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Competency Assignment: Self-Analysis Of Managerial & Leadership Competencies In Sydney Tourism


Assessment Details: Learning and development plan is the basis for development or enhancement of professionalcompetencies. It provides a basis for assessing and developing key managerial and leadershipcompetencies. Preparation of the L&D Plan is a major task and cannot be treated lightly as theeventual L&D Plan will be a personalised program. Preparation of the individual L&D Plan shouldfollow a structured approach. It is expected that students will adheres to the word limits of 2,500words and will discuss the following topics in their L&D Plan accompanied by the list of references atthe end written in Harvard style. Given below are some guidelines that are useful for writing theassignment.
Section 1: Self Introduction. Describe your background, qualifications, experience, etc.
Section 2: Megatrends and Challenges. Describe what is happening locally and internationallyin the industry/profession of your interest such as challenges, size of investment,competition, intended improvements, etc.
Section 3: Goals: Describe how do you see yourself in the industry/profession of your interestand the sort of expectations placed on you; what are the goals of youremployer/clients? What are your own career goals, how do these fit next to each
other etc.
Section 4: Ethics and Professional Values: Describe in detail what you consider to be appropriateprofessional values and correct set of ethics to follow in your career/profession andhow you can promote ethics in the future. Note that these must be describedexplicitly and general statement such as I will follow XYZ’s Code of Professional Conduct will not be accepted. Spell out in bullet points what values you would followand the set of ethics that will guide your professional conduct.
Section 5: Competency Assessment: Present your own self-analysis of Managerial & Leadershipcompetencies along with Socio-cultural & Personal Competencies. Competencymetrics (5 stages of competencies) can be used for this purpose. Describe explicitlyin your analysis how you plan to address the competency gap between your currentand future competency goal. Be 100% honest with yourself while assessing your owncompetencies. If you genuinely believe that you can meet the criteria indicated incompetency metrices at the given level, you should present the correspondingevidence to prove your case. For example, if you believe your Socio-culturalcompetency is at Informed level you need to demonstrate how you meet thecriteria based on 5 stages of competencies. When someone claims to have acertain competency, he or she may well possess that competency but withoutproviding detailed proof no-one can verify that it is the case. For this reason, it isassumed that he/she does not possess the respective competencies unless welldemonstrated. One major point to note is that documentation is very critical inthis instance and in all other professional endeavours. Present your consolidatedcompetency assessment in both graphical and tabular form.
Section 6: Competencies improvement/professional development summary: With reference tosection 5, describe all areas of competencies you wish to improve and laid out theplan how you are going to improve those competencies. For example, if you have lowleadership and Socio-cultural competency and want to improve, the opportunity todevelop this competency may come from teamwork, self-management andengagement with other activities during your study period at APIC. You also need todefine your professional development scope based on Section 5. For example, thearea of competencies gap identified in Section 5 is the scope for professionaldevelopment and this scope varies per person. In your professional developmentsummary, you also need to find out which projects or industry contexts you wouldneed in order to provide adequate opportunity to develop your competencies. Youmay use a SWOT analysis to summarise your current strengths and weakness andidentify opportunity or threats that stand in your way of achieving your competencygoal. One of the smart ways is to identify scope of the project work that you or yourteam undertake in different unit of studies at APIC that will have the potential todeliver your missing competencies.


I would like to discuss in the present competency assignment that I am entitled to develop a learning and development plan based on development and enhancement of the professional competencies. I have completed my schooling and graduations and currently pursuing post-graduations from APIC University. I have undergone trainings in a firm which is based in Sydney and experienced certain goals, market trends, values and ethics and competency assessment which is followed by certain companies in the market.

Megatrends and Challenges

The gross domestic product of tourism industry in Sydney is expected to surge much higher in the upcoming years but there are certain constraints which need to be taken care seriously. The case scenario of Sydney Tourism has been explored in this report of competency assignment. Sydney Tourism must take up digital tourism on the cause where each and every tourism industry must develop mobile website. It is helpful as the clients would be able to book their places in real time. However, online booking technology is mostly very cheap and one the other hand it is user friendly. Thus, unavailability of website is putting a barrier on the way to purchase and earn higher revenue of the tourism industry.

competency assignment

Size of investment
Tourism investment in Sydney gently incurs around Australian dollar 47.5 billion to the national economy. This industry also represents 3% of total economy of the nation. There were around 7.4 million tourists who visited during the last year.

Competition is much intensified in Sydney as well as throughout the country in Australia. The research utilized while constructing this competency assignment signifies that there are around 8.5 million international tourists who visited during the last year and midway of this year. $43.9 billion is the amount which has been spent by international tourists in the nation. New South Wales stands higher in the country where there is a total number of 4.3 million international tourists who visited this place during the last year. The second significant place mentioned in the context of competency assignment is Victoria where 3 million international tourists stepped in during the last year. Hence, it can be stated herein competency assignment that the competition stands close to each other in every aspect.

Intended improvements
Sydney government has decided to come up digital technology to the tourism industry which will incur benefits to the international tourists. This feature mentioned in the context of competency assignment will aid their customers where they can plan particularly a trip and it is also helpful for conducting destination marketing and significant transparent events.

The major challenges in international tourism industry mainly inducts taxation factor. It is one of the taxed sectors of business industry. Travel marketing sometimes gets deemed by the international tourists who carry false documents with them. Security issue is also a big concern of them and infrastructure issue is also a thing to worry about.

competency assignment

Size of investment
The total amount of tourism division and global travel sums up to USD 814 billion in the last year which concludes a year to year growth of 4.7%. The expected amount of growth during the year 2025 is 20%.

Tourism industry is considered as one of the fastest growing and largest as well as competitive industry in the world where real growth rate of output reached around 4.6%. It also reached $10.7 trillion during this year. Business considering in the tourism-based country are sufficiently competitive in nature and it also intakes the advantage of surging amount of competitive advantage in this industry. The competitive advantage is incurred by incurring physical capital investment. This featured is followed in order to achieve the economies of scale. The attractiveness and quality of customer service has been developed by every country in order to gain competitive advantage on the visitor’s point of view.

I see myself as an activity tourism provider, managing the events and looking after transportation facilities based in tourism industry which would help the organization to go further. Tourism industry is after all a huge sector of business as it takes different segments into account. It is also a practical-based sector which intakes constant growth and it also requires more amounts of skilled workers (Rai and Choi 2018). Tourism thrives innovation each year and it involves setting up new goals to achieve in the long run process effectively.

The expectations are featured in accordance to continuous newer information and the process continue to operate until the trip starts. I would keep on storing the materials which is required to serve the best customer service and adjust expectations for the rest of the trip. However, when the holiday or trip reaches to an end, expectations till plays a crucial role in it. The sources of expectations originate from the information and images published in the website. In this scenario, the target information is required to be kept updated which would attract the tourists to plan their trip in accordance to them (Driscoll and Osterman 2018). Hence, fueling expectations and driving them to better expectations is the procedure which the tourism firm would look on me.

Tourists are focused to visit different places and try to undergo with positive impact on the environment, society and the economy. Tourism sector might involve primary transportation to the normal location, local transport, hotel and accommodation, recreation and entertainment are all involved in the process of collective business. Hence, while understanding the goals of my clients, the development board of tourism shall be sustainable in nature. However, without including the concept of travelling, tourism concept does not pursue. It is a key concept of sustainable mobility (Wei and Chung 2019). There are a couple of relevant considerations where the activity constitutes its reliance on fossil fuels and also the effect on tourism industry on the climatic changes.

The career goals of mine are in tourism industry, as it is one of the finest and largest industries in the world. The global economic condition is increasing gradually and hence it is attracting more job offers throughout the globe. During the year 2030, the international tourism is expected to reach the mark of 1.8 billion dollars. While taking hold of the opportunity, it has been stated in the competency assignment that this sector mainly derives exports and it also generates prosperity through the globe while creating an array of jobs. The feature also involves accommodation, transportation, entertainment, attractions, beverages and food service, retail trades, recreational services, art and culture, conference and ecotourism (Deckers 2018). This vast segment of business is completely unmatched in the world. There is different type of jobs constituting in this section and various sort of options are required to suit the skills, requirements and wants.

Maximizing the optimal skills and interest is the significant reason of determining the job role based in the travelling and tourism industry. Hence, this feature is required to pursue through organizing fairly and being able to organize the procedure and system by completing the tasks particularly on time (Coles and Li 2019). In this case of competency assignment, I cannot act sloppy while concerning on the timing details, as because the tourists might miss out the flight. There are other scenarios which might happen such as they might miss out cheaper price in tickets due to my casualty.

Commitment towards customer service is also referred as an important concept where I am a travel coordinator, a hotel manager. In this case I have to completely based on customer oriented. It is where I would be working with number of customers to maintain a proper relation with them and cater their needs and wants particularly. Hence, this are the factors which easily encompasses next to each other.

Ethics and Professional Values
The appropriate professional values required to be used in the workplace in Tourism industry are as follows:

Based on the on-going and devolving relationships based between the corporations and the employees, a new social contract has been established which depicts that loyalty towards an employer which is being replaced by pledging loyalty to itself and towards one’s profession.

Understanding and promoting the concept of ethical values that is in common to humanity. Respecting the diversity of religious, philosophical and beliefs of certain community is significant on the sequence of responsible tourism.

The social and cultural traditions and the practices which are practiced by different types of customers are important to maintain by me. Including those of minorities and indigenous people, according to me it is important to ascertain their values and worth. The attributes based upon the traditions based in different nations are important to understand and respect according to laws, rules, customs as well as beliefs (Gutu, Chang and O'Shea, 2018).

The host communities and local professionals are required to respect and give the values to the tourists. Discovering their lifestyles, educations systems, taste and preferences and training the professionals in accordance to this criterion is mandatory (Briley, Danziger and Li 2018).

Tourism department is solely responsible to provide safety and protection to the tourists and the visitors. Facilitating the introduction of unique places and describing them with absolute perfect knowledge is mandatory. Introducing with specific means of information, prevention, security and ensuring assistance with considering in any attacks, threats, assaults and kidnapping scenarios. However, the fi competency assignment ndings obtained from the analysis done in the competency assignment clarify that in this industry a willful destruction of any cultural or either natural heritage shall be rightly condemned and must be punished in relation to it.

Promoting the ethics
Ethics in tourism mainly refers to aid the people and also the environment, which is availing in different destinations. This feature explored in the competency assignment might also benefit on incurring higher amount of revenue while sourcing products and services in locally or internationally (Glausiusz 2019). Tourism also enhances economic prosperity, social equity and also it involves environment protection. The ethics also embed towards responsible tourism, green tourism, ethical tourism and also ecotourism. I will opt for empowering better jobs and promotion opportunities for the minorities and women. I will like to go for financial support for education system in the society (Boudreau, MacIntyre and Dewaele 2018). Implementing appropriate ethics for a safe working environment and leading towards financial support with leadership support for the urban renewal. Reducing the environment pollution is one of the concerns.

 Discuss about the competency assessment in the context of competency assignment.
Competency is considered as five stages in the involvement of teamwork, self-management and other stuffs. The five stages of competencies are stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, stage 4, stage 5. Stage 1 mainly discusses upon unconscious incompetence, stage 2 refers to conscious incompetence, stage 3 depicts to conscious competence, stage 4 refers to unconscious competence and the last stage focuses on shared competence (Gmelch and Kaul 2018).

Leadership is mainly related to creating and also realizing the forward vision while encouraging the followers to achieve success and glory. In this scenario of competency assignment, effective leadership skills are required to encompass proper designation of the strength and weakness ascertained properly in order to it (Henkel, Marion and Bourdeau 2019).

List of Competencies


Leadership Competency

Leadership competency of mine ascertain in tracking the progress of work done and motivating the workers by giving out achievement prices to them. I prefer to give out feedback to the staff about the areas which are required to develop particularly. Pointing out the strengths and weakness of employees are required to maintain the team effort (Arnold 2018). I also prefer to give inspirational speeches to the workers in order to boost up their motivation. This feature can be related to the competency stage 3 which is consciously competent.

Managerial Competency

The competency assignment mentions the second feature that is managerial competency where it is focused on controllable, behavioral, interrelated, developable and over-lapping attributes. My management skills are deployable, which is ascertain in developing through certain practices and feedbacks. This feature and practices can be implemented to certain feedback and practices. Management skills are enhanced as a combination of specific skills which I am focused to take results from it (Aakeroy et al 2018). The competency tree shows how much I am focused in physical wellbeing and how I am going through conditioning at home. However, this segment is related to competency stage 4 which is unconscious competence.

Socio-Cultural Competency

The third feature illustrated herein competency assignment includes sociocultural competencies where I follow the concept of training and educating the cultures and language skills with the employees of the company. I believe the concept of mutual understandings between the employees where willingness and the charm to communicate is quite significant in the process. Pertaining high level of knowledge about the culture and diversification is what which I mainly prefer the most.

What is the role of development of competency in the case scenario of competency assignment?
Improvement in areas of managerial competency leads to setting up a clear expectation based on the job assignments. The second point is writing and monitoring the employee goals and holding the staffs which are accountable for assigning the job responsibilities. Then rewarding the staffs for excelling better performances altogether. Mentoring and assigning with better equipment in combating with any sort of trouble is the best thing of coaching according to me.

Improvement on socio-cultural competencies
The concept of improving the socio-cultural competency discussed in the competency assignment leads to knowing the beliefs and cultural identification. Understanding how the society and community works accordingly in the procedure. (Lundgren and McMakin 2018). Another thing which I prefer the most is to stage an absolute dimension of information exchange desk. The next step which I would like to cater in this segment of competency assignment is learning out the community in terms of surging the cultural competency. Hence, these are the recommendations which are required to enhance appropriately.

SWOT analysis on competency goal



· What am I good at?

Answer- Leadership Quality.

· What skills have I worked to develop?

Answer- Motivating the employees and extracting the best out of them.

· What are my talents, or natural-born gifts?

Answer- Confidence, self-awareness and relationship skills.

· What are my negative work habits and traits?

Answer- Fidgeting Mindlessly, getting to work while I am sick, sometimes going unprepared.

· Does any part of my education or training needs improvement?

Answer- Yes, educating on professional ethics and focusing on time management requires to develop by me.

· What would other people see as my weaknesses?

Answer- Sometimes I am very outspoken in different situations.



· What new technology can help me?
Answer- Upcoming and newer technologies will aid to develop new skills and will pertain intensive experience through it.

· Is your industry growing?

Answer- Tourism industry is one of the high growth sectors in the world.

· What trends?

Answer- Solo travelling, eco travelling, automation, robotics are the current trends associated with it.

· What obstacles do I am currently facing at work?

Answer- Infrastructure and taxation are the current threats.

· Are any of my colleagues competing with you for projects or roles?

Answer- Many of the colleagues are associated with this industry and it is a certain challenge.

The concept of professional competency examined in the above sections of competency assignment is the kind of demonstrable characteristics and sort of skills which is being useful for enabling, improving the particular efficiency of an organization. Competency is a mixture of practical knowledge, proper skills, behavior and values which are embedded in possessing the ability to undergo with certain roles. This study is based on covering an extensive procedure and complicated scenario for making out the best of it. From the above discussions on the case scenario of competency assignment it can be concluded that competency on managerial and socio-cultural are required diagnosing much scientifically and other issues are required to develop a bit of it.

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