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Strategic Management Assignment Addressing The Issues Encounter By Business Of Edison



Strategic Management Assignment Task 1: Strategic Report

“Experts have opined for decades on the reasons behind the spectacular failure rates of strategy execution. In 2016, it was estimated that 67% of well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution. There are many explanations for this abysmal failure rate, but a 10-year longitudinal study on executive leadership conducted by my firm showed one clear reason. A full 61% of executives told us they were not prepared for the strategic challenges they faced upon being appointed to senior leadership roles. It’s no surprise, then, that 50%–60% of executives fail within the first 18 months of being promoted or hired.”

The above extract has been taken from the article published in Harvard Business Review titled “Executives fail to execute strategy because they are too internally focused” by Ron Carucci.

In the context of the above extract, learners should write a strategic report to help save a company that is on the ropes: it is losing money, it is losing market share, and it seems to have lost its identity. Unless you intervene, the company will have to fold. The company should be a real company which is encountering the above-mentioned scenario, it can be a multinational company or a small or medium enterprise.

Your first assignment is to help save a company that is on the ropes:

You will write a formal report and you may use graphics and charts in the report that will be sent ahead of the Board meeting to each member of the Board. The report should include full citations for all references (using the Harvard Referencing System format), to support your claims and approach. The body of the report should be clear, con

Your report should include the following aspects:

1. Executive Summary and Introduction.

2. Focus on the relationships between strategy, stakeholder expectations, and organizational performance, choosing a theory of strategic management to explain those relationships and expectations. Justify to the Board why you settled on this approach rather than some other one.

3. Identify and evaluate the impact of external factors on strategic management in international context, particularly economic, political, and cultural factors.

4. Based on the analysis of the environments (internal and external) use relevant tools and formulate a new strategy to face the challenges and meet organizational objectives. Critically evaluate the strategy and justify why this is the best way forward.

5. Explain how your business strategy encourages and supports innovation and change, and evaluate your strategy against competing strategies based on its contribution to the success of your organization.

6. Develop an implementation plan for the strategy you have developed and document how your plan will fulfill major stakeholder expectations.

7. Recommendations and Conclusion.

Assignment Task 2: Organizational redesign

For the above strategy how would you restructure the organization which enables it to overcome the challenges and improve innovation, collaboration and coordination? The report should not exceed 2000 words

Develop and submit a strategic restructuring plan. Include current organization charts and proposed organizational charts and describe the changes in detail.

1. Analyse the current organizational structure and evaluate its effectiveness in meeting organizational objectives. Describe the reasons why a restructure is required to enable the new strategy implementation. Include current organization chart and proposed organizational chart. Describe the proposed structural changes and its benefits in detail.

2. Critically evaluate the restructure plan addressing possible issues and negative consequences and ways to overcome them.


Assignment Task 1: Strategic Report

Executive summary
As discussed herein strategic management assignment, the business of Edison has been facing a huge loss in the competitive markets of the South Africa. The proper strategic execution measures have been the reason beings the loss of the customer's bases. The business is in needs of strategic measures with proper implication measures. The use of the change management’s model like that of Lewin’s is effective in the introduction of changes of transformation innovating strategic and social media marketing in an effective manner.

In the recent era of rapid global expansion, business organizations are facing issues in the process of executing their services. The increase in the number of business failure is due to their poor business execution process. The need of effective leadership, as well as proper risk management, is needed to ensure that the company is able to implicate their strategies in a productive manner to fetch profit in the long run. The report shed light on the poor management of the business of Edison which is failing in operating their restaurant business in the markets of the South Africa due to their poor strategic change measures. The proper evaluation of the external market is also conducted. Focus is made on the preparations of the new strategies to address the identified issues along with the proper implication measures for business success in the long run.

Relationships between strategy, stakeholder expectations, and organizational performance
The ratio-competitive theory is based on the type of organization that facing issues in a competitive business environment (Mohanty, 2020). The business of Edison has been subjected to a tremendous loss in recent times. The situation of COVID 19 has added more challenges for the business. It is evaluated that the strategies that are taken up by the company in order to elevate their competitive advantages are associated with the close relationship between the shareholder's expectation as well as the organizational performances (, 2020). The strategies need to be paned in such a manner that it has the potentiality to elevate the profit margin has thus ensured stability to the concerned business.


Stakeholders expectation

Organizational performances

Cost leadership strategies

It is expected that the execution of effective leadership has the potentiality to develop workplaces stability. The prosperity of the staffs is ensured. The proper execution of the relationship between the employee and the management are expected with the introduction of effective leadership approaches (Jyoti et al., 2017)

The organizational performances are likely to elevate with the proper execution of coordination among the staffs. The business is able to increase the working ability and attack the customer's attention with the quality services under the supervision and guidance’s of effective leaders.

Differentiation strategies

The execution of strategic differentiation is accepted to increase the workload of the managers. The HR needs to recruit employees having expertise in the new proposed area (Kankam-Kwarteng et al., 2020). The introduction of company training is needed so that the workers are trained for better services. 

The business is able to develop a unique selling proposition. The business is able to develop its own identity in a competitive environment ensuring elevation in the annual revue generation. 

Best cost strategies

The execution of the cost strategies is the elevation of the workload of the accounts department. Rational use of cost and minimization of waste is the sole priority of the shareholders (Asai and Fukunaga, 2017). This is effective in attracting the attention of the shareholders as well as the investors. 

The low-cost, high-quality strategies proposed by the company has a positive impact on company’s performances. It is helpful in reducing the confusion among the marketing team as well as the service executing departments improving the quality service execution. 

Market niche 

The execution of the market niche is impactful in developing a focus among the management as well as the service team (Boienko and Susidenko, 2019). The execution of a specific function is executed by the team members, and thus the measures are taken for the development of better customer’s satisfaction. 

The execution of the strategies like markets niche is helpful in adding to the companies marketing practices. The attracting of customers become easier, and the firm has the potentiality to improve their performances with proper strategic management. 

The impact of external factors on strategic management





  • Parliamentary republic
  • Stable political environment
  • Great destination of Foreign Direct Investment
  • Politically influenced country
  • Corruption and mismanagement



  • Slow global economy in term of GDP (, 2020)
  • 3.1% growth rate
  • Part of Bricks economics
  • Geopolitical uncertainty



  • 50.7 million population (, 2020)
  • Agile public health
  • Educated population (, 2020)
  • Existences of social class divide


The evaluation of the above table has been elevating in proposing the fact that the business of Edison has a huge prospect to growth in the markets of the South Africa with the proper inclusion of strategic management (, 2020). The introduced changes need to be systemic with the proper identification of the risk associated with the changes. The execution of external factors analysis has been effective in showcasing the fact that the country is having a huge prospect for international investment. This is at the same time impactful in increasing the competitive advantages of the business of Edicon (, 2020). The existences of better profit marking measures have attracted the international busies to acquire their posting in South Africa markets, making it difficult for companies like Edicon to exist. The existences of the diverse culture have been impactful for the restaurants of other nationality to flourish in the South Aftrica (, 2020). The customers are willing to taste the condimental and Indian cuisines which are acting as a threat to the service execution strategies of Edison. The alternation of the strategies is needed is that the business of Edison is able to make their restaurant business effective in regaining their lost market prestige and thus ensure that the prosperity is gained by the company in the long run.

New strategy to face the challenges

Tool for strategic formation (SWOT analysis)


  • Huge expertise in the restaurant business
  • Team of responsible and experienced employees
  • Good service quality


  • Poor management facilities
  • Lack of leaders
  • Monotonous services
  • poor marketing strategies


  • Has the potential to attack local as well as international customers
  • Has the ability to elevate the customer's satisfaction level 


  • Market competitiveness
  •  Increase political uncertainty

The evaluation of the company strength and weakness with the use of SWOT analysis has been effective in getting a proper insight into the issues that are faced by the business. In recent times, the needs of the proper strategic management are essential for the business of Edison. Thus the proper strategies are helpful in maintains stability within the organizational and up liftmen the profit margin for the business, respectively.

  • Introduction of an effective leadership 

The introduction of the proper management team is helpful in reducing the interpersonal conflict within the business. The business will be able to take up measures in treating the employees in effective manners. The introduction of the measures like the transformational leadership style will be impactful in dealing with the adverse situation and management the changes in the business properly (Gosselin et al., 2016). The proper monitoring, as well as feedbacks for the service execution, will ensure quality services to the customers, and the business will be able to flourish in an effective manner. The needs of proper leadership are determined to be impactful in ensuring the fact that the company is able to understand the needs of the customers and thus service them with proper team coordination’s. The leadership measures are to maintain proper work pace condition ensures stability in the service executing process. 

  • Altering the services with the introduction of advanced technologies

 The restaurant business is in need of advanced technologies. The recent times of COVID 19 have been effective in the attention of the customers towards advanced technologies. The measures like no contact payments have been initiated by the many cafes (Henriksen and Tjora, 2018). Thus, the adopting of technologies that minimize the human contacts needs to be introduced by the business; it is effective in ensuring the fact that the company is able to utilize the capital in the best possible manners and ensures productively to the company’s with the satisfaction of the customers as per market demand. 

  • Execution of innovating marketing

The company needs to create awareness among the customers. The use of the hygiene and the measures adopted as per the COVID 19 protocols needs to be interdicted. The use of digital and social marketing is needed to increase the competitive advantages of the business (Safitri, 2020). In recent times, the financial loss faced by the restaurant business has been in need of advanced promotions so that they can regain the customer's trust by ensuring them safety. 

Strategies evaluation

The execution of the proposed business strategies is effective in ensuring the fact that the company is able to deal with the current busies issues and thus ensures that the challenges are addressed in a coherent manner. The benefits that the company is sure to fetch in the commutative market condition of South Africa are stated as below: 

  • Introduce innovation

The execution of technological improvement is sure to provide an advantage to the business of Edicon to introduce initiates measures. The innovation is helpful in reducing the measures of risk to comparative management (Ajami et al., 2016). The business in the restaurant sectors is undergoing technological changes as initiates of developing their competitive advances. Strategic management is sure to benefit the business with improved applications. 

  • Ensure customers safety

The measures like innovative measures as well as quality service execution from the restaurant are helpful in increasing the customer’s satisfaction rate (Kotsanopoulos and Arvanitoyannis, 2017). The alteration of the food services with Chinese and Indian delicacy is helpful in increasing sales rate of the business in an effective manner. The advanced digital marketing inurn is helpful in upgrading the customer's engagement and thus are impactful in elevating the company’s profit margin. 

  • Improved services

The execution of excellent leadership measures with the adoption of the transformational leadership approaches is helpful in increasing employee services. Feedbacks from the employees are helpful in elevating the coordination’s among the team members and thus ensure that the company is able to deal with the changing customer's demands and thus elevate the company stability in the condition of the fluctuating market (Bernard et al., 2018).

Implementation plan

The use of strategic measures like that of Lewin’s change management model is determined to be impactful in dealing with the strategic changes (Burnes, 2020). The three steps model is helpful in reducing the level of confusions and thus ensures that the team members are able to make a proper plan for the identification of the risk and thus take pre-planned measures to ensure success to the business.



Responsible person

Strategies used

Resources needed

Amount needed

Time taken 

Introduction of an effective leader

HR team

The execution of proper recruitment measures for the introduction of an experienced and knowable leader holding a strong charismatic personality is needed (De et al., 2016)

Online advertisement for the eligibility needed for the post


2 months

Identification of the technological needs

Management team

The execution of the measures like that of the competitive business analysis is determined to be impactful in elevation of the better understanding of the technologies that are in need in the recent competitive market condition. 

Introduction of the internet with the proper annual report evaluation with the tough market competition. 


1 month

Introduction of technologies

Account and Financial departments

The proper resources allocation as per the company’s capital is needed. It is the task of the financial team to evaluate the needs of technological changes and thus ensure measures to take up technologies in an effective manner.

Capital investment of the business


2 months

Training of the employees

HR team

The execution of measures like on job employee training is needed. It is effective in ensuring the fact that the team members are able to learn the use of the technologies in an effective manner. 

Whiteboards, conferences hall, mike, feedback forms


3 months

Introduction to the marketing team 

HR team

The recruitments of the experts in the fields of marketings are needed so that the strategic social marketing approaches can be fulfilled by the business (Andreevna, 2019). 

Advertisement in LinkedIn


2 months

Collection of feedbacks


The introduction of the feedback management is determined to be impactful in dealing with the issues of the employees for furthers managements (Verevka, 2019).

Online portal


1 month

Recommendations and Conclusion

  • The proper execution of the Kotter's change management model within the firm to ensures that the steps are followed for smooth transformations
  • The introduction of training within the working sphere to motive the employees for better services
  • The introduction of effective's promotions shoots with celebrities showing the technological as well as hymenia used by the Edison restaurant.

Thus, it can be stated that the business needs to execute the changes adopted by them in an excellent manner. The role of the leaders is determined to be impactful in effective manners. The execution of the change model with the proper allocation of the task as per the expertise of the shareholders is needed. The role and responsibility need to be followed in an effective manner with the proper identification of the impactful measures with limited negatives impact on the concerned business.

Strategic Management Assignment Task 2: Organizational redesign

The execution of the proper organizational structure is the refection of the service implicating measures. It is the adoption of the proper structure by the organization that ensures that the business is able to meet its objectives, and the reduction of conduction among the team members are also reduced (Patton, 2018). In this context, the business of Edison restaurant is using a proper hierarchy organizational structure. However, the structure is not complex and fails to bind all the shareholders properly and thus are experiencing huge market loss in recent times.

Analyze the current organizational structure


Figure 1: current organizational structure

All the role of the decision making, in this case, is on the managers. The head chef is responsible for the kitchen management, and the front house managers take up the responsibility of the effective management of the customers (Lamé et al., 2016). The structure fails to address the challenges that the business is facing regarding the effective inclusion of the marketing measures along with effective leadership execution. The excess workload on the management is reducing the ability to execute their services and implement innovations within the firm in an effective manner (Lee et al., 2020). The company has the ability to develop their strategies with the interdiction of more complex structures that would execute the facilities of proper work division reducing the workloads on one department and thus ensure flexible execution of the services in an effective manner.

Benefits of new organizational structure

  • It will reduce the workload of each department

The redesign of the organization with the interdiction of more departments is helpful in the proper and rational distribution of the works (Davis and Dolson, 2018). Each department will be bothered with the execution of their respective services will aggregate to execute quality services for the customers improving the companies competitive advantages.

  • Increase a systematic execution of the workflow

The execution of a complex organization hierarchy structure is helpful in reducing the confusion as to the workplaces. The task of each department will be allocated as per their expertise, and thus the services with elevate quality are sure to be executed.

  • The decision making with be effective with proper strategic evolution

The new structures are effective in ensures proper decision-making measures and the effectiveness of the strategies are evaluated. The presences of a hierarchy in a complex form are effective in considered the strategic elevation (Leonov et al., 2017). The pros and cons are evaluated with proper presentation of the risk matrix for the proposed measures.

  • A standards procedure will be used in introduction changes with proper business ethics.

The use of the new and redesigned organizational structure is determined to be helpful in bringing a standard business execution procedure. The systemic measures ensure the reduction of corruption within the business, and the companies are able to maintain proper ethical measures in an effective manner.

Critically evaluate the restructure plan.


Figure 2: New organizational structure

The proper complex hierarchy structures for the Edison restaurants will be effective in meeting the challenges that are faced by the firm in the competitive business environment. It has been identified that the company has been facing issue side to their poor management strategies. Proposed organizational structure has the ability to introduce effective team management measures. The use of excellent leadership approaches is considered to be impactful in the proposed structure of complex organizational hierarchy (Mo?teanu, 2020). The structure has the ability to reduce the condition of the workplace, and the service quality is also upgraded as the services that are executed by the staffs are under the supervision of the departmental head. The innovations can also be implicated easily within the business with the introduction of the resident managers. The team of HR is having their own job role for the identification of potential employees for the marketing team. It is determined to be impactful in using the proper change management strategies to mitigate the risk associated with the changes.

The front office's manager deals with the proper identification of customers needs as per the markets trends and thus impacts the changed like no contact payments as well as use of safety measures as per the recent COVID 19 protocol. The redesigning of the organization is helpful in addressing the risk faced by the organization ineffective manners (McGivern et al., 2018). The use of the interconnectivity of the deportment with the advanced HR portal is determined to execute transparency among the team members and thus ensures the execution of the services as per the company's defined objectives.

Thus, it can be stated that Edison has been in need of organizational change. The business with the new organization structure has developed the prosperity of the company. The introduction of the innovative changes in the competitive business has the ability to motivate the staffs in the process of executing effective measures of organizational development. It ensures that the business is able to regain its lost market positions as well as the customer's base with the correct strategic executions.

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