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Residential Buildings Construction Project Management Assignment


Task: You are required to read the following case study and prepare a Project Feasibility Study and Timeline based on the information contained in the case study.

Assessment Description
This assessment is a case study regarding a Residential Duplex Development Project. In this case study you own a real estate development business with cash reserves for funding development projects of $800,000. Your current business project is to successfully complete, within a nine-month timeframe, a small residential development in a regional centre (a place that is not a suburb in a capital city) in the state in which you reside.
This will require you to locate:
1. A regional centre in your state with a growing population that currently has more than 10,000 residents;
2. A block of land for sale that is large enough to construct a duplex (two attached residences) based on the minimum land allotment size prescribed by the local council and that is selling for a price you can afford;
3. A builder that will construct a duplex on your chosen block of land for a price you can afford.

Your primary objective is to create as much equity as possible (value of your constructed duplex less all project costs) and as much income as possible (rent collected from tenanted duplex less all holding costs). Your assessment task is to prepare and submit a Project Feasibility Study and Project Timeline. Templates for both of these will be made available to you but you are welcome to modify them or use your own templates if you wish. You are expected to source real statistics and information rather than providing estimates. This can be achieved by conducting internet research of relevant websites and emailing or telephoning relevant people and organisations. You will also be required to prepare an explanation supported by evidence of where you sourced each item of information in your assessment submission from. How you do this is entirely up to you.
You may prepare a separate report based on each of the headings in the project feasibility study or
You may include the information in your project feasibility study and project timeline as an appendix.

Your explanation report cannot exceed 2,000 words and it must also include:
• Constraints and goals
• Macro-environment business drivers (such as economic, competitive, resourcing and
• demographic factors taken into account when determining feasibility)
• Micro-environment business drivers (such as technical /internal expertise, time pressures,
and other people-related considerations)


This construction project management assignment focuses on the process is the constructing of infrastructure or building like office, homes, theatre house, etc. The construction process always starts with financing, design, and planning until the project is ready to be built and usable by the people. For this assignment, the researcher is focusing on large scale construction which requires collaborations, management of the budget and recruiting important stakeholders for the completion of the construction project. In this construction project management assignment, the researcher will be going to focus on the development of a residential duplex project. The researcher will be going to create a small residential development building in a regional center located in Leed. Leeds is a market town located in West Yorkshire of Northern England

Background of the project
For creating the regional center the researcher or project manager needs to identify the region which has more than 10,000 residents. The project manager needs to find a land in the state Leeds which has minimum 1800 square feet and a maximum of 3000 square feet to create the residential duplex building. The total size chosen by the project manager is highly feasible for the construction of duplex project according to the given budget which is equivalent to 800,000 dollar amount. As said by Fellows and Liu (2015), the project manager needs to choose the builder who will be going to construct a duplex building in Leeds according to the given time duration which is equivalent to nine months. The site identified on this construction project management assignment has been chosen by the researcher is the location named Oakwood near the eastery road where the researcher had found a perfect 2000 square feet area land to create the residential duplex project.

Constraints present in the construction project
Concstrains identified on this construction project management assignment will provide awareness to the project manager about the details they had missed in all the earlier projects. One of the most important constraint present in the construction of the residential duplex, the building is the design constraints which had limited range on all the potential design which needs to be adopted according to the request provided by the clients. As said by Altheide (2018), during the early stage of the construction project design constraints needs to identify so that the clients are implying no further changes during the progress of the project work. The design constraints could include budget, specified performance, completion date, site access, and local infrastructures.

Another constraint identified on the construction project management assignment is the construction project is the technical constraints, which are the process that had been involved for the completion of the construction activities, which are based on the building standards and methods. The technical of constraints could be related to the construction tolerances, controlling the needs and meeting the regulations of the buildings is important. The next most important constraints present in the construction project is the economic constraints, which are mainly related to the project budget and resource allocation for the project to be completed in given nine months deadline. As said by Boyle (2017), one of the major economic constraints is the cash flow which causes bankruptcy in the construction industry.

Other economic constraints which is common in the location Leeds is the competition among the suppliers, contractors, and consultants, availability of workforce and rules over the taxation process. Management constraints identified on this construction project management assignment are very common in the construction site which includes shift patterns, safety procedures, agreements with unions and environmental policies. The project manager must identify legal constraints before starting the construction project. Leeds state contains building and planning regulations. As said by Eastman (2018), employment law, environmental requirements, and gender law to protect all the workers and society from any kinds of accidents occur during the construction of the duplex buildings.

Goals of this construction project management assignment
The main goal of the project manager is to complete the regional center in Leeds within nine months by choosing the right builders to complete the residential duplex project for the clients. The regional center is one of the most innovative platforms for sharing experiences and information among all the local people to gain sustainable development. The regional centre will be going to promote the industrial energy efficiency through information dissemination, training, consultancy and research.

PEST analysis


The political stability in chosen construction location, the risk of military invasion is very less in the state Leeds. The tariffs and trade regulations are all related to the financials. All the intellectual property located in Leeds state are well protected by the government. On the construction project management assignment the government interference in the construction site is very less.


 The state had high economy but the prices of different products had been increased according to the imported goods located in Leeds. The people in this region have a high standard of living.


 The chosen location has a large consumer market and local people who stay near the construction are from different backgrounds.  Every organization is trying to  improve service as per  different religions and races.


 The chosen state is technologically advance and the government is providing lots of investment to improve the performance of the technology. As said by Seidman et al. (2016), with advanced technology, the duplex residential building could be easily built-in given nine-month duration with the help of builders. The builders in state Leeds are using advanced technology to construct buildings at a faster rate.

Demographic factors identified in the chosen location
The Leeds is located in state West Yorkshire which had become the financial, legal, education, commercial and cultural center for the chosen country. The total estimated population identified on the construction project management assignment in the city of Leeds is 780,000. Leeds is one of the fourth largest metropolitan and urban area located in the UK. The total population density present in the location of Leeds is 9,450 people per square kilometer. It is one of the most populous cities in England. As said by Woodhead (2015), the city of Leeds contains more than 140 ethnic groups where total 18 percent of the people fall under the minority groups. The city contains 85 percent white people, 7.7 percent Asian people, 3.5 percent black people, 2.7 percent mixed race and remaining people are African, Arab or other ethnic groups.

Majority of the people are Christians and the rest percentage of the population are Muslims. Third highest populations in Leeds are Jews who are mainly concentrated in Alwoodley and Moortown region. Around 10 years the total population growth that had been identified in Leeds are a total 5 percent. As said by Taranath (2016), the city had obtained a healthy level of growth in their country and it has been predicted that the population will grow to one million by the year 2033. The construction project management assignment identified that the city of Leeds consists of rich culture with different religion and one of the best attractions of the city of Leeds in Yorkshire.

The technical requirement of the duplex project
The regional center needs to build through different unit configurations mainly for the densely populated areas. The construction project management assignment identifies that designing the duplex construction buildings the project managers need to follow three phases they are the development of single line plans, double line plans, and conceptual sketching. As said by Laland et al. (2016), the project manager needs to go through online research and must use CAD software for finalizing the design of the duplex construction project. The project manager must employ a professional surveyor for surveying the construction site before starting the construction to make sure all things can be placed in the CAD format.

Internal expertise
The internal expertise in the construction site to explore all the philosophical perspectives who would help to shape the practice to advance the nature of practice and conceptual understanding in the construction site. The internal expertise could lead to increase in different processes and systems that are being associated with all the running costs discussed on the construction project management assignment. The internal expertise will be going to set clear guidelines, boundaries, and goals for completing the project according to the given time.

Time pressure
construction labor hazards is another concern raised on the construction project management assignment as it is one of the most dangerous occupations which creates lots of stress because the workers is under high risk of injury, long term health consequences and accidents present in the construction areas. As said by Sha'ar et al. (2017), the main effects of the stress could includes sleeping issues, difficulty concentrating on the work and strain present due to the worker's social life. All of these create delays in the construction project and the project managers must improve the health and safety procedures for all the workers so that they could able to complete the building within the given nine-month’s deadline. The demand of skilled labors creates psychological and physical problems in the construction site, which is being contributed to the dangers and risks present in the industry. It is important to provide effective management to lower the total stress on the job site. To achieve success, the construction project management assignment expresses the importance of poor planning and poor communication need to be avoided in the construction site.

Risk present in creating the duplex project and Mitigation process
The first most important risk that is associated with the duplex building is the approval of the council because the new NSW planning is highly complicated in UK country. For improving the chance for success it is important to file the best application because the town planning law is very complex and expertise is required for navigating the best construction which. As said by Hu et al. (2016), it is important to remove the privacy issues, site parameters, bushfire potential, and vehicle access.

Majority of the neighbors has problems with the dual occupancy plan which interferes their views on this construction project management assignment. The parking requirement gets doubled due to the presence of the duplex buildings. The next major risk present In the duplex buildings is not giving attention to the zoning requirements of the city Leeds because the government has the right to stop the construction project if zoning requirements are not being fulfilled. Construction of new duplex land requires separate duplex approval for the completion of the construction project. As said by McKeever et al. (2015), the next risks present in the duplex construction project are the delays and timings which needs to avoid before starting the construction project. Storm water drainage is another major risk present in the duplex construction project. The duplex project raises many issues for all the water drainage. All the storm water needs to be drained through the council drainage system. The final risks that are present in the Duplex construction project management assignment is the site prep variables which is the presence of tricky soils, uneven land, and severe slopes. The soil tests and contour surveys had revealed all the special requirements of the construction project.

Skills required for the project manager
Communication plays a key role in the construction to reduce the number of accidents inside the workplace. The project manager must promote open communication, which will help to reduce risks, avoid delays in the project and alleviate stress. It is important to communicate with the team members to achieve the common goals by sharing similar ideas.

The project manager must be highly focused on the given project to make sure the project t is progressing according to the given plan and design. As said by Adriaanse (2016), creating a plan will help the project manager to reduce the number of distractions present on the job site and lowers the overall risks of injuries and accidents. On this construction project management assignment, the project manager must allow break time for their labors to improve productivity and morale during the construction work.

From the overall analysis of the project, it could be found out that creating a duplex residential project is tough because the project manager and builders had to follow strict rules provided by the government. The construction site is very dangerous according to the chosen location and climatic change because if the employees is not able to work properly then the building will not be completed according to the given timeline. Communication is the key process to improve the productivity of the employees for finishing the construction work in nine months according to the given budget. As per details provided on this construction project management assignment, the city Leeds has high political stability and the project manager will not face any kind of problem to create the duplex project within nine months.

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