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Tesla Sustainability Assignment On Innovation


Task: You are required to write a 2000-word report for a novel value proposition within an existing business or organisation. You must use appropriate headings to structure the body of the report

Your report must demonstrate:
1. Logical and persuasive articulation of: the problem to be solved; problem insight; a portfolio of generated solution concepts; solution selection analysis; value proposition; targeted customers; competitive advantage and strategic fit (this includes elements 1 to 4 in the disciplined entrepreneurship canvas by Aulet (2017, p. xviii) and all elements in the value proposition canvas by Osterwalder, Pigneur, Bernarda, and Smith (2014, pp. 8-9).

2.Logical and persuasive assessment of critical assumptions and uncertainties related to: customer desirability; technical feasibility; and financial viability.

3.Logical and persuasive argumentation for the selection of the innovation tools and techniques used to support the report findings and recommendations. Minimum eight (8) tools and techniques must be selected from the unit textbooks and online materials.

4. Logical and persuasive application of the selected innovation tools and techniques used to support the report findings and recommendations. Minimum eight (8) tools and techniques must be applied from the unit textbooks and materials.

5. Candid and critical self-analysis about assessment 1 tasks including: a reflection on the development of personal innovation capabilities and practices; identification of own personal strengths and weaknesses; supported with examples of own behaviour.

6. Clear flow of thought throughout the report with: a convincing executive summary; clear and succinct purpose described in the introduction; relevant structure and content within the body of the report; and a clear and succinct conclusion.

7. Critical review skills and integration of relevant academic and professional literature. A minimum of ten (10) academic and professional references must be used.

8. Appropriate in-text referencing and reference list. Adherence to CQUniversity APA reference style.

9. Clarity of expression, grammar and spelling. Appropriate report format with good use of bullet points, illustrations and figures. Within ±10% of the word limit for report, excluding references.

Select a business or organisation impacted by the advances of a technology and/or sustainability trend which drives industry innovation.

  • Business such as, but not limited to:
    • Alipay (online payment platform)
    • Ebay (online shopping)
    • Maersk (international shipping)
    • Tesla (automobiles) Lego (toys)
    • Procter & Gamble (consumer goods)
    • Samsung (electronics)
    • Siemens (industrial products)
    • Airbus (aeroplanes)
  • Government, not-for-profit, such as but not limited to:
    • University (education)
    • Healthcare services (health)
    • Ozcare (home care)
    • AusAID (aid)
    • Red Cross (aid)
  • A business or organisation that you are or have been employed at and therefore know well. It is important that no confidential information is included in the submitted report.
  • If in doubt about the selection of your business and organisation you must consult your local lecturer.

Select a technology and/or sustainability trend driving industry innovation to inspire development of a novel value proposition.

  • Technology trends such as, but not limited to (Manyika et al., 2013):
    • Artificial intelligence (Davenport & Ronanki, 2018; McKinsey Global Institute, 2018)
    • Robots (Tilley, 2017)
    • Smart-connected-products(Porter & Heppelmann, 2014, 2015)
    • Blockchain (Carson, Giulio Romanelli, Walsh, & Zhumaev, 2018;Iansiti & Lakhani, 2017)
    • Augmented, mixed and virtual reality (Porter & Heppelmann, 2017)
    • Big data
    • 5G networks
    • Wearable products
    • Vegetarian meat
  • Sustainability trends supporting United Nations sustainable development goals (Brackley & York, 2019; United Nations, 2019):
    1. No poverty
    2. Zero hunger
    3. Good health and well-being
    4. Quality education
    5. Gender equality
    6. Clean water and sanitation
    7. Affordable clean energy
    8. Decent work and economic growth
    9. industry, innovation and infrastructure
    10. Reduced inequalities
    11. Sustainable cities and communities
    12. Responsible consumption and production
    13. Climate action
    14. Life below water
    15. Life on land
    16. Peace, justice and institutions
    17. Partnership for the goals

Your selected innovation trend must be important to the selected business or organisation as that makes the innovation proposition and proposals important to its senior executives and stakeholders, the report interesting to read and your report writing exciting.


Executive Summary
This Tesla sustainability assignment aims to elucidate an understanding on the significance of innovation and sustainability, which is an important part of the business. Business organisations tend to make the use of sustainability and innovation, which is an important part of the business. Tesla has been subjected to the use of the various innovative and Tesla sustainability assignment measures that indicate the profit and the success which is linked with the company. The report is a structured and logical argument based on the use of engineering that reflects the growth of the business and the company. This Tesla sustainability assignment will be elucidated with response to the use of novel value proposition, which indicates the growth and validity of a business.

Background of the proposal: Tesla Motors Inc is an American automobile company, established in the year 2003 and deals in the manufacture and production of automotive and energy storage. This Tesla sustainability assignment reflects the use of ‘non-stop engineering and innovation’ as the core of their business initiative and technological services. The report is a structured and logical understanding of the use of Tesla Autopilot features in electric cars that bring in ease and accessibility for customers. The proposal is aimed and directed for a better understanding of the strategic trajectory, which can influence the growth of the business. This Tesla sustainability assignment will be using the different methods and techniques that would inspire development and growth in the business.

Aim: The aim of the Tesla sustainability assignment is to delve on the significance of the artificial intelligence that drives innovation within the strategic trajectory of Tesla further developing a novel value proposition for the business. The use of industry innovation and infrastructure in better role of the sustainability within the growth of the company in a better manner.

Scope: The included scope of the Tesla sustainability assignment indicates the use of the existing strategic capabilities of Tesla that inspire the motivation for the use of artificial intelligence which is imperative of the company growth and production of the best electric motor cars. The excluded scope of the research is the use of other trends related to automation, which might add growth to the market.

Discussion and Findings
Problem Statement and insight: The Tesla sustainability assignment will provide a logical and sequential understanding of the use of artificial intelligence that drives the innovation and sustainability trends with respect to industry, innovation and infrastructure in the growth of the Tesla. The problem that would be examined in the course of the report is the use of the sustainability measures, which might affect and steer the growth of the company in a logical manner. The use of artificial intelligence has encountered issues, in relation the human error, which has purported the growth of the business (Field & Field, 2019). Hence, a range of solutions will be provided to counter the areas, which are viable for the eradication of the human errors that might affect the growing value of the business. The problem insight indicates the how artificial intelligence could be used to curtail the area of human error, which is imperative for the functioning of the business (Novosilska, 2019).

Generated solutions and concepts and solution selection analysis
The novel value proposition that have been obtained states that it is important for the company to make the utilisation of the various concepts related to artificial intelligence. The idea of human error and the novel understanding of human adaptability can generate growth in the company. The adoption of the AI can curtail all the advances of the business in comprehension of the procedure related errors, cognitive errors that would develop growth and bring in value for the business. The solution selection analysis brings forward an understanding of the major tools that bring in better effective means for the growth of the business.

Solution Selection Analysis

AI Tools used



AI Diving Features (Tesla Autopilot)

Advanced Driver resistance system that promotes automatic understanding of the lanes and parking that affects the cars of the vicinity.

It has helped the company to achieve maximum satisfaction and boosted the growth of the business in a better and comprehensive manner.

Table 1: Novel Value Proposition used by Tesla for innovation
(Source: Created by the Learner)

Value Proposition
Tesla has a unique value proposition that has been useful in serving its customers. It adopts the use of sustainable means by using high technology. Therefore, the Tesla sustainability assignment has made the use of unique AI in order to bring in customer satisfaction in the manufacture and production of the cars.

Tesla’s Primary Activities constitute the use of the Inbound and Outbound logistics. Inbound logistics take into account raw materials and energy used for production of electric cars (Dudovskiy, 2019). The Outbound logistics involves warehousing and distribution system of electric cars. The value analysis of Tesla also incorporates the use of Tesla service that affects the high held customers for the production of their cars (Albareda & Hajikhani, 2019). The AI plays an important role in serving the customers the right growth of the business. AI diving features (Tesla Autopilot) is significant in and is a part of the outbound logistics of the company that make the use of the cars.

Targeted Customers
The targeted customers for the production of the electric cars are the high profile customers between 20’s to 40’s years of age. It has taken into account three imperative categories of customers that are imperative for the business. These are eco-friendly, savvy and entry level buyers. The Tesla sustainability assignment trends that are associated with the company are development of the business.

Competitive advantage and strategic fit
The competitive advantage of the strategic fit was associated with the growth of the business. The competitor such as BMV Nissan and Hyundai affects the business. In the use of the AI Diving features the company has been able to associate with the growth of customers and provided ease and value. The Tesla sustainability assignment trends are also useful, as the industry has been able to put in energy efficient cars that are important for the growth of the business. The strategy that is used by the company utilises their motto ‘to accelerate world transition to sustainable energy that would be useful to the company’, which emphasises on the use of the classic disruptive theory. This further shows that Tesla has been the bearer of innovation and sustainability for the growth of the industry.

Uncertainties and Critical assumptions related to novel value proposition
The novel value proposition of inputting the use of the AI diving features into the electric cars by Tesla, has resolve the human errors for the business to function in a smooth and exemplified manner. In terms of Tesla sustainability assignment trends, the industry has been useful in bringing in better analysis of the car industry.

  • Customer Desirability: The customers are able to make the use of ease and access to procure better learning outcomes for better parking and directions steering while making the use of the business.
  • Technical Feasibility: The technology is feasible as it brings in sustainability for the infrastructure as well as better growth options in relation to the business. This has affected the industries in a better manner.
  • Financial Viability: AI and the Tesla sustainability assignment trend have been fruitful as it has embraced the understanding of the well off customers. That had been useful for the growth of the customer rate and interest for the business.

Eight Innovation Tools used by Tesla for the Artificial Intelligence
The AI system makes the use of the innovation tool for bringing in better accessibility for the profit of the company (Gunning, 2017). This integrated system used by the company will be influential for bringing in better accessibility for the business. The eight innovation tools are AI chips, cloud chips, AI diving features, ultrasonic sensors, fisher dynamics, inteva products, and electric vehicle supply equipment (Geels 2018). These innovation tools are used by Tesla for bringing in better ease and accessibility to the customers and making the use of innovative features for its cars. The sustainability trends that are subjected to the business make the use of the saving energy for the growth and manufacture of the business (Fotiadis & Polemis, 2018) . The use of AI is effective for the development for the real change that would bring in better access to the customers. In the words of a new report powered For PwC and Microsoft entitled for that sustainability for energy saving and consumption (Chen and Perez). It has transformed the nature of the business and brought in new development for the customers that have initiated in the change of the technological uprising.

Critical self analysis and reflection
The course of the innovation and technological innovation has brought in new forces that have increased the business advancements. I was allotted in a team and was given the accountability of addressing the conflicts that occur while innovation and sustainability is integrated in the use of the business. While, undertaking the report, I was subjected to the use of my personal innovation capabilities, of making the use of electric cars as viable to the industry. Extensive research was required to initiate a better understanding of the capabilities of the business. Tesla’s incorporation of the autopilot features brought in features that bring in newer features for automatic update of the business, in a better manner. However, a personal SWOT analysis will be undertaken to illustrate the significant areas, which purport to the growth of my personal capabilities in a better and extensive manner.


I was able to work with my team and infuse better results through my understanding of artificial intelligence. I was able to communicate effectively and bring in better measures for the business.


There was a lack of clarity, while trying to provide the inspiration amongst the development of the business, in a better manner.


There were extensive research related to the growth and efficiency related to the use of AI services. That brought in better knowledge in the understanding of the business.


The threats that are located in the business is significant for the AI are use of various issues, which has been the source of growth of the company.

Table 2: Personal SWOT analysis
(Source: Created by Learner)

Conclusion/ Recommendations
This Tesla sustainability assignment has provided with a strategic understanding of the factors that are related to the use of artificial intelligence that brings in solutions to the users of the automotive industry. It has also given an insight on the values which bring in an estimated growth for the users of the services. Tesla has been an innovative company and has brought in the areas, which are specific for the development of the industries. The company does make the use of the automotive techniques that harbour growth and brought in the customers have enveloped to the strategic change. Hence, it is valuable for the businesses to be able to fuel in cars that are subjected to the use of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Therefore, artificial intelligence has been imperative in bringing about novel changes and harboured the growth and the efficiency of the business.
The digital experience has witnessed an upward boost for the growth of the business. Tesla has been an imperative source of understanding for the business. The value chain analysis of the company has been programmed for a better knowledge of the competitive advantages that are related to the automotive company. Tesla has a competitive backing that claims that the business is able to generate fruitful results for the growth and efficiency of the business.
Therefore, the Tesla sustainability assignment’s involvement with the electric car has been imperative for the functioning of the company in a better manner. Strategic understanding and strategic fit has brought in better customer satisfaction for the retention of the business. The deal and the value that Tesla offers to its customers are the use of sustainable transport and high tech cars to the customers. This novelty has taken into account the various means that are required for the better development and growth of a business.

Reference List
Albareda, L., & Hajikhani, A. (2019). Innovation for Sustainability: Literature Review and Bibliometric Analysis. In Innovation for Sustainability (pp. 35-57). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. Available at Online <>

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