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System Analysis Assignment: Stakeholder Mapping


Further background: Refer to background information provided in Assessment 1 regarding the NewAccess project. Headspace in NSW was one organisation tasked with trialling NewAccess with people aged as young as 12. In 2005 the Australian Government allocated $54 million to establish the National Youth Mental Health Foundation (later to be named Headspace). "Our brief is to make sure services are available at the earliest possible point when problems emerge. The criteria to get help is pretty simple – you must be 12 – 25. That's it." Aimed to address the health and well-being concerns of young people by providing a holistic platform for care. This would give teenagers and young adults comfort that their support will be coordinated and integrated across primary and specialist care, and not just focus on the 'illness' but also social inclusion and recovery.

Youth assigned to a headspace case worker may subsequently be admitted to the Emergency Department (ED) of the local regional hospital. Currently there the no requirement for the ED staff to notify the headspace case worker when a client has been released. Sometimes case workers are notified, but often not. It means that days and even weeks can transpire before a case worker becomes aware of that release. In the meantime the young person tends to return to the environment and circles of influence that led to the mental health problems in the first place, without the coping and support mechanisms that a case worker can provide.

Complete the Following
Please refer to the marking guide when preparing your response to see what criteria and standards will be used to assess your work and your progress.

Consider that the system is being built for a regional Headspace centre in NSW, that is trialling NewAccess with youth as young as 12. The system will need to capture the 'story' the first time it is told, and give access to successive professionals, so that case notes and the story can become enriched, and the young person can be assisted more appropriately. You are the business systems analyst assigned to the project, you will need to produce:

A stakeholder map

  • Draw stakeholder role names on a stakeholder map with 4 quadrants, Internal-Operation, Internal-Executive, External-Operation, External-Executive
  • For each stakeholder, describe why they have an interest in the project.

A questionnaire
Create one questionnaire that you would send to one stakeholder group with an aim to help you identify further details about the environment, the problem area and/or how the system would operate to help solve the problem.

  • Identify which stakeholder you are going to send the questionnaire to.
  • Write an introduction statement that will go with the questionnaire explaining the purpose of the questionnaire.
  • Write 10 questions, either open and/or closed-ended questions.
  • This should be written as a questionnaire that could be distributed.
  • Only write the questions, you should not write the answers.

A Use Case diagram and descriptions

  • Draw a use case model for the information system.
  • Draw a use case model for the information system
  • Write onefully developed Use Case description for one of the important Use Cases identified. Select an important Use Case that is a key part of the system, not a basic simple Use Case


Introduction to the New Access System for Headspace
The part of the System Analysis Assignment discusses the new access system that is very well organized in such a manner that will provide an efficient work towards the metal and physical health of the people age 12-25. Within this group the doctors would have some information about the patients. When they are going to be meeting with the patients then they would have an extra data about the patients. The patients will thus describe a very well structure that is well expressed in the medical terms like physician and doctors (Baruch, 2014). The medical equipment will take place as a result of this. The main reason why the government of Australia has decided to make the investment is that there should have an extra space for the young. They would be given every best opportunity to explore their problems and potentialities of them would be seen. This is the major characteristic of this fact.

Stakeholder Map
Designing of Stakeholder map of the organization- new access system: The stakeholder map is shown below and it explains the following thing:

Stakeholder Map-System Analysis Assignment

The stakeholder map shows how the local government, medical, directors, sponsors and etc are external administrative stakeholders. These have built the system with the external control. They control all the affairs of the company that is of the external in nature. It is required at most that there should be present some of the number of tasks that are necessary to run in accordance with it. The next part is related to the internal operation stakeholders (Carnevale, 2012). These internal operation stakeholders well define the basic units of the system in the organization. It shows how these units bring the individual as a patient in the mid-point of the theme. It is also referred as centric point where the patient and the doctor will meet. The internal procedures will be carried with this support. There are external operations stakeholders on this System Analysis Assignment hold holds on the external nature of the stakeholders. These stakeholders will include doctors to the nurses. The administrative stakeholders will make the control of the administration in the logical manner. With the help of this, an accurate System Analysis Assignment has been prepared by our qualified system analysis experts from top universities ensuring we retain our market reputation as the best marketing assignment help service.

Stakeholder analysis explaining their roles
The stakeholders are those who make a special contribution to any project that is owned and run by the specific organization. In this sense, there is also the fact that describes the way the resources should be used. In this way, when the sources are used, then particularly there would also be an investment. But, considering all these facts there will be seen what the major factors that will influence the same area. In any organization, the stakeholders play an important role (Jonas, 2017). When they are given full attention, then the question that is to be shared is that related to stakeholder analysis. The System Analysis Assignment identifies stakeholders everywhere play an important role. In some time, it will be seen as a result of this fact that there will have better judgment in regard to these stakeholders name. The organization is run with the help of them.

A Questionnaire
Stakeholders’ interest in the organization that is gaining popularity within age as specified above
The stakeholders’ interests show that how the stakeholders have their own interest and what kind of the interest do they really put up. When the interest is driven by these factors then the most important thing to be considered are these factors where stakeholder will put their interest for the good of the organization (McPhail, 2014). The stakeholders are interested in the organization because they when find the usable form then for example, there are nurses as the stakeholders, then they play an important role in the development of this strategy (Kolker & Story, 2012). It shows how the individual process is currently running. In this process, it is carried out all the major processes of the organization. The stakeholder interest is involved in them. It means that if it nurses then they are important stakeholder because they look to the patient and they give proper care and attention to the patients. The patients on the other side are related to the fact that they provide a natural treatment to them. The patients are fully care by the nurses. Following table justifies it:




The task should be carried on by caseworker who are doing the registration related work,


The patients seemingly act like the internal operational systems.

Local Government

With the changes that has been brought in the every sphere of life, the local government will be proposing a better ideas and innovation for the construction of this work (Smillie, 2013).


Sponsors will acts as a funding of the association and the organization. They will be responsible for making run of the said organization.

Board of Directors

These are the supreme head with the result that all decisions are taken by them.

Medical Board

The doctors if wish to continue their professional they would not be able to proceed without the consultation of the board.

System administrator

The system administration will look to the administration that is carried out either externally or internally.


There is no doubt that doctors are important stakeholders among all it is because these are helpful for the patient who come to them.

Technical Staffs

The technical staff will look over to the computer system, networking system, and how the basic IoT is being applied.


Nurses assist the patients in the all need situation.

Medical director

The medical directors are associated with functioning of the operations inside the system.

Stakeholder group that is aimed in this system
The stakeholder group that is aimed in this group is doctors and the reason is that when any patient will arrive in the hospital then they need the permission to meet the doctors and it is the doctors that will make their attendance possible so that the patients will get cure their diseases (Milcent, 2018).

Questionnaire statement
There is no doubt that the individual who is known as doctor and also the important stakeholder performs many functions and duties simultaneously. It means that there should be proper balance within the system that will work smoothly (Jonas, 2017). So, these doctors are the most important part of this system. The system is developed to be benefitted from all sources.

Questionnaires as put up for the running system:

  1. When system is running well, then what would be your choice to rate the system? Do you find any means to rate them?
  2. What kind of the patient’s treatment is being provided in the hospital or through the new access system?
  3. Is this system running well with its core objectives?
  4. How many stakeholders are classified within the system?
  5. Who do you think are better stakeholders and the important one?
  6. Who do you feel are the best stakeholders when every stakeholder are playing the good role? What is definition of the stakeholder in the present context? (Edwards-Jones, 2011)
  7. What would you think doctors are good stakeholders?
  8. Do you bring the stakeholders as an important part of the organization?
  9. What you feel about the economic benefits of the system that is being provided here? How these economic benefits will help to resolve the issues? Will they really work in the efficient manner? Do they provide any benefit?
  10. How would you rate leadership model being seen in the organization? What policies should be adopted by the system so as to put the same with the greater tasks?

A Use Case Diagram and Descriptions

Use Case Diagram

Use Case Description
From the above System Analysis Assignment it is clear that there is case worker for example, how is linked with the patient information and is addressing the patient information that is being watched by the other systems that are running it (Murray, 2016). There are doctors who used to have the fix meeting and evaluation of the situation is being made. So, it is first used with this way. There is also the process where the hospital updates are easily available. Then the user is required to sign in the system. In the new access system, the primary focus is on the patients who will get benefit from it.

Use Case actors are explained through following diagram

Use Case diagram in System Analysis Assignment

Case description as mentioned below

Case-description in system analysis

Totally developed study of case description as mentioned through the diagram

case description diagram system analysis

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Murray, J. (2016). Doctors. Capstone Classroom.

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