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Social Care Assignment: Role Play & Reflective Account


Task: For social care assignment, you are required to take part in a role-play scenario in order to demonstrate your one-to-one working skills. Alongside this exercise you will write a reflective essay on the skills required when working one-to-one within the human services.

The role-play exercise will cover the practice of one-to-one working with a client requiring health or social care services. Students must agree in your pair what role-play activity you are going to choose. It must be a simple example of an issue that a service user might come to talk to a practitioner about. Avoid more complex role play scenarios e.g. those related to some form of abuse.

In reality your role-play will take a maximum of 8 to 10 minutes. In this time, you will complete 2 mini role-plays. In one you will play the role of the professional/practitioner/service provider and your partner the role of the patient/client/service user. In the second you will play the role of the patient/client/service user and your partner will play the role of the professional/practitioner/service provider. This is so that you both gain experience of being a service provider but also experience what it is like to be a service user. You have to audio record your role play and submit this as evidence.

The written part of the assignment is an explanation and analysis of the role-play that you completed. The reflective essay is an individual activity, therefore both of you should write your reflections independently.


Role Play 1 (Me- Doctor, Partner- Patient)

In this social care assignment, the below provided is the role play in which the patient is feeling changes in the appetite and the role play includes the conversation related to the situation of depression that the patient has experienced recently.

PatientGood morning, Doctor, I do not feel good, it is something unusual thing happening to me.

Doctor Come, have a seat, let us discuss it
Doctor Kindly open your mouth
PatientSure sir
Doctor For how long have you are not feeling well?

Patient, It has been 2 months and I am feeling depressed, and sad almost about all the situations and loud noises also make me feel uncomfortable.

Doctor No problem, we will fix this issue, did you witness any changes in the sleeping schedule? PatientNo, doctor not so far
Patient-Doctor I feeling weak inside and also, I witnessed a change in my appetite
DoctorAlright, what else do you want to disclose dear?
Patient, There are certain situations in which I feel like vomiting, nauseous, and redness on my face.
DoctorAre you thinking about something, or is there anything uncertain and unpredictable that has happened recently or in the past that you wish to share with me?
PatientYes doctor, actually I met with 2 accidents in the short gap of 1 month and the experience was terrible that is why I keep on thinking about the incidents and often I feel frightened.
Doctor, Did you take any medicines or medical advice before?
PatientNo I just took the normal headache medicines like crocin once?
Doctor Who asked you to consume it?
PatientNo one doctor, I took it by myself.

Doctor, Why did you take it without any professional medical advice or prescription?
PatientBecause I felt frequent headaches, and was feeling anxious.
Doctor Nothing to be worried about, we will soon start with the treatment and it is safe.
PatientYes sure doctor, we can start with it.
Doctor Also, you need good sessions with the psychiatrist that I will prescribe or recommend to you for a better recovery. PatientSure Doctor.
Doctor As of now I am prescribing a few anxiety pills, and different precautions that you need to take. PatientOk doctor
Doctor, I request you to avoid the consumption of smoking and drinking alcohol.
PatientOk doctor
Doctor, I need you to avoid sitting alone and socialising a bit.
Doctor Bring in changes to your daily routine, it requires the essential focus towards the breathing exercises, eating the light meals at night.

PatientOk doctor.
Doctor You are also advised to regularly communicate with me about the recovery.
Doctor, Did you get your blood pressure checked yet?
PatientNo doctor not so far.
Doctor, Please allow me to check it
PatientSure doctor
(After checking the blood pressure)
Doctor, It is more than 160-90 i.e., high.

DoctorAvoid the consumption of caffeine and decrease the amount of sodium or salt consumption in the meals. Also please do not work out with heavy exercising and working out equipment. PatientOk Doctor thank you.

DoctorGet well soon.
Role Play 1 (Me- Patient, Partner- Doctor)
The information below provides the role play based on the health of the patient and the disease i.e., food poisoning that is discussed. It provides the recommendations and medical pieces of advice to treat the medical condition.

Doctor Hello, how are you doing?
Patient, I am doing good doctor. How about you?
Doctor, I am also doing good, tell How can help you, dear?
Patient, It has been 2 3 days I am feeling sick and after having meals I feel like vomiting
Doctor Ok, kindly open your mouth.
Doctor Alright dear nothing to worry about, did you check your temperature?
Patient Yes yesterday it was more than 38C
Doctor Ok, are you feeling any stomach cramps and chills?
Patient Yes doctor not frequently but yes
Doctor, Did your throat regularly felt dry or do you feel dehydrated frequently?
Patient yes doctor I experienced this change recently.
Doctor Ok allow me to know what are the meals and drinks you consumed in recent 2 3 days
Patient Recently a doctor I ate regular meals that I consume at my home including the fish, and falafel, etc. but I also attended party day before yesterday in which food was unhygienic and served cold.
Doctor There are possibilities that the food was contaminated or you ate something including infectious organisms.

Patient Ok doctor
Doctor Nothing serious, these are the symptoms of food poising and for the same, I am providing you with the medicines and prescription including the dosage of medicines.

Patient Ok doctor
Doctor Yes, kindly avoid the consumption of uncooked food, frozen food, and different other packed food and beverages for a few days.

Patient Alright doctor.
Doctor Not to worry about it dear, most food poisoning situations are mild and resolve shortly.
DoctorMake sure you regularly keep your body hydrated, that is the major required treatment.

PatientOk doctor.
Doctor Any other symptom or experience that you would like to share related to your health?
Patient No doctor, as of now I feel that the medicines and by following your advice will help me to recover soon.
Doctor Sure, here are the medicines that you need to consume, you can get them outside the clinic, from the nearest pharmacy store.

Patient Ok thank you, Doctor.
Doctor Yes, dear Get well soon.


The below information allows us to highlight and reflect upon the use of professional and personal skills ethically. It provides the reflection on the above-presented role plays that helps to know the overall experience and highlights the essential improvements and practices that will be adopted in the future. One-to-one working skills of effective communication are required to work with individual clients within a role-play scenario. The above role play allows knowing the effective use of the communication skills through which the doctor helps the patients to communicate and disclose the symptoms. The information allowed me to know the essential need for communication and active listening, through which the situation can be understood in a better manner. The use of active listening by the doctor allows the patient to communicate freely and express emotions. The effective need of questioning is required by the doctor to provide the treatment or medical advice ethically. I feel that the questioning is essentially required and as it was identified in the first and second role play that the role of doctor responsibly asked for regular updates related to recovery from the patient that allows the doctor to seek feedback. It further helps to provide the necessary information that allows improvement (Silvia, 2021). These are the key skills and techniques required to provide the patient with rational advice related to the treatment of identified diseases of situations. The one-to-one working skills of effective communication includes the main focus towards the use of active listening and the use of funnel questioning through which the details can be gained. The information allows to focus towards the utilisation of the information based on the patient's answers and provides the recommendations through which the patient can be treated effectively and efficiently. I will mainly utilise the communication skills in my future to ensure my patients about the recovery, and the friendly nature will help me to build a good reputation and relations with the patients (Xu, 2011). It is essentially required by me to focus on the development of the quality of taking and seeking feedback through which I can bring in the necessary improvements in my existing skills and the professional skills that are required by a healthcare professional.

Reflect on and assess your role play performance and one-to-one working skills and identify ways to improve future practice.
Kolb’s learning cycle
Concrete Experience
The experience related to role play is divided into two roles i.e. the experience being a healthcare practitioner and the patient. The experience as a health care practitioner allowed me to focus on active listening and critically thinking about the condition of the patient. The information helped me to gain the essential details related to the increased level of focus towards questioning (Watson et al., 2019). On the other side being a patient, I felt that verbal communication is essentially required to demonstrate the actual symptoms and condition.

Reflective Observation of the New Experience
I observed that being a doctor is essentially required to ensure the patient about the recovery and the possible treatment. The disclosure of information related to the situation and the diagnosed disease allows the doctor to provide the patient with the actual status of the medical condition, the time required for recovery, precautions and other details. I observed that being a patient an improved level of focus is required and active listening is essential to follow the medical advice for recovery.

Abstract Conceptualisation
The new idea that I have gained is related to the telephonic interview and the use of digital media to provide patients with medical advice online. The use of the services by the doctors will increase the effectiveness and will save time plus cost (Grech, 2021). Patients across the globe can be treated remotely and it can bring in an improved level of living standards too.

Active experimentation
The experimentation for future development that I am focusing on is related to technical skills development. I feel that in future the technological skills of health care professionals will be required essentially. It provides an improved level of focus on working on technical skills and gaining knowledge about operating the technical equipment. Values, skills and ethics underpinning work with vulnerable groups and the importance of boundaries within practice and conflict that can arise between personal values and professional ethics. While working as a healthcare professional the individual is essentially required to follow certain rules and regulations as per the legal bodies. It also provides an increased level of focus towards the ethics that the healthcare professional is required to consider. The values include the autonomy that comprises of the rights of the patients to determine their healthcare. It weighs on the privacy issues too. it brings in the necessary focus towards justice by distributing the benefits and burdens of care across society. Further, it includes the essential need of focus towards the understanding, honesty and understanding for the doctor and also for the patient (Subekti, 2020). The skills required include the essential need of communication skills to treat vulnerable groups like patients with depression, hypertension, food poising, etc. It is important to concentrate on the boundaries and respect the privacy of patients. the lack of focus might affect privacy and increase the risk of conflicts that might arise in personal and professional ethics. The interview has the major strength that highlights the utilisation of effective communication skills. Critical thinking skills are also presented effectively which is also the key strength. The weakness of the information highlights the weakness of unavailability of the technical equipment, less focus on the medication and dosage that was not communicated. The interview went well as it disclosed all the symptoms of both the patients in the role-plays and in future, the role plays will focus on the use of technical equipment and effective use of AI to meet the patient's requirements (Iserson, 2020).

The information above brings in the use of the experience to bring out knowledge, skills and expertise. The skills gained and utilised during the role plays above are also highlighted and demonstrated. The information provides the application of Kolb's theory and highlights the values, skills and ethics related to healthcare professionals. The strengths and weaknesses related to the role play are also presented above. ?

Silvia, P.J., 2021. The self-reflection and insight scale: Applying item response theory to craft an efficient short form. Current Psychology, pp.1-11.
Xu, X., 2011.Self-reflection, insight, and individual differences in various language tasks. The Psychological Record, 61(1), pp.41-57.
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Subekti, A.S., 2020. Undergraduate Novice Researchers’ Experiences in Conducting Mini-Research in Education: Kolb Learning Cycle. | IRJE| Indonesian Research Journal in Education|, pp.448-465. Watson, M.K., Pelkey, J., Noyes, C. and Rodgers, M.O., 2019. Using Kolb’s learning cycle to improve student sustainability knowledge. Sustainability, 11(17), p.4602.

Iserson, K.V., 2020. Healthcare ethics during a pandemic. Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, 21(3), p.477.


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