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Science Fiction Essay: Monster & Anti-Hero In Sci-Fi Films


Write a science fiction essay on the topic “Hero, Anti-Hero, Villain and/ or Monster in Sci-Fi Films”. Pick at least two out of these four characters to discuss. Do not just explain and define the terms. Discuss their roles and actions in the films you choose and state why you think they belong to one or more than one of these categories.


Xenomorph (Monster), Alien
The film taken in this science fiction essay is Alien, directed by Ridley Scott and was released in the year 1979. It is primarily a Sci-Fi movie although the main monster of the movie has given it a cult-classic Horror title. The main monster of the movie is a species called as Xenomorph. The movie surrounds on the lead actor Ellen Ripley played by Sigourney Weaver. Xenomorph which simply translates to ‘strange form’ from Greek (strange = Xenos and Morphe = form) and also known as the ‘Alien’ and therefore the title of the movie, is an extraterrestrial hive-based species. They are an endoparasitoid species with a multi-staged lifecycle most likely originated from the planet known as Xenomorph prime. These organisms, who are among the strongest of all established alien life form, need a host body so as to reproduce. The Xenomorph's presence varies based on the body of those wherein the embryo is embedded. The Humanoid phenotype is usually 2.13 - 2.74 metres in height and weighs between 181.43 and 272.15 kilograms with a long, sturdy spine and a broad, smooth, oblong head. When contrasted to her typical descendants, the Queen is usually twice as large and they possess superior speed, stamina, and intellect.

A standard Xenomorph starts its development cycle as just an embryo lifeform (defined as an ovomorph as well as literally egg) that splits up to launch the second phase: a tiny arthropod life form (called as the "facehugger"). This Facehugger then launches itself at the host's mouth. It then injects the host's mouth with the larva. This organism then eats pieces of the body from inside and ferociously bursts from its host's abdominal cavity as a lizard-like organism (disgustingly called the chestburster), that can rapidly waddle away in search of refuge place. Upon hiding, it would then wait and complete its transformation into yet another fully grown being known as the Xenomorph. This could happen in mere hours.

Xenomoprh bleed an unidentified and highly destructive substance. The shade of this fluid is a bland yellow. Whereas the monster's highly corrosive fluids and incredible durability may indicate an unusual type of biochemistry. This is evident from the fact that teyh not only relies on People, but also grows within them, clearly indicates that its biology would be carbon-based. Xenomorphs live in nests consisting of a material they build and combine with their own salival fluids. Drones, Fighters, Praetorians, as well as Queens are among the most frequently encountered castes.

Xenomorphs as shown in the movie tend to have intellect comparable with that of a standard ape. That is well within their cognitive ability to learn very easily, obtain information, as well as make effective use of their surroundings. Though they do not exhibit a human-level intellect as a race (including such rational thinking, self-reflection, and technology), their Queen tends to be very intelligent in their social activity and exploitation of Human technologies, like cutting the electricity to the ship and using an elevator.Since adult Xenomorphs are believed to acquire physical qualities from its hosts. Hence, it is quite likely that the monster's intellect scale is also affected by its host. Besides that, as a vertebrate’s species, it is likely that cognitive capacity differs by caste.

It’s been proposed that Xenomorph colonies act as a hive mentality, or global consciousness guided by that of the Queen. The Queen can call back and give instructions to their subjects either vocally or telepathically. In certain circumstances, the Queen interacts with possible hosts as as well telepathically. Movie has shed a bit of light which depicts that Xenomorph's hive mind has a common memory which is passed on genetically. The experiments on Ripley demonstrate that the memories passed down from her to the newer generation of Xenomorphs helps them to understand and read various languages.

A Xenomorph has an exoskeleton comparable with that of a crab, and is impermeable to anything except the strongest weapons. The monster's skin, according is composed of "protein polysaccharides." Also, they replace their surface cells with polarized silicon which is very heat tolerant, and a versatile polymer. Also, each of their arms have a pair of long fingers as well as a pair of sleek, steel, razor-sharp teeth capable of cutting through nearly everything in their grip. The exterior mouth of a Xenomorph is crammed with powerful jaws and sharp teeth, but it is actually the inner jaw that extends out to bite straight into another victim's core.

Wikus Van De Merwe (Anti-hero), District 9
District 9 is a South African sci-fi film, that was released in the year 2009. It is set inside an alternative present a few years after alien species - referred to as "Prawns" - lands in Johannesburg, South Africa. They are then forced to live in a government appointed settlement which is technically a slum and is called District 9.

The central character in the movie, Wikus van de Merwe, portrayed by Sharlto Copley is the main protagonist in the movie and the role is depicted to be that of an Anti-hero. Heis playing a bureaucrat tasked with relocating of illegal immigrants. Wikus Van De Merwe is employed at MNU, a powerful megacorporation. Wikus appears off as a nice, caring person with a sincere charm that appears to be forever imprinted on his face. All presumably know who he is, and nobody seems to have a beef against him. Wikus is depicted a sympathetic character. However, it is not late, when he is depicted as a mundane bureaucrat who has no sympathy for the destitute aliens he is concerned with having to relocate.The movie's pseudo-documentary outlines the methods to Wikus' inane realism as just a white-collar capitalist stooge who just doesn't fail to use his influence on oppressed aliens. Wikus treats the aliens as sub-class creatures as soon as he reaches District 9, with no intellect, empathy, or compassion. It is not the Wikus seen earlier. Wikus symbolically acts as an essentialist British colonial officer by using his understanding of the alien civilization to monitor them. As a result, he starts the story in a position of influence, and he performs his duties with measured contempt and complacency for the subjects at his disposal.

Wikus is turned into an alien following the accident which happened during the eviction process. This throws Wikus' existence into a tailspin. Within the next few days, his wife leaves him and he is then labelled as a priority for the military. He then flees to District 9, and, most importantly, is eventually becomes an alien. Wikus finally realises that perhaps the best way to reclaim his identity is to assist the alien known as Christopher together with Christopher's son in obtaining the fuel they need to return their home (home planet). Though the movie sympathises the audience with the aliens at the very beginning of the movie, it is through Christopher and also his son that Audience sees the humanity side of the Aliens.

Because of his temporal biological status, his body becomes a prized possession to MNU, for whom the ultimate purpose is to use potent alien technology which is somehow linked to alien physiology in a rather way that humans could never naturally connect with it. This company represents biotechnology worth hundred of millions if not billions, of dollars. As such, there are individuals, states, and businesses who would stop at nothing to gain this opportunity. When viewed in this light, Wikus begins to lose his human status and in the process becomes perhaps the most valuable business artefact on the Planet.

Wikus is abducted by the very same organisation that he once served in order to reverse engineer the process so that humans can harness powerful alien technologies.Wikus however escapes from room he is being operated on and goes on the run. Wikus iseventually depicted in a negative light in the media, in order to smear his name. According to the press, he is depicted as having romantic relations with the aliens that forced him to be exiled and be contaminated with the so called disease.

Wikus, surprisingly, becomes much more compassionate as he becomes morea and more alien like anatomically. At the end of the movie, Wikus is approached by a former friend who refers to him like a as half-breed. Eventually, this person thenattempts to kill him. A team of aliens eventually save Wikus by tearing the other man's arm apart. They however, leave Wikus completely unharmed. The movie finishes obscurely: Christopher survives Earth. On the other hand, the human who was tasked with relocating them to a different location is left alone, considered to be dead among his friends and relatives and is transformed into an alien body and perhaps left to fend completely by himself.

We eventually see a man who is full of empathy and appreciative of human side of a completely different alien species. c We get to see the purest quality humanity does have to offer: selflessness and humbleness through Wikus as he knowingly jeopardises his own survival such that the species of aliens which he demonised once could have a chance for their own survival.Wikus at the end of the movie is not at all hysterical. He is is no longer undefined or in transition; and is fully resolved as well as incorporated into his alien body. He also seems to have found his place in the area of District . He at last has found some happiness as he makes metallic flowers for his beloved wife as love offerings.


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