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Strategic Management Assignment Outlining the Challenges encountered by INTRO Travel


Task: Write a report on tourism and hospitality industry to uncover key strategic management issues faced by INTRO Travel Company.


Executive Summary
The present study provided in the strategic management assignment revolves around the Tourism, leisure and hospitality industry which confines significant amount of threats that has direct impacts on the organization's collective and collaborative growth in various distinct aspects. However, implementation of efficient and innovative strategic management can be an effective initiative for companies to overcome various challenges and issues. This study explored in the following strategic management assignment provides a systematic discussion about competition challenges faced by Australia based Travel Company, namely INTRO travel company and discussed various key aspects of findings regarding competitiveness of tourism marketplace.

The present report on strategic management assignment illustrates that within modernize tourism industrial context, development process is necessary to confine effective and innovative strategic planning to execute functional movements and practice indisputable components to ensure efficient growth. Strategic management is an inevitable property of tourism sector as it allows ensuring better compatibility and achieving long term objectives within a planned tourism environment. Strategic management has necessary features that promise effectiveness and efficiency in achieving development goals and resolving significant issues within the tourism sector. This study confines INTRO Travel Company as an empirical framework to evaluate its competition within Australian tourism context. This systematic framework also encloses its keys issues within competitive marketplace and describes significant problems based on Porter's Five Forces model.

Key Issues
Australian tourism industry is a highly diverse marketplace that significantly attracted various distinct travel companies to incorporate effective and strategic business plans to perform profoundly. As a result, INTRO travel has been experiencing significant competition within the industry. In recent years, Australian tourism industry has become a hotspot for traveling companies to implicate innovative strategic approaches to attract higher customer base (Baum, 2018). Various famous companies such as Topdek, Cosmos, Intrepid Travel and Ultimate Travel has created enormous challenges for INTRO travel company to execute its strategic and operational segments into successive business components. Another major issue outlined in this case of strategic management assignment is that the enormous competitive marketplace has created complexity and rivalry within network partnership and business development process of the company.

Impacts on the Company explored in strategic management assignment
Highly diverse competitive marketplace of tourism sector has significantly affected INTRO Travel Company which allows the company to face challenges to incorporate efficient growth within economic and productivity aspects of the company. Various potential components of the tourism industry such as globalization, taxation, travel marketing and infrastructure have created enormous challenges for INTRO travel organization to perform utmost services into tourism.

Globalization has created uniform standards and protocols into confine utmost quality into account and allowed various international companies to build potential business venture to incorporate financial profitability within Australian tourism. The research on strategic management assignment also examined that enormous availability of foreign companies and their popularity have affected INTRO travel Company to execute its novelty and localized business strategies. In addition, the organization has failed to incorporate potential strategic planning in marketing to exaggerate premeditated decisions and affected economic and structural aspects of the organization. As various other potential competitors have provided better contrast in services and attracted higher scale of tourist to enjoy their services, the company faces difficulties to overdo such problematic nature of marketplace. Outdated in house structure and below standard strategic planning has set limitations for INTRO to perform efficient services in the tourism sector.

Porter's Five Forces
The tourism, leisure and Hospitality industry is an identifiable and distinct industry zone which broadly confines luxury and accommodations that facilitates significant number of tourists. However, implementing various innovative strategies and identifying key issues within the industry can influence organizations to develop potential strategies to improve its current structure and reliability components.

This paper on strategic management assignment highlights five forces that impact competitiveness for INTRO travel and affected productivity and profitability aspects of the company within tourism, leisure and hospitality industry of Australia. Implementation of Porter's Five Forces model recommendation can be an effective initiative to enhance and refine this industry. Based on the five components of this model, INTRO Travel Company can effectively analyzed various distinct factors as it provides the best means to measure threats and impacting factors.

What are the issues identified in the context of strategic management assignment with substitution of goods?
In tourism, leisure and hospitality industry business ventures are facilitated to incorporate various distinct chances to ensure profitability with the help of affordable price ranges and variations in the offerings of services and amenities. Since the revolution of internet, various service based companies have developed innovative network based marketing strategies and facilities to accommodate potential market niches and several segments of targeted customer base. This segment of marketing strategies examined in the strategic management assignment has created constant threats for INTRO to incorporate larger customer over highly potential competitors (Altman, 2018). Newly formulated marketing strategies and internet based campaigns creates threats for INTRO. According to Porter, the development of value chain process can be exaggerated effectively by the support of collaborative events and innovative marketing strategies while providing and structuring distinct customer focused value chain data to enhance INTRO's performance.

Business person choosing a farm for business in the tourism industry are savvy customers. In modern contemporary world, it has become easier for consumers to go online and survey on best companies and select better offerings. Assistance of travel agencies and appearance of middlemen in tourism industry has become faded due to excessive information on internet. The customers have become more independent to choose options based on preferences (Divisekera & Nguyen, 2018). According to Porter's Five Forces model, the increased bargaining power of buyers has eliminated intermediates and role of travel agencies. With the help of technological advancement, the consumers have become more powerful in self-decision making process and increased capabilities to incorporate efficient communication to reach fulfillment. It has been predicted by Porter's model that bargaining power of end users and availability of comparative independence set limitations for INTRO Travel Company to incorporate higher scale of customers.

The rivalry among enormous competitors have become more prominent and created significantly potential options for buyers to choose from a wide range of products and services. Thanks to the internet that significantly provides comparative values regarding price variety, accommodation availability and expertise agencies which facilitated end users to determine effective tourism company to engage with (Ruhanen et al. 2015). Various distinct tendencies of competitors to reduce the price and cost for customers has created potential threats for INTRO Travel Company to attract larger segments of customers. International and localized travel ventures have increased number of competitors within the hospitality industry and allowed customers to select cost effective services. Based on the Porter's Five Forces model, price options have created significant challenges for INTRO to incorporate potential success in tourism industry.

This context of strategic management assignment sheds lights on the initial stages of tourism, leisure and hospitality industry that required a higher investment to potentially operate business venture. This high amount of investment has created barriers for new business farms to enter the tourism sector. However, the scope of internet has facilitated newly developed business firms to incorporate cost effective alternatives through communication channels and reducing marketing costs. Social media advertisements and online engagement have provided newly renovated companies to enter seamlessly within the tourism sector. Differentiation is also a vital barrier for INTRO Travel Company as it allows various expertise employees to work for other business firms.

The tourism industry is experiencing higher challenges due to increasing prices of goods and raw materials which allowed various inevitable suppliers to increase their pricing structure and accommodation values. In addition, the bargaining power of employees, suppliers and vendors have set difficulties for INTRO Travel Company to incorporate efficient growth (Maksymyuk, 2018). Based on Porter's model, it is noted here in strategic management assignment that implementation of strategic planning in recruitment process can be a potential alternative for business ventures to confine expertise employees and suppliers. Use of internet communication channels can increase its availability and accountability within Australian tourism sector.

Tourism sector is more complicated than other industry as it upholds significant amount along f competitiveness and endured potential threats. With the technological advancement of the internet, the market has become more attractive and created new substitutions for customers to choose potential travelling agencies which affected the current status of INTRO travel company (Altman & Finlayson, 2018). Base on the Porter's Five Forces model it can be described that various distinct possibilities of increasing competitors are the prime obstacles for INTRO Travel Company. In addition, newly renovated taxation policies of Australian Government and availability of higher international tourism companies have forced INTRO Travel Company to implicate innovative approaches in strategic development process.

With increasing competition and globalization within tourism, leisure and hospitality industry has created intensified situations. The development process of INTRO Travel Company is highly dependent on strategic approaches that are inevitable to incorporate various distinct portions of the tourism industry such as resources management, information system management and maintaining and developing tourism aspects. Based on the discussion made in the study above in the strategic management assignment, it can be concluded that strategic management is an inevitable and proactive cornerstone of the development process. This study described the competition of INTRO Travel Company within Australian tourism and hospitality industry and provided a systematic empirical framework of Porter's model that highlighted significant reasons.

The improvement of internal infrastructure of the company can be influential aspects for INTRO Travel Company to ensure growth while focusing on strategic management development. The study examined here in strategic management assignment provides various distinct recommendations for INTRO Travel Company to develop strategic planning regarding a plan for communication, public relations and market trends to influence potential customer based to choose INTRO Travel Company as a potential reference.

  • The company needs to use the most efficient means of communication to develop better contrast in public relationships.
  • The investment must require focusing on business needs and strategic development process rather than fashion.
  • INTRO needs to engage with potential advertisement and marketing features such as social media marketing, social events and campaigns to attract more customers.
  • Adding multimedia initiatives and proceeding customer focused value data on websites can facilitate INTRO with competitive advantages.
  • The organization needs to create novelty in its services and required to arrange memorable events to influence individuals.

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