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Sociology Assignment: Are Human Rights Universal


Task: Write a detailed report on sociology assignment discussing about the violation of human rights in new global governance.


The present report on sociology assignment revolves around the concept of human rights which are characterized as such rights relating to the life, opportunity, equalization and regard of the person as are guaranteed by the constitution or epitomized in worldwide promise and regions in the country. To put it simply, basic freedoms are the privileges of people perceived far and wide, which are viewed as essential for their total mental, physical and profound turn of events. These rights are acquired from the characteristic respect and significance in the human body. The purpose of this project is to show the awareness of human rights practice and the impact of such right on the general public. This sociology assignment also deals with the violation of a human right in new global governance and the necessity of such a right for the existence of human.

The human right has a lexical significance, stated attestations, or those that ought to be, or now and again called, lawfully perceived and secured. The United Nation Charter contained the explanation that the individuals of the United Nations accept that some basic liberties can never be grabbed away. Humans have pride and equivalent rights as men and women. Because of this announcement, the United Nations embraced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 1948 by the chairman Eleanor Roosevelt. On this date, the General Assembly of the United Nations affirmed and reported the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Human Right’s Theory
Human Rights are the fundamental rights that safeguard the well-being of the citizens of a country and allow everyone to claim their rights to be treated with basic human dignity. Buchanan 2013 believed that human rights adhere to problems revolving around the visibility, allowance, mindset, inclusiveness, legitimization along with the lawful condition of basic freedoms. This article tends to the idea of basic liberties, the presence and grounds of common freedoms, the topic of which rights are common freedoms, and relativism about basic liberties.

This area endeavours to clarify the overall thought of basic freedoms by distinguishing the main characterizing highlights. Cruft 2012 depicts that the objective is to address the topic of what basic freedoms are with a depiction of the centre idea as opposed to a plethora of deprived rights. Human Rights endeavours to cover a wide range of common freedoms including both good and legitimate basic liberties. In case we miss the self-evident, common freedoms are rights (Cruft 2012). One can contend, obviously, that objective like rights are not genuine rights, however it might be smarter to perceive that they include a powerless yet valuable idea of a right for a security having the notion where common freedoms are rights from a solid perspective (Beitz 2009). A common liberties standard may exist as: -

  1. A mutual basis of genuine human ethics.
  2. An advocated moral standard upheld by solid criteria.
  3. A legitimate claim at the public level.
  4. A lawful-justified claim inside universal law.

It is stated herein sociology assignment that Human Rights give people the legislative privileges to claim their rights for equality and liberty. Beitz 2009 argues that it is in this context, that even verbal abuse is a punishable crime if it is any discriminatory comments based on caste, sex, creed, culture or colour offending the other person. Dworkin 2011 interprets that a common liberties backer may wish to see basic freedoms exist in each of the four different ways. On a daily basis, human rights are the set of code of ethics that aims at maintaining a society of well-being and peace. On the off chance that somebody acknowledged that there are basic liberties yet held that there is just one of them, this may bode well on the off chance that she implied that there is one theoretical fundamental right for a perspective on it. Savants coming to basic liberties hypothesis from moral way of thinking now and again expect that common freedoms must be, at base, moral as opposed to legitimate rights. Dworkin 2011 found that there is no inconsistency, in any case, in individuals saying that they trust in basic liberties, however just when they are legitimate rights at the public or global levels. As Louis Henkin found, "Political powers have mooted the important philosophical protests, crossing over the gap among normal and positive law by changing over regular basic freedoms into positive lawful rights" (Henkin 1978).

Universalization of human
Human rights are the privileges of individual perceived the world over which is important for their mental, physical and spiritual health. According to the readings of Valentini 2017 undertaken in this segment of sociology assignment, the rights of human have started from the inherent dignity of human beings. The World Body adopted and announced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. As indicated by this declaration, each individual and all aspects of society ought to stir regard for these rights and opportunities. After the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The United Nation embraced the International Civil and Political Covenant, the International social, economic and cultural authority for the promotion and adherence of Human Rights. These rights are acquired from the characteristic respect and significance in the human body. The purpose behind which is to guarantee a more complete and autonomous improvement of character, otherworldly, good and different opportunities for every individual stated by He, 2017.

On 10 December 1948, the overall Assembly of the United Nations endorsed and affirmed the Universal Declaration of human rights. The official text of this declaration is accessible within the United Nations in five different languages namely English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. The text of the interpretation is accepted by the government of Asian nations. According to van Genugten 2018, universalization of basic freedoms is arranged to guarantee the individual rights and affirmation of any individual in any sector secured by the worldwide network. This declaration provided inspiration and guidance to nations and they proceed to recognize and implement these rights through their constitution or enactments.

Extensively, human liberties methods right to freedom, equity, life and the integrity of an individual independent of position, belief or sex. These universal freedoms are characteristic rights, needed to be ensured for the serene presence of an individual. There are likewise arrangements for universal treatment for the infringement of common liberties. The Human Rights Commission is assuming a significant job in actualizing common freedoms norms. Accordingly, it is important to work vivaciously on making these rights significant to look after harmony, improve worldwide steadiness, aid financial and social turn of events.

What is the impact of human rights violation on general public discussed within this sociology assignment?
A human rights violation is an unlawful deprivation of individual authority recognized latent to all people. There are wide ranges of the description of these rights, from administrative statements to metaphysical insights. Abusing singular basic freedoms may overstep laws and subject the executioner to denunciation. Violation of human rights has become basic nowadays. The News Channels and the newspapers reveal to us that constantly and at each second, someplace on the earth, common freedoms are being disregarded. According to Redpath 2019, our constitution defends the common freedoms, yet heedless of every single such arrangement, the violation of these rights is regularly happening. The insurance and safeguarding of common freedoms is an incredible test for each nation in this world. Instances of savagery, murder, torment, assault, kid misuse, passing because of starvation, demise because of settlement, inappropriate behaviour, and custodial demise have shameless wildness in the general public.

There are a few instruments on a worldwide level that are expected to anticipate and halt the violation of humans. The United Nations Security Council is viewed as the dominant instrument of ensuring the rights of human around the world, yet is oftentimes admonished for omitting to follow up on away from of rights expressed in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other UN-approved testimony on the issue. The rights to life, wealth proprietorship, freedom and authority of the law are for the most part generally viewed as human rights. Rensmann 2017 stated that getting an allegation out of these rights is normally assured by secured legitimate decree that announces infraction like homicide, unlawful inquiry, robbery, and faith without a preparatory to be unlawful.

Violation of human right in new global governance
Global governance is the worldwide administrative movement in order to achieve ministerial collaboration between non-governmental actors, with the objective of arbitrating reactions to complications spread across varied regions. As clarified by Barclay 2016, the world governance can be segregated roughly into four stages. They are Agenda fixture, Constitution of policies, Implementation and imposition, and Assessment observation and arbitration.

A few important features of human rights are mentioned in the following section of sociology assignment:
Human rights exist for everyone. It provides a guarantee for security all over the world. They are completely legitimate and protected through legislation. Human Rights emphasizes on the nobility of the human. Additionally, it will provide security to every individual as well as group.

Violation of human rights with migrant
According to Bernaz 2020, it is estimated that 3% of the world’s population lives outside their country of origin. However, among this 3%, the majority of relocation is forced and compelled. While some are due to the mixed rationality such as penury, destitution, lack of basic amenities, better opportunities outside, unavailability of proper Healthcare, access to a better environment, and others.

The idea of resettling is a new experience and exciting opportunity for many, but the lack of migration based human rights at Global, National, and even regional levels have made the migration a better experience. The general violation of migrants’ rights at migrating countries and intercontinental borderline has become very common.

The dignity of the migrants is not constitutionally endangered but they are vulnerable to human rights infringements. The possibility of bias behaviour, discrimination ill-treatment, exploitation, and abuse of a migrant is very high. The migrant tends to live a life considering the denial of been accepted and fear of detention. Their human rights and fundamental rights are constantly being violated And the Voices being surprised.

The violation of human rights with migrants can include the basic violation of governmental rights and secular rights which can lead to capricious detention or imprisonment or captivity and torture without any legal proceedings. The following information provided in this context of sociology assignment has been obtained from "OHCHR | Migration and Human Rights", 2020. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in this situation plays the role of the universal mandate. It ensures the implementation of all human rights and their utilization to remove all hindrances for its successful execution. Activities are synced with the United Nations system. It undergoes the task of promoting and protecting the human rights of all resettles irrespective of their position. The main focus is the children and women who are most vulnerable to Human Rights violations. The complete migration process will be considered as a matter of urgency.

Violation of human rights with native and indigenous people
In spite of all the constructive and productive development in the universal standards of human rights, natives and Indigenous people are continuously facing inhuman exploitation. The intensity of physical as well as mental brutality and roughness against natives is a bitter reality of the world. The deprival of their land enforced taking away of land or forcing to resettle, refutation of land rights, and assimilation by the military are some of the major community issues. Being more extreme this violence results in a glaring breach of human rights such as murder, rape, or other frightening forms. Weaver 2019 demonstrated that among the discrimination and violence faced by the native people, the women are the most affected category. They not only face the denial of food, clothing, shelter, land, water but also sexual abuse. The probability of being raped, of a native woman, is higher than that of an ordinary woman.

The people have socially protested and took a stand on the assault and brutality they face. However, the shortcomings of the human rights protection lead them to detention as the use of legitimate jurisdiction to punish and penalize social activities. The obvious demands and requirements of the community of indigenous peoples and native must be fulfilled. The required information has been availed from "Human Rights | United Nations for Indigenous Peoples", 2020. The continuous efforts on the way to improve the situation and to increase the dignity of the community with the help of rules and regulations legitimate and international recognition, the results are not yet desirable. Improved chances and the establishment of an intercontinental platform to express their violations, abuse, discrimination, and assaults have provided some progress yet it is evasive.

On the contrary, within this sociology assignment Landman 2006 argues that Human Rights defenders are rapidly trying to promote and protect their age-old pledged rights. However, these protectors against Human Rights violation are constantly being targeted and labelled as a terrorist.

Global governance needs to pay special attention to these communities and their issues and contact them for their desired solutions.

Necessity of human rights for existence
The human rights law is an outline lord that provides equal benefits and chances without any prejudice or differentiation for jobs, residence, utilities, or amenities. Human rights are extremely essential in the connection existing among the individuals and their governance. The governance exerts strength over its people and has indirect control in their lives. Here in this aspect of sociology assignment, the role of Human Rights becomes important because they ensure the application of limitations on the power of the government. The basic needs of food clothing and shelter are to be fulfilled by the government and it must secure the rights of its people. The necessity of human rights is irrevocable.

In order to accomplish the desired features of human rights, its importance increases. It is also very crucial that people are made aware of their human rights. Awareness can be created by adopting the Human Rights education campaign and awareness campaign.

Reasons why human right matters can be expressed in different forms:
Human Rights ensure access of every individual to food, water, clothing, shelter, and medication. Human rights provide security to endangered groups from exploitation. Human right encourages people to speak against dishonesty and deception in society. It empowers people and acknowledges their dignity.Human rights promote the Liberty of speech and expression against any fractal retaliation.Human rights concedes the liberty to practice a religion of their choice and also provide the freedom to not practice any religion if they want. It considered the persons’ pious and spiritual faith. Human Rights promote the unbiased and healthy work environment where equal opportunities are provided to every individual. Human rights act as a means to reach education for everyone and not just the elite. Educated Minds will further bring more awareness regarding human rights. Human rights have universal acceptance and make the government answerable for violation of human rights.

This report on sociology assignment watches out for the possibilities of essential freedoms, the nearness and the grounds of normal opportunities and relativism about fundamental freedom. It is often observed in the above context of sociology assignment that that individuals who have the responsibility of securing basic liberties, they misuse their capacity and begin disregarding basic freedom of people. No particular day or event is needed to feel and recognize the pain of humanity. Therefore, it ought to be guaranteed that all the individuals of the nation get their basic freedoms. It is important that as the reason for the United Nations, the insurance and advancement of human rights is subject to its different purpose. The United Nations utilizes these to advancement in basic freedoms. If harmony can be kept up, global stability can be increased, countries are permitted to fabricate their destiny by helping the social and economic development of the nation.

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