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Resilience Assignment: Building Resilience in Pre-Service Teacher



Write a resilience assignment on the concept of resilience using key research findings regarding pre-service teacher resilience in relation to the challenges faced and the relevance of the BRITE modules for resilience building. The essay needs to demonstrate comprehension of academic integrity expectations.


According to the research on resilience assignment, resilience provides an individual physiological strength to endure stress, hardships in one’s profession. It accounts as a mental reservoir of people’s strength required at the time of need. According to some of the physiologists, an individual that resilient is better in terms of handling hardships and restore themselves after such struggles. The essay will be discussing the three most common challenges that teachers face in today’s world. The importance of resilience has been discussed to overcome those challenges. BRITE module has been discussed to enhance teacher's resilience among which well-being and relationship have been focused more in this essay.

In today’s world education plays a significant role in our ever one’s life that enhances one's personality, capacities, behaviour, and many more. Teachers are those who play a role in developing those characteristics. Educational institutes are the ones responsible that provide their learners or students with a conducive environment where the learners are allowed to maximize their potential (la Velle, 2020). The role of the teacher is very important and their skills and effective teaching process directly affect the performance and outcome of the learners. Although, there are several challenges that pre-teachers are facing in today’s world among the three most common challenges are challenges in classroom management, loaded by curricular freedom, and to adjust in unsupportive environments. It becomes very difficult for the teachers to deal in their first year because of some challenges they faced initially. According to some researchers, the quality of performance of a student tends to be poor under pre-service teachers. The erect learning style is very difficult for both the teachers and students to come up with. The most common challenge they faced is classroom management.

According to the survey of 2004, it has been found that most of the teachers i.e. about 85% of the teachers reviewed that pre-teachers are not prepared for those problems that deal with classroom management (Kavitta, 2021). When interviewed some of the teachers reported that it was very difficult to adjust to such new management but the pre-service program was quite helpful for them to overcome the challenge. Secondly, the burden of curricular freedom is another challenge that new teachers usually faced in their initial careers. Some of the institutes provide their teachers with materials that are sufficient to make a lesson plan and classroom activities. On the other hand, if they are not provided with such materials teachers find it difficult when they have not developed a significant understanding of machining such plans. Thirdly, being a human it’s very important to socialize and communicate with their colleagues, peers, and friends. In the case of the teaching profession new teachers frequently find difficulties in interacting with their colleagues, sometimes also from the administration. Lack of collaboration in the workplace and unsupportive environment sometimes becomes the reason for them to quit their job or shift their profession (Johnson, 2017).

Resilience in the field of teaching is the capacity of an individual teacher to restraint their resources to deal with challenges they will be facing in their initial career. Teacher resilience can generate several positive outcomes after dealing with numerous natural stressors and drawbacks in their professions. Resilience provides job satisfaction, self-efficiency, responsiveness, etc. in one’s career. Hence, educational institutions need to provide their teachers with some educational programs that can strengthen their emotional status and can make an effect on the educational outcomes globally. There are several ways that a teacher can develop their capacity of resilience such as developing personal resources i.e. motivation, social well as emotional competence (Ackerman, 2019). Along with that building professional and personal relationships, by adopting some strategies such as problem-solving, management of time, etc. For the development of resilience, the BRITE model will be suitable to follow to develop resilience among the teachers. The two most important factors of this module are building a relationship and well-being which have been discussed below.

Building relationships in both professional and personal terms is a key factor to develop resilience in pre-teachers life. Relationships with colleagues, friends, peers, etc. develop the understanding among the teachers to deal with several challenges. A relationship provides support to a person and encourages them to deal with any kind of situation. When a person gets the support it strengthens their capabilities and empowers them to tackle challenges (Zimmerman, 2020). For pre-teachers, it’s very essential to develop relationships since they will be dealing with an unknown environment where a support system plays a vital role to overcome those challenging initial stages of their career.

There is a need for resilience along with the well-being of pre-teachers globally. Naturally, there are physiological phenomena such as stress and fatigue in every profession. This stress varied according to the situation and the place. For example, the rising violence and cases of abuse against the teachers of Australia have developed a level of stress among the teachers. Because of such stress, the teachers need to reflect on their well-being so that they can keep calm and manage such stress (Achor and Gielan, 2016). The process of paying attention to pre-service teacher’s social, mental as well as emotional well-being enhances their cognitive knowledge and makes them confident enough to deal with such challenges. Unless and pre-teachers will not be able to stabilize their mental, emotional, and social state they will not be able to become a role model for many people.

Resilience empowers an individual to defeat challenges that will occur in the initial stage of the teachers. As discussed above in this essay the three most common challenges can be overcome by adopting some strategies and models. In that case, the BRITE model clearly shows to focuses on building a relationship and the well-being of an individual. According to this model pre-service teachers will be able to build their resilience by building a relationship with their co-workers, colleagues, friends, etc. The support from those people will help them to build resilience. Furthermore, the well-being of an individual strengthens their mental, social, and emotional stability resulting in the developing resilience in pre-service teachers.

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