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Supply Chain Management Assignment: Reviewing The Report


Task:How well are public news articles about supply chain management argued? Here’s your chance to respond to the author or the editor, with your suggestions on how their article could be improved!

Select a publicly available, relevant newspaper article published in the last Three years from one of the following online newspapers:

  • The Age (
  • Herald Sun (
  • Transport & Logistics News (
  • Australian Manufacturing (

Make sure you choose an article that enables you to either refute the topic, accept the main argument and refine the key points, or highlight the strengths and weaknesses.

Write a critical review to the author or the editor of the publication, detailing your critique of the article, and justifying your opinions, with reference to both the material covered in Module 1 of this subject, and to the relevant academic literature (at least 3 academic sources). Make sure your response is engaging, well-informed, and analytic – increase your chances of your response being published!

Remember to attach your chosen article as an appendix to the critical response paper, so that we can see the original author's work.


Introduction: The role, as well as the notion of supply chain management, cannot be overemphasised. Nevertheless, the concept of supply chain management is the brand range of activities proved very much essential with the view of executing a products flow (Ayers, 2012). Supply chain management is playing the role of acquiring the flow of goods and services from origin point to the point of consumptions and acts as one of the essential parts for majorities of the manufacturing companies (Ayers, 2012).

The present study on the supply chain management assignment notes evaluated a newspaper associated with publishing news based on supply chain management. There were many related articles present in the overall analysis (Tranpost & Logistics News, 2019). However, the article published in the Tandlnews is very much practical as it covered all the significant aspects required to form an essential supply chain management. The purpose of the present analysis of this supply chain management assignment evaluated the facts and findings associated with the view of examining all the necessary factors related to the concept of supply chain management. The following part of the supply chain management assignment evaluated a critical analysis associated with the publication of the selected newspaper articles irrespective towards justifying the different kinds of opinion associated with the findings of the present industry.

Critical Analysis of the study : The author of the present newspaper article discussed in this supply chain management assignment developed a clear as well as a versatile analysis with the view of finding the best results on the selected newspaper article. It produced a clear idea of how supply chain management and logistics evaluated the objectives of the findings in an essential manner (Liu, 2012). Significant results indicated that there is an increase in the direct observation methods, which included specific applications and findings necessary to appraise about how different companies irrespective of their nature of the business tries to develop the essential supply chain management (Olson, 2012). The author in the present article added examples of certain MNCs associated with supply chain management. IKEA delivery services, Plans and execution of Pacific National and many other companies based on the application of specific logistics system developed a structural framework in the study note. The most critical principle identified on this selected issue is the clarity, criteria of simplicity, and effectiveness (Jacoby and Economist, 2014). The objectives should develop findings based on the share associated with the reader. After analysing the entire article, there are specific positives as well as certain negative aspects, concluded in the proceedings of the findings.

The overall article lacked a critical analysis on the findings and on the same point of time evolved in the direction of analyzing the essential elements associated with the logistics systems of different selected companies (Peltz, Robbins and McGovern, 2012). The author in the present study lacked to engage the findings of inbound logistics and outbound logistics, which are the two most essential parts associated with supply chain management (Olson, 2012). The most significant point evolved by the present author in the study was about the employee issue associated with the selected companies (Heizer, Render and Munson, 2017). In many countries, economics and an increasing number of people related to specific trade and activities are contemplating when to retire (Jacoby and Economist, 2014). It is one of the significant problems, and the selected article proved that the problem is very much similar in the chosen industry (Russell and Taylor, 2014). The combinations of different kinds of news and analysis in the report combined an overall versatile framework associated with supply chain management.

Associated with any kinds of trade and activities it’s a significant problem like road freight. Here, mainly the problem arises about shortage of labours due to retirements of old labours (Wisner, Leong and Tan, 2012). After a strong beginning of the said article, the critic of the study revaluated on how security became a major concern in the selected industry. Different global logistics companies agreed on the same point that majorities of the logistics companies try to find out a solution associated with the daily operations of the logistics management (Russell and Taylor, 2014). Majorities of the companies operating their businesses on both inbound logistics along with the outbound logistics try to get the right solution with the view towards finding the correct answer based on the right findings associated with the research work.

Similarly, the author lacked behind towards addressing some of the other problems, which were proved to be required in the present study note (Tranpost & Logistics News, 2019). Changing customer needs, on-time delivery system, infrastructure related issue, capacity problem and security issues are some of the combined points, which different researches proved that the discussed aspects are some of the significant issues associated with the logistics and supply chain management (Peltz, Robbins and McGovern, 2012). Nevertheless, it can be concluded that logistics is a huge industry and there are many challenges is facing in the selected sector for the recent time. However, there are many challenges, and this particular industry is trying to solve these issues to make their system more efficient (Tranpost & Logistics News, 2019). All the mentioned news in the selected article highlighted the findings of the problems associated with supply chain management (Olson, 2012). Nevertheless, on the same point of time, it was important for the author to describe the solutions adopted by different companies to find the right alternative solutions to get the best result for these challenges and barriers (Liu, 2012).

The concussing part of the supply chain management assignment analysed all the practical factors associated with the process of developing a required structural framework related to the selected newspaper article. The study notes highlighted in the process stressing the issues associated with the current logistics companies by providing the right examples. However, the gaps, as well as the loopholes, were appropriately analysed and developed a proper recommendation framework to provide the readers with the best findings associated with the present research. This supply chain management assignment analysed a proper structural framework, which proved to be very much essential while deterring the right objectives and viewpoints on the present article. Supply chain management assignments are being prepared by our management assignment help online experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable Total assignment help service.

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