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(coit11226) system testing assignment on testing of software systems


Task: how should software be tested for vulnerabilities and improvements using system testing assignment testing techniques?


This system testing assignment investigates software testing techniques. CNP is a computer service and sales shop. They provide services to the customers if they bring their system to the shop and many customers visit the shop for only to purchase parts. Currently, they have only a physical store and located in the Westfield Shopping Centre at Doncaster, Melbourne. The owner of CNP, Rosemary appointed a developer to develop a new system and replace the current system where all data can store and it connected to the internet. The developerchoosesthe waterfall model to implement in the new system(Kramer 2018). Some programs are written and ready but some -programs are not ready in the current stage of development. This system testing assignment report discusses, which system testing is applicable in this current stage of development and discusses whether white box testing is feasible for testing newly developed systems. Is black box testing applicable after white box testing it discusses the merit and drawbacks of testing and at the end, it discusses which installation system is suitable for the CNP.

system testingassignment -Testing
the system testing assignment identified at the current stage of development where some programs are already written and some programs are not ready, system testing and user acceptance testing are applicable at the current stage of development.

System Testing: on this system testingassignment this is a process that approves the software product as fully unified and complete. System test checks out system specification end-to-end. All software is connected to the system, system testing makes sure that all device is tested successfully(Gerasimou et al. 2020). As per the given instruction by the CNP owner, the system can perform various types of work and update the centralized database where all data is located, alone software cannot do this that’s the reason operation requires enough hardware to connect with the is a collection of many tests that make sure the software works along with the system and given requirements. User Acceptance Testing: UAT is the final phase of testing that should be done by another testing. It is a process where the user tests the software before installation which helps to know the user is ready to use in the system. The final stage in any development process used on this system testing assignment is to ensure that the software operates as expected under actual conditions. The owner predicts and calculates that after developing the new system sales will increase by 7% and a 9% decrease in operating cost. As per the expectation of the owner new system must work smoothly. That’s why user acceptance testing is applicable, the programmer is put to the test by real people to see if it operates as intended under assessing compliance, validating changes made, and real-world conditions.

The Feasibility of Applying White-Box Testing to Test the New System
CNP’s new system was developed for conducting sales and purchase functions via the internet. The new system should be capable to store a huge amount of data and data will be visible to the user. In this new system, many important data will store like sales, purchases, and customer payment details. If any problem happens in the system that will cause economic loss and customer trust loss also. For avoiding this white box testing is important(Yu, Duan and Ye 2022). To compare planned inputs to anticipated and intended outcomes, white box testing investigates the internal architecture and coding of software. It centers on internal structure testing and is based on an application's internal processes. Programming expertise is required to create test cases for this form of testing. It is also observed on this system testing assignment increasing the security of the software and focusing on the inputs and outputs that pass through it are the key goals of white box testing.

Further Need to Apply Black-Box Testing
CNP’s new system is already tested by white box testing, there is no need to apply black box testing by the project team. Because white box testing is done by a developer who has deep knowledge about coding and programming(Munthe et al. 2020). They did every internal and external testing with the help of white box testing. White box testing is logical software testing and Blackbox testing is behaviour testing of the software. If all system testing assignment stages have already been done by white box testing that means there are not any issues to find and white box testing is also suitable for the algorithm.

Merits and Drawbacks of Random Testing
Random testing is software using system testing assignment stratpgies, where the input domain identified by it then selects random input from the domain(Nguyen et al. 2021). After then it tests on these selected inputs and then compares the result with the specifications of the system if both the result and specification do not match it acts on it.

Merits of Random Testing

Drawbacks of Random Testing

No need to know about programming language and software implementation.

Random testing is not realistic.

It works from the user’s point of view.

Its many tests are unnecessary and not fake. 

Developers can conduct it by body independent.

It takes a lot of time to analyze the result.

When the specification is complete, it can be designed as soon as possible.

Uses testing data will not record if the test cannot create.

Installation is a process of enhancing the system by moving from current to new. It converts the old system to new ones as the system accepts new software and works on it smoothly. There are four types of approaches identified on this system testing assignment including phased installation, parallel, direct, and single location. The parallel installation has been chosen for the CNP’s new system. CNP work on their old computer. They mention their sales and purchases in the excel sheet but what if it is an old systemthe data is important for the firm, and that’s why the parallel installation was chosen. There is no risk in this installation because it collects all the data from the old system and resolves all the problems before shutting down the old one. It is riskless but costly. As owners predict their sales will increase by implanting a new system that they have to keep their old data safe because these are their old client’s and customer’s data that would be helpful after implanting the new system.


(Rashid 2020)

This system testing assignment report concludes that the CNP old system is not applicable for storing important data that’s why the owner wants to replace the old system with the new system. When all tests are done the new system is ready to go online, it will be also connected to the internet. Where the customer, clients and many more data will be located. To make the new system workable developers did many tests including white box testing, they did white box testing and there is no reason to test with black box testing. Random testing is useful sometimes but it is not applicable for this type of system. At the end of the system development parallel installation has been chosen because it can run the old system with the new system, if the user wants to shut down the old one it would happen when old systems problems resolve. As per the system testing assignment research that makes CNP work free of risk and smoothly.

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publication/341767165_Novel_Remote_Parallel_Processing_Code-Breaker_System_via_Cloud_Computing/links/5ed2bb9545851529452165c6/Novel-Remote-Parallel-Processing-Code-Breaker-System-via-Cloud-Computing.pdfsystem testing assignment


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