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A Strategic Communication Essay On Significant Towards Business Operations


Task:“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” - Benjamin Franklin wrote about the time of the American Revolution.

In this course, we have examined a strategic communication planning system used around the world. However, it has its critics. “I have never seen a strategy plan fail in the board room. (They usually fail in the field,)” a senior strategic communicator said a few years ago, dismissing the value of strategic communication planning.

In a media environment where things can and will change by the second, can we still rely on a communication strategy to raise awareness, bring acceptance or deliver results?


Strategic communication happens to be a crucial factor in providing appropriate information regarding the organisation mission and its project for being contemplated properly. In the changing business scenario strategic communication seems to be very important and dynamic in nature keeping tune with time (Cassidy, 2016). This is because strategic communication strives to be a significant element for the purpose of marketing and enable to run a proper communication across the organisation to attain the business objectives efficiently.

Importance of strategic communication within the organisation
The advent of digital technology has made the aspect of strategic communication more meaningful in contemporary times because information are readily available to the targeted people which could be used for their rightful purpose. The strategic communication strives to be the main theme of an effective communication in the workplace as a swift communication process tends to an efficient flow of information say between the manager and his team members (Meredith, 2012). In this way the various members of the team would be very clear of the tasks they are supposed to deliver leading to a successful stint in the organisational circle.

Smith’s approach to strategic communication planning
According to Smith it would be suitable for the organisation to take relevance of a number of communication strategies within the organisational scenario to have a full-proof communication system. There are several sorts of communication strategies available to the business say face-to-face communication, organisational media, news media and advertising and promotional media (Rumelt, 2012). Each of the communication mode is strategic in nature as they provide a unique opportunity to the business to have an improved level of interaction. For instance the face-to-face communication serves to have a personal engagement between both the parties say the manager having a face-to-face interview with the Board members to have clarification on the business scenario. Again the organisational media and the advertising and promotional media could be rightly exploited by the business in its favour say for promoting its product and services which is due to be launched in the market.

The strategic communication planning could be attempted in the organisational front by means of the following strategic communication tactics –

  • Interpersonal communication and involvement – It leads to an extensive level of personal engagement by undertaking in-home demonstration, petition drive, and trial membership to get along with the targeted segment (Naím, 2014). It definitely provides a unique scope for a fruitful exchange of information by means of conventions, product exhibition, meetings, demonstration and special events like that of social, artistic and fund-raising events. This sort of communication strategy is effective in creating a direct impression on the targeted customers and gets a ready feedback from the customers.
  • Organisational media – The organisational media tactics would take consideration of newsletters, leaflets, booklets, direct mail strategies and necessarily the audio-visual media along with the digital media to create an awareness in the market about its latest offerings (Lasserre, 2017). This sort of communication strategy is effective for the business as the organisational media could be exploited in its favour but it could be expensive at times to have a favourable scenario.
  • News media tactics – It is the uncontrolled media phenomenon on part of the organisation as they are external agencies but if strategically used it could be highly beneficial to the company (Cassidy, 2016). There are news fact sheet, news release, query letter, media advisory, position statement, editorials, news conference and interviews to shed requisite light on the matters of promotion of the goods and services. It is quite essential to exert a positive impact on this media as it is neutral in nature and strives to highlight the negativity of the company identifying its gap in due process of servicing (Greenwald, 2014).

Selection of strategic communication tools
It is noted that there are a range of strategic communication medium which would be very much effective in laying down a proper communication channel across the market. And the communication tactics has its unique approach and relevance to reach out to the targeted segment. Therefore it would in the organisational favour to take relevance of a combined strategic communication planning to have an impactful outcome (Rumelt, 2012). This is because communication strategies like interpersonal communication and engagement strives to earn the confidence of the customers in raising the requisite level of curiosity and interest amongst the targeted customers. So starting with the face-to-face interview coupled with the thrust form organisational media would definitely work in favour of the organisation to push the product in the market (Naím, 2014).

Again through news media tactics a proper notion could be created to make the products acceptable to the customers as it strives to have a neutral ground. Lastly the usage of traditional and digital media would be suitable to run an effective awareness campaign that would be effective to take relevance of the customer query and feedback to make them more comfortable with the offerings. So it could be stated that a variety of communication strategies are required to be applicable in the organisational scenario and its combined form seems to be the most effective one as it raises the success level of the organisation multiple times. Strategic communication essays are being prepared by our management experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable essay help online service.

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