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Reviewing 5 Articles On Human Resource Management


Task: You are required to compile a ‘Reviewing the Literature’ of 5 peer-reviewed journal articles.
Step 1. Select one of the options for Essay 3.
Read the Assessment 3 Essay options and identify which one you will work on for
assessment 2 and 3.
Step 2. Undertake research of the recent academic literature since 2010.
Identify five (5) academic peer reviewed journal articles relevant to the
Assessment 3 Essay topic. These must be aligned to the unit themes from Weeks
1 to 5 (e.g. evolution of SHRM, the context of HRM, industrial relations, HR
planning and work design challenges in a global environment). It is recommended
that you undertake your research via the online ‘search’ of CQUniversity Library.
You cannot use the article from your Assessment 1 presentation for Assessment 2.
Step 3. Write 500 words on each article (500 x 5= 2500 words)
For each journal article, write to the headings in the template. These include:
• full reference
• outline of research objective and research question
• outline of the method
• discussion of the findings
• summary of the conclusions
• indication of how this will be relevant for your Essay 3.
Place each article on a new page.
Present your Reviewing the Literature in format provided in the template. For more
information, see the library guide for writing an annotated bibliography.


Article 1
Full reference to Article
Kendrick, M. I., Bartram, T., Cavanagh, J., & Burgess, J. (2019). Role of strategic human resource management in crisis management in Australian greenfield hospital sites: a crisis management theory perspective. Australian Health Review, 43(2), 157-164.

Objective and research question
The study aims to examine the strategic management of human resources activities in two cases of hospitals in respect of the approach to Greenfield site achievement. A Greenfield site from human resource management viewpoint includes new workers and needs to increase productivity by new philosophies of employment. The inspiration for the article was determined by major issues faced in first 6 months of operations in two hospitals of Western Australia and Queensland.

  • What is the role of human resource management in both hospitals under crisis management?
  • What is the relation between strategic human resource management and hospital management in two cases?

In this article, the researcher selected two Greenfield site hospitals for analysis. In this mixed method has been selected to kook out the duties of management to manage the hospitals of Greenfield. Several multi-disciplinary and cross sectional studies have read to inform the issues in hospitals and how management practices are created.

What are the main findings obtained from this research on human resource management?
It has been found out from this article that, a Greenfield site is a project by an existing corporation that looks for executing new framework of management in the new workplace. In the development of Greenfield sites, strategic human resource management is a significant determinant for business growth. The requirement of hospital workers to recognize human resource management systems is valuable and worthwhile for the efficient hospital and better clinical results. HR system must be fitted with the strategic objectives and mission of the organization. In case human resource management systems do not suitable for the workplace it can raise frustration and stress among employees. A key factor to determine proper crisis management is the appropriate classification of the indicators of a crisis and creating a timely answer before occurring the situation. 

There are three important discussion points analyzed from the study the first one is, with the process of proactive strategies management, CMT and Greenfield's hospital are large markets of business efficiency than avoidance of crisis, responsive and strategically line management. Second, there was an obvious difference between two hospitals that displayed the ability and consolidation to settle a site within 12 months. With the management and leadership styles, Greenfield sites progressed with efficacy and deliberation. The third one is the use of accurate, efficacy and strategy exposure of crisis and the ideals of management for Greenfield hospitals and strategic human resource management systems. The role of the HR professional is necessary to enhance the professional and personal capacity and skills, without having this, the serious risk may raise in the future.

It is concluded from this article that, management professional has to believe their present approach of motivation and leadership to reduce the inadequacies present in the hospitals. Human resource management professionals should adopt new focus, from direction to teamwork, from observation to consultation with whole organization levels. This can improve the efficiency of human resource management professionals with higher participation and involvement.

Article contribution to essay 3
This study will help in future projects by applying the leadership and management practices in the role of strategic human resource management.

Article 2
Full reference to Article
Onnis, L. A. (2016). A sustainable remote health workforce: translating HRM policy into practice (Doctoral dissertation, James Cook University).

Objective and research question
The aim of this research is to study the influence of organization practices and framework on human resource management guidelines choices that help the sustainability of medical employees in distant northern tropical Australia. The roles of medical professionals working in distant areas are rewarding, however stressful and demanding.

  • What is a sustainable distant medical personnel?
  • How do human resource management guidelines management practices and choices control medical employee’s sustainability for medical professionals doing work in distant areas of Australia?
  • How can administration practices help the sustainability of distant medical employees?

This article used mixed and pragmatic methods of research that offered a perfect methodology to study the research questions with the use of quantitative and qualitative data analysis. The data selection methods contained qualitative data of semi-prepared interviews, both quantitative and qualitative data from selection advertising and an online questionnaire.

Findings and discussion
It has been found out from the article that, it is typical to retain and attract medical employees in remote areas of Northern Australia. The article focuses on the power of organization framework on the transformation of human resource management guidelines that helps the distant medical workforce sustainability. The health care system of the country is very strong with the support of the government ensuring that medical and health services are provided to all consumers. Human resource management policies help management effectiveness and give a basis for making the required business culture, For example, professional growth, flexibility, compensation, etc. The Espoused human resource management policies of selection advertisement are rewards, safety, work conditions, retention bonuses, and registration facilities to influence the medical workforce sustainability.

Sustainable personnel are not a person dependant but values the ideas, experiences and individual skills a person can get to a role. It provides reliable, continuous and harmless cares to patients due to staffs are skilled, rewarded, supported and oriented. It may be gained by employing staff who are obsessive about their work and love a remote or rural lifestyle. In the context of remote health, sustainability is the ability of medical service to give continuing access to proper quality care in health efficient and cost-effective manner. Sustainability is developed on a strong basis with effective management and leadership practices set to fulfill the issues and answer to opportunities. It is further discussed that effective management is essential for the proper and sustainable organization workplace. Organization practices create the basis of employees, specifically in remote areas where medical services do not undervalue the importance of having correct people, with correct skills, at the correct time, right place.

It is concluded that, the value of ensuring that medical professionals with remote working expertise and experiences are contributing to the strategy and planning growth for the attainment of sustainable remote future employees. Organization practices influence the results of human resource management policy that gives the attainment of sustainability with the aspect of the practice, people and place. 

Article contribution to essay 3
The article focuses on management practices to improve the sustainability of remote health workforce. A sustainable medical workforce is suitable to blend of medical professionals with perfect personal features and professional qualities to fulfill the remote needs of the population. The article will help in the context of strategic human resource management practices for future reference.

Article 3
Full reference to Article
Nick Ruskin Meredith Kennedy. (2012). Australia moves closer to uniform work health and safety legislation.(Australia. Industrial Relations Act 1988)(Australia. Parliament)(Law overview). Mondaq Business Briefing, p. Mondaq Business Briefing, Oct 28, 2012.

Objective and research question
The main objective of the Article is to maintain and achieves uniform work safety and Health (WHS) legislation in Australia. South Australia is ready to join Tasmania in executing the new model legislation in January 2013, leaving Victoria and Western Australia as the mere jurisdictions which have not executed the legislation model.

  • What are the important amendments involve relating to changes?
  • Are the workplace safety and health update of Australia worked?

Data used in this article was collected from various laws and regulations of the safety and health of Australia in the health sector by undertaking opinions from experts and decision-makers. By receiving interviews from various people needs and demands are analyzed concerning safety and health legislation in the health care sector its practices and frameworks.

Findings and discussion
It has been found out from the above article that, certain amendments are updated in safety and health care practices and its framework. Safety and health representative provisions of training provided that at least 5 days off every year to be given in safety and health training. Section 17 said that duty holders are required to minimize or reduce safety and health risk up to the capacity. In the legislation model, an individual is not exempt from replying to a question or giving document or information based on an answer, the document or information can tend to implicate the person. HSR has the power to direct termination of work; the legislation will eradicate the capability of HSRs to stop unsafe work on the basis that medical employees have the right to stop work when they worry about protection. Western Australia has done its drafting on safety and health bill but they will create separate regulations, legislations, and codes of practice for the health care sector.

The industrial relations system means the regulations, rules, and institutions that manage the relationship of employment and make the terms and laws of employment who works in every industry or health care sector. Union right of entry provisions are included in the Industrial Relations Act 1979 and is not included in the Bill to ignore inconsistencies and duplication. The government of Victoria has established and supports the principle with harmonization; it will not follow the model of WHS legislation in its present manner.

It is concluded from the above article that, it doesn't matter in which authority your organization or business functions in; the important factor is to follow the rules and compliances of WHS. The health care sector has several risks and it is necessary to mitigate them by adhering to the industrial framework and practices of the legislation.

Article contribution to essay 3
The article focuses on the rules and regulations of health and safety at the workplace of Australia, and every business organization must follow the laws for the safety of employees and labor. It will help in providing an understanding of the industrial framework and practices in human resource management.

Article 4
Full reference to Article
Crettenden, I., McCarty, M., Fenech, B., Heywood, T., Taitz, M., &Tudman, S. (2014). How evidence-based workforce planning in Australia is informing policy development in the retention and distribution of the health workforce. Human Resources for Health, 12(1), 7.

Objective and research question
The main aim of the article is to address the issues of giving an innovative, skilled and flexible medical workforce in Australia to reform the health employees. Health Workforce Australia was founded by the Australian Government Council as the country agency to develop and reform the health workforce. HWA started a workforce planning to inform the policy development in the distribution and retention of health Workforce.

  • What is the objective of the Health Workforce 2025 project for mitigating challenges facing Australia?
  • What are some of the issues facing Australia’s Health workforce?

To consider the research on human resource management, scenario modelling was conducted to search the implications of possible substitute futures and to reveal the understanding of the model to different participation parameters. Wide-ranging consultation was organized to test the methodology, assumptions and data used and it’s also affected the scenarios adopted for modelling. Also, various other ethics were followed in making HW 2025 to make sure workforce planning was healthy.

Findings and discussion
It is found out from the article that, Australian Health Workforce is facing issues such as self-potential, demographic issues, high cost, and coordination among members, executing employees, etc. The aim of the Health Workforce 2025 Project is giving long term, countywide employee projections and showing the best possible information about planning on future nursing and medical of Australia. The HW 2025 describes a ‘ business as normal’ method of health workforce of Australia is not retain for long 10 years with co-ordinated, higher education, professions, training sector and long term reforms by the council for affordable and sustainable medical workforce. Reform and innovation are important for affordable medical employees, and it creates a considerable effect on projected employee needs.

From this HWA 2025, five policy proposals to the levels of reform and innovation, immigration, efficiency, training capacity, and employee distribution were approved. The proposals are 1) increased productivity by reform and innovation; 2) enhanced mechanism for effective training programs; 3) addressing issues; 4) reformation clinical funding for training; and 5) considerations for getting countrywide self-sufficiency. With such proposals, HWA is pursuing two programs related to the distribution and retention of medical employees. The first one is the nursing productivity and retention project to increase the retention pace of nurses and the second one is the National Medical Training Advisory Network to create policy advice which enhances coordination of health training to meet the country's workforce demands. This will improve coordination, planning, and governance of health training to vocational training.

It is concluded from this article that, HWA working programs will notify policy development for the retention and productivity of the country's nursing employees. HWA 2025 is a continuing project to improve and develop medical workforce planning by incorporating methodology and data to help incremental workforce changes.

Article contribution to essay 3
The article focuses on the challenges faced by Australia in the retention and productivity of medical employees. The government of the country launched two programs for improving their ability and retention. It will help in providing a focus on human resource planning in a changing environment.

Article 5
Full reference to the Article
Cosgrave, C., Maple, M., &Hussain, R. (2018). Work challenges negatively affecting the job satisfaction of early-career community mental health professionals working in rural Australia: findings from a qualitative study. The Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice.

Research Objectives and Questions
The objective of the research is to recognize working factors negatively affect the satisfaction of the job in an early stage of health professional’s career in the public sector of rural Australia. The research identifies the causes affecting the turnover of staff of public sector community mental health (CMH) services workforce has been limited.

  • What are the major challenges which negatively faced by health professionals in Australia?
  • Are there any professional development programs for the progress of rural health professionals?

In this research, 25 medical professionals Working in remote CMH services and rural areas in New South Wales (NSW), Australia for NSW medical participated in semi-structured and depth interviews. The selection of participants occurred with the criterion sampling strategy. The first author of the article conducted face to face semi-structured interviews for 11 months period. A stable comparative system of data collection and scrutiny was used in grounded theory methods.

Findings and Discussion
From this research on human resource management, it has found out from the interview that, the main categories disturbing turnover were "handling the job" and "adapting to the Working environment". It covers job role, relationship at the workplace, contact to CPD and accessibility of career grooming opportunities. The research recognized five challenges negatively impact the satisfaction of job for early-career rural-based CMH professionals. The challenges are creating a profession particular identity, giving quality multidisciplinary care, controlling professional and personal boundaries and working with a challenging client group. Some of the participants described emotions pressured from team members and management to look at themselves as CMH professionals and to quit or learn a lot. Some participants were helpful in CMH disciplinary care method and believed it provided in mental care health. To give efficient care in multidisciplinary, then a large team is required for the proper blend of professions. Many participants described the issues of working in a resource controlled workplace line staffing and budgetary limits effects negatively on working load and job satisfaction. Some discussed high mental illness possessed by clients, and handling these clients was stressful and difficult. The main duty for all CMH professionals is to keep confidentiality and privacy of the client and to follow personal and professional boundaries to remove such challenges.

The above findings classify the factors which affect the job of rural early CMH professionals and give depth knowledge of such factors. Establishing a professional identity was found to be significant for all professionals rather than discipline in the beginning stage of career.

It is concluded from the above study on human resource management that, some factors badly affects the satisfaction of a job at the beginning stage of career to rural CMH professionals and their development. Governments and public health services play an important role in addressing the health issues of the workforce by executing time-critical support. The author considers these findings and discussions for increasing job satisfaction to be vital areas for further research.

Article contribution to essay 3
This article on human resource management has provided the importance of factors that negatively affect the job satisfaction of rural-based health employees to fill the difference between the personal and professional boundaries of medical professionals. The essay will support in completing the part of work design challenges in a global environment.


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