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   Free sample   Sociology assignment predicting nation position in coming fifty years

Sociology assignment predicting the nation position in coming fifty years


Task: You are required to predict in your sociology assignmentwhere we will be in fifty years, as a nation and as a world. Use your sociological imagination. How will things have changed? How will they be the same?


Many people are terrified about the future. In the coming decades, the human species will face unprecedented challenges brought on by factors such as climate change, population growth, and dwindling natural resources. The constant and fast-growing changes in the social and economic perspective shall open for a lot of optimism in the next 5 decades (Sexton, Martin& Zilberman, 2030). The upcoming and planned innovations in science and technology shall bring havoc changes in the way of living, which could either be better or worse than now. In this sociology assignmentessay, a major focus is made on reflecting on the world and the U.S. in the next 50 years with the power of observations and sociological principles.

World in the next 50 years discussed in the sociology assignment>
It is predicted in the sociology assignment that manual cars will be replaced by self-driving cars in the next 50 years. The self-driving cars will have the potential to take people wherever they want to go without setting foot on the pedal. The introduction of self-driven cars will reduce the gap between manual and automatic driving by keeping the car in the middle of the highway lane, automatically stopping when they anticipate an accident, and having cameras built into the vehicle that watch the driver for signs of exhaustion, drowsiness, or diversions (Khanet al., 2022). Based on the social action theory discussed in the sociology assignment, the leading car manufacturers of the world- Tesla, Ford, General Motors, Waymo and others will push the technology in fast-forward mode than at the present time.

Body implants as per the sociology assignmentwill be another great transition in the future where it is expected to experience more penetrative technology like augmentation, microchipping and different other body implants. At present, microchip technology is used in people's arms for performing cashless payments at ATMs and stores (Zubenet al., 2022). In the next 50 years, the world will see changes in greater adoption and implementation of prosthetics with different and unique designs, colours and concepts to suit the style quotient of people and the accessibility requirement. It is found in the sociology assignment that the beauty and sports market will be evolved due to advanced body implants in the next 5 decades. Population growth in the next 50 years is one of the biggest concerns as the world population will exceed more than 10 billion, and the population of India will overcome that of China. By the end of the next 50 years, 75% world's population will live in cities, which will force them to build houses that touch the sky, and cities will be settled from the group up. The roadway system as per the sociology assignmentwill completely change and shall be built up to several floors like underground, first level, second level, and so far. The gigantic world population will push the need for underground skyscrapers with multi-storey buildings built from the underground level (Dudaet al., 2030). The buildings will be resistant to earthquakes and will offer multiple facilities under one roof, like commercial places, residential places, gyms, cafes, restaurants, theatres and shopping centres. Moreover, the scarcity of the existing road will make changes in the existing roadway structure of the world, fostering underground roads to travel from one city to another. An underground transport system as per the sociology assignmentwill be developed with the speed of the sound in the form of a tube system to connect major terminal points.

USA In the next 50 years discussed in the sociology assignment
Based on the Pew Research Centre study, the population of the USA will exceed 440 million in the next 50 years. Such population explosion mentioned in the sociology assignmentwill account for more than 33% change mainly due to immigration of people from different countries into the U.S. So, there will be 3 times more people in the country than what it is now. The travelling between cities like New York City to Washington D.C. or from Los Angles to California, Los Angles to San Francisco will be within a human propulsion network (Hyderet al., 2022). The Hyperloop network in the next 50 years will allow people to travel up to 700 miles per hour which is in half an hour; one can travel between New York City to Washington DC. It is predicted in the sociology assignmentthat the debt holding of the U.S. will be almost double the amount. Currently, the National Debt maintained by the U.S. is $48 billion, out of which 12% is federal spending which will cross 150% of the GDP in the next 5 decades. The increasing health and insurance cost in the country will force the country to double the debt of the nation in the forthcoming years (Solé& Levin, 2022).

As a result of climate change at a global level, the average temperature of both summer and winter will notably rise in the upcoming 50 years. Few cities in the country will be as hot as the Middle East, wherein it will be dangerous for people to go out during the daytime as a result of excessive heat. Las Vegas will soar to a temperature of 111ºF and Pheonix at 114ºF, similar to Dubai and Kuwait City (Zubenet al., 2022). The death rate as per the sociology assignmentwill have a significant decline making the population of the country constituting a large portion of the old population. At present, the older population represents only 16% of the total U.S. population which is expected to rise to 22% in the next 50 years. The life expectancy will rise from 89 years to 94 years among women, and for men, it will be from 83 years to 86 years.

From the above analysis, it can be concluded from the sociology assignmentthat in the following 50 years, the world will be increased by acidification of the water bodies and slow yet remorseless rise in the sea level. The world would become a difficult place to live with big changes in the climate, making the place warmer than usual. Similarly, the USA will lose out its economic supremacy over China and India by the end of the next 50 years due to the high debt burden and excessive population growth within the country. It is found in this sociology assignment that the rise of luxury cities will further cause a gap between the rich and poor in the same economy within the U.S., making the nation more difficult to run the country optimally.

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