technologies, and CallidusCloud companies. John also wants to know if any of the products these companies are offering can help TGB to address some of its emerging business requirements.

Your task is to research the solutions offered by these companies, and based on the method you used in section A and B, identify if any of those solutions could be relevant to TGB requirements.

D- Laying the foundations for business value and digital transformation through digital disruption
The management team of TGB is fully aware that they need to lay the foundations for business value and digital business transformation. This focus was an aspect they considered when they decided to implement a new ERP system suite. The Board of Directors is concerned that if they do not focus their future approach on digital transformation, they will lose their competitive advantage with their customers and be left behind.

The CEO of TGB has recently attended a Deloitte presentation: “Harnessing the ‘bang’: Stories from the digital frontline.” Findings indicate that 13 industries comprising 65% of the Australian economy are facing significant digital disruption by 2017.

  • Define what is meant by digital disruption by using case studies as examples to aid your definition.
  • Discuss the major advantages and disadvantages (risks) to TGB should they not focus their attention on digital disruption.
  • Identify specific ways in which TGB can improve:
    • Their digital disruption performance,
    • competitive differentiation and
    • growth in the future
  • Conclude with a recommendation on your findings for TGB.


Executive Summary
This top gear bikes case study reflects need with respect to TGB to implement an ERP in the business environment. The organization has become less competitive because of ineffective ITC systems and manual process. The Proposed ERPs like Suit 4 SAP Hana that also includes the same related to the SAP ECC6, Sage X3 and Oracle Cloud Accelerator are suitable solution for TGB. The organization need to have a proper idea on how to choose an ERP and that has been provided into the solution.

The ERP is the ICT technology that handles the core processes of an organization such as HR, services, finance, procurement, supply chain management, finance and more. These organizational processes are integrated into a single system using the ERP approach. The ERP is responsible for offering analytics, intelligence, efficiency and visibility among all the parts of an organization (Panayiotou et al. 2015). The latest feature of an advanced ERP system is real-time data sharing among the departments and external entities (Nagpal, Khatri and Kumar 2015). There are three type of ERPs present such as on-premise, cloud and hybrid (Shatat 2015). ERP is for both the small and medium sized as well as big organizations.

This is a top gear bikes case study which evaluates all the scope of ICT and ERP. The organization is intending to integrate ERP solution into the business environment for handling the inventory, manufacturing and sales processes in a better way. The top gear bikes case study includes the background of the project, business requirements, software selection process and recommendation, additional software evaluation and digital disruption. In the project background section the current situation of TGB and proposed ERP will be discussed.

The business rudiments describes what organization objectives and policies must be considered for the ERP implementation. Matching the requirements with the functionalities will illustrate which requirement will define which ERP feature. Four predefined ERP software has been suggested which will be evaluated and one of those will be recommended to TGB.

Project Background:Top Gear Bikes Ltd or TGB, a well-known organization Australia, is famous for producing and selling electric bikes in Australia and New Zealand. The organization has its headquarter in Brisbane. The sales office is also situated at NSW, Victoria, Sydney and Melbourne. The organization also manufacture and sell replacement parts. Currently TGB is using Sales Force for selling products in Australia. Due to the current manual process, the organization is suffering from poor sales, manufacturing and inventory processes. The installed IT system is not flexible and scalable enough to support the current need of the organization (Ahmadi et al. 2015). The organization wants a system that can assist TGB to explore new markets in future. TGB is also planning to produce smart electric bikes but the proposed ERP must be able to support this decision of the organization.

The project is mainly proposed for TGB’s intention of combining all processes running in every corner of the organization into one platform. The assignment on erp will establish an effective and meaningful link between the Manufacturing, inventory and sales processes. The project will produce an ICT product that can allows the organization to create new venture and manage those ventures (Liao, Huang and Lin 2018). The assignment on erp will be concentrating on the customer relationship management process of TGB so that its communication with the customer and understanding of business environment can be improved. The understating of changes in the market and customer demand is highly essential for TGB as without these two characteristics TGB cannot expand its market.

1. Business Requirements and Drivers:
The primary business requirement of TGB is a new approach for manufacturing process. The organization needs a new business process that can collect and analyse all the manufacturing related data efficiently and accurately. Making the manufacturing process more quick is not the only business requirement but the accurate data processing also very important. Another essential business requirement is customer support. The organization is currently suffering from bad communication with the customer. TGB has a huge lack in communicating properly with the customer and collect data about their requirements and buying patterns (Ravasan and Mansouri 2014). The inventory management is another business requirement of TGB. The organization is in severe need of a process that can establish a proper communication with the client so that customer satisfaction can be improved significantly. The sales process not very feasible. The improvement of the sales in both the countries is also a vital business requirement for TGB.

The business drivers are production rate regarding manufacturing, number of sales people, effectiveness of sale person, customer base, market opportunities, innovative products and many more. Each of the above mentioned business drivers of TGB are equally important for the business.

Item List


Business Process

Data Required

ERP Functionality


Proper Manufacturing

Business Requirement

Production process reengineering

Product, materials, time, loop holes


This futility of the ERP is only concentrated on this specific topic

Customer Management

Business Requirement

Customer query solving, customer data collection, buying pattern identification

Customer Details, Products Details, Order Details, Order/Product Issue Details

Customer Relationship Management

This futility of the ERP is only concentrated on this specific topic

Present Sales Person Amount and Their Skill

Business Driver

Customer Order Processing, Sales Process Reengineering

Sales Details, Staff Details

Sales & Marketing

This futility of the ERP is only concentrated on this specific topic

Customer Base

Business Driver

Customer query solving, customer data collection, buying pattern identification

Customer Details, Products Details, Order Details, Order/Product Issue Details

Customer Relationship Management

This futility of the ERP is only concentrated on this specific topic

Market Opportunities

Business Driver

Market Survey

Market Survey Responses, Customer Buying Pattern

Sales & Marketing

This futility of the ERP is only concentrated on this specific topic

Inventory Management

Business Requirement

Material Ordering, Order Shipment, Order Review, Product Matching

Product Details, Order Details, Material Details

Inventory and Purchasing.

This futility of the ERP is only concentrated on this specific topic

2. Software Selection Process:SAS Business Suite 4 SAP Hana: The S/4HANA is locally based on SAP HANA, and thus, it sticks to the capacities of this ground-breaking application stage and database administration innovation, which incorporates prescient examination, propelled content mining, continuous choice help and some more (Sun, Ni and Lam 2015). Another UI that offers customized client involvement with SAP Fiori and can convey a similar level of experience focusing in efficiency in various gadgets, for example, PCs, PCs, tablets, cell phones and so on (Morgen 2014). The information demonstrate was improved decreasing and vanishing pointless tables and the information put away and in this way the information impression was essentially lessened, disentangling the application plan and extensibility. It tends to be conveyed in the cloud or on-commence.

SAP ECC6: SAP ECC6 remains for Enterprise Central Components. Name of SAP items transformed from the earliest starting point: SAP R2, SAP R3, SAP R3 endeavor, MySAP ERP, ECC5 and ECC6 (Oseni et al. 2014). This system incorporates all the accepted procedures and standard procedures of SAP and ought to be designed by specialists or SAP accomplices.

Sage X3: Sage Enterprise Management offers an extensive variety of standard highlights that are elusive in focused items, making it a standout amongst the most savvy ERP arrangements available. Your business is liquid and regularly changing, so Sage Enterprise Management is intended to help both your current and future needs. You basically begin with the highlights you require today, at that point scale up and "turn on" new highlights and use the open engineering to effectively reconfigure process streams as your needs change (Guide 2016). Numerous ERP systems are excessively confused and unsatisfactory for fair sized companies. Unless you have profound pockets and can hold up quite a long while to "go live", you'll welcome that Sage Enterprise Management is easy to actualize, simple to utilize, and adaptable when you require it. Since Sage Enterprise Management is web-local, you get precisely the same whether you get to it locally (customer/server) or over the web – something couple of other ERP systems can offer (Together 2016).

Prophet Cloud Accelerator: The quickening agent will furnish the select new businesses with access to world-class coaching, cooperating space, commitment openings with Oracle's in excess of 430K worldwide clients, associations with speculators, and significantly more. Prophet's startup commitment goes well past business and innovation. We bend over backward to comprehend the new businesses, join forces with them and furthermore gain from them (Xu, Sato and Matsuoka 2016). The Startup Cloud Accelerator Program was begun by Reggie Bradford in April 2016. The select new businesses hail from segments, for example, travel, cordiality, small scale back, promoting, inventory network administration, digital security, and are effectively utilizing advances, for example, computerized reasoning (AI), machine learning (ML), chatbots, enormous information, prescient examination, robotization and some more.

Recommendation: From the above description of this assignment on erp it is suitable to state that powerful S/4HANA based application can allow the organization to be more competitive and productive. The enhanced user interface will allow the organization to provide better usability of the system to the users. TGB can implement dedicated laptop, computer and work stations for organization purpose only. Therefore, the S/4HANA can be the suitable solution among the above four options.

Typical ERP Software Selection and Implementation Process: The accompanying depiction involves the common procedure of choosing an ERP System. There are a few interesting points previously TGB bounce into the ERP usage stage (Seethamraju 2015). To start with, ask yourself, as well as other people associated with the determination procedure, what it is TGB plan to achieve with another ERP.

What are the confinements of TGB’s present system?
What are TGB’s objectives as TGB’s business keeps on developing?
What are TGB’s security necessities and concerns?

There might be numerous reasons TGB require another ERP, however make sure to articulate them, even better, composing. Be clear about what it is TGB need and need from TGB’s answer. Next, TGB will require a choice group that incorporates TGB’s fundamental clients and chiefs. Having TGB’s key individuals locally available from the beginning and will go far toward an effective execution. Tune in to their information. Presently, diagram the task procedure. Decide the general shape and extent of TGB’s ERP venture (Seethamraju 2015). Analyze TGB’s present systems and procedures. Investigate the condition of TGB’s business and decide benchmark estimations in regions, for example, stock levels by sort, creation lead time, and stock precision, and so on.

You cannot hope to achieve any sort of effective ERP usage without having TGB’s entire group on board. Make a point to plan some ERP preparing right off the bat in the task and demand that all take an interest. There are numerous and shifted ERP arrangements available and it is basic that TGB pick one most appropriate to TGB’s business needs, procedures and spending plan (Olson, Johansson and De Carvalho 2018). Give careful consideration to three of the most essential contemplations: Functionality: Match the particular usefulness that TGB require today (per TGB’s necessities definition) with the capacity to adjust the system to change when TGB’s requirements change. Ease of use: Evaluate the outline of the UI to perceive how well-known and instinctive it is. Excessively steep an expectation to absorb information should raise a warning. Support: TGB’s system's developer and TGB’s usage accomplice must be dependable, reliable, and good with TGB’s requirements and friends culture.

Your ERP usage doesn't need to be awful or overpowering, yet it will take some work. Best practices require a couple of rudiments: Use standard following apparatuses like MS Project to deal with the exertion, keep the undertaking and its encouraging exceptionally unmistakable to the whole gathering of partners all through the entire procedure and don't hold back on preparing. Usage doesn't end once TGB go live. It's recommended in this assignment on erp that it is critical to remain a la mode on new highlights, discharges and trainings. Think about cutting edge usefulness, and keep TGB’s representatives instructed. TGB’s kin will change, TGB’s applications will change, and TGB need to ensure that you're remaining up to speed with all that is occurring in the realm of ERP.

3. Investigation of New Solution:
Ariba: With SAP Ariba, TGB can get the broadest arrangement of capacities available. Like market-driving advancements in guided purchasing and spot purchase. In addition the most pre-empowered providers, simple provider and list enablement, and coordination with Ariba Network – in excess of 3.4 million associated organizations solid, and developing.

Concur Technologies: The highlights are Integration of the Concur cost report, client profiles, list information, solicitations, and loans with the SAP ERP system. Robotized replication of worker and cost protest ace information. Robotized exchange and posting of cost report, loans, and solicitations into the SAP ERP Financials arrangement. Clear blunder following through a criticism channel for status and mistake messages. Underlying driver examination of issues (Puthal et al. 2015). Upgraded cost report and receipt status administration in Concur programming with "settle blunder and resend" ability, Integration screens on the two sides.

Callidus: CallidusCloud is currently SAP Sales Cloud, some portion of the SAP Customer Experience division of SAP. We help deals groups offer quicker and perform better, utilizing AI-driven programming that changes your organization's prompt money process (Bhagawat and Kumar 2015). Our full suite of offers process instruments incorporates deals computerization, motivation administration, Configure Price, Quote (CPQ), instructing and deals enablement.

4. Digital Disruption: There are many disruptions that take place as a result of the changes that have been brought in the field of the digital technology. The digitalization shows how the innovation has taken place and with the new innovation there is totally a new development of the technology (Karimi and Walter 2015). This development shows the manner how the technology is changing everything.

So, with this disruption there is newly created development of the different types of the field of the technology. So, the main thing to be noted down is that there should occur a better performance with respect to the digital innovation.

Hearty Solution Design: Install, arrange, and go! Tragically that never works except if TGB are a tiny association (under 10 individuals) that needs a solitary client system. To make TGB’s ERP execution fruitful TGB require a vigorous arrangement configuration done forthright. Appears glaringly evident - yet it is astounding what number of ERP fiascos we stroll into that have no or next to no plan documentation. We frequently get inquiries regarding how much documentation (Gilbert 2015). The appropriate response is basic - 80% of TGB’s key situations. TGB don't have to archive each situation since TGB can enhance TGB’s usage as TGB go - notwithstanding, TGB have to record TGB’s key situations particularly those that TGB think about key to TGB’s business. Each business is somewhat extraordinary and TGB have to guarantee TGB cover those subtleties in TGB’s plan.

Great Internal Project Management: Most clients invested a considerable measure of energy assessing an assortment of ERP arrangements and getting the correct arrangement. At times this period is more than 6-9 months. In more than 20 years of counseling - I've never observed a terrible arrangement influence a task to turn out badly. Most ERP systems out there as long as TGB pick a develop one that has been around for more than 10 years give genuinely vigorous functionality. However, not putting the privilege inner individuals on the venture can make an undertaking or break it. Key to this is the task administration TGB put around the task. The task administration need it.

The effect of it on business is enormous (Myruski et al. 2018). The exercise we can gain from Kodak is that digital interruption is a relentless power and to attempt and battle it is purposeless.

The digital interruption is like that it should create a lot of disruptions to the technological advancements. In the latest trends as discussed in this assignment on erp, there has been fashion of including the technology both in developed and developing nations. The more the technological advancement is there , the more is likely to have disruptions so created.

With this top gear bikes case study, a major conclusion that may be drawn is that of a new system in the TGB is very essential at present. The organization currently having various issues in manufacturing, inventory, sales and customer support processes. The ERP has various functionalities that can allow TGB to monitor and control these processes effectively and efficiently. The top gear bikes case study has properly described the suggestions for ERP software that it currently has. However, the report did not provide any proper idea on in-depth analysis of any Software solution. The recommendation is not completely right. The Oracle Cloud Accelerator is also a very suitable solution for TGB but the comparison should have been provided so that proper justification can be understood.

Document TGB’s prerequisites and existing torment focuses however center principally on the critical necessities: it is known that this may seem like a 101 of ERP executions yet we get such huge numbers of ERP usage demands without a report expressing what the key business prerequisites are. In these circumstances, our methodology is to go in and first archive the agony focuses and necessities. In the event that TGB simply go into an ERP usage without a reasonable meaning of what TGB are attempting to accomplish TGB will fail. It is critical TGB setup a benchmark for what TGB need to accomplish. Be that as it may, guarantee TGB don't run over the edge with TGB’s prerequisites. Try not to utilize this as a chance to request all that you've at any point needed. You'd simply be shooting yourself in TGB’s foot. TGB case study assignments are being prepared by our IT management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help Australia service.

Documentation: There is always needed the revolution and the system should be developed and generated in such a manner that will work to bring the different systems together.

S/4 Hana: The SAP vendor is currently concentrating on making the SAP Hana more convent and user friendly. The organization is intended to pulling al its clients from SAP ECC to SAP Hana. TGB is currently looking for a better manufacturing, sales, customer support and inventory process. TGB is currently planning for a new electronic bike that can be properly promoted and sold to the market. SAP Hana is more powerful and better in preference than Sage X3, oracle solution or SAP ECC. The staff of TGB required more flexible solution that can handle the existing processes along with the integration of new product. The simplified GUI and features will allow the TGB’s staff to carry out their works properly. The Innovation feature of the SAP Hana can be properly applied to the TGB’s solution to make better decisions in terms of new electronic bike production and sales.

Hearty implementation of Design: With the implementation of the design, there is seen that the client need to be well defined within the specific purposes.

Great Internal Project Management: Most clients invested a great time for the project management. The system design and the specific analysis was of such measure that has given the right choice to the technology and its advancements. In the recent times, there has been seen the major developments with respect to which, there will occur a change in the field of the technology. Therefore, it is must that the design and the implementation of it should be well understood. In the literal sense, there should be a good system design and this system design should be work to see as a result of what has brought the major changes. So, with this, it is highly recommended in this assignment on erp that there should be have the implementation on the system design.

Abu-Shanab, E., Abu-Shehab, R. and Khairallah, M., 2015. Critical success factors for ERP implementation: The case of Jordan. The International Arab Journal of e-Technology, 4(1), pp.1-7.

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