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Social Research Assignment: Women Quota For Enrolling In STEM Subjects


Task: You are supposed to write an essay in the current social research assignment on the topic “Should there be a quota for women enrolment in STEM subjects”.


While researching for this social research assignment, it has been seen that on the underrepresentation of women within the job market as these are alarming as to that women's education ratings are high. Through providing knowledge to demand knowledge and skill in size are necessary to be achieved for their full potential. This also helps in contributing to an interconnected world and ultimately converted into better skills in future lives. These skills are implemented within the central preoccupation of policymakers across the globe. Thus, it is considered that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education is a central element that is endured after the achievement of a knowledge-based memory . Despite the wholesome spread, there is concern about the number of women working in the STEM industry, recruiting women within STEM programs within universities as this is not as much of a struggle as these are being considered.

Why the topic is taken
The topic has been taken to emphasise and acknowledge the worldwide progress that had been made to be provided to women with having an equal opportunity to education. Despite the growth is worthy enough for celebration, as this is yet to be achieved all the gender equality that is subjected to be within education. Moreover, the progress with STEM education declines the gender gap and allows globally men to continue to be more educated than women . Thus, the content is about having a quota that would help women with enrolment within STEM education.

Social relevance to the topic
Providing women equal opportunities are subject to be pursued and are thrived within the STEM workforce. These also objectify women to be essential in building an innovative and inclusive future for women. It ensures having a whole range of experiences and skills and techniques. Every component of STEM education brings in all the valuable contributions within the wide diversity of society. This also helps in the reduction of the gender pay gap, as this is having a diverse STEM workforce that initiates in the prevention of biases through product services within the organisational design.

Definition of STEM
STEM stands for the terms Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These are not like the traditional education experiences within which the subject areas are being interconnected and are concentrated separately . Thus, STEM education has constantly been emphasized within the technology and integration of the subjects. These ways are considered to be connected within disciplines and are related to each other.

Women enrolment in STEM subjects that are within different countries
The British Council has emerged with a scholarship program that concentrates on providing benefits for women from the Americas, South Asia, South East Asia, Egypt, Turkey, and Ukraine. This scholarship program is objectifying to increase the opportunities in STEM for all the girls and Women. This has also been considered that according to the data from UN Scientific Education and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), there are a few that are 30% of the female students that are being selected by STEM or STEM-related fields. The study of STEM has looked at the overall life satisfaction rates of this country . These are measured within the economic opportunity and hardship.

USSR and Cuba involvement of women in STEM/Medicine
It has been recognised over the past century; Cuba has been identified as having great strides that provide opportunities for women within Science. Moreover, the population of women is more than two-thirds of the positions that are within Cuba's science and technology sector. These also represented one of the highest percentages that are within the world . In Cuba, there is a trend that follows the feminization of the technical workforce that involves women up to 66.4% of the total category. These are also subjected to be occupied within a high-level of position in Science, technology, and the professions. Women play an important and prominent role within science and technology having duration of five years.

How did they do that
Cuba is having faith in most scientific disciplines as these are tough to be learned and are contested and these are being rewarded within too modest a time and the efforts those are being provided to the women. These are the complaints that are within the goal that posts in marking the end of the study and the beginning of the career continuation . Moreover, the women in Cuba are being paid through convertible pesos. The units are being exchanged through the visitors. These are often having the opportunities that are to be earned through double or even triple within the income of the individuals. These are the reasons that help to ensure that there will be a sufficient number of scientists to be filled within the posts that are being left. Thus, the situation of women is having a lot of challenges that are involved within the world . These are necessary to be within the impulse that is involved within the new politics of the country. These policies are influencing the thinking pattern of the members of society.

Other types of quotas used within education and their effect or impact
A quota on the foreign competition is in general referred to as leading within the quality that is involved within upgrading of the low-quality firm . Moreover, an increase within the average quality emphasizes the reduction of the quality and differentiation, and a reduction of domestic consumer surplus. These are also defined with an irrespective of the foreign firm that is producing higher or lower quality. Thus, another quota system helps in the adoption within education as this catches the areas of federal government policies that are formulated in bridging the gap between the educations. This also helps in developing the states and the education that are less developed within the states.

The purpose of the study is to highlight the importance of providing STEM education to women as they are considered to be worthless in having an education. This report is providing the necessities that are required within stemming the skills that are being implemented within the education of women in different countries. This topic emphasizes the importance of STEM education that involves women irrespective of age.

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