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Sustainable Economic Growth By Liverpool City Council


Task: Discuss about the plans that have been implemented by the Liverpool city council to restore the nature as well as sustainable economic growth.


In this study, I have chosen Liverpool city council from Sydney in the state of NSW. The report will discuss how the Liverpool city council has assisted in community development including economic and environmental development. The members of the community take some collective actions to solve the common issues of the community. Economic development, public safety, improving healthcare, developing the education system, social welfare, restoring the environment, citizen participation, etc. are the process of community development (Fursova 2018). This report will discuss the activities of Liverpool city council to grow a sustainable economy by promoting jobs and improving the lifestyle of the local people along with their ethical dilemmas. Their actions regarding restoring environments as well as innovative sustainable programs and barriers in the way of sustainability of the council are discussed.

Financial aspects:
The Liverpool city council had some plans that were capable of supporting the people of the community and grow the economy of the community. The workforce management plan, 10-year Long Term Financial Plan, four-year delivery program, a one-year operational plan were some of the activities that were undertaken by the Liverpool city council to develop sustainable economic growth as well as generating employment.

Creating job opportunities and strengthening the economy of the area:
The council and the local government were creating job vacancies in the area. Liverpool is popular for living, education, investment, and business. The council has a team that consists of almost 900 dedicated people ( The council has people in the childcare service, maintenance, IT sectors, accountants, etc. With these much varieties, the Liverpool areas are one of the areas that have major search engines regarding jobs. The council provides job opportunities according to the eligibility of the people.Also, the council helps them to overcome their ethical dilemmas such as balancing status, doing the right thing, etc. as everyone gets a chance to prove themselves and discuss their issues regarding employment while they are serving under the Liverpool city council.

The activities of the council regarding restoring the environment:
The Liverpool community has developed many plans regarding improving and building the parks among the community to restore the environment and create a sustainable nature. ‘Reduce adverse environmental impacts for present and future generations’ is one of the activities of the council ( The State of Environment report helps the council in the decision-making regarding the activities that they are aiming to perform to increase the sustainability of the environment. Water harvesting, greywater reuse, etc. actions were taken by the council to increase the sustainability of the water of the area. Reuse, naturally cleaning, eco-retrofitting, using solar energy are some of the mentionable acts taken by the Liverpool city council. The council of the area is always looking for more environment-friendly ways to save the environment and increase the rate of sustainability. According to Clause 5.1 of the Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008, the council and local government can acquire land for education and roads and maritime services. Lands of the area are acquired due to improving infrastructure such as drainage systems, roads, etc. Some of the lands of the areas are identified as compulsory acquisition. Anyone who is going to purchase m\land in this area should confirm that if their selected land is a part of the compulsory acquisition or not ( All of the actions are sustainable as they are improving the community as well as restoring the environment.

The innovative sustainable programs conducted by the council:
Liverpool is a city full of heritage with so many historical sites. The Liverpool city council needs to maintain all these heritage sites that are very costly to maintain. ‘Lead the community to develop and implement sustainable practices’ is one of the most mentionable sustainable actions taken by the Liverpool city council. Through this action, the council is establishing the fact that how they want to develop their city in the upcoming ten years. They have conducted plans such as ‘Promote and manage heritage’ to get the fundings for the maintenance of the heritage sites ( For fundraising and recreational purpose they also celebrate remembrance day and Anzac day service, etc. developing and unified community has proven challenging to the Liverpool city council.

What are the major challenges faced by the council in managing the sustainable economic growth?
The council encouraged more community participation to overcome the challenges. They started to include the common people in decision-making regarding the community. Economic as well as commercial growth of the area has been seen at a rapid rate. As it is an industry focus area, the area has the power to attract and create new job opportunities for the local people. With so much industrial development the area of Liverpool lacks the green environment as well as the accessibility of the river. It is a challenge for the Liverpool city council to create a sustainable environment and economy along with increasing its sustainability. Thus, they have taken some action plan called ‘Promote local and sustainable food sources’, ‘Develop and implement strategies, policies, and programs for the management of stormwater’ along with ‘Upgrade Council properties to increase sustainability’ to overcome the challenges (

With the development of the neighborhood areas, Liverpool city has also become one of the centers of sustainable economic growth. The improved transportation network is one of the most well-structured factors in Liverpool, still, the council has plans to improve it more.Through the concept of corporate social responsibility, the firms or the organisation take account of the social and environmental concerns due to their interaction with their various stakeholders as well as their business operations (Lins et al. 2017). Being socially responsible and concerning about the environment can increase the brand value as well as creates a stronger customer base, thus, many companies are performing their business operations with corporate social responsibilities. Social responsibility models can interpret and predict the future of the market structure to some extent. Therefore, to get a better understanding, the companies are keener to perform CSR or corporate social responsibilities. Though it is not a mandatory or legal requirement but a good practice for any organisation. CSR represents an ethical practice that more trustworthy as well as gets more success than the others who are not following this (Tilt 2016).

The Liverpool council is performing its activities while maintaining CSR. The local people pf the area is happy with their service as they get to see that the council is very concern about the social improvement as well as restoring the environment along with preventing any adverse action from nature due to misuse of the natural elements. While the council is performing CSR, they are encouraging people of Liverpool to join them in the decision-making that can develop the overall area. The public image of the council has been improved as people are observing that the organisation is acting in favour of nature and the environment and amplifying the rate of sustainability.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Liverpool city council has taken many strategies and plans to generate employment as well as increase the rate of sustainable economic growth. They are restoring the environment and increasing sustainability with their plan of action. The organisation also performing the corporate social responsibilities that are amplifying their trustworthiness among the people. Their projects have sustainability though in some cases they have to face many challenges. The council also helps the local people to overcome their ethical issues that can hinder sustainable economic growth. The Liverpool city council has improved and restored the level of the land, air, water, and other elements.

Fursova, J., 2018. The ‘business of community development’and the right to the city: reflections on the neoliberalization processes in urban community development. Community Development Journal, 53(1), pp.119-135.

Lins, K.V., Servaes, H. and Tamayo, A., 2017. Social capital, trust, and firm performance: The value of corporate social responsibility during the financial crisis. sustainable economic growthThe Journal of Finance, 72(4), pp.1785-1824. DELIVERY PROGRAM 2017 – 2021 & OPERATIONAL PLAN 2019 – 2020. Retrieved from

Tilt, C.A., 2016. Corporate social responsibility research: The importance of context. International journal of corporate social responsibility, 1(1), pp.1-9.


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