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social psychology theories assignment on publicizing on research findings


Task: are psychologies responsible for sharing their social psychology theories assignment research findings to educate the public?


Module 3: Social Influence in the Real world
Clarifying Issue

In this social psychology theories assignment, the main issue is about the social influence of psychologists in the real world. This section will discuss whether the psychologists are responsible for sharing their research to educate and inform the individuals or not. According to the media, it has been portrayed that the social psychologists are indeed holding the responsibility to educate a wider public with their research information.

social psychology theories assignment
“Asch’s Study”, “Milgram Experiment” and “Stanford Prison Experiment”; all of the studies have been made to assess knowledge about human behaviour. According to “Mimetic Theory”, in the obedience study by Stanley Milgram, “disobedience” can occur in situations when an “ordinary man” gives orders (Xiong et al., 2021). Moreover, the “conformity” represents individuals who can agree with the majority view. The power of majority influence works in different situations.

Application to Real World Examples
In the real world, in order to gain insights into social behaviour, experiments such as “Stanford Prison Experiment” and “Milgram’s obedience study” can be taken into consideration. For instance, the prison experiment clearly shows that individuals tend to adapt to the roles which are assigned to them (Blagov, 2021). Situational influences are often ignored during explaining the behaviour of other individuals. As per the social psychology theories assignmentfindings, there can be a change in the attitude in case a leader offers acceptance, unconditional love and acceptance.

Personal Reflection
The information on the influence of social behaviour has significantly changed my views. I considered that social psychologists were not bound to be trained to think through these types of issues. Now, I can say that all these experiments and studies have helped the individuals to learn various aspects of human behaviour. This clearly denotes majority influence has the capability to influence a group of individuals to discover and explore the truth (O'Connor et al., 2020). By sharing a wider view of the studies to a wider public will eventually allow individuals to learn and educate. The imitation processes are the tools that help individuals to shape behaviour and self-concepts.

Module 4: The Clark and Clark Doll Studies
Clarifying Issue

The results of the social psychology theories assignmentexperiment held by Dr. Kenneth Clark was indeed successful in provoking racial stereotypes among the children. In this module, the issue lies within the ethical consideration in social psychological research. The study has consistently obtained negative reactions. The section will discuss whether the methods of the experiment have been successful in obtaining new information in children’s racial perceptions or not.

Critical Engagement with Theory
The study has often been criticised for its lack of use of theories. Moreover, there was an absence of control of variables. The Schema Theory can be used to explain the formation of stereotypes. According to the theory, individuals form different categories by organising information unconsciously (Shikalgar, 2021). Therefore, it is quite evident that individuals generalise information so that they can understand easily.

Application to Real World Examples
Similar to the Clark doll tests, Professor Robin Bernstein held an experiment to study women, gender and sexuality. As per the social psychology theories assignmentconcepts of the professor, there has been a negative portrayal by the experiments. The cultural study has been appraised by several researchers for the ability to shift the evaluation of the doll experiment. The history of the Children in the 19th and 20th century have shown that children were hanged, beaten and dismembered (Sturdivant & Alanis, 2021). Therefore, the results of the doll experiment can be identified as a cultural choice rather than indication of black self-hatred.

Personal Reflection
From the point of view of ethical consideration, the findings of the experiment can be dismissed. I have discovered that in order to obtain the desirable outcome to prove that African Americans are negatively stereotyped, the researcher has developed or caused biases and partiality. Since learning more about this topic, I have changed my views. I have understood and acknowledged the importance of using theoretical approaches and appropriate methods in research work. Moreover, while achieving the desirable objectives for a research study, it is important not to consider any biases. Even though the results of the social psychology theories assignmentexperiment were interpreted as reliable and good, the results have been skewed. The improper methods have simply negatively portrayed the results.

Module 5: Psychology Changing Society

Clarifying Issue
The SRT or “Social Representation theory” is helpful in explaining the “rejection of expert knowledge”. However, the theory is not capable of solving the global problems that are created due to rejection of expert knowledge (Khamidovna&Khudayberganov, 2022). The theories and models of communication represent understanding individuals in general. The section will discuss the SRT and how science communication is facilitated by social psychologists.

Critical Engagement with Theory
It has been often observed that science communication is capable of educating the public. Social psychologists are often observed to facilitate science communication to avoid the rejection of scientific knowledge (Roland Lévy, 2020). According to “Binarism of Theory-Practice and practice-research”, the triplet theory is useful for guiding and informing other individuals.

Application to Real World Examples
The use of communication can contribute to social transformation and change. The different communication processes usually help to generate collaboration and dialogue. Positive social change can be promoted through social representation theory (Chimirri&Schraube, 2019). In the real world, participatory communication is quite similar to participatory development. For instance, workshops or theatre are proven to be more effective in improving the results than the single interventions.

social psychology theories assignment- Personal Reflection
Since learning the topic, I have understood that communication in societies is capable of helping individuals in the team to promote positive changes. Moreover, it has been quite clear that these strategies are quite helpful to deliver communicated practices. For instance, in order to reduce the stigma for mental illness, individuals can use these strategies to increase the understanding and awareness of mental inland illness. As a result, all these strategies promote positive messages about health issues. Communication is more like a process that involves exchange of information. The flow of information helps individuals to decide. With the help of communication strategies, individuals or an entire team can easily coordinate within themselves productively. Communication between two or more individuals eventually helps an entire organisation to achieve the desired outcomes.

Module 6: Discursive Psychology and Traditional Social Psychology
Clarifying Issue

Thissocial psychology theories assignment reflection will highlight the topic on “discursive psychology” and “traditional social psychology”. As per the “traditional social psychology”, the scripts are usually treated as mentally encoded templates. Moreover, these templates guide action. On the other hand, as per the discursive psychology, mainly, the foundational issues are focused (Stambulova et al., 2021). In simple words a description of the issues is developed so that it can represent a course of action. Moreover, a standardised routine is followed in this case.

Critical Engagement with Theory
According to sociocultural theory, the relationships are usually explored between internal and external processes. In this theory, the main focus was on the creation and usage of mediating tools. Here it should be mentioned that a framework is developed that helps individuals to facilitate in a systematic way to investigate cognition. Throughout the entire framework, individuals also consider the social context.

Application to Real World Examples
Effective communicative strategies are indeed helpful in delivering practices. In order to promote positive social change, communication strategies are often used. For instance, these strategies can be implemented in any form of communication (Sly et al., 2020). The main motive behind this development is to improve the understanding of information. However, it should also be noted that not all the forms of communication are effective for individuals.

Personal Reflection
Since learning the topic, I have realised that the forms of communication are quite diverse. There are various differences in understanding the communication. Any mistake in the flow of communication or information can easily affect the understanding of individuals or an entire team. The social psychology theories assignmentstrategies are indeed quite helpful in delivering communicative practices. It significantly promotes positive social change. It includes greater freedom and equality. Practitioners and scholars have differentiated in defining communication for development and social change. The application can be interpreted in different ways. It should also be noted that over the years, the definition of communication for development and social change has been evolved. In simple words, the implementation processes have changed to improve the desired outcomes. Moreover, the racial controversies have eventually shown that controversies have influenced the behaviour and Various conflicts have risen due to the issues outlined on this social psychology theories assignment(Riggs & Due, 2010).

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