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   Free sample   This communication in nursing assignment explore strategies nurses should adopt while communicating which the torres strait islander people

this communication in nursing assignment explore strategies nurses should adopt while communicating which the Torres Strait Islander people


Task: How can nurses improve their communications techniques while handling the Torres Strait Islander people usingcommunication in nursing assignment research techniques?


Reflection on Gibbs’ Reflective Learning Cycle


Fig.1: Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle
(Source: Wain, 2017)

The primary aspect of this communication in nursing assignmentis to mitigate or address the difficulties in communicating with the Torres Strait Islander people. The use and implementation of verbal and non-verbal communication skills are considered an integral part of group work that addresses the health issues within the mentioned community. The use of group presentations is also regarded as necessary for the group members as it can significantly help them undertake the project particulars better. Open communication has been considered a priority for the teams to help them interact with each other about the issues. I have seen that supportive, creative and critical thinking has helped substantially in designing a better implementation and action plan for the project.

communication in nursing assignment Description
The learning and proper understanding of nursing standards and ideas, along with the development of problem-solving skills, is challenging to achieve in a group health project for the indigenous people of Australia. A clear idea of the presentation skills can help enhance the project design's overall idea and concept intended to address the various health issues among the Torres Strait islanders (Bell et al., 2020). I have understood that it is the sole responsibility of the team members to complete the tasks on time to reach the individual goals and accomplishments to maintain an equal contribution to the group project. Active listening and respecting the opinions and perceptions of other team members are integral aspects of this communication in nursing assignment project which I understood during the project undertaking.

The various negative impacts of sexually transmitted diseases and infections create a situation that needs to be assessed by properly implementing healthcare projects consisting mainly of mitigation plans (Thng, 2018). The conditions among the localized communities can affect them in significant ways, and proper mitigation plans should be implemented to curb the effects of infections and disease among the indigenous communities. I feel that people need to be aware of the consequences of sexually transmitted diseases and disorders to safeguard them from various health and social issues (Bell et al., 2020). I think that the communities require a proper control plan with the help of communication in nursing assignment groups that can provide them with a framework for being aware of and managing sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Therefore, I feel that proper teamwork and communication skills can help the group effectively handle the health projections and presentations. I also think that open communication is an important aspect that needs to be adopted by the group project members to properly create an action plan to mitigate the adverse effects of sexually transmitted diseases and infections (Thng, 2018).

communication in nursing assignment Evaluation
In health promotion, I learned various useful things relevant to my development and growth. Finding the disease in Aboriginal and Torres Island people was very challenging, and I learned about their cultures and traditional practices. I gained knowledge on why the disease occurs to those people, and it helps me understand the mitigation practices and approaches taken by them for the disease. Health is very important for people, and it brings development and changes in living a healthy life. It also helps keep the mind and body fresh and active (Ali &Kamraju, 2017). The communication between those people was good and a good experience for me. The bad about the communication in nursing assignment was that it was difficult to ask questions about the sexually transmitted disease as they got offended. In asking the questions to get the information, it was a bad experience as it was not easy.

In the overall communication in nursing assignment, the most important factor is that I knew the reason behind the sexually transmitted disease. I also understood the relevance of communication and teamwork. I gained knowledge I had no idea about, and it helped me understand that sharing knowledge can bring various useful things. The overall journey from team collaboration to collecting information on the Sexually transmitted disease in Aboriginals and Torres Island people was a good experience. However, I faced various challenges in the journey, but it was helpful for my skill development and learning. I learned about communication and teamwork and their relevance in work. I understand that working in a group, it is imperative to fulfil the responsibility. I found an opportunity to learn about the disease and their cultures and promote health programs per their needs. Open communication between team members was highly appreciated and a great experience.

For the nursing practice, people need to understand the disease and its mitigation practices. The health promotion program concerning sexually transmitted diseases is important for providing knowledge to people. Health promotion is an activity to inform an individual about the disease's nature and its effects due to their lifestyle and behaviour (Whitehead, 2018). To provide more knowledge to them, it would have been better if we could have provided pamphlets to an individual regarding sexually transmitted diseases and their causes. It could have brought some light to the Aboriginal and Torres Island people regarding sexual lifestyle and behaviours. For more improvement and promotion of health programs, I could have done it better with the help of videos in projectors on visited areas and could have taken the initiative with the help of team members. However, this communication in nursing assignment has helped me feel somewhat satisfied as I learned various benefits of my nursing practice.

Action Plan
If the situation gets worse or arises again concerning health disease, I will be again working with my team members in providing medications to the unreached places and will provide knowledge concerning the health disease. It is imperative to know the emergence of disease in the human body. Aboriginals and Torres Island people need knowledge based on sexual transmitted diseases or infections. It has also been identified that among 2877 people, 25% of people reported sexually transmitted infections like syphilis, Chlamydia etc. (Ward et al., 2016). Therefore, they must receive knowledge based on these subjects. In case a situation arises again, I will look forward to presenting them with an educational video based on sexually transmitted diseases or infections and their effect on the human body and organs. It will be helpful for them to get vivid knowledge on the subject and make them aware of the disease. The communication in nursing assignment has helped enhance my communication skills with team members, and it will be helpful for us to gain nursing practice knowledge.

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