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Sociology Assignment: A Book Review On Toronto Reborn


Task: You are responsible for submitting asociology assignment reviewing of Ken Greenberg’s Toronto Reborn.

The book review will include the following:
Publication information:

Audience (is this book intended for specialists, students, the general public, etc.):
Author’s name and biographical information (field, experience, credentials, related work, etc.) Objective summary of the books content organized by chapters (keep to the major points the author is making) Your evaluation of the major points in light of the City Hall classes, Seneca class lectures, PP slides, resources and discussions

How this book had an impact on your understanding of the City of Toronto
Conclusion and recommendations


Title of the book selected in this sociology assignmentis “Toronto Reborn: Design Successes and Challenges”

Publication information
Publisher of the book is Dundurn, and the book was published in English language on May 11, 2019 with 208 pages. Audience
The book is particular for the audience with interests in Urban and Land Use Planning, Regional Architecture, and Architecture. At the same time, it is intended for the audience with the interests to explore aspects of land and urbanisation (Greenberg, 2019). University students and Scholars have the opportunity to learn more and gather knowledge on the issues that can occur regarding renewal of a multi-cultural city and redefining the demographic pressure related to locus for immigration, development, and investment.

Author’s name and biographical information
The author of the book is Ken Greenberg, a renowned writer, teacher, and urban designer with interests of making remarkable transformations in Toronto. Other renowned work than Toronto Reborn: Design Successes and Challenges is Walking Home: The Life and Lessons of a City Builder.

Objective summary of the books content organized by chapters
The book has two parts, including Part One: On the Ground, and Part Two: A New City. Part One includes eight changes and part two consists of three chapters. In the first chapter, the author has presented the processes of appearance of the changes while the second chapter is all about Neighbourhoods Coalesce. The third chapter is all about the changing process of moving. Expanding common ground is the theme of the fourth chapter with new and innovative thoughts on the process of expansion of the colleges and universities in this city. Inspiring and dramatic changes to Toronto are the central theme of the book that is also reflected in the chapter five that is City in Nature. On the other hand, institutions such as the City Builders chapter have presented the importance of colleges and universities in the city to make it more beautiful and effective to keep balance between the environment and cityscapes.

Appearance of changes has been identified in minute detail in this book that has helped in identifying environmental, economic, social, and demographic aspects of this city on the basis of constituting the entire procedure of meeting expected outcome of the processes and intention to transform the urban history. Cities all over the world have already started to change their dimension and approach towards urbanisation by considering complex convergence of centrifugal forces through unreserved embrace of automobile, cheap energy, and antiquity polemics. Rebirth and renewal story of the city is the most interesting part of making changes in the city. At the same time, the book has presented the integral part of the city that could help the city to become more attractive and supportive for everyone from the perspective of urbanisation. In such a condition, part two of the book has presented the ninth chapter with the threads of weaving the entire plan efficiently through a better approach towards making the city more attractive (Hadjichambiset al. 2020). Unleashing the power of the city is the tenth chapter of the book, and the last chapter is all about the chance the people have to become best of them. The book has explored insight and in-depth knowledge of the writer on society and cities to design urbanisation. Thai book has presented every aspect of challenges and successes regarding designing the city through changes. Inspiration and guidance of the book for people provide insights related to values of working on the factors such as optimism and social changes.

Evaluation of the major points in light of the lecture classes
The framework of city building contains the importance of breaking the thoughts of instant gratification.
City-building is all about understanding the history and environment of a place. Geographical and historical values and insight of a place make it easy for the city builders to work on that fact more efficiently. Along with that, intensifying the corrections on the procedure of handling environmental and political factors have helped the book in identifying the most crucial parts of right direction towards going beyond the challenges to imply astounding changes. Potentiality of the city is to be considered to work on the factors such as going beyond the challenges. The book has helped in getting a critical insight for the North American urbanists regarding identifying the detailed initiatives and transformation for compelling optimism and deep aspects of working changes regarding usage of technology and new materials. This book has also helped in ensuring the distribution of operational sense and physical aspects of enabling the technologies through innovation (Kennedy, 2019). Innovative approaches to provide a better shape to the city is the most crucial part in developing better aspects regarding introducing the different conditions for operational sense.

The book has helped in understanding the social space through animation that can help in identifying the procedure of utilising outdoor spaces and indoor spaces to provide better quality of life to the people of the city. Improvement of public realm-related microclimate is also essential for the ambitious aspects of managing the city. For example, it has helped in completing the tasks regarding procedure of managing space for every aspect of life. At the same time, the book has identified that recycling in the city also takes too much space; therefore, the underground vacuum system has helped in managing the task.

Introduction and usage of industrial robots are no less important in this case. Primary reason for such a fact is that management of the recyclable factors and waste streams is the most crucial part in managing the cities that can help in sorting the waste after collecting them through new technologies. Most importantly, it has also been identified that improvement of cleanliness has been implemented through elimination of large bins by improving the procedure of pest control and cleanliness (Stangis and Smith, 2017). Therefore, the entire book has not left any part of the civilisation that can affect the procedure exportable, scalable and technologies in future without facing any issue. Learning about citizenship in the 21st century revolves around a place with digital literacy and competency on the volumes of the book. Creativity-driven and innovative approaches towards urbanisation and civilisation in the 21st century have been explored in this book with critical analysis.

It has unfolded every crucial part regarding developing a city from communication and transportation to waste management. Recycling is a crucial part in modern age cities, and this aspect has been revealed in this study in minute detail. For example, it has become easy for the policy developers and decision makers to complete the task of engaging citizens of this century.

Digital literacy, global awareness, and civic literacy have become successful in the case of Toronto after identifying the success of the design of the culturally improved and enriched a city with modern technology. This book has explored every aspect of both the historical and geographical aspects of the changes that have been implemented in Toronto with logical descriptions and excellent plot descriptions. It has also provided the maps of the downtown, including the crucial parts of the city such as Berczy Park, Trillium Park, Quayside, St. Lawrence Historic District, Queens Quay, and Regent Park. It is an undeniable fact that Toronto has gone through an extraordinary transformation, and it is essential for the urban culture specialists to understand the entire procedure efficiently.

Changes in the pollution of the city have also been considered while developing the transformation of the social, physical, and infrastructural changes in this mega city. Technological innovation is the key factor that has created a dynamic approach for the project management team to create changes as per the needs of climate and weather by considering environmental aspects (Greenberg, 2019). Along with that, it has also considered implementation of advanced technology that can help in gaining the wealth of advancement by protecting the raw material wealth of nature.

The city has already embraced the factor that human beings are part of nature that helps in staying advanced in the path of social inclusion. It has found new ways to manage human diversity to strengthen the sense of community, ecology, and economy. Responsiveness of the working process in this case has helped in identifying the learning regarding citizenship through creativity, collaboration. It is also essential for the management team to identify the problem solving and critical thinking skills regarding identifying any problem while developing any project. Impact of the book on the understanding of the City of Toronto

The book is an excellent work on the history and geography of the Toronto City along with the procedure of the development of urbanisation in this city. It has become true for the city to understand technology and innovation along with the mentality of the people of this place. For example, the culture of the city has been reflected in the procedure of distribution, industrial production, television, radio, and car. Along with that, communication and transportation are the most crucial parts of the book that has been explored. Transformation is noticed in every part of the city in this book that has helped in creating an exceptional legacy (Greenberg, 2019). Conservatives and preservationists of the city have changed theory perspectives regarding community life. Sustainability has become the core of the city in every aspect of life whether it is the innovative technology in transportation or responsive approaches in collectively and individualism.

This book has helped to know about the socially cohesive community of this place along with the mentality and approach of the city dwellers regarding environmental sustainability and economic growth. This book has also helped in understanding the importance of quality of infrastructure and social justice. Justice is the most important part in living a sustainable and collaborative life. It is not possible for any city to provide the best experience to its dwellers without having proper education and providing the power of community. Wealth of the ethnicities of Toronto has the ability of higher dimensions to help the entire community to live a better life. Ken Greenberg has motivated the readers to think about the critical parts of the city from the beginning. Excitement of the achievements of the city is no less important in this book that has also provided the hope and enthusiasm regarding developing a better dimension of work.

Dramatic parts of the city have also been explained and discussed with reasons, and this fact has helped in understanding the importance of going beyond the brutality of the past. Conservative approaches of the city have also been explored in the entire process through identification of the progressive candidates for developing a better future (Greenberg, 2019). Moreover, this book has explored the beginning and present of the city from physical, political, economic, and ethic aspects. Environmental and sustainable approaches are no less important in the book. Overall, this book is a great read for people with interests in urbanisation and civilisation.

Conclusion and recommendation
The review of the book has explored every aspect and chapter of the book that have helped in getting an overall idea on the city. Toronto is a progressed city; however, it has not become so attractive suddenly. It has taken time, effort, and planning for developing a city acceptable to the entire world. Globalisation and economic development have helped the entire procedure of transforming the city into a newer one. Along with that, the book has explored the history and geography of the city that can help people to know about the sacrifices and the support the people of the place have provided to make a better city.

Most importantly, the city can help in creating better dimensions for environmental and sustainable aspects. It has become possible for the entire city to become so beautiful and advanced only through the acceptance of the importance of nature.

Humans are a part of nature, and this aspect has helped the management team to create a better design and civilised approach.
Waste management is another critical part of the society that has helped the city to become better, and this approach can also help in future too.

Reference list
Greenberg, K., 2019. Toronto Reborn: Design successes and challenges. Dundurn, Toronto.
Hadjichambis, A.C., Reis, P., Paraskeva-Hadjichambi, D., inera, J., Boeve-de Pauw, J., Gericke, N. and Knippels, M.C., 2020. Conceptualizing environmental citizenship for 21st century education. Springer Nature, London: UK. Kennedy, K.J., 2019. Civic and citizenship education in volatile times: Preparing students for citizenship in the 21st century. Springer, London.
Stangis, D. and Smith, K.V., 2017. The executive’s guide to 21st century corporate citizenship: How your company can win the battle for reputation and impact. Emerald Group Publishing, Bingley.


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