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Star Dish Foods& Falcon Child Care Centre Case Study Analysis


Case Study o1: Star Dish Foods
Question 1. Word limit (300 words)

a) Using an example define the term delegation.
b) Is the use of delegation made by Zoran in Stardish workplace an appropriate use of skill? Justify your answer.
c) Apart from delegation, outline four management skills that are, or would be of assistance to Zoran in his role as the Manager of the research Centre.

Question 2. Word limit
a) Using relevant examples compare the terms performance management and performance appraisal.
b) How can the performance appraisal system used in Starfish promote a team approach in relation to Norman’s work?
c) Explain another strategy to encourage Norman to become a member of the team/

Question 3. Word Limit
a) Define leadership. Why is leadership an important function in an organisation? How does effective leadership contribute towards the success of an organisation?
b) Using leadership theories differentiate the styles between Zoran and Adam. Justify your answer
c) Which is more appropriate style given the organisation’s commitment to a team approach. Justify your answer.

Case Study 02: Falcon Child Care Centre
Question 01. Word Limit (300 words)

a) Outline three strategies (or new practices) which would improve communication between Falcon City Council and its childcare centre. Justify your answer.
b) Identify three management skills that would be useful for Kate in her role as the Union branch representative. Justify your answer.

Question 02
a) What personal attributes would be of value in the role? Justify your answer.

Question 03
a) Identify the main characteristics of the management style demonstrated by Joanne-the HR manager. What impact would such a style likely to have at the childcare centre? Justify your answer.
b) Briefly outline two skills that would assist Joanne in developing and maintaining effective working relationship with childcare staff.


Star Dish Foods case study 1
Answer 1
Answer a

Delegation refers to the allocation of the authority to a resource to make sure that specific tasks and activities are conducted by the resource. For example, in the Star Dish Foods case study, Zoran delegated a lot many company information and responsibilities to Liu, the department secretary(Giapponi, 2015).

Answer b
The use of delegation by Zoran seems valid. This is because Zoran has failed to attend and maintain the frequency of the meetings. Also, due to the lack of interest in these meetings, Zoran has come across as disorganized and has not been able to achieve the basic purpose of these meetings. Liu, on the other hand, has good communication and coordination skills. It is extremely necessary for the team to be cohesive so that they may work as one unit. Liu has displayed her successful efforts in this line in the past. The delegation of authority will ensure that the team in the research centre is cohesive and the communication is also streamlined. Zoran will be accountable of all the activities that Liu will perform and will be able to be involved in the processes at all times(Rohlander, 2015).

Answer c
The four other skills that will assist Zoran to carry out his responsibilities in an effective manner are analytical skills, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking skills. These skills identified in this Star Dish Foods case study will allow Zoran to streamline the activities being conducted at the research centre. The technical and managerial decisions will be taken after extensive analysis. Also, the handling of the risks and issues will be done in an appropriate and planned manner. The critical thinking skills will ensure that the consideration of all the facts and theories is done for problem solving and decision making(Lussier and David Charles Kimball, 2020).

Answer 2
Answer a

Performance management is the process in which the determination and evaluation of the employee performance is done keeping the existing and the future goals in perspective. Performance appraisal, on the other hand, is based on the performance displayed by an employee in the past. For example, the feedback and rating from the past is used for appraisal while the current feedback is used to determine the performance improvement for the future. Performance management is a continuous process that goes on during the entire journey of an employee with the organization(Murphy, Cleveland and Hanscom, 2019). Performance appraisal is conducted as specified duration which could be quarterly, monthly, or yearly.

Answer b
Herein Star Dish Foods case study; there are various performance indicators that are used which are considered during the performance appraisal. For Star Dish Foods, the indicators, such as 360 degree feedback and rate of conflict in the team shall be considered as the significant indicators. Also, the attendance in the meeting and compliance with the ethical principles shall be the important indicators for the performance-based appraisals. This will encourage the members of the organization to work as a unit. It will also motivate Norman to participate in the team meetings and get involved in the team-building activities(Iqbal, Akbar and Budhwar, 2015). These indicators will act as the motivational tools for Norman to improve upon the people skills.

Answer c
As per the given Star Dish Foods case study, there are other strategies that may also be used to encourage Norman in participating in the team meetings and develop the team skills. There are a number of training sessions that are available that assist an employee in the development of communication and other soft skills. Norman can be made to attend such training sessions so that the significance of team building and communication is determined and the skills are also developed. These training sessions will also allow Norman to be able to initiate and participate in the discussion and communication processes. There are team building sessions and activities that may also be organized. Also, the buddy-mentorship programmes can be used so that Norman can interact with other members of the team. It will assist Norman in developing the communication skills and the overall skill enhancement for the mentors assigned will also be possible. Asa result obtained in this Star Dish Foods case study analysis, the overall professional development of the resources will be promoted with the adoption of such a strategy(Iqbal, Akbar and Budhwar, 2015). The mentor may also assist Norman in encouraging towards participation in the team meetings and group discussion sessions.

Answer 3
Answer a

Leadership refers to the use of skills, techniques, and methods to encourage the resources towards achieving a specific purpose or a goal. Leadership is a very important function in a business organization. This is because; there are several projects and activities that run simultaneously in a business environment. The resources may or may not have the clarity on the use of specific techniques or processes. There is also a possibility that the resources adopt the unethical means of conducting the business operations. The readings used from the Star Dish Foods case study signifies that with the use of effective leadership, the resources are guided towards the best practices that can be used to accomplish a particular task (Kan, 2019). Effective leadership has an important role to play in the success of the organization. This is because effective leadership can have positive influences on the resource productivity and compliance levels. It ensures that the goals defined for the project and the organization are achieved. Also, the risks and issues that may occur in the process are also handled in an appropriate manner.

Answer b
There are different leadership styles and theories that have been defined. In the givenStar Dish Foods case study, the leadership styles adopted by Zoran and Adam vary. Zoran has the strategic leadership style wherein he has a strategic vision for Star Dish Foods and all of the activities and decisions are based on the vision. The strategy is used by Zoran to motivate and manage the resources.

Adam, on the other hand, puts a lot of focus on the people and their skills. The leadership style that is adopted by Adam is the transformational leadership. As per this leadership style, Adam considers the viewpoints of all the members in the team. Adam is actively involved in the team discussions and considers the ideas that are put forward by the other members. There is a great degree of collaboration and communication that is showcased by Adam in all the activities and tasks that are carried out (Learmonth, 2018).

Zoran also makes sure that the resources are involved in the decision-making processes. However, he has limited interests in the meetings which may have an impact on the team collaboration and cohesion levels.

Answer c
As per the details associated with the company obtained from this Star Dish Foods case study, leadership is one of the significant aspects that are associated with the organization. There are several resources that have the technical and role-specific skills; however, communication is one area that has a lot of scope for improvement. Looking at all of these aspects, the preferred style for the organization is the transformational style of leadership.

The leadership style used in this Star Dish Foods case study analysis will make sure that the collaboration levels among the resources are high and is maintained at all times. It will ensure that the resources across all the levels in the organization meet often and discuss about the progress and the steps of action. It will be necessary as the activities conducted at one part will have considerable impacts on the other part. The high level of communication and collaboration within the organization will provide the ability to maintain the organization cohesiveness (Learmonth, 2018). It will also make sure that the goals and objectives are achieved using the best possible approach and practices. There will be generation of new ideas and concepts that will take place providing the opportunity to achieve the goals in a better manner. ?

Falcon child care centre case study2 –
Answer 1
Answer a

There are several strategies mentioned in the Falcon child care centre case study that can be adopted to make sure that the communication between the Falcon City Council and the childcare centre is improved.

  • There shall be weekly meetings that must be arranged between the childcare centre and the city council. The two-way communication shall take place in these meetings with the primary agenda of ensuring that the information transparency is maintained.
  • There collaborative decision-making shall occur with the inclusion of at least three members from the Childcare Centre while making changes in any of the policies or any organizational-level decisions(Irlbeck and Buck, 2017).
  • There shall be guidelines that the city council shall publish for the childcare centre in terms of the work style and practices that shall be adopted. These shall be regularly updated on mutual communication and decisions. The childcare centre shall send the weekly performance and progress reports to the city council.

Answer b
The following managerial skills and abilities based on the scenario of Falcon child care centre case study will assist Kate in her role as the Union Branch Representative.

  • Communication and collaboration skills will be extremely important. It is necessary that the internal and external communications are regular and are streamlined so that the resources can be kept motivated. These skills of Kate will ensure that the performance details of the resources are adequately shared. It will also ensure that the external details are properly channelized and communicated with the clients.
  • The leadership abilities and skills will be essential. Kate will be required to make use of different leadership styles while dealing with the staff members of the childcare centre and while dealing with the city council. As a result, she must be aware of the leadership styles and techniques (Wysocki, 2019).
  • The problem-solving skills mentioned in the given Falcon child care centre case studywill also be significant as there can be numerous risks and issues that may come up. It will be necessary that the resolution of these risks is done in an appropriate manner.

Answer 2
Answer a

There are certain personal attributes that will also be of great significance in this role. One of these is the emotional intelligence, EI. In order to make the decisions regarding the working conditions or while dealing with the City Council, it will be necessary to make sure that the emotions are properly handled and are in place. There are several loopholes that have been determined at the end of the city council. With the low EI, it will not be possible to take the rational decisions and deal with the complexity of the scenarios. The high EI will be essential so that the proper decisions are taken and the betterment of the working conditions is also possible.

Herein Falcon child care centre case studyanalysis, another personal attribute that will be essential will be responsibility. There are several other resources that depend on the Union Representative. The work culture that is currently followed in the childcare centre and the city council is not collaborative. As a result, the communication between the two parties is done via the Union Representative. Also, the similar pattern is witnessed in the decisions that are made. As a result, the Union Representative must be responsible to ensure that the roles and duties that are assigned are completed in an appropriate manner(Englund and Bucero, 2019). It is also necessary that the recognition of these responsibilities is done with the continual improvement of the actions and the outcomes.

Honesty and ethics are the other attributes that will play an important role. The resource shall lead by example so that the other members in the childcare centre can follow the similar approach. The sharing of information shall be transparent and there shall be compliance with the ethical principles and norms that must be followed at all times. The lack of honesty or the non-adherence with the ethical principles can lead to the negative implication on the other employees which may not be beneficial for the overall organization.

Fairness is another personal attribute outlined in this Falcon child care centre case study analysis that will play an important role. There is a certain amount of authority that the Union Representative has. The role will be justified and will be able to accomplish the expected set of responsibilities only when the adoption of fair work practices is done. In the case of lack of the attribute, there may be unwanted gaps and issues that may occur which may take up a lot of time for resolution.

Answer 3
Answer a

Based on the Falcon child care centre case study, the primary management and leadership style that Joanne has demonstrated is the autocratic style of management. The main characteristics associated with the style involve the lack of collaboration and communication. The decisions that are taken up are often without consultation from the other members and are usually stated as the instructions. The similar instance was observed when Joanne developed a new policy around the rostered days off, RDO. There was no discussion conducted with Kate or any of the members of the childcare centre. The RDO came as an instruction from the upper management and all the resources were expected to follow and abide by the same. This had a lot of disturbance in the childcare centre as it was not in accordance with the schedule of the resources. It was bound to bring significant changes in the existing schedule and practices. The resources were not ready to implement these changes (Dubrin, 2019).

The style can have negative impacts on the childcare centre. The resources are required to be kept involved so that they are engaged and motivated to perform better. However, the style adopted by Joanne led to the unrest among the resources which may lead to the deterioration of the resource productivity levels. It is also possible that the resources turn inefficient which may have further implications for the childcare centre, city council, and the stakeholders as well.

As per the discussion on Falcon child care centre case study, Kate approaches Joanne on the changes that shall be made in the RDO. However, Joanne did not consider these changes and stated that the decision was final. Such practice of imposing the decisions is no longer acceptable. The business organizations need to be flexible to ensure that the productivity rates of the employees is higher. However, it could not be obtained and observed in the case of the style used by Joanne.

Answer b
There are several skills that Joanne can adopt so that there are effective relations developed with the members of the staff. Joanne needs to work on the communication and collaboration skills. These skills are essential for all the resources and the significance further increases for a manager or a leader. Joanne made decisions without communicating or consulting with Kate or any other resource. As a result, there was a lot of unrest in the team which could lead to negative impacts on the productivity and efficiency levels. The improved communication and collaboration skills of Joanne will allow her to be a People’s Manager. It will assist in the better decision-making and will also allow her to keep the resource motivation in place.

Another skill based on the theme of Falcon child care centre case studythat will assist Joanne in better and effective management will be the improved analytical skills. There are several aspects that are associated with a particular decision or process. The analytical skills of Joanne will allow her to consider and analyse all the aspects before the decisions are enforced. For instance, while preparing the RDO, she did not consider the existing schedule and the future impacts of the policy on the resources. The improved analytical skills will allow Joanne to take improved decisions and will also make sure that the gaps are avoided. The combination of these skills illustrated within this Falcon child care centre case study analysis will assist Joanne in showcasing better management and leadership abilities and outcomes.

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