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Software Design Assignment: Online Music School Booking System Development


Assignment-1: Project Requirements Analysis and Specification
1. Introduction: Is the topic introduced appropriately, and is there an overview of the report given in this section?

2. Problem domain and research questions: Is there a specific research problem identified? Are the research questions relevant?

3. Background and Project Objective: Clear aim and objectives of the project.
Has literature review been conducted well on the chosen topic (such as quality of the papers, variety of publications, including journals and conferences)?

Is the summary of the literature review clear, specific and does it capture the essence of the literature review conducted? Is the summary of all papers reviewed included in Appendix II: Literature Review Summary? [Each student should refer minimum of 6 (three journals, three conferences) peer-reviewed papers]
Does this section specify objectives of the project in a clear and concise manner?

4. Project Requirements Analysis and Specification:Does this section include details requirements specifications?


Literature Review
Online Music School Booking System: This Software Design Assignment focuses on how Technology has brought revolutionary changes in today’s world. Every day, new technologies are invented to make it more comfortable and convenient for the people. One such technology that has made life more comfortable for the music lovers is online music booking system. Today, people no longer need to go to music schools to learn music. They can sit at their home and join online music classes at free with just a few clicks. With the accessibility of mobile devices, people now no longer tend to travel miles to learn music. They prefer to sit at home and get online music classes at any time they wish to.

One such company that has made the online music school booking system much easier is Antarasky Software Design. The Antarasky Software Design has few simple features and it takes very less time to join the online music classes. With just a few clicks, anyone can become the member of the Antarasky Software Design and attend music classes regularly. Once the registration is done, several demonstration videos help the music lovers learn more effectively. The students are required to pay for online music lessons and can buy products online. There is also a built-in teacher scheduling tool [6].

The Software Design Assignment explores how Antarasky Software Design online booking service brings several advantages to the applicants. The students have the freedom to book and pay for practical music exams, select a preferred date for online music exam and get certificates after the end of the music course. Another great feature available in the Antarasky Software Design is automated billing. It assists the students to record the lessons as the automated billing will pick up these lessons and can add it to the corresponding invoices [3].

Antarasky Software Design uses Paypal and Authorize.Net for online payments. Other than this, anyone can make payments directly from credit cards. The online music classes are cost-effective and at times it can charge extra for a music book or a recital fee. Thus, Antarasky Software Design provides several facilities and offers the best music classes online.

Secured Booking System: Antarasky Software Design aims to provide a more secure booking system than its existing one. The company wants to simplify the online booking system to make it more convenient for the customers. For this, reason, the company will be incorporating many changes to make the online booking system more feasible. The company has simplified its booking system than the existing ones. Previously, an applicant had to go through several procedures to book music classes online. Now, it requires only three easy steps to book online music courses at Antarasky Software Design. The first step is to visit their website and simply click on the “Apply for online music booking course”. Once clicked, a new page opens that gives a detailed description of the several online courses and the timeframes. The next step is to choose the course and click on it. Once clicked, the payment details will appear which is very simple. The customer can directly pay for their credit cards. Once paid, an email will be sent to the customer confirming about the music classes [4].

According to the Software Design Assignment security system, the threats from hackers and fraudulent sites are no less. Thus, it is important for the company to improve its online security system to ensure a secured booking for the customers. The company must make a combination of Public and Private Key Cryptography and Hash Function. AES that is selected from the private key cryptography provides security for all the messages delivered in the online system. On the other hand, elliptic curve cryptography ascertains authentication and non-repudiation service. Hash uses SHA-256 to assure the integrity of messages. Thus, the company can use this particular security system to protect the customer data and ensure smooth booking. Added to this, the company must also protect the credit card details. This can be done by using PCI DSS Complaint which addresses all the vulnerabilities and other security breaches and protects the credit card details. The company must also ensure that they perform daily scans by installing an Anti-Virus software to protect from dangerous attacks.

Antarasky Software Design can use Rezgo website that has an industry standard of 256 Bit Wild Card SSL booking page to protect and safeguard the customer data and bank details and information. This will prohibit any kind of cybersecurity and hacking issue as the customers provide bank details while booking online music classes at Antarasky Software Design [1]. Antarasky Software Design must scan Rezgo daily to protect it from malware and spyware. The best part of the Rezgo website is that it is hosted on “the PC1 level 1 Amazon EC2 cloud hosting platform”. This means it helps to protect every detail of customer information.

Antarasky Software Design must also incorporate tokenization, the latest security technology. It ascertains that the card details given by the customers are never stored in such a way that the hackers can retrieve it. In this way, the customer details and bank information are secured. ?

Cross Connection between different devices like tab, mobile and computer
Antarasky Software Design can use several cross connection devices like tab, mobile and computer to make it easier and convenient for the customers. The first thing that a company must do is ask the permission from the customers regarding the linking of the devices. The company must first know about the personal devices used by the customers. If the customers grant the permission, Antarasky Software Design second step can be linking the notifications between different devices like tab, mobile, and computer. The company will send notification about the new course and other information and connect it with all the devices owned by the customer like the mobile phone, tabloid, personal computer and laptop. The third step that can be incorporated by Antarasky Software Design is an auto-update feature. Once an update is notified in the mobile device, it will be automatically updated to the other devices. This makes it easier and convenient for the customers who0 can take online classes from any device.

The company can also adopt Ghostlab, a commercial Mac application that is designed for synchronization testing for all mobile applications to websites and can cross-connect it with devices like tab, mobile and computer [5]. Once synchronization is achieved, the customers can make easy clicks, navigation, scrolls and log in or sign in from several devices [2]. Software Design Assignment will help the customer to take online classes simultaneously from several devices like tabloids, mobile devices and computer. Another benefit of synchronization is that if any important link or music lesson is deleted in the mobile phones, it is already stored on other devices. Thus, important music lessons can also be stored properly on different devices.

Reference list
[1]V. Benson, J. McAlaney and L. Frumkin, "Emerging Threats for the Human Element and Countermeasures in Current Cyber Security Landscape", n Psychological and Behavioral Examinations in Cyber Security, pp. 266-271, 2018.

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[6]M. Meeker, "Internet trends 2015-code conference. Glokalde, 1(3).", 2015. .


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